Happy Kami day!!

......Actually, should I say "happy" since its his death day? What I meant is happy in terms of celebration of his life.
Anyway, I've been planning this entry for a while and I was worried I wouldn't get it done in time, but I got as close to finished as is humanly possible just now, so I wanted to make a special entry for today. Yes it includes the surprise I mentioned in the last entry that I was working on AND information on purchasing Ma Cherie issues I've been wanting to sell!!

So first, the surprise...

ARENA 37C Vol. 181 Translations

Our first time to find out answers about concerts, singles, and this video all tied into one —

This month we are sending out a special edition two part MALICE MIZER video talk and special supplementary questionnaire. In preparation for the video filming, while one person gained 5 kg (laughs), another person lost 3 kg. It seems it was a difficult shoot, but I think there have been several people who already saw it, those being the production people who finished it up, but there is something new to discover each time and the photo work is being completed in an abundance of imagination!

My fingers were shaking in the scene where I drink tea (laughs)

Due to the film being an all France location, it feels like we got to see a part of the MALICE MIZER world. Its an excessively sad story that unfolds in a middle ages European setting, but saying a moment in time in space is something everyone within a good life will experience. Words are not everything, but by expressions and movements, we want you to get a sense of the universal theme that lurks within this work.


--What kind of image did you have in mind this time when you made the footage for the single "Bel Air ~A moment in time in space~"?

Gackt "'Bel Air' equals, not talking about the video this time, but there were a lot of stories I had in my head. One among them was a pickup I made and came out with"

--Well then, as we introduce the cast of the performance, please listen to what each person has to say about their role. So I would like to ask a little about YU~KI-san, the role of the Heroine's older brother, as well as your impressions from the scene where you were drinking tea. Didn't it seem like a Nescafe commercial?

YU~KI "Did…it? Actually it was strange though, wasn't it (laughs). We did the tea drinking scene a lot, but that was because my fingers kept shaking and my teeth kept chattering, and there were several times where it was no good and it had to be taken out"

KOZI "Its because your a person whose hands naturally shake"

YU~KI "It would double at the moment I would hear clattering, even when it was just barely anything. I would get flustered in an instant. Also, an important point is that I was playing a kind older brother, so in preparation for the role I gained 5 kilos. I should say roughly (laughs)"

KOZI "I've got to say you were flustered the first time I watched that"

YU~KI "Yeah because it had to go in a perfect circle. Anyway, I had to do a lot of eating. Even so I'm basically not an actor, so acting was difficult. Since I knew what I had to do in each situation, I didn't practice and it all became a hit-or-miss. The director in each situation would give me advice, facial expressions, or hand movements, and I had to get the image down in my head."

-- At that time did you forget about yourself as a musician?

YU~KI "Not at all, I'm still the older brother on the inside"

--KAMI-san played an aristocrat, right?

KAMI "And in addition to that, I was the hero's friend, or please add something like a phantom friend. So (the two of us) had a deep relation. Other than that, no comment"

-- KAMI-san, your facial expressions showed us your true colors a bit, didn't they?

KAMI "More precisely, it was a spontaneous part, and I didn't get much of a turn (laughs)"

-- But didn't you have a scene where you got to fight Gackt-san in fencing?

KAMI "I practiced fencing a lot, but that scene was so tough I collapsed. Even though there was gravel underneath we had to redo it over and over again and my clothes got worn out and it hurt"

— Now then KOZI-san. When you were dressed as a clown pantomiming did you already feel familiar with it?

KOZI "How should I put it, I didn't practice at all and there were some things I was taught several minutes before the filming, so (the coach) watched me act, but I still did it in my own way. I thought to myself maybe I can do even more, but that doesn't mean that something that was filmed wasn't also cut. However, the director said, ahh thats good. Isn't it different from what I see myself doing on the monitor? In a way it is a little... But, maybe I can say that since I didn't have to act in quite such a human-like way compared to everyone else, my part was a little easier."

— Also, you dressed as a fortune teller, but it was scary when you rolled your eyes back, wasn't it.

KOZI "I put that in myself. I guess that means I am a clown. If I were to speak about something scary, the scene that was shot in the basement was very scary. It was really cold, and with all the things and specimens that were displayed around, the atmosphere was scary. Originally it was a wine cellar, but since there were no people it felt terrible, so I kept that in mind so as not succumb to the atmosphere."

-- MANA-san was dressed up and guised as a glamorous high rank prostitute, but didn't you think your whole aura was closer to a stage performance?

MANA "It is a similar atmosphere, but stage and movie atmospheres are different, so the acting was different. You have to play as a flesh and blood woman, so that part was troublesome. But if I can use make up to get that sort of appearance, it feels a little bit closer"

— So then, the hero role was Gackt-san.

Gackt "The climax scene was filmed at the beginning. On the contrary to YU~KI, I lost 3 kilos of weight just for the first day and that was already terrible. I released all water from my body and had to go into waiting mode"

-- There was a sound effect that resounded like a gong. That made the film more intense, didn't it.

Gackt "Its great if you listen to it from a good speaker. That strange sound really comes out"

— What kind of theme did this movie have?

Gackt "What is human? Making that come to life"

-- How would you like fans to interpret this film?

Gackt "There are no particular limits. For this reason it can be interpreted in various ways and thats why there are no words. When you put all three things, the video, concert, and single, together this time around you can try to see the answers for the first time. But we wanted the people who saw it all to get that sensation."

-- Well now, please give us your thoughts about the lives you will have spanning 2 nights on October 10 and 11 at Hibiya Outdoor Concert Hall.

YU~KI "We will definitely be doing it like a tour finale, so since I think its something that will exceed everyone's expectations...I will do my best (laughs)"

KAMI "I think the tour finale will be the form we have rapidly grown into from doing the tour. For the time being I want to challenge [myself] and say I mastered this tour. I am really enlightened by touring, and as I do it, I think about skillfully expressing myself."

KOZI "Same as they said before"

-- Previously MANA-san said that the stage recently has changed completely from a year ago, but has your way of presenting changed as the venues get bigger?

MANA "Its completely changed. Between big halls like the Shibuya public venues and live houses there some distance from the audience. In the past we did theatrical type things, but can we still show that as it becomes concert halls? So our presentation techniques and performances change along with the the venues"

-- Recently I thought about the time at Akasaka BLITZ which had a dream or illusion-like image. But on the other side does it feel like actual reality?

MANA "Yeah, it hits really hard. We think an illusion-like image is wonderful, but an essential part is something lively that humans bring in, so I hope they can aptly feel something like that"

— So finally, Gackt-san.

Gackt "The 10th "deuxieme anniversaire~Splendorous Revival," will be a day that has great meaning for MALICE MIZER. The name suggests Easter, or perhaps I should a restoration, for people who have never seen MALICE MIZER until now. It may be misleading to call it that, but however you encounter MALICE MIZER, its MALICE MIZER. I often say we continue to change, but even if my means of expression change, that part is fundamentally the same. Even though we change, we don't change, and we don't change, but we want to continue to change so maybe thats what I'm trying to give you a feeling of.
So, the meaning behind a moment in time in space in "Pays de merveilles~kuuhaku no shunkan (a moment in time in space)" is for me is how I felt in the moment in time in space during "Verte Aile". Thats what I want to express"

— And whats the reason for that

Gackt "Just before the live on July 20th at BLITZ the dog we've had in my family for over 20 years collapsed, and had surgery in the middle of the live. However, once the live finished he died... In addition to that I didn't know how things were going, so that day was particularly horrible and the door to that time in space made me see something in a new light. I guess I should say everything is beginning from here. For this reason thats something I will show in these two days. The first half of the tour I was in a slump, so in the last half I want to approach a level I've been thinking about myself. Its painful for me to always have on a positive face, and in order to show it I want to be able to feel it"

A moment in time in Space -- I translated this phrase into the most appropriate way as possible into English, but it may be better known in Japanese as 空白の瞬間の中で (Kuuhaku no Shunkan no naka de) or as its shortened in the interview 空白の瞬間 (Kuuhaku no Shunkan). This is the extended part of the song title "Bel Air". In fact those who are unfamiliar with the Verte Aile video may be unaware that the video runs immediately before the start of the PV to Bel Air, so the concepts of the video and PV are mixed together in this interview. Every time "A Moment in Time" or "A Moment in time in space" is mentioned in this article, please keep in mind that its a reference to Bel Air.

Special Supplementary
Personal Imagination Questionnaire

Those of you MALICE connoisseurs may acknowledge that there still may be many things you don't know...... Therefore we made some questions.
We got word from the members saying "The questions were interesting" (laughs)
The questionnaire in this magazine was responsible for keeping MALICE up all night thinking, so as a result we wnder what kind of answers might they have given everyone......

MANA (g)
Q. Favorite food
A. Of course flaming hot curry
Q. Food you dislike
A. Nothing
Q. Favorite drink
A. Tomato juice
Q. Drink you dislike
A. Nothing in particular
Q. Favorite scent
A. Fruity scents
Q. Scent you dislike
A. Women who wear strong perfume at night
Q. Favorite scene
A. White sky, blue sea
Q. You can only shed tears 3 times in your life. The first time is when you were born. So what are the other 2?
A. I can't decide
Q. If you could go in a time machine, where would you go and what would you do? (Going in the past or the future is OK)
A. There are no time machines, so I don't want to think about it.
Q. If you became a hit man what lethal weapon would you use? and whats the reason for it?
A. Stupidity. I'm not used to using it.
Q. You get an unlimited supply of money. With it you have to direct a film. What kind of movie would you make?
A. The life of a phantom chef
Q. What kind of time is the best "moment" for you?
A. The time when I'm sleepy and go to bed

KAMI (ds)
Q. Favorite food
A. Meat
Q. Food you dislike
A. Tofu, potatoes
Q. Favorite drink
A. Melon Milk
Q. Drink you dislike
A. Japanese sake, Whisky, etc
Q. Favorite scent
A. Sweet scents
Q. Scent you dislike
A. Something that could be considered a generally bad odor
Q. Favorite scene
A. Not a night scene, but the view looking down from a high place in the middle of the afternoon
Q. You can only shed tears 3 times in your life. The first time is when you were born. So what are the other 2?
A. When someone important dies, and tears from being emotionally moved
Q. If you could go in a time machine, where would you go and what would you do? (Going in the past or the future is OK)
A. I can't answer it since its an 'If'
Q. If you became a hit man what lethal weapon would you use? and whats the reason for it?
A. A lazer beam gun like pewpewpew…...
Q. You get an unlimited supply of money. With it you have to direct a film. What kind of movie would you make?
A. A movie about a person who makes a real castle and becomes the ruler like in the warring states period
Q. What kind of time is the best "moment" for you?
A. When I have done the best LIVE

Unfortunately if I wanted to be able to post the translation today I didn't have time to finish all the Q&As so I will be posting Kozi and Yu~ki's as I get the chance to finish them later on. Hopefully today/night this entry will be updated with their parts. However, the main point this time was Kami, so I felt satisfied as long as I got his and Mana's Q&A finished. Fortunately they were relatively easy to understand, so please enjoy what I have up so far!!

The reason I chose this magazine interview was because earlier in the month Mana posted these Q&A's on his twitter and I imagine those who didn't understand the answers would probably be interested in them. However, when I received the magazine I was surprised to see an even bigger interview on Bel Air and Verte Aile, and if I was to post the Q&A portion I felt the need to post the entire interview as well. Therefore thats how this came to be...

If you haven't seen Verte Aile before, I found an upload of it on Youtube!

Usually I wouldn't post footage of songs/videos on here, but since Verte Aile is now so old, its a bit difficult for many people to get their hands on, let alone watch it on a modern DVD/Blue Ray player.

Aside from the translations, I finally wanted to release information on the Ma Cheries I'm selling now too!


Its volumes 2-8 but Vol. 2&3 come together and vol. 6&7 are also a single issue.
Since Vol. 2&3 is pretty rare, I'm looking to sell it for 1,500 yen and the rest will go for 1,000 yen each.
Shipping will be determined based on where you live and the method you prefer (Standard Airmail is generally about 500 yen, and EMS tends to be somewhere around 1,000 yen).
I inspected each booklet, and they all seem to be in good condition!
Anyone who is interested in buying any of these issues, please send me a message in the mail form on the right side of this site or send an email to mephistoangelo (at)

There are a couple other things I would like to note too before ending this entry.
First of all is the new web flyer made for Deep Sanctuary V!


It seems based on Mana's twitter he would like it if everyone could post this flyer around the internet to advertise DSV, so please post it on your blogs, etc!
Also, Deep Sanctuary is only 3 days before my birthday so I'm personally excited about it!(≧∇≦)
I even have a cosplay in mind that I'm beyond ecstatic about trying for the first time... But what it is is a secret until then.( ̄ー+ ̄)

Lastly, it seems anyone who wants to attend the Moi dix Mois Hong Kong concert on October 23rd will be able to obtain tickets regardless of where you live!
There will be a ticket raffle which you can enter starting June 24th and results will be sent out on the 28th.
For those who are interested, details can be found here:



Anyway, now its time for me to get back to work. Hopefully I can update the translations later on tonight!! Please look forward to it! (´・ω・`)=з

Moi dix Mois goes to Hong Kong
Moi dix Mois has decided to have a one man live in Hong Kong on October 23, 2016!
Details can be found at the following link:


To be honest, I really don't know anything about the VK, particularly Moi dix Mois, fanbase in Hong Kong, or any east Asian countries outside of Japan for that matter...
To fans who live in this area, I think there are many people who would love to learn more about it! If you have any first hand information, or if any advertisements, etc, show up I think there are a lot of us in Japan and overseas who would like to know, so please send me emails if you can!

I haven't forgotten about the Ma Cherie booklets I want to sell.
I was hoping to make an entry about them along with a little surprise I had in store for everyone, but it seems there has been some kind of unexpected delay...
I know there are actually some of you who are interested in more information, so I will try to do what I can as soon as possible!!


2 years + P.S.
Its been a really long time since the last time I posted here.
Within this time period, I've received a few comments and messages here and there from some of you asking when I would update again. I've wanted to, its just been hard.

Anyway, today, May 19th, marks the second year since K passed away.
I think people who really love Moi dix Mois, and especially K, will want to find some way to remember him today, and since he was someone I really cared about too, I couldn't resist posting about it.

As many of you may have already anticipated, Mana even updated on twitter with a short but sweet message about K.
I translated it earlier and posted it on the facebook page where I post MdM twitter translations, but since this one is special I will post it with the translations on here too.


5.19 is K-kun's death anniversary.
This picture really suits K-kun, doesn't it. A wild beast and cool live photo.
It feels as if you can hear his beast roar. Please remember K-kun today.



Over the past couple of years I've shared a few stories about times when I met K individually, but I think I've exhausted the most memorable stories I have, aside from concerts, but those can be read in my concert reports...
If I had to say something about him this time, I would say that I still have very clear memories of the first time I ever saw him in person. I remember before I ever got the chance to go to a Moi dix Mois concert I had this impression of him as kind of a scary guy, but then after seeing him for the first time I realized that even though his image was really wild, he was an extremely kind individual. He immediately caught my interest from that point on and it was a true pleasure to be able to keep up with him and the various projects he participated in even outside Moi dix Mois.
To be honest, I still think about him rather frequently and wonder what would he be doing if he were still around today? Maybe still DJing or trying something new? He was such a free spirit, it was always so refreshing and exciting to keep up with all his activities and watch him grow as an artist.

Even though we can no longer have those opportunities, I hope he is still watching over everyone who cares about him.

Also, before I end this entry, I would like to mention a couple things.
First, a few weeks ago Hayato created a Youtube account and posted a video of his practice during the last Moi dix Mois concert at Shibuya WWW!

Originally this video was posted on his blog here:

Second, after several years I think I finally completed my MALICE MIZER collection!


This booklet, Ma Cherie fanclub book vol. 1 was the last piece I needed...its kind of bitter sweet to realize there really isn't anything else I need for my collection, but I was really excited to finally get my hands on vol. 1!
It came from an auction and also included several other Ma Cherie booklets (in total volumes 1-8), but I already own everything from vol. 2 onward, so I'm considering selling the others on here. I still need to figure out the pricing for them though, so for anyone interesting in owning any of old Malice Mizer fanclub books, particularly the earlier ones, this could be a really great chance! I will have more details on that later...

Lastly, it was also brought to my attention several weeks ago that the Atari 2600 I gave Mana for his birthday last year made it into the Game Inferno Ultimate book!!


I can't believe I didn't notice it before! It turns out between each category of Game Inferno there were some extra pages with consoles Mana didn't get the chance to write about in Game Lab. I was beyond excited to see it and really glad he must have liked it a lot it to include it! The information he wrote about it wasn't particularly anything new and he basically reiterates some of the same content he already wrote about in a previous Game Lab article, but it still gives me motivation to finish up with the last few issues I never got around to translating. Eventually I would like to include the translations from this page too and maybe more from Game Inferno Ultimate... I'm not sure which way is the best way of going about it yet, but once I have time I think I would like to continue... At the very least, if anyone is interested I can definitely translate this page sooner!

So, thats all I have for today... Aside from wanting to memorialize K, I've had a lot of these small details and bits of information I've wanted to share, but it didn't really feel like enough to write a full entry on. However, I want to make more updates in the near future, especially concerning the Ma Cherie issues I recently got and maybe more on translating articles.

Mana made an entry on his blog that I didn't notice and updated the Moi dix Mois Official website with a new group photo.

I think today it could be a lot to take in seeing this new photo, however I am certain this is why Mana chose the photo of K that he did to post on twitter (its the official profile photo of K on the Moi dix Mois website) for this very reason, which he explains in his newest blog entry.
The original entry in Japanese is here:
My English translated version can be found here:

Please give it a chance and read it as it was written very eloquently for everyone to understand the feelings that surround the situation of Moi dix Mois over these past two years.

Finally, please keep K in your hearts and minds as we remember him today.♥

Cherry Blossom Season!

Ever since the last Moi dix Mois lives, I've had quite a bit going on, so I thought it would be fun to share on here!
This year spring has been coming ever so slowly, and finally at the beginning of April the cherry blossoms have bloomed.
As you may already know, cherry blossom viewing, or "Hanami" is extremely popular in Japan, and for good reason. They're breathtakingly beautiful!
In fact, I did hanami not once, but twice this time around...although, I kind of wonder if one of the times really counted? The reason is, the first time I didn't really see so many and it was already starting to become dark out so it was a relatively fast trip. However, that brings me to the first topic I want to cover in this entry...

A dog show!!

You may be wondering "what does a dog show have to do with a Mana-related blog?" ....Well, nothing...
But its something I personally enjoyed and wanted to write a little about!!

Some years ago I went back to visit my family in the US during the summer and I went to a dog show for the first time. We have two dogs at my parent's home, a Shih-tzu named Motley and a Chihuahua named Alice. Actually I've been surrounded by lots of pets my entire life and only owning an Axolotl in Japan is sometimes a bit lonely...a lot of people fulfill that kind of loneliness by going to cat cafes, but I'm not really a cat person. Before you freak out, I don't hate cats!! I just really prefer dogs. I wont go into long details, but when our Chihuahua was a puppy (right before I moved to Japan) there was a huge problem and she nearly died. At that point in time my mom was undergoing surgery and I ended up being the only person in the family who could tend to the dog. I spent many painful days trying to save her, so by the time she got better we gained a deep bond. Even though I say I've had pets all my life, I'm not sure I can entirely compare the relationship to those pets to this one in particular...its extremely special. Therefore, when I heard about the dog show in Tokyo this year I had to go!!!

The dog show had two main areas -- one was a hall filled with various booths to buy dog related goods (clothes, food, toys, etc) where tons of owners brought their own pets to show off and take pictures at some photo booths. Its amazing what lengths people will go in Japan to make their dogs look insanely cute!!
The second hall contains competition and judging for the actual dog show.
Unfortunately I arrived a little late, so I only caught the end of the show, but it was still interesting.
This year Lucy, a Japanese Borzoi, won second place at the Westminster Dog Show, so I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her at the Tokyo Dog Show, but to be honest I didn't expect to see her...the dog show already had special industry days a few days before the public opening days, so I would have had no idea when she would make an appearance, if she did at all (I'm sure she did, the owner is from Chiba).

Anyway, to make a long story short, it was an unforgettable experience!! If I get the chance, I want to go again one day in the future!

So on to the cherry blossoms...

On the same day as the dog show, my friends and I decided to walk around and see the cherry blossoms at the sea side a little!

By the way, I took most of these pictures with a new camera I received for Christmas!! I'm completely obsessed with this camera because it has some really special and unusual functionality that I specifically asked for. I'll have to write more about it one day...its seriously awesome!!

Sadly there weren't a lot of cherry blossoms at the sea side, but I did find a particularly beautiful tree on a hill next to the ocean, but trying to get a shot of it proved difficult. I ended up climbing as high up the hill as I could and took a picture of it directly in front with the ocean in the background.

I know there are places where you can see cherry blossoms along the riverside, and I was thinking about doing it today but I backed out at the last minute...
At least I got a picture of one by Tokyo Bay, and that seems to be something kind of unusual. I really like it!

We also took a short walk to the beach near by, so once again I couldn't resist getting a picture of it!

It truly felt like within one day, I had visited so many different kinds of terrain!
After a lot of walking around and going here and there, the night came to an end and that brings me to today...

hehe, as I said on social media, "If you get it you get it"

Today was once again a few different places, but maybe not as diverse as the other day.
First of all, we made our way to Midtown...

The beginning point of Tokyo Midtown is beautiful, but unfortunately most typical photos don't do a lot of justice for it. I tried to take a picture lower to the ground to get the scene of not only the cherry blossoms, but also the small water fountains, stones, and garden in the center. The funny thing is, several people noticed me doing this, so suddenly I had crowd all around me doing the exact same thing!(;゚∀゚)
I don't know why, but some how this kind of thing always ends up happening to me!! Are my strange antics really that interesting?? I don't think I'm doing anything truly exceptional...but maybe when people see me they think they're missing out on something good (they're not).(≧∇≦)

On Sunday several people at work told me Midtown was worth going to for Hanami, so thats sort of why I ended up backing out of going by the river side. I was told places like Meguro River, Chidorigafuchi, and Sumida River were also a lot of fun, but would be insanely crowded...I really really considered it, but at the last moment I thought some place closer would be easier...not only that, I wanted to check out the cemetery again like I did a couple years ago (maybe I should have gone to the river side though...still kind of mad at myself for not doing it. Meguro is only 2-3 stations away(ಠ_ಠ)).

Turns out Midtown was nice, but it wasn't as many cherry blossoms as I had hoped. After a short time there, my friends and I headed to Aoyama cemetery.

I've posted an entry with tons of pictures there before, so I wont post as many this time around.

As a joke, I brought Tenebre along with me for the one picture I posted before this one, but then when I found a tree that was easy to put her in, I surprisingly got a really good shot!( ̄ー+ ̄)
Also, I know the picture with the cross has nothing to do with cherry blossoms, but when I saw the red and white trees near by I thought they were beautiful too.

As you can probably see from these last few pictures, there were petals floating down from the branches. To be honest, however, its the same petal in every picture. What happened was it got caught in a spider web, so I thought it would be easy to take a clear shot of that petal up front, with the trees a little out of focus in the background. The problem was, the petal wouldn't stay in one place and I couldn't seem to make the shutter speed fast enough to get what I really wanted. I ended up taking so many pictures just to get the perfect one that my camera battery eventually died. I tried again a few more times with my ipod, but to no avail. If only I had my SLR camera, I probably could have gotten exactly what I was trying for. I guess the pictures I got anyway still look pretty good.

After that, we ended up leaving the cemetery and walking around for a while until it was time to go home.

I imagine with in the next few days almost all the petals will have fallen and life will go back to normal. Its amazing how something as simple as a looking at a tree can create such a huge event like hanami. Even though its sad to see the cherry blossoms go, maybe it wouldn't be as special if they were around all the time. I guess that ultimately means its best that they only stay around for such a short period of time.

With that being said, hanami this year was so much fun and now I'm looking forward to doing it again next year!

ESP Museum Again + Important Extra Information

Concerning Moi dix Mois related information, this week has been extremely busy for me.
Theres a lot of things I want to touch on today, but first is the Mana ESP Guitar Museum a second time!

Theres was actually a good reason for me to visit again; just as I expected there was more on display after the 2 days of concerts ended. First of all, as you can see from the photo above is the entrance area.

If you recall from the previous entry where I posted about the museum, there was a photo ESP took of the entrance and it lacked the iron gates on either side. These gates are the same ones used for the stage set up that I have described time and time again in my live reviews!
Since there didn't seem to be any signs saying you couldn't take pictures of the entrance, I took a couple for the sake of commemoration.

By the way, if you click on the thumbnail images above you can see extremely size photos! I did that on purpose so you can actually see in detail how the Moi dix Mois decagram was drawn by hand. I think its really impressive!

Entering the museum again, the set up was practically the same, but with a few new stage pieces added and another Jeune Fille!
Rather than simply one of the live costumes, a few photos, and only about 9 guitars, this time there was a full set of 10 guitars (clever...) and now two huge wooden crosses that usually hang from the ceiling of the stage were now placed in the display.

Furthermore, I think I remembered all the guitars on display now!
It was something like this:

1. ESP Mana custom (the original Jeune fille)
2. jeune fille j:f-450
3. jeune fille II
4. jeune fille X
5. jeune fille blanche (the one with the red blood splatter paint)
6. jeune fille X bronze -cross ray-
7. jeune fille X Lazuli -cross ray-
8. E-EC-FM (Mana custom in blue)
9. ESP-Horizon- (Mana custom in green and yellow)
10. jeune fille blanche mini

Last time I went, the Jeune Fille X Bronze -Cross Ray- was sitting in the center of the display with its light flashing on and off in blue, but this time around it was moved over and the Lazuli was in the middle. Not only that, another one of the Moi dix Mois hand made decagram flags was placed behind the Lazuli! That affect in itself and the overall display was much better, so now I'm far more satisfied than last time!

Also, this wasn't so well advertised, but I noticed on the ESP twitter that if you could receive a free gift upon visiting the Museum.
Here it is:

Its only a simple postcard, but its a nice commemoration item. For those who are interested in getting their hands on one before the Mana exhibition closes up next week, you need to go add the ESP Crafthouse as a friend on the LINE App (they have a QR code at the museum reception area or you can just search ESP Crafthouse within the app). Once you show the staff you have added them as a friend they will give you a postcard. Its pretty easy, but since nobody has given this information online in detail, I think virtually nobody knows about it...


Now that the exhibition is complete, I highly recommend going!

So now, aside from the museum there are various other announcements I need to go through.

First on the list is tickets for Deep Sanctuary V.
Yesterday preceding ticket sales began at 14:00 (2:00 PM), but Mana forgot to post the link until late last night.
If you are interested in going, heres the link:

However, I have been receiving A LOT of questions from people who live overseas and want to attend this concert!!
I think it would be best to address it on here...
The eplus tickets in the link above are essentially like pre-order tickets, so if you want to be as close to the stage as possible, this is your best bet. However, the entire ticket system is a lottery, so theres no way to tell what number you will receive to enter the venue until you actually receive your ticket. Furthermore, the entire ticket system only works if you live in Japan, and a single eplus account holder can only buy up to 4 tickets each. I seriously wish I could help every single person who wants tickets, but since I already placed my order for 4 tickets (helping 3 others out) my account is maxed out for this concert.

With the Japanese ticket system (if you're preordering especially) you need an address and phone number in Japan, and the only options for paying for and picking up the tickets is generally by convenience store payment or cash on delivery. The reason behind this is because of the lottery system. Every detail of when and how you order is considered for your ticket number, so its impossible to make an order with the online systems and convenience store unless you are physically in Japan. To make matters worse, since this is Deep Sanctuary, which includes ZIZ (Kozi) and Yu~ki this makes the concert sell out a bit faster. If it was only Moi dix Mois playing at a larger venue, I would say its easy enough to buy general admission tickets once you are in Japan or buy same day tickets at the venue, but this concert really runs the risk of selling out somewhat quickly. Therefore, the best suggestion I can give is to ask a friend living in Japan to help purchase tickets or find a shopping service that is willing and able to help out.
I tried emailing Mana about this problem last night, but I'm not so sure he'll try to do anything to make it easier for everyone living overseas. However, maybe if more people email him about it, he will consider doing something? Since Midi: Nette used to allow foreigners to send emails to order tickets back when Mon+amour was around, its not really a stretch to think they could do something similar now.

Also, I've been receiving many emails asking about the newest goods as well, especially Game Inferno Ultimate.

There are now international orders for the new items on CDJapan!!

Game Inferno Ultimate

New Goods (Parka, towel, etc.)

CDJapan always ships abroad and accepts major credit cards, so unlike the Midi:Nette shop there shouldn't be any problems ordering here.

Anyway, at the moment I believe those are all the updates I needed to post..
If I am missing something I will be sure to update this entry later on and make a note of it on social media.

Of course, if there are any more questions, feel free to email me and I will answer everything to the best of my abilities as soon as possible!

This is a little off topic, but the other day my parents went to a Good Friday church service for Easter and my mom sent me this picture!
It looks like the Moi dix Mois Sabbath concert from last Monday so I thought Mana fans would enjoy it...腐腐腐…ψ(`∇´)ψ
Anyway, to all who celebrate, Happy Easter!!

Moi dix Mois Mana's Birthday Live: March 21, 2016 Shibuya WWW
Day 2 of the Mana birthday concert series has at last come to an end.
It felt like this whole weekend went by so fast. If you include the ESP guitar museum, it has been 3 consecutive days of Mana events, but sadly and reluctantly those 3 days are now behind us.

However, of course, that means I can now write my memories of that final concert here!

Once again today came with its series of strange events. First and foremost was a slight time change. The tickets for today claimed that doors opened at 16:30 (4:30 pm) but I suddenly got a text from a friend that the open time was changed 10 minutes earlier to 16:20. This may not seem like a major problem, but actually it is when you already have a schedule thats difficult to change and your ticket number is 18! I had planned to meet up with a few friends at 16:00 and then go to the venue together, but I thought if doors opened at 16:30 that would give us a little extra leg room for anyone who could possibly be running late. Fortunately everyone showed up exactly on time, but there was another matter to worry about-- I wasn't sure if we could actually get to Shibuya WWW in time to be able to go into the venue lobby and put our presents to Mana in the present box. This time the box I had wrapped for Mana was relatively big and if it so happened that I couldn't give it to staff immediately, the gift would run a huge risk of being trampled on and damaged inside the live house. Usually as time gets closer to allowing people in, the lobby area becomes blocked off, so I wondered if I got there even at 16:10 would they not allow me to send my gift off? Therefore, we had to run from the station to the venue. We made it in record time and the lobby was still open!

With the staff graciously allowing me inside, I quickly put the present in the box and then took a couple pictures of the flowers on display this time.

Flowers from ESP and Kaya were still on display today, but the red flower stand from fans was new this time!
Actually the fan flowers were very different from normal because they weren't just for Mana, but the whole band. The stand was carefully decorated with each member's names (excluding Mana's) and the number of years they have been with Moi dix Mois. This was particularly special because it was Sugiya and Hayato's 10th year with Moi dix Mois, so the commemoration was really nice!

After that a bit more time passed everyone lined up at the doors and soon we found ourselves inside the venue. My number today was the same as yesterday, but since the venue itself was different (Shibuya WWW rather than Mt. Rainier Hall) there was no seating arrangement this time and I went right up to the front row. Actually my group of friends got split up a little because everyone had a different area they wanted to stand at, so our larger group became a little smaller, but this will become an important point a little later on.

After chatting a bit with those around me, it was finally time for the live to begin!

Last time the stage set up was relatively simple with two iron gates with roses intertwined on either side of the stage and the large Moi dix Mois logo in the background. This time, however, the set up was the same but with one huge cross marked "dix" hanging from the ceiling of the stage by chains. This scene alone, while only with one extra prop, really changed the atmosphere of the stage. As the intro music started up, the members came out in the same order they did last time; Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, Mana, and Seth. Just as I assumed based on the stage alone, all the members were dressed totally different from last night's concert! This time everyone was dressed completely in black, and Mana's outfit happened to be an older Moi dix Mois costume from the earlier days. The most striking member however, was Seth.

As Seth appeared out on stage, he wasn't wearing the typical vest-type outfit, but rather a long black coat. His Moi dix Mois intro was also longer than usual as he explained the theme for tonight was the witches' Sabbath. For those who understand Wiccan/Pagan holidays, you will probably recognize this as Ostara, while for others this means its the beginning of spring. Therefore, coinciding with that fact Moi dix Mois decided to recognize and celebrate this holiday as well, and the word "Sabbath"continued to resound throughout the entire night.

Upon his intro, Seth also mentioned that he was feeling hot under his long coat, so he took it off, and as he did he surprised everyone with an entirely new look! He wore a tight black shirt with a black corset over it, along with two silver and black belts crossing one over another, a short black skirt and tight leather pants with boots. Everyone in the live house immediately started screaming! Its no secret in the Moi dix Mois universe that Seth has an amazing fashion sense, but in Moi dix Mois he has to wear costumes prepared for him, so theres usually no chance to see him dressed in his own way. However, his style tonight was sexy and it got a huge response from the fans.
(In my opinion, while I also thought he looked really cool, I couldn't help but laugh a little on the inside over the fact of how revealing Seth's outfit was, and in comparison he had Mana standing next to him who was fully clothed from was such an odd mixture.)

From that point on, the concert began with Unmoved! The lights on stage through most of the first portion of the concert were red, sort of as a way to set the tone of the Sabbath, so the songs coinciding with the lights, costumes, and scenery made the concert seem even more powerful than last night! Once Unmoved finished, they went right in to Witchcraft to complete that image. Usually there are many memorable aspects of a concert that aren't always restricted to the music alone, but tonight the performance of Witchcraft really stood out to me. Perhaps its like I say, the entire setting of the concert made Witchcraft so substantial, because all in all, the performance of the song wasn't otherwise any different from the past, but it just felt like it highlighted and set the bar the entire night.

Next the set list went on to Gloire dans le Silence, Deflower, and at some point Nocturnal Romance.

I was sent the set list last night, thank you!!

1. SE En Lumiere
2. Unmoved
3. Witchcraft
4. Glorie dans le Silence
5. Deflower
6. Invite to Immorality
7. Nocturnal Romance
8. SE L'intelieur Dix
9. Tentation
10. Front et Baiser


11. MAD INGRAIN〜Expérience〜

12. Dead Scape
13. Perish
14. Immortal Madness
15. Material Death
16. Twilight Flower
17. Embrace
18. Beast Side
19. Ange -D Side Holy Wings-
20. monophobia

21. Pageant

After about several songs it was time for the MC, where Mana walked off stage and birthday music began to play and we once again had to call for Mana to come back out. Once again, the theme of the Sabbath was used for the call to Mana. Seth told everyone that unlike last night where people were calling out Mana in high pitched girly voices, this time we had to use a deep, violent voice as if we were coming from the pits of hell. There were several times when Seth wanted the audience to practice the yell, but he still felt like the voices were too sweet and claimed "I don't think you really know what the Sabbath is..."
The reason he made this statement is because at the beginning of the concert when he was making his intro, he asked everyone "Do you know what the Sabbath is?" and everyone yelled in acknowledgement. However, it seems to him that maybe the point wasn't made as clear as he had hoped, so his comment was a bit of a tease to the audience. Even Ryux yelled "MANA-SAMAAA" in the most evil sounding voice he could muster. A lot of the fans laughed and cheered him on and then proceeded to try again. Finally after several attempts, Mana came out on stage throwing candy as far as possible into the audience from his white bear bag again and one of the new towels. Then a rock version of the happy birthday song played and Mana danced along swaying back and forth, pressing his hands together and pushing them up as he swayed to each side. Everyone in the audience also danced in the same way, since this has become somewhat of a ritual over time on Mana's birthday.

Once the song finished, Seth moved on to Mana's message to everyone at the concert. I had a little difficulty understanding a small portion at the beginning, but it wasn't particularly important. It was something about feeling a little underwhelmed about his age, but then he retaliated to that statement by sayings hes a vampire, so he will stay forever youthful as long as he has blood to drink. At that point Seth made a few remarks, getting the audience involved and making everyone shout "SUCK MY BLOOD!!" to Mana several times. It turns out however, the whole vampire spiel was really a creative segue into the biggest information of the night -- Deep Sanctuary V!! Once again Yu~ki, or as Mana likes to call him "Count Yu~ki" will be making a guest appearance along with Moi dix Mois and ZIZ. The concert will be held on August 7, 2016 at Akasaka Blitz. This is conveniently close to Yu~ki's birthday on August 8, so I can't help but believe this is likely a major reason behind the concert. Either way, its very exciting news!

From there, the MC moved on to the next big topic -- Sugiya and Hayato's 10 year anniversary with Moi dix Mois!
As I expected, there was more to come about that tonight! Mana presented both of them with a bouquet of flowers and they each made a small speech on their memories with Moi dix Mois and gratitude to everyone. Both speeches were relatively short and generalized, but Sugiya mentioned that he received his first passport ever from joining Moi dix Mois, so having the opportunity to go overseas has provided him with many wonderful memories. Unfortunately I really can't remember anything Hayato said, but he did mention Sugiya being like a teacher to him. Thats when the Sugiya/Hayato session was finally announced!!
It was titled "MAG INGRAIN〜Expérience〜"

Mana, Seth, and Ryux walked off stage and the music to MAD INGRAIN started with only Sugiya and Hayato playing. This session really blew me away! At first I wondered how would MAD INGRAIN really work out with only two members, the song was mixed in such a way that it was only meant for the two of them. In the middle of the song they each broke out into solos of their own and had the whole audience chanting and dancing to the music. It was truly a rare experience that left me wanting more! In fact, Sugiya and Hayato as a duo alone is a rarity as it feels like these two members almost never get an opportunity to show off their skill as individuals, but both were deeply impressive. Listening to and watching Sugiya's solo reminded me of the time when he first joined Moi dix Mois and Mana often commented how shocking it was to see Sugiya play bass so quickly with just his fingers. Naturally when Sugiya, Hayato, and Seth were new to Moi dix Mois, Mana wanted to point out things that made each of them special to the band so fans could get to know a little about them, but since they have become regular faces, I think it becomes easy to take their talent for granted. Even Hayato's drumming and energy alone can get the entire crowd excited, which to me is really commendable. It can sometimes be easy for fans to overlook the person sitting behind the drums because drummers are always towards the back of the stage and not moving around in the same ways vocalists, guitarists, and bassists can. However, every time Hayato gets a chance to shine, he takes it and immediately captures everyone's attention! After K died, Hayato took up the position of communicating on stage with Seth and helping out getting fans excited. Seeing him step up like that took me by surprise and made me hope he would continue to communicate with the band and fans in the same way. As time has passed, it feels like that prominent role he took back then has subsided a little bit, but he still continues to be more active than he ever was in the past, so it feels like his personality has been able to shine through more and the audience can have a deeper connection to him.

Anyway, in short, the Sugiya/Hayato session was all I had hoped for and more!! Please do more Sugiya and Hayato sessions in the future!!

Speaking of which, Sugiya and Hayato's session lead directly in to the members returning back on stage to the beat of Hayato's drum for the next song and the band broke out into the second half of the concert. This time when Seth walked back out, he changed his entire outfit to simply a long Moi-meme-Moitie jacket and no shirt underneath, so you could see the tattoos on his arms for the first time in Moi dix Mois!

From this point on, things get a little fuzzy...

Immortal Madness was announced and as always Seth wanted to change the keyword of the night for everyone to shout out instead of "dix sight" or "dix love". At one point he kept asking everyone in the audience if we're all witches and he was going to come up with something based on witchcraft, but then he asked Sugiya and Hayato to each come up with a call, so Sugiya came up with something like "summon hell"(I think? like I say, this is where things start to become hazy) then Hayato wanted everyone to yell "Sugya-Sama, Hayato-Sama" all at once.

It was at this point that I have a hard time remember what happened next...
As I mentioned earlier, there was another series of strange incidences that occurred at the concert, but the main concern was somebody in my group of friends started to feel sick and I began to worry, so a few other people near by and I started attending to them rather than the performance. The only thing I'm really going to say about the matter is that everything is ok now and eventually after getting some help we brought our attention back to the concert.

I remember coming back around at Beast Side (what is this? yesterday I felt sick and I could remember things again once Beast Side started, and now again today! Is K's spirit playing a joke on me?)
I was told by some friends who were on Ryux's side of the stage that during Beast Side he was holding a lighter shaped like a skull that he kept holding and moving around on stage, sort of as a representation of K. I think I recall him doing this before last year at Mt. Rainier Hall? But I forget exactly. Speaking of which, I forgot to mention this before, but this time Ryux's make up was completely white with black eye shadow around his eyes that made him look ghoulish. The effect of his make up was cool!

From then on, a few more songs were played, including Ange, Monophobia, Diabolos et Angelie, and I think Twilight Flower before everyone left the stage for the encore. Once again, no brand new songs, and no information about the new album.

As the encore began, just like last time, everyone was given blue glow sticks upon entering the venue and each member walked back on stage with their own glow sticks and more casual style clothing. Ryux was wearing a Moi dix Mois t-shirt, Mana had on a black and white marble Moi-meme-Moitie blouse with the top buttons undone and black pants, and the other members were either wearing all black or Moi dix Mois hoodies/shirts.

Once again, Seth instructed everyone on the count of "un, deux, trois..." to crack their glow sticks so they would start glowing blue.
The lights dimmed as Seth announced the last song Pageant, and the venue became a sea of lights.

Towards the very end Mana started playing with the audience by walking to the edge of the stage and allowing everyone to touch him. It was kind of strange, but I noticed some girl kept stroking one of his hands and then tried to slide her hand up his sleeve.(;゚∀゚)
Then other girls were sitting there pulling at and playing with his fingers, until he finally broke away and put his guitar into the audience. He also nearly hit me in the face with his guitar strap, but I managed to dodge and it hit my arm instead. Then he put down the guitar and shoved his hands into the audience, acting like he was about to crowd surf. Thankfully he didn't because every time he tries it feels like he gets sucked up into the crowd immediately because nobody can hold him up. I ended up partially grabbing one of his hands thinking he was going to go in but at the last minute he got out and walked back onto the stage. From there he proceeded to bow to everyone, and before leaving the stage he threw out several guitar pics to everyone in the crowd. Then he once again bowed out and left.

Unfortunately there was no moment where fans were waving their glow sticks for one another, and instead the concert ended rather abruptly after that.

So there it is. Another successful night for Moi dix Mois with several twists that made this live different from the others. Content-wise, I think tonight's concert had more surprises than last night's, but both nights had their own special appeal, so whether you could go to one or both, there was something unique about each. These were definitely nights not to be missed out on!!

Since I bought all the new goods last night, tonight I only came back with a glow stick and two fliers, the most important being the advertisement for Deep Sanctuary!

Then, as promised I gave Mana a gift that was a bit bigger than yesterday.

For those who don't know, this is a diffuser. You fill the clear part with water and then add drops of different kinds of oils of your choice. There are a lot of stores, usually known as aroma shops that carry small bottles of oils and depending the kinds you buy, they have different effects. Some are for relaxation, some are to make your house/room smell nice, and some have healing affects for your body, such as pain relief and respiratory support.
Funny enough, it was kind of fitting for tonight's theme. As a long running joke with my family, I call diffusers "caldrons for witchcraft and spells" because of their many uses. I mean in a way, it is, isn't it?
Actually I received one for Christmas and have been obsessed with it ever since! I gave Mana 3 different oils with his: Orange Peel, Lemon, and Lavender. Lemon and Lavender are pretty much essential because there is so much you can do with them, but since he usually likes fruity scents I thought orange peel might smell nice. There are tons of stores in Tokyo that sell oils, so its endlessly fun to discover new kinds and their effects.

Also, the diffuser I gave Mana glows blue!

The instructions show how it looks during the day and night and that you have the option to plug it into a standard outlet or a computer. I have to admit, I am a little mad at myself though. I found this diffuser online and mistakenly got the wrong one. The one I really wanted to get him changed colors, rather than just blue and its a bit bigger than I had hoped for...
Not much I can do about it now though, so hopefully its not a huge issue.

Anyway, now that its 3:00 in the morning, it may be time to get a little bit of sleep before I have to go back to the real world tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed & dix Love!!!!!!!!!!

I received an email today that the Midi: Nette Shop is now selling the Game Inferno Ultimate book!!
Check it out here:

Moi dix Mois Mana's Birthday Live: March 20, 2016 Mt. Rainier Hall

Its hard to believe that the first of the 2 day Mana Birthday concert is already over!!
But I can honestly say it so much fun and I'm extremely happy to have been there.

To start off, things were a bit different from normal for me personally today concerning the concert and the circumstances surrounding it, but its not a bad thing!
I've been dealing with a lot of stress lately, so the whole week leading up to yesterday and today I've been worried that this weekend would some how end up a disaster. I've even had nightmares about it! I've been having dreams of forgetting the tickets but being at the live house or accidentally bringing the wrong ones and being forced to sit in the lobby as everyone else has fun. There were even some crazy dreams where I some how ended up embarrassed on stage at the lives in the middle of the concert!? Fortunately so far none of that has happened, so I guess I can say I'm relieved.

However, recently on Sunday mornings I keep hearing big trucks blaring protests outside my area, so once they started at it again this morning I couldn't go to sleep and got dressed instead. Usually on the day of a concert I tend to be right on time even if I want to get to the venue early, but due to all that happened today, I ended up in Shibuya maybe 2 hours or so early, so I had lunch and eventually headed to the venue. Once I got there I met up with friends and we went up to the 6th floor where Mt. Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure is located! There we were greeted by several large bouquets of roses and we could hear Moi dix Mois rehearsing very clearly from the lobby!

As for the bouquets, it was hard to get good pictures of everything because the staff kept moving the flowers around in different positions that weren't very good for pictures. But anyway, it seems Mana got flowers from Kaya, Kamijo, two from ESP, and of course the giant blue and white one is from several fans who went in together for the bouquet as they do every year.

Around 3:30 the new goods went on sale and yet again an unusual thing happened to me...
The lobby of the venue is quite small and the booth had to be set up in a tiny area next to a large stair case going down to the other floors of the building. When it got close to 3:30 the staff told everyone who was there (maybe about 20 of us max) to move to the stairway if they wanted to buy anything. Since the Game Inferno Ultimate book and a new towel were being released today, of course I wanted to buy these items, so I waited behind everyone else who had already been lining up at the stairs. Then suddenly everyone who was in front of me decided to go behind me!! They then told me to go to the top of the stairs... It was such a strange situation and I felt really awkward standing at the front after that. I'll never understand why that happened...but anyway I was able to buy what I wanted.

I'll talk in more depth about the goods later though, because I think writing about the live is more important.

Finally about an hour later the doors opened for the concert and yet again as another freak coincidence(?) I was at the front of that line too... I entered the venue and then we had to wait another hour before the concert would start. Fortunately this time the wait seemed to go by quickly.

Finally some intro music began and one by one each member walked on stage in the order of Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, Mana, and Seth.

The first thing I noticed as they walked on stage was a few new stage outfits!! I could be wrong, but to me it seemed like only Mana, Sugiya, and Hayato had new costumes. Of course Mana's in particular stood out the most. This time he was wearing all white and blue. The design itself is quite similar to the gold and white outfit he has been wearing for the past several years on his birthday. It was kind of like this picture:

Imagine something like, but with short sleeves rather than long and all the trimmings and lace around the sleeves, jabot, corset, skirt lining, etc were dark blue. He also had on a long sleeve white under shirt that covered his arms past the short sleeved blouse as well as lacy wrist cuffs that were also white with blue lining. If I remember correctly, he was still wearing the same blue brooch on his chest, but rather than the necklace in the picture he was wearing the blue Moi-meme-Moitie cross pendant necklace at the base of the collar of his blouse. Of course unlike the picture, his hair was black. That picture is from several years ago.

As for Sugiya and Hayato, I noticed Sugiya was wearing a white blouse that had several red lines sewn down on either side at an angle and Hayato's blouse was also red and white but with a large bow made of really light weight white material and red stripes sewn on the collar. I believe besides that they were just wearing black pants. Ryux and Seth's may have been slightly different too, but they didn't feel so unique. Seth was wearing the same style black lacey under shirt with a white and red vest and long boots, and Ryux had on the longer shirt style in white with a white cape lined in red that went down to about chest length and a red cross design sewn in the middle of the shirt. But besides that point, Ryux's hair this time was silver and white, while Seth continued to have the same blonde/red/orange-y colored hair he had last time. There were no particular changes in Sugiya's and Hayato's appearances other than it looked like Hayato cut his hair shorter.

Going into the live, to be honest I forgot what song was played a matter of fact, I forgot a lot of the songs!! (`・ω・)
This time around I kind of got caught in the moment of the concert, whereas usually I carefully try to think about and remember as many songs as I can, especially in the beginning... Although, come to think about it, there may have been a bigger problem at play as to why I forgot so much. I had yet another unusual incident happen at the beginning of the concert this time! As soon as Seth announced "Welcome to the Birth Liturgy Festival, Mana-Sama's Birthday. We are Moi dix Mois!" the music began playing and from the position I was at the speakers were immediately beside me. The sound was so loud and seemed to pop out at me that I started feeling strange almost immediately. What was more unusual, I noticed Mana looked directly at me several times when this was happening but I couldn't put two and two together in that moment. The more I thought about it later, the more I realized I probably looked as bad as I felt. I'm not one to cover my expressions very well based on how I feel and I was so easy to see right in the front, that it may have been painfully obvious. The sound was grating at my ears and my body started feeling like it wanted to writhe so there were points when I started standing still and gripping what was in front of me because I felt the urge to jolt or twitch.
After some time I felt better, so I clearly remember when Beast Side was being played (maybe the 4th song or so) and a lot of what happened from that point on.
Regardless, I do remember that many of the songs at the beginning of the live were old songs, particularly Monophobia! It was even mentioned in the letter from Mana that Seth read aloud during the MC that this was the first time for this line up of members to play Monophobia together.
There were no new songs this time around, except for the more recent new songs we've heard a couple times now such as Twilight Flower, Embrace, etc...

Someone sent me the playlist last night, thank you!!

1. SE En Lumiere
2. Dialogue Symphonie
3. monophobia
4. Forbidden
5. SE Solitude
6. Invite to Immorality
7. Nocturnal Romance
8. A Lapis Night's Dream
9. Lamentful Miss
10. Beast Side
11. Night Breed


12. Tentation
13. Perish
15. Dead Scape
16. Twilight Flower
17. Embrace
18. Material Death
19. Je l'aime
20. Divine Place
21. SE En Lumiere

22. Pageant

After the final song before the MC (Night Breed), Mana disappeared off stage; I knew what was coming and I was exactly right!!
The birthday music started up with all the members on stage ready to have everyone yell for Mana when suddenly he appeared on the second floor with his white bear bag and candy! He threw tons of candy at the people on the right side of the second floor and then disappeared before reappearing on the left throwing out more candy! Everyone on the second floor seemed to be going crazy with excitement!

If you follow Mana's twitter, you may have noticed how he mentioned he would definitely be able to throw candy to the second floor this time. Based on the structure of the venue it was easy to guess this would happen, but even so it was a wonderful gesture to everyone up there. After that, Mana came back down onto the first floor, walked from the back of the audience area, and through the isle in the middle of the venue up to the stage (it was assigned seats arranged like a theater, so the isle was clear and easy to walk through for the members). As he walked through the middle isle he threw what candy he had left to people surrounding him on either side as a lot of them tried to touch him.

Once back on stage, Seth read a message from Mana to everyone, which basically said that having 2 days in a row of concerts felt really special and he was extremely excited about it. Then he went on to talking about Monophobia being played for the first time with the current members at a live and the goods that were on sale.

As they promoted the goods, Mana took out the new towel that he had and put it around his neck and Ryux and Sugiya pulled out copies of the Game Inferno Ultimate book and pretended to read it as Seth read Mana's advertisement for it. They talked a lot about how much Mana enjoyed making articles for Game Lab so he decided to combine everything into a single format book and include some extra writing and conversation about games and consoles that didn't get to make it into Game Lab by the time the series ended. (Actually, this book only contains 4 extra pages of new information...)

Besides advertising new goods, Mana made mention at the new album due to come out, only to leave everyone with a cliff hanger. Basically he said he has all the songs he needs now for the new album, but he still has a ton of work to do. Although he said there will be more details later on, I'm really hoping "later on" means tomorrow... The only reason I hope for that is because it felt like he was holding back a little, like something was missing or incomplete in those statements. It really got a lot of people's hopes up when they said "concerning the new album!" and then there wasn't much news to be said about it. As a result, everyone in the audience politely clapped upon hearing what little information we did.

After the news, it was very briefly mentioned that this year marked Sugiya and Hayato's 10th year in Moi dix Mois. Last year Mana handed out roses to Seth for his 10 year commemoration, but this time there was absolutely nothing for Hayato and Sugiya! Just polite claps and that passing statement. Surely there has to be something more tomorrow, right?? Last year they said they wanted to have Sugiya and Hayato do a session for their 10 year commemoration, so I'm hoping thats still to come tomorrow and today was to focus more on Mana and his birthday.
Speaking of birthdays, there was a huge mention that Ryux also had a birthday earlier in March, so everyone in the audience yelled Happy Birthday to him.

There was also no cake this time around for Mana's birthday, so the MC portion felt a little empty aside from all the merchandise advertisement.

Once the MC ended, the concert went on. During Immortal Madness, everyone shouted "dix love" for the call several times until Seth changed it tonight's key word. At first it was a little confusing because Seth said "Alright for Mana's birthday we're going to change it to..........Catadhsgojd" Nobody understood what he said at the end, but it sounded something a little like "cat poo" (;゚∀゚)
Everyone in the audience looked around confused, yelling "ehhh?" even Mana stared at Seth in confusion until he tried saying it again. Whatever he said still seemed too strange, long, and confusing for everyone, so eventually Mana went up to Seth, tapping him on the shoulder and whispering to him. Everything was then clarified when Seth said we should yell キャッハー (pronounced "Kyahaa" translated it would be something like "Yeehaw!" or "Wahoo!") . Every time he said it, he would yell it in an extremely high and exaggerated voice that even Mana had to turn his back to the audience and start laughing. For those who are confused, this phrase comes from Mana's twitter (link here: Originally I translated this on the Facebook page as "I'm so excited!" because the way the sentence was written it wouldn't sound completely natural to say "I'm so wahooo!" however, this same exclamation now came to use for tonight's live. Regardless, it felt like the word was changed a few times because the exclamations weren't working out so well for the audience to yell out until we finally went back to "dix Love" a couple times before the song finally ended.

From that point on, a few of the newer songs I mentioned earlier were played for the second half of the concert. Je l'aime was the second to last song this time around before the final song, and then the main portion of the concert ended with each member walking back off stage one by one.

The waiting time for the encore only lasted a few minutes until the performance resumed. As the members were walking out, they had changed to more casual clothes, each wearing their Moi dix Mois hoodie, and Ryux grabbed Sugiya's shoulders from behind and started prancing behind him until he almost tripped Sugiya. Once Seth appeared, he made us call out Mana who was still back stage and once he came out we were told to take out blue glow sticks we were handed upon entering the venue by the staff. Seth instructed that he would count "Un, deux, trois..." and everyone would crack their glow sticks to glow at the same time. As my luck would have it, mine wouldn't crack right away, so I was way behind everyone else. (ಠ_ಠ)
Each member also had a glow stick. Ryux, Mana, and Sugiya attached theirs to their guitars and basses during the last song, Pageant. During the song, as is the tradition with Mana's birthday lives, everyone swayed their glow sticks back and forth to the song as the members also swayed in unison. At the end of the song each member left the stage through the middle isle in the audience seating of the venue. As Mana was the last to leave, he walked to the middle of the stage, got on his knees, and crossed his right hand over his left shoulder and bowed to everyone, as the audience yelled out, clapped, and waved their glow sticks. Then, while he walked down the stairs leading from the stage to the floor, the audience members in the front watched carefully in case he started to fall like last time, but this time he was careful about walking down and nodded to those who were watching as if to thank them. Once he started walking down the isle a lot of fans were once again touching him as he passed by, and once he got to the end of the walk way, he stood at the door a few more seconds until they shut.

At that point in time, something really interesting happened!
The lights were still off and classical music was still playing from when the members left the stage, so all by ourselves, all of us in the audience in unison continued to wave our glow sticks together. It felt like a moment that surpassed the band activity and performance. It was something for us. Something that signified our unity as fans and supporters of Moi dix Mois, and among ourselves. Its no exaggeration to say that everyone who went to the live today were hardcore dedicated fans, because Mt. Rainier hall is an extremely tiny venue with a capacity of about 250 or so people. Getting tickets to this day is not the easiest feat in the world, and there are still many huge dedicated fans who wanted to go but weren't able to. Therefore, everyone who could attend felt like a family to some extent. The energy of the members and the audience together was phenomenal this time around, to a point where its hard for me to fully describe. For me, its not always the contents of a show, but the energy within it that either makes or breaks a performance. Even Seth mentioned how great everyone was feeling as the encore was starting, so the atmosphere really seemed to touch everyone. Regardless, those precious few minutes left at the end of the concert when everyone was together in silence waving their glow sticks was one of the most touching moments I have ever experienced within the Moi dix Mois fanbase.

From there, everyone was able to leave with an air of excitement, happiness, and positivity as we all said "see you tomorrow!"
Thank you everyone for such a wonderful, memorable night!!

As mentioned at the beginning of the entry, I ended up buying the new goods on sale today, and I took pictures!

This picture depicts the new towel at the top, the Game Inferno Ultimate Book, the blue glow stick from the concert, and a flier given out at the concert for the ESP Mana Guitar museum.

Looking more into the Game Inferno Ultimate book...

The layout of the book and the pages are really gorgeous. Its 94 pages long, paper back, basically the same style as many of the Moi dix Mois photo booklets, but the size is a bit smaller from the photo books; its more of a standard book size. I would definitely recommend it to those who were interested in game lab but were never able to get their hands on the original copies. This book combines every single issue Mana wrote in Game Lab sectioned off by year, then 4 pages in the back of supplementary information, and the first page as shown above which contains a preface.

The towel was the second new item sold tonight. It does seem a bit confusing because it looks so similar to the towel sold at Dis inferno, but there are some subtle differences.

As you can see the new one is longer, which is why it was categorized as a "muffler towel". The idea is to put it around your neck, I guess for concerts or work outs? I don't know. I never use towels like that. Why are there so many towels??

and then...

This was originally supposed to be a small joke between my friends and I, but now perhaps its a little more worthy of explanation. I'm sure some people saw it during the live. After Dis inferno, Mana complained that the audience wasn't excited enough and that we have to yell more and go crazy. Yelling really isn't my style, because its just not really my personality. I enjoy lives in many ways, but I hate yelling. Of course if other people do it, its fine. Its a concert, so I expect excitement! Some of my friends are the same as me to some extent, and so we said "how can we be more *~*exciting*~*!?"
Well, we were at the 100 yen shop the other day because I needed gift wrapping paper for Mana's present and we saw these glow stick bracelets! Although it looks purple in the picture, it was blue in real life. We decided we would buy these to liven things up a bit and be kind of silly at the concerts, so I brought them with me today. We each wore one, and then another fan noticed them when we were waiting for the concert to start. Surprisingly, she thought it was a cute idea! It turns out I actually had one extra from the package I bought them in, so I gave her one as well and she was beyond ecstatic. From then on, I ended up making friends with this girl and we sort of became a blue glow stick bracelet team! I was a little worried they might upset people, but it turns out they weren't quite as bright as the regular glow sticks so they didn't seem to be a distraction.

Funny enough, there was another girl behind me at the concert who I had never met before who knew who I was and we started talking as well! I know there are lots of people who read this blog and maybe know me from various places online or friends of friends, but it will never cease to shock and excite me when someone tells me they know who I am. In some ways its really humbling, I feel like I should be showing my gratitude for you guys even more in some way!

Finally, before I forget, heres the gift I gave Mana tonight.

Its an organic Rose Cordial I'm in love with from a health/organic/aroma shop in Omotesando. Usually I hesitate with things that say "Rose" because I worry that the taste may be too flowery or strange, but when I tried this for the first time I instantly fell in love!! It goes well with anything from tea, to yogurt, to ice cream...I was even drinking it with hot water while writing this entry. Since Mana likes health and healing related things, I thought he might enjoy it. Its a little bit pricey, so although its not as big as the gifts I gave him last year, I hope its still good...

Actually, I have something else I'm going to give him tomorrow thats bigger and a bit "more" but I wont post that until after the live!

So until tomorrow, dix Love, ポワワワ, etc...