I apologize that lately none of my posts have had anything to do with Moi dix Mois or Mana.... m(_ _)m

But tonight I'm really excited because Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were just released and I can't resist writing about it!!


Truthfully it wasn't all that long ago, but once Nintendo announced the remakes of the original Ruby and Sapphire games I immediately got excited!!
...well, maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration.
Truthfully, when Pokemon X and Y came out last year, I enjoyed the game but I was also a little disappointed by the lack of after-game activities. I was hoping for a third installment of X and Y (perhaps Z?) but nothing came of it. Instead we got these remakes, which are called ORAS for short.

But I can't say I'm too disappointed! Its expected of the Pokemon company to make remakes of the older games since technology has changed, and so far its amazing!!


The DVD/CD/Book/Game shop called Tsutaya was offering a free 500 yen prepaid card for the Pokemon bank if you purchased a download version of ORAS, so today I ran all over the place looking for a Tsutaya that sold games. It turns out it was a lot harder to find one than I expect. 3 out of 4 Tsutaya only had DVDs and CDs!! (´・ω・`)

But finally after work I found one and the result is the picture above.

Since the time zones between Japan and other countries are very big, I'm not going to go into full detail or give away any spoilers. However, I will say there are a significant number of small changes that make a huge impact!! For anybody who has played Pokemon games before, you will know exactly what I'm saying when you get your hands on a copy.

By the way, I made a few small updates on my twitter about it. Most importantly, my starter...

Also, I know there are actually a number of people who read this blog that also love Pokemon, so you might be interested in this.

As of midnight tonight, Shiny Beldum is being distributed in the Mystery Gift button on the menu, so don't miss out! The distribution ends January 14, 2015.

and lastly, one of my favorite points so far upon starting the game.


Anyway, I probably got carried away enough for now. I've only played for a short time and I'm eager to see what else the new games have to offer. Unless theres some kind of urgent news that needs to be posted here, you might not see me for a couple days until I have finished the game.... (* >ω<)

If anybody wants to swap friend codes for any extra miscellaneous stuff (trades, battles, etc) feel free to message me!! The more the merrier~

Nothing particularly new lately, but today I had the day off with no plans, so I decided to go wander around for a while.

Although I've talked about it many times and posted dozens of pictures on here, I love going through Aoyama cemetery. Its a peaceful place to walk around in, not really for the obvious reasons, but more or less because its kept up similar to a park. There are side walks and drive ways with lots of people coming for a change of pace. Of course there are those who are visiting the grave of a loved one, but you tend to also see a number of people doing nothing more than relaxing.

Today I set off to do something I've wanted to do for years but never quite got around to it -- find Hachiko and his owner's grave!! It seems strange I never did it before, but the area is huge and previously I had no idea where to even try looking. It turns out its pretty easy to find...


For those who don't know, Hachiko is a very famous dog in Japan. Hes known for having waited for his owner at the Shibuya train station for many years and even after his owner had died, Hachiko still continued to wait every day. I believe a few years ago a Hollywood movie with Richard Gere was made based on this story, so if you are interested, check it out!!
私は観たことがないだけど、主役はRichard Gereのようです。

It was really nice to finally be able to see this piece of history with my own eyes!! Although, I was disappointed to find the grave sight was a bit trashed. I think the reason had more to do with the wind than people going and destroying it but its sad to see nobody goes and keeps it cleaned up... I wanted to do it myself, but I wondered if thats okay.

Anyway, after meeting Hachiko I found another sight, which is kind of the reason why I wanted to make this post...


Suddenly among the graves, this one displaying the word "Forever" really struck me. In real life, the head stone was completely black and the words were white, but the sun was really strong so when I took a picture it turned out like this. I actually think it looks pretty cool!(人´∀`)I wonder who it is.

It was a beautiful day out, so I ended up walking to more normal places, but everything is so crowded on the weekends it kind of exhausts me. Still, it was a nice walk and I found various things I've been meaning to look into on my off time, so I think it was a day well spent!

Other than that, I've had some pretty interesting conversations lately regarding the newest addition to Moi dix Mois. But I wonder if I should talk about it on here...
その他、先日Moi dix Moisの新しいサポートギタリストについてとっても面白い談話をしたが、ここに話せばいいかな…

In time we'll see.


A Wild SXXXXX Appears!!
I know yesterday's entry was quite long and I imagine not everyone has gotten the chance to read it yet, but towards the end I briefly mentioned there would be a special post coming soon concerning one of the old CD shops I visited.

Finally that entry has come!! and the surprise is....


The original Girl'e cassette tape!!!

I have no doubt big Mana fans already know this tape, but I would like to introduce it to those who have never seen it before!

Long before Moi dix Mois and the days of MALICE MIZER, Mana was a part of a couple other bands. The most well known groups in his prior activity were 摩天楼 (Matenrou) and Girl'e, just to name a few.
For those who don't know, Matenrou is the band Mana and Kozi played in before MALICE MIZER, but Girl'e came before Matenrou and Mana's stage name wasn't even "Mana" yet. It was Serina!!

So, this cassette tape is, as you can imagine, quite old and valuable now. Coming upon it by chance was a total shock to me and I really couldn't pass it up! Here are some closer up images of the tape...

As always, please click the thumbnails for larger images!

TapeCover.jpg Tapeinside.jpg
Tapeback.jpg TapeBooklet.jpg

All the artwork on the cover and on the inside was done by Mana, as you can see the 「画Serina」on the bottom left corner of the side showing Felix the cat.
Only two songs are recorded onto the tape, One Game and Sexy Lewd, and in fact this in itself is a demo tape!

Currently I don't have a tape player in my apartment, but I'm going to have my family send me one so I can attempt to record the music onto my computer. I know there are probably recordings posted on youtube and a long time ago some fans had put it out for download, but since I'm in possession of this tape now I would like to be able to record my own from the original to keep with me. I don't want to try to play it too much as a cassette tape because who knows how fragile it is and I'm scared of it getting ruined.

For now I'm planning on putting it in some kind of display along with some of my other more rare Malice Mizer and Moi dix Mois items. I really want to take good care of it because this cassette has so much sentimental value for me.

Anyway, this item is so unique I couldn't help but want to share it with everybody on here! I imagine this is a kind of dream item to own for any big Mana fan, so I'm incredibly excited to finally have it in my hands!!

Its pretty amazing to see how much things have changed from the beginning all the way up to now with Moi dix Mois...especially with new guitarist about to be introduced in December. I already have my ticket for Dis Inferno, so within a month from now I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of person he is. Of course I'll write about it on here too.

Until next time...


Happy (belated) Halloween!!

I've probably mentioned it about 100 times now, but October was an extremely busy month!!
Every single day was something new, and even on my days off I was running around so much I could hardly catch a breath.

October 11th was the Moi dix Mois concert, and then the following weekend (around the 18th) I went to the Vampire Cafe and exploring various places, so that leads us to Monday, the 20th!

Ever since stumbling upon Venus Fort in September, I had been dying to go back. I had made plans with several friends for an excursion back there, but in the end there were only 2 of us. It turns out in October there is a giant Glay Halloween event at Venus Fort, so we got to visit a miniature museum with their costumes, watch videos of their concerts inside the mall, and eat at a Glay cafe. I really haven't payed much attention to this band for many years now, but I was impressed by how much effort they made for Halloween!!


I have to admit, while I enjoyed it, I was also a bit embarrassed. It was evident at Venus Fort that most everyone who was there was a Glay fan. The line for the restaurant was huuuuge! so we had to wait about 2 hours or so before we could enter, and when we did a video narrated by the band members was played. Thats when I sorta realized I was probably the only person there who didn't really know much of anything about them and wasn't particularly a fan... Worse yet, with the way I was dressed, I could have definitely been passed off as one of them! Naturally nobody saw me as out of place, but on the inside I couldn't shake the feeling of "am I bombarding...?"

But besides that, it really was a fun time!!! I was able to go back to my favorite shop (from this entry) and get a new occult themed bracelet I wanted.

I also stopped by another favorite place...


Hell House!!!
I may not have actually gone inside, but thats besides the point....really....

The next weekend was Tokyo Disneyland!!!


I have posted several times about Tokyo Disneyland on here, so I promise I won't go into massive amounts of detail, but I had been waiting for this opportunity for a couple years now.

This year was especially fun because Halloween has truly exploded in Japan!! Even though lots of people have enjoyed it for years, everyone has been talking non-stop by how big its suddenly become. Disneyland was no exception. The number of people in costumes has probably doubled or tripled since two years ago, but whats more amazing is the types of costumes everyone chose. As expected, there were a ton of Elsa and Annas, but what shocked me were people dressing as minor characters from relatively unknown Disney movies I didn't even think anybody knew about in Japan! Sadly I didn't take pictures of that because I felt like it might make me look like a creeper running around taking pictures of random people when nobody else was doing it....

The lines were also crazy. I had specifically wanted to go in the Haunted Mansion, which we did. but the wait was nearly 3 hours. Regardless, I thought it was worth it.

halloweendisneycarriage.jpeg deadlynightshade.jpeg

Afterwards my friend and I went to see a special 3D showing of The Nightmare Before Christmas, had dinner, and watched the final show of the night. I love how they even make the food look cute!


The last show was canceled due to wind, but an alternate light show was displayed on the castle, which was surprisingly incredible!!

castleBB.jpg castlegreen.jpg

The last picture is from the end of the performance. The story of Beauty and the Beast was displayed on the castle, and as the village people were entering, suddenly a huge burst of fire came out of either side of the castle. All at one time, everyone went "oohhh! (°□°)"

I think Disneyland was my biggest highlight of October this year, but theres still so much more to talk about, so let's move on to the next thing...


Finally, Friday was Halloween night!!
What did I do on All Hallows Eve, you ask???


Although everything I talk about seems like so much fun, the reality is I actually do have to work. Even if that means its Halloween night. Its a disappointing truth, but what makes it even more disappointing is that I had to work longer hours than normal, and to top it off, I started out the morning feeling sick, which got progressively worse throughout the day. Towards the last few hours of work, I nearly threw up 3 times. Eventually I was free to go home, so I immediately went to bed and rested for a while until I thought I was starting to feel better.

It was almost midnight by the time I got back up and I remembered there was one thing in particular I really wanted to do this Halloween! The new Dracula movie was just released in Japan on this day and if I couldn't do anything else, going to that movie was the one way I really wanted to celebrate! I thought to myself "surely I'm well enough to sit in a theater for a couple hours" but it turned out to be a terrible idea.

The volume was hurting my ears and once again I started feeling bad. In fact, it was worse than ever. I couldn't look up at the screen because it made me nauseous and at some point I thought I was going to pass out or throw up. I ran out of the theater and went to the bathroom, but when I looked in the mirror I was horrified... My skin had this gray-ish tint I had never seen before and I was shaking! I put water on my face and stood there until I felt like I was able to regain myself again and went back in the theater.

I was more or less okay afterwards, but still feeling sick and weak so as soon as the movie ended I tried to get back home as fast as possible. Unfortunately, more problems arose.

With Halloween in Japan just now gaining immense popularity, that means everyone is out in costume....everyone...including crazy people...

As I was walking out of the theater, I saw this man in a giiiant skull mask that took up over half of his body!! One thing I really don't like is masks...I don't care if its some masquerade mask, but big masks that cover the entire face and you have no idea who it is bother me a lot. So when I saw this person it made me a little nervous, but I just went on to ignore him and go on my way down the escalator from where I was at.... thats when suddenly I felt a presence right behind me. The man in the mask was standing RIGHT THERE at my back!!

I felt a little uncomfortable with it, so I started walking down the steps and the man began following me... He eventually walked right in front of me and started trying to touch me and attempted to hug me!! I knew at that point he wasn't joking. He tried blocking my way when I tried to get out of the situation, but I got out and ran away. Once I got him to stop following me, suddenly a car drove right by me and this man just looks out his window at me and shouts out "HEYYY!"

I already wasn't feeling well, but all of these things really topped it off, so even though I tried making the best of a not so great nice, it really ended terribly...

But anyway, the next day was much better!!

Tim Burton in Tokyo


I woke up the next morning still feeling a little bad, but as the day progressed I was back to my normal self.(`・ω・)b

All during the past couple weeks, the Tokyo International Film Festival had been going on in Roppongi Hills, and living close by I visited the area a few times as it was going on. The last day of the Film Festival, October 31st, Tim Burton was scheduled to make an appearance and release the first preview in Japan of his newest film, Big Eyes. I have been a huge fan of Tim Burton for many years now, so I had really hoped to catch a glimpse of him! Unfortunately his appearance was at the exact same time I needed to go to work, so there was no way I would get the opportunity to see him, but the next day he was supposed to have an autograph session!

This day also happened to be the opening of his museum, "The World of Tim Burton"
The autograph session was limited to 300 people and I didn't win a ticket, so I never actually saw him, but I at least went to the museum with a friend!

TBmuseumSarahDay1.jpg MuseumentranceTB.jpg

Pictures weren't allowed inside, but it was amazing!! In total, I think it took us about 5~6 hours to go through the entire thing! However, I big reason is because the lines were long to look at things. It really felt like a dream come true seeing Tim Burton's art in person and even the figures used in some of his movies, such as Frankenweenie and Mars Attacks! One of my favorite parts was a corner dedicated to large scale Polaroid photos Tim Burton took in the early 90's of different models he created and a dog with deer antlers. I absolutely adored the photos of the dog because it was a chihuahua that reminded me of my own back in the US. I miss her so much!!

After the museum, I discovered that the local book shop near my apartment was decorated for the museum!

TsutayaTB3.jpg TsutayaTB1.jpg

and speaking of which, there were even decorations set out weeks before the museum opened up!

TB1.jpg coffinTB.jpg

Finally, a few days later I did one verryyy last thing with one more friend before she returned to her country...


We went to an area called Yanaka near Ueno. This place has a giant cemetery surrounded by a number of shrines and temples everywhere!
I wish I had taken more photos than the one above, but my phone was running low on battery life. The town was absolutely beautiful! Its as if its stood still in time after all these years. Everything looks like it would have in the Edo period. The cemetery in the midst of everything also gives it a sort of a mysterious feeling.

When we met up I received presents from Paris and Austria!! Thank you so much!!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Once we were finished wandering around Yanaka, we ended up at Shinjuku, where we checked out a couple CD shops...I haven't done that in forever!!
Speaking of which, I may have even found a big surprise I want to post on here very soon from one of those stores...
...But you'll have to wait for that one.

So, with that being said, that concludes my entire October adventures!! I guess it wasn't all just October, but a little bit of the of November too. Either way, outside of work this has become the busiest few months I've had in a long time!! I still have a few more things I need to do before I can say I'm completely free, but those things have a lot more to do with working on the computer than going out and having fun.

Anyway, please look forward to the next entry...soon!!

The picture at the very top is a Mana cosplay I did a few years ago. I've been more active on instagram lately posting everything I've been doing, and adding in a little "Throwback Thursday" here and there along with it. When I found this picture in an old album I thought it sort of matched the Halloween spirit.(人´ω`)

Ever since last week's live, every day has been extremely busy. I feel like I've hardly had any time to breathe. (`・ω・)

However, with that said, today was no work and all play!

One of my friends, who came especially for the Moi dix Mois concert, decided to extend her stay in Tokyo a bit, so we get a few extra weeks to see each other.
Today was a little crazy though... originally we had agreed to go to this particular restaurant in my neighborhood that we both really love, but at the last minute I had a better idea -- Vampire Cafe!!
Moi dix Moisのライヴのために、友達が東京に来て、3週間ぐらいここに過ごしている。

As usual for many themed restaurants in Tokyo, the place doesn't open until around 5:00 PM and its best to have a reservation. Of course we were ready to go well before then, so we ended up going here and there at random during the afternoon.


One of the first places we visited was Tokyo City View from Mori tower.
Some of you might be wondering "...How many times have you been there over the past couple months!?" and the answer is many.
The reason is, its a convenient location and a great spot for sight seeing. Just about every time I've gone recently hasn't been for me, but for those who have never seen Tokyo in this way. The view is truly breathtaking and I love spotting my apartment from up above.


Finally after several hours we made our way to the Vampire Cafe.
It was my first time in over a year to go, so immediately when Vampire Rose saw us I greeted him, saying "long time no see!"
As always he remembered me and we had a short conversation.

This time I was a little bit surprised to see the menu had completely changed!
It was a little hard to make a choice, but when we got our food everything looked so cool.(人´∀`)


IMG_1949.jpg IMG_1952.jpg

The drink is called "White Virgin" and had yogurt and Calpis in it... I was a little nervous about trying it because I'm not a big fan of yogurt, but it was actually pretty good. It kinda tasted like a desert drink.
The next thing was a risotto called "Dracula's Coffin burning the masses in hell fire". This one was also a bit of a challenge for me because it had mushroom in it and I'm not a big fan of mushrooms either, but it was better than I expected!
「 ホワイトヴァージン~戯れなき薔薇~ 」という飲み物の中にはヨーグルトとカルピス等。ヨーグルトがあまり好きじゃないので、ちょっと心配だけど、やっぱり美味しいです!!デザートみたい。
次は「 民衆の業火に焼かれたドラキュラ伯爵の棺」というリゾート。

Finally, the cake!! I love ordering desserts from here because they always end up looking amazing. This time it exceeded my expectations! There were two dishes -- the one you see in the picture, and then this small bowl which was lit on fire and poured onto the cake. The fire burns everything! But when the flames go out the sugar on the coffin cake immediately decays. I've never seen anything like that before!! But besides that, it also tasted really good.

IMG_1948.jpg IMG_1944.jpg

This is a little bit random, but since I mentioned the menus changing I figured I would add these pictures too.
The first one is the main menu along with my iphone cover... They looked so similar, so I couldn't resist taking a picture of both together. (≧∇≦)
The second picture is both the grand menu and drink menu. I really love the way they look!

The restaurant was busy tonight so it was hard to get a reservation and our time was limited to 1 hour, but as always it was so much fun!

Afterwards, we went to Shinjuku for a short time and then back to my area because people in Shinjuku are a little too crazy on weekend nights...
Back in my area we talked at Starbucks for a while until it was time to go home. Sometimes I wish nights like these would never end...

I was really happy to have some company today! Monday I'm going out again with more friends, so I imagine once again its going to be a busy day.

Its nice to have friends to hang out with again! Usually if I'm not working I'm bored at home by myself, so I feel like I need to enjoy times like these to the fullest.

Anyway, I have to go to work early tomorrow so I should probably end the entry here...
But actually I have one more thing I want to show!


I ordered this ring last week and finally received it yesterday!
I wonder if anybody remembers this symbol...


Its the freemason icon that I introduced in the entry about the ceremonial masonic sword Mana used in the GLB a few issues back.
I've been reading about freemasonry so much lately and it made me want to get my hands on one of the rings.
Of course this one isn't authentic, but the style is really cool!

With that being said, I really should try to get some sleep now...




ただ今、Deep Sanctuaryから戻った!



ESP Mana x Koziギターフェア




初めてESPの店に訪ねたが、その友達と入る時、Jeune fille X Bronze -Cross Ray-が普通の表示から取り除いて、床に置いた。その時、持たせてくれた等!!ものすごく嬉しかった!! 


GFCostume.jpg ESPManaGuitar1.jpg

ESPFairKoziGuitars.jpg ESPFairFlyers.jpg

ESPFairManaguitars2.jpg ESPFairsetup.jpg

Mana様の衣装もあるんだけど、Koziのものがない。ちょっと寂しいと思います。しかしながら、KoziのギターとJeune Fille Blancheを見てよかったです!


Deep Sanctuary


先のDeep Sanctuaryの時、人が多いですが、今回、私の感懐はマリスミゼルのグッズについて2〜3年前マリスミゼルLucky packを発売して、その時色んな人を買った。だから、このセットが同じものので、どうしてもう一度購入するのか?
まぁ、私はもう一度買って、ほとんど全部をもう持っていますが、まだ持たないもともあるので、惜しくない。そして、新しいロイヤルゲートプリントポーチも買ったが、ふとした購入… 多分ダメで、要らなかったが、そのポーチが可愛い!フア…

RGPouch.jpg MMGoods2014.jpg




ManaのブログにはMALICE MIZERコスプレを見たいと言う時、私は十数年前MALICE MIZERのMana様コスプレをよくしたと考えて、懐かしい思い出がいっぱい。元はコスプレをするつもり訳ではないが、
私を見ると皆がビックリした。( ̄ー+ ̄)



ありがとう〜!!!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


チケットの番号が高いですが、会場の中にステージになんとかちょっと近いに立った。真っ向に立たないが、ちょっと近くて、ステージを見やすい。MALICE MIZERセッションのエンディングの時は2〜3列にいるんだけど、皆が押し入っていた。


始めにZIZがとっても気鋭です!多分前のDeep Sanctuaryは同じ事を書いたが、本当にすごいと思います!つまらない分秒がない!いつもワイルドで皆とインタラクションが楽しい。

特に皆の掛かり合いと共に本当に艶かしい。MCの時、英語の語句を呼んで、例えば「Are you ready???」や「LET'S GO!!」。(笑)
最後の曲「Super Naked Disco」メンバー全員はステージに走り回った。CHARGEEEEEもドラムから放れて、狂気に参加した。ZIZのファンもワイルドだけど、本当に楽しめたようだ!Moi dix Moisに比べなかなか違い。でもそんな熱意が背風だと思います。

今からMoi dix Moisのライヴ
ZIZの演奏は45分ぐらいがかかるので、Moi dix Moisの部分がもっと長くなった。

今回はMoi dix Moisの演奏が4人+Kozi(ゲストとして)はずだったが、スタートからMana、Seth、Sugiya、とHayatoだけを登場しました。客席の皆さんは「Koziは…?」と思ったでしょう。

ファーストソングはDialogue Symphonieだった。始めにステージからスモークが出った。Manaが前に立ちながら、シーンがなかなかいい感じ。



ということで、MCの時、SethはManaからメッセージを伝えた。短いメッセージだったけど、今夜の衣装を語って、お洒落なので今回のイベントのために選んだと言っていた。そして、「皆楽しみますか?」と聞いて、客席の皆さんを呼んだが、ダメだった。Sethは「惜しいね」と言って、Manaが首を縦に振った。3回の後は満足になった。後はライヴお知らせを伝えたが、9月のライヴと同じだった(dis inferno)。

MCの前、過去の曲と新曲「Twilight Flower」を流れた。今回もMCの前にIMMORTAL MADNESSを演奏した。9月のライヴと同じですが、HayatoはKの役目を取って、前のライヴに比べ客席の反応が良くなったと思う。しかし、二階席の反応が弱いだった。まぁ、二階席に人々が少ないので、仕様が無いでしょう。

Moi dix Moisの演奏のために着替えた。ブラックのコルセット、ケープ、赤い薔薇コサージュを着た。登場しながら、次の曲をアナウンスした、「Beast Side」!Beast Sideの間にManaはKの所に歩いたが、今回Koziがいるので、Koziの側にギターを弾いた。こんな感じでも2人の親善が歴然だと思う。MALICE MIZERの活動停止の後から今まで一緒に2人がよく会わないかもしれないと思いますが、今でも結びつきを感じる。

セットリストについて、覚えなかったが、Beast Sideの後は普通の曲。

私事ですが、Moi dix Moisの間にKoziが弾きながら、ちょっと変な感じだった。
K慎重みたいだと思う。Koziがたいていワイルドで楽しい人なので、Moi dix Moisでも彼の風格を見たかったが、なかなか静かになった。ゲストとして弾くのが微妙な事かなあ。


ラストソングは「Je l'aime」だ。この時、皆は手に上げて、Sethは「会場の中に



すぐにBois de Merveillesを流れ始めて、Mana、Kozi、とYu~kiが登場した!
後はYu~ki伯爵への質問。長い間にかかりましたが、実はKoziとYu~kiの話が全部分からなかった…語るのがすごく速かったです!それもKoziは色々な可笑しい声を使う時、分かるのがもっと難しくなった。(;A;) 多分60〜70%しか分かりました。(>_<)

兎に角、質問の間にKoziとYu~kiがコスプレ人々を見つけて、「あぁ!Koziだ!」「Yu~kiもいる!」等と言っていた。その時、隣の人は私を見て、笑った。私が分かった……すぐに私に指差して、「Mana様〜!!!」と言っていた!Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ
彼女がとっても可愛いだけど、私がものすごく恥ずかしい!!! そんな明白な衣装等を着ていたので、多分可笑しそうだが、本当に恥ずかしいです。だから、気づかなくてよかった!!(/ω\*)

続いて、NPS NGSも演奏した。

今回、「Au Revoir」が流れて、スクーターでベアーぬいぐるみと共にManaが入ったが、転んだ。でも、Yu~kiが助けた。この時、あまり見えなくて、皆が揉み合っていたから。

Au Revoirを流れながら、マリスの3人は客席にお菓子を投じて、


次は12月7日渋谷WWW Dis inferno。




DS4SarahPuri1.jpg DSSarahPuri2.jpg












多くの友達等が本当に好きだったが、人の他に蜂も私のコスプレが大好きなようだ。( `-ω-)?

蜂が戻った!! (≧△≦)



スタッフは忍び出して、こっそり写真を撮ってみた。蜂から怖じて、お負けにガタガタだったが、スタッフが写真を撮ってみた。俄にガチャ!フラッシュ!.((((; -`д-)))

しかしながら、久々MALICE MIZER時代のMana様コスプレをするのがとっても楽しかった。

兎に角、Deep Sanctuaryが最高で、多くの人々に会って嬉しいです!
皆さん、素晴らしい一夜してくれてありがとうございました!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

dix Love!!!!!!!!!!

ESP Guitar Fair Part 2
As I'm sure everyone knows by now, the ESP Mana x Kozi guitar fair started the day of the Deep Sanctuary live this past weekend. Although I went before the concert and posted several pictures on the last entry, the picture quality wasn't the best and several of the guitars that were supposed to be on display were being used for the concert so there was quite a bit of empty space.

(ノート: この更新はESPギターフェアの感想だけど、ただ今DSIV日本語版レポートを準備しています。英語版が分からない方へもう少し待ってください!)

However, as promised, I went back and took better pictures today!!


Previously there were 3 guitars of Mana's that were missing (two were from the Moi dix Mois portion of the live and one was from the MALICE MIZER session) and two of Kozi's from the ZIZ performance.
...It might be interesting to note that during the Moi dix Mois live Kozi was playing a black guitar... I think it was one that belonged to K? but that one is not on the display.


The Jeune Fille Mana used during the MALICE MIZER performance is the third from the middle in this picture, which of course was a guitar he used back in Malice. As you might expect, seeing this old Jeune Fille in person is really exciting! Not only that, its pretty cool to see how the Jeune Fille guitars have changed over time.


I love the shape of Kozi's guitars as well. The first thing to really capture my eye in this display is that now days the design of his guitars are reversed from the original and the texture has changed quite a bit on the surface.


Lastly, I couldn't resist getting another picture of Mana's stage costume. Since I used to cosplay Mana a lot in the past, materials and small details were always extremely important to me. I used to spend hours doing nothing but analyzing every aspect of his outfits to attempt to make them as accurate as possible, but naturally when you can't see the costumes up close all the time its easy to miss small points. However, I feel like my attitude towards the accuracy of his outfits has changed quite a bit over the years. During MALICE MIZER the costumes each member wore were used as part of the identity of particular songs, music videos, concerts, etc. In that way the outfits were very specific, so anybody could say "Oh this outfit is from ______!" but with Moi dix Mois theres more of an overall theme rather than an indicator to something in particular.

Don't get me wrong, there are some ways in which the Moi dix Mois outfits are used as part of some particular theme (ie all the members always wear pure white on Mana's birthday concerts), but now days theres not a lot you can pin point to a Moi dix Mois outfit and say "THIS belongs to this song/CD/performance." The outfits just aren't exclusive anymore, and Mana constantly makes changes to his clothes for each concert, so its incredibly difficult to have an "accurate" cosplay. I don't want to say he "throws things together", but everything seems to be decided from concert to concert now, and Moi dix Mois doesn't have any music videos or promotional goods that portray a particular theme like with Malice.

Anyway, I figured the first picture posted on this entry really showed the entire display the best so I didn't take many other pictures.

By the way, this is a little off topic from the guitar fair, but I feel like this is something important to share:

For those of you who haven't read Mana's newest blog entry about Deep Sanctuary, there will be a new support member for Moi dix Mois who will be introduced at Dis inferno. From the way he wrote about it, I get the feeling Mana is worried there might be some back lash from this decision, seeing as K passed away only a few months ago, but hopefully with his explanation about a twin guitar being necessary for concerts, everyone will sympathize with the situation at hand. I personally had a feeling this is how things were going to be handled, because truthfully Moi dix Mois really wouldn't be able to perform many songs anymore without the twin guitars. Its hard to face this reality, but its what has to be done if Moi dix Mois is to continue.

I don't want to end this entry on such a difficult note, so with that said, let's try to continue our support the best we can! I'm sure there are many great things to come, so let's think about this as a new era and a fresh start on a clean slate. K will always be a member of Moi dix Mois, even if he can't be there in the flesh. Maybe Beast Side will become a new regular song during concerts so we can continue to feel his presence in some way or another!

Anyway, I think I should probably go to bed...its 4:00 in the morning now!(°□°)