Tokyo Game Show

I was hoping to write about this after I returned on Saturday, but I ended up being too busy for the past couple days.
Finally I have time now to write about Tokyo Game Show!!!!

I actually woke up early for this! (me waking up early almost never happens, so its an achievement)
But unfortunately I couldn't get in contact with my friends who were going with me for a couple hours, so by the time we got there it was already mid-afternoon.
However, getting in this time was easy because I preordered tickets so we essentially just walked right in.

Unfortunately this photo doesn't represent how crowded it was in real life. The event takes up several halls in separate buildings. I think this picture was from the second building, which contained major companies' exhibitions and demos for their newest featured games. The first building mostly contained merchandise booths, a few gaming competitions, and demos for VR (virtual reality) games.
Since this picture is only the entrance and there was a lot more to see in the other halls, it wasn't quite as crowded as some of the major halls with companies like Playstation, Konami, Capcom, Sega, etc. Those areas were insane.

So let's write about the first area first!

As I said, this area had so much virtual reality, but actually VR was a major feature of this year's Tokyo Game Show. The photos above depict Playstation's VR demo area (it seems you need to do some kind of preregistration for it). Playstation already has a number of games lined up for their new VR console, so there were several games to choose from, but according to their VR demo zone you couldn't actually chose which game to try.
Below the top two PS VR photos, there was another game that seemed to be extremely popular. It's PD Tokyo Inc.'s virtual reality game called "Circle of Saviors". You can see a link with a promo video here↓

To be honest, I've always been skeptical of Virtual Reality...I understand the idea and concept behind it and why it would be appealing, but it just looks so strange to me. I've seen Virtual Reality consoles in arcades for years, and there were probably times where I tried them when I was younger but for some reason I just can't quite get interested in it...That being said, when I saw the game play and promo video for Circle of Saviors I actually thought it looked like fun and I wanted to try to play! Unfortunately, since it seemed to be so popular the line for it was massive. If I'm not mistaken, many people seem to feel like this game provides sort of a seamless experience no other VR games have been able to accomplish before.

I couldn't resist adding this on here! They were at a booth that was selling Nintendo stuffed animals, but these ones in the case are planned to come out in December. The thing that surprised me is that it included Cubone (カラカラ), Diglett (ディグダ), Dragonite (カイリュー), and the three Johto starters! Actually I've seen the 3 Johto starters a number of times at the Pokemon center and Dragonite from time to time, but they still have some rarity as plush dolls. Cubone and Diglett are particularly rare, but the Pokemon Center recently came out with a different variation of a Cubone doll which I immediately had to get my hands on!

This Cubone comes from a newer series of Pokemon dolls being produced which sells each character in a sleeping and awake position. They're sort of like Beanie Babies, so I kind of wonder if thats what the Pokemon company had in mind? Beanie Babies used to be so popular in the 90's, so maybe the Pokemon company thinks that since theres so much 90's nostalgia now days, they can bring back reminiscence of that time but in a Pokemon inspired way...I really wouldn't put it past them. Pokemon is already a part of that 90's nostalgia trend, so why not combine it with another hot commodity from that time? But thats another conversation for another day...

I digress, so on to the second building!

Once again Playstation had another demo area and exhibition place. I swear Playstation was the largest of any company in attendance this year, but I have no complaints with that! I would much rather see that than the whole mobile/computer game feature TGS had last year.

Speaking of this Playstation exhibition area, I didn't get a lot of time to see it. The layout of TGS was totally different this year from anything I remember in the past. I liked this new layout of the convention center much better because it was ultimately easier to access than before. The only issue is, with some major updates TGS tried to make this year (for example, they wanted everyone to download a TGS2016 app on your phone and use that as a map, time table, basic information, etc. but it didn't work well) it was a little hard to understand where everything was at first. My friends and I found ourselves taking a huge portion of our time trying to understand where everything was that it hindered our chances of doing lot of activities. So by the time I actually grasped my surroundings I only had about an hour or less in the second building where majority of things were taking place! What I ended up doing was do sort of a running sweep of the entire premise and stopped for only a minute or two at various booths just to take in what all was going on. I had every intention of going back to what I was most interested in, but by the time I could even get to do that, I really only got to spend time at one exhibitor. I was really disappointed in that.

By the time I stopped at the Playstation exhibition to see what was going on, they were about to start in with a major Final Fantasy introduction. I'm not really much of a Final Fantasy fan so I decided to skip it.
Getting a little off topic again, but of course I've known about FF for many years and my disinterest may have something to do with the one time I actually tried giving it a shot. I apparently bought the "worst version" according to many people (FF X-2) the first time I tried to play it. I've been told I need to try Final Fantasy VI and apparently its available on the Playstation 4 as downloadable content, so whenever I get the chance I really will make an effort at it! I have a sort of love-hate relationship with RPG games...Obviously Pokemon is an RPG and I love it! but its sort of an exception... However, there is still hope with me for RPG games because the last one I played, Child of Light, I absolutely fell in love with! Its a huge possibility that the trick for me with Final Fantasy is simply playing the right one.

Continuing on, I took several pictures of booths that interested me. Twitch is of course a huge famous company and I occasionally watch some twitch channels! so it was exciting to actually see them at a big event like this. The PS Vita both seemed to have several demos out for play and just by the posters that I really wanted to try. Then lastly the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard booth/play through demo looked absolutely stunning!! It was a full on haunted house you had to enter just to experience the demo! I wanted to try is SOOOOOO BADLY!!!! But to be totally honest, I was scared... Its really stupid of me, but as often as I talk about how much I enjoy haunted locations/scary places, I'm actually a huge chicken about physically doing it...even when its not real...those may be the worst, actually... I want to play the game, but I can't do THAT!! (/;◇;)/

I'm not quite sure if this robot actually has any kind of relevance to video games. It could simply be technology that Intel is working on, but it was mesmerizing to watch! It seems that if you stand in front of the robot it can copy your movement, so the girl in this picture was making various arm and hand motions and the robot would do the same thing at the same time. I would have loved to have tried could almost be like controlling some kind of mecha. We're entering a world of real life Gundam!

Then was the SEGA booth!!! This one I actually stayed for because I noticed they were about to do a public demo and major announcement as soon as I walked up! Its the 25th Anniversary of Sonic, so the exhibition included talked with the Director of a new Sonic game coming out in October called Sonic Toon: Fire & Ice (US title Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice) which will be available on the 3DS!!! The demo was really exciting; I loved the way they incorporated the traditional Sonic style play through with the use of fire and ice capabilities for the characters.
Sega and Sonic have a special place in my heart. I remember when I was younger one of my friends used to have a Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive) and we played Sonic every time I went to his house. I fell in love with the character and always dreamed of owning the game for myself. However, my parents almost always bought me Nintendo consoles and games. Besides the ATARI, I think the only other non-Nintendo consoles they bought were Playstation consoles. But I always loved Sega and every time they came out with a new system I dreamed of owning one. The funny thing is, my mom remembered that a couple years ago and for Christmas gave me what she thought was a "real Sega Genesis"

For those who know, you might recognize its not technically what you would consider a "real Sega Genesis". Its a newer Plug-and-Play version with 80 games pre-loaded into it. It does actually work with the real Sega Genesis game cartridges, but many of the most famous titles are already included in it. This console doesn't really take away from the feel of the original games, so in a way I guess I can still say I finally own a Sega console! (it just feels a little strange to say it like that though...)

Besides the demo for the new game there was another demo as well for a remake of the old Sonic games that will include new games as well but in the original 2D side-scroll style. It looks cool!
Also, right before the demo began, the host of the Sega exhibition came out to introduce the Director, a PR person in charge, and another commentator, and then a huge Sonic mascot also walked out!
I can't not write about this because it was so funny! As they introduced Sonic and he walked out on stage, he was walking so SLOW!! Its a little ironic...Sonic is famous for being incredibly fast, but this Sonic mascot can hardly pick one leg up!! He had to continuously walk back and forth between the host and the director when each of them spoke or made some kind of reveal and it was painfully obvious how difficult it was for Sonic to move. Not only that, in order for the Sonic mascot to have some kind of relevance, they needed to make sure he was included with each reveal. So he had to act as the announcer of the Sonic Toon game, but essentially he walked up to the host and put his hand up to "whisper" what he wanted to say to was exactly the same way Mana whispers to Seth during Moi dix Mois concerts. In fact, all of Sonic's actions looked identical to Mana's on stage! If I hadn't been standing alone watching this exhibition, I probably would have ended up laughing out loud by accident! Is this how Mana gets his inspiration?? From mascots?? (*´艸`*)
(Sadly no pictures were allowed of the stage, otherwise I would have definitely taken tons of Mana-Sonic for this entry!)

Long story short, the Sega exhibition really made me want to get back in to Sonic games again.

I also ended up buying a Mega Drive tote bag by the end of the day. It might seem kind of frivolous to buy yet another tote bag since I so many Moi dix Mois tote bags, but sadly many of my MdM bags are getting worn out and breaking. Since Moi dix Mois tote bags always to sell out relatively fast and never restock, I'd like to keep the ones I have last as long as possible. At least with this bag I can use it every day and not worry so much if it breaks. And the design of the Mega Drive bag is kind of unique!

By the time the Sega exhibition/demo ended, it was nearing closing time. My friends and I had split up to look at our own things, so about 30 minutes before everything closed down we met up again at some benches inside the convention center and talked about the video game industry in various countries. I'm always really interested in talking about how video games are perceived around the world and particularly female gamers. Even though its still not perfect, I feel like the US has a lot less prejudice towards female gamers than places like Japan. I love Tokyo Game Show and I always want to go back every year, but as a female sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable there. There are tons of girls who like video games in Japan and attend TGS, but I never can seem to shake the feeling that theres still a major bias towards men (of course I know majority of gamers in Japan are men so it makes sense). I don't know if its really something that will happen in this lifetime in Japan but I really hope to see a day when theres a more even representation of both sexes at Tokyo Game Show!!

Anyway, this entry has become massively long, so this is probably a good stopping point before I go any further and end up with a novel!
I should probably also think about getting some sleep before I have to get up for work tomorrow... (=_=)Zzzz
Good night!

Digital Madousho 12 / TGS2016

Just as I suspected, another Digital Madousho is out.
As always, you can buy it here↓

I know in the last entry I made on here, I probably didn't say "I think there will be another Digital Madousho!" but I thought another one might appear because Mana wrote on twitter back in August that he wanted to make a Madousho about Deep Sanctuary and visiting his home town. However, in Digital Madousho vol. 11 there was nothing about his home town. At that point it only seemed to make sense that another one would be coming sooner or later!

Besides that point, as you can probably see from the advertisement, this issue doesn't only cover the topic of Mana's home town, but also the two birthday concerts from back in March. Theres also a little bit about Game Lab/Game Inferno Ultimate, but nothing in too much depth about that topic, as well as the ESP Mana guitar museum that was on display at the same time. Once again its full of interesting pictures, so even if you can't understand the text theres still worth-while content!

By the way, I was recently told about another potential solution (aside from what I have written about in the past) for those who may still be facing problems trying to buy the Digital Madousho!!
Apparently it seems FC2 is getting better about responding to issues with their Blomaga service (blog magazine) for people outside Japan. If you try to pay via credit card, but your card is blocked due to verification issues, try adding your full name to your FC2 account profile and re-entering the credit card information. If the problem still persists, FC2 should be able to help in an easier way at that point.
I totally eliminated the problem for myself by simply buying FC2 points up front and paying that way, so that may be yet another option as well.
I think its at least worth a try!

Anyway, tomorrow later today I will head over to Tokyo Game Show!!


......I don't look quite as happy from the picture compared to how I sound in the text, but I'm definitely excited! (´~`ヾ)
The reason I look that way is because even though I had been planning to go for a long time now, the time kinda crept up on me faster than I expected and I came to the realization that I'm not as prepared as I wanted to be-- I'm a little disappointed by that.

Every time I go to Tokyo Game Show I see so many people cosplaying different characters and it reminds me of when I lived in the US and went to conventions several times per year. Back then I was constantly making new cosplays non-stop!! Of course, it was only ever Mana cosplay.... but the spirit of the event was fun and I miss that! I really wanted to prepare something special this year but I didn't really know what I wanted to do, and then when I finally came up with an idea I couldn't find anything in my closet to create the image I had in mind...( `-ω-)
If you're wondering, I wanted to make a Mega Absol-inspired outfit.


I'm sure most of you know by now how much I love Pokemon! Of course Mew is my favorite, but if I had to choose a non-legendary favorite, I think it would have to be Absol. I always try to catch Absol whenever its available in the games and I've come to realize I work really well with it too (in fact, I tend to work really well with Dark types especially, even though I think Psychic or Ghost types are my favorite). However, I would feel strange if I cosplayed a Pokemon; thats totally out of my comfort zone!! But I thought, what if I could put together something inspired by it's design? The problem is, there really isn't so much in my closet that moderately resembles what I wanted to do, so I ended up tossing the idea.
Then I thought, what if I wore my Pikachu kigurumi??
But its going to be 82℉ (28℃) as a high tomorrow and that kigurumi is really hot material, better for winter.
So I've been feeling a little let down by my own ideas... It would be fun, but I don't know. I guess regarding whatever I wear will depend on the temperature. Why can't it be fall already??・゚゚・(´Д⊂ヽ

This will be my 3rd...4th...time?? at Tokyo Game Show (since around 2009), but the main point for being excited this time around is because its the 20th anniversary of TGS!!
Its one of their biggest years yet filled with tons of different companies, exhibitions, and events, and I think this year is going to be really unique as well. Theres a lot to look forward to, so I feel like it would be stupid to miss out.

With that being said, I'm going to try to wake up and get going early so I can spend as much time as possible there!!
Hopefully it will be fun and I will have a lot to write about later on!( ̄▽ ̄)

Digital Madousho 11 & 闇の彼方へ〜
I've been wanting to make an entry like this since the newest Digital Madousho was released a few days ago, but unfortunately I couldn't find the time until now.
Actually, to be honest I'm not feeling so well at the moment, so I don't know if I will be able to write in as much detail as I wanted for this entry, but I'm going to try my best!


Digital Madousho 11

As I mentioned, the newest Digital Madousho was released.
This time the focus is on Deep Sanctuary V with a huge compilation of pictures from rehearsal and the concert itself.
Even if you can't read Japanese, I think its probably worth it for the pictures!

If I were to speak on my impressions of this issue,
As someone who went to the concert itself most of the live pictures and concert report doesn't really surprise me, but naturally its nice for memory-sake! I mostly liked the rehearsal pictures because this is the kind of thing we don't see so often and theres pictures of Mana with bare minimal make up!
For the most part, I read through a bit of Mana's impression of the concert report, but I kinda felt like he said just about everything I wrote about on here, but when it came to some extra stories, like the after party he had with Yu~ki and Kozi, it was a little bit interesting! He posted a discussion he had with Kozi about alcohol and how Kozi recommended trying a highball drink (It seems Kozi wanted Mana to order alcohol but Mana doesn't drink so often and when he answered he might have a beer, Kozi pushed him into trying something different) and then gave a brief rundown of some other random topics they talked about (part time work they did together when they were younger, school uniforms, etc).
I know he also talked quite a bit about the MALICE MIZER session, especially Transylvania, and how he kept begging Yu~ki to do the vocals for it but I didn't get through reading the whole thing yet because its really long.

There was a little tiny bit of information about the next album coming out, but mostly all that was said was that this album will be unique in that the music will be varied more compared to past albums. No dates, names, or other details were given out yet.
Oh, and speaking of new music! I may have mentioned this a long time ago, but I couldn't remember if I did or not...I noticed from the set list posted in the DIgital Madousho the official spelling for one of the new songs is "Diabolus et Angeli"
I've always felt like the name is a little on the unusual side, so I was never knew quite how to spell it. Apparently when searching through various set lists posted not only in Digital Madousho 11, but a few previous DMs as well the spelling remains the same for this song each time, so now we have the title officially!

For those who didn't attend the concert, I think one major part of this Digital Madousho that a lot of people will like is Mana's maid costume from when he brought out Yu~ki's birthday cake on stage! There are several pictures of it, and he added a few shots of when he started laughing, but his head is lowered down as hes looking directly to the floor in embarrassment in most of them, so its really hard to see that hes laughing in those pictures. Either way, they're fun to see!

......I really wish the Digital Madousho could be translated to English officially.
Theres so much I would like to say on here, but I feel bad going into too much detail because that should be reserved for the people who bought it. However, since many readers on here can't understand Japanese, it sort of feels like a no-win situation.
I know I was doing translations on an extra site for a few issues that were only for people who bought a copy, but with the current situation persisting that a lot of people have major difficulties buying their copy it feels a bit futile.
I wish something could be done about all this! (≧△≦)

Anyway, for those who can buy Digital Madousho vol. 11 I highly recommend it!!

Also, tonight Mana posted a video of 闇の彼方へ〜 (Yami no Kanata e~ / Beyond Darkness) from Deep Sanctuary!
The video itself doesn't really have footage from that part of the concert, only pictures of the stage, but the sound is amazing!!

Mana recommended on twitter (which I do too) that you listen to it with earphones because the sound bounces from left to right which you can't really hear from computer speakers.
I'm happy he posted it, because its something unique and now everyone can enjoy a piece of something that could only be heard at the concert!!

Even though its been a month since Deep Sanctuary, it seems theres still new ways to enjoy it! I hope in the near future more new things like this will continue to appear!

We are nearly one month removed from Deep Sanctuary.
There were so many things that happened in August that I feel like the time went by too quickly...
To make matters worse, for the past couple weeks typhoons keep hitting Tokyo.
However, I tried not to let that get in my way and went to the yearly summer festival in my neighborhood area.


Sadly, due to the rain there weren't as many booths or activities as there normally are, but a couple friends came along and I met a new person who lives down the street from me! She approached me because she wanted to know where I bought my yukata and then we started talking about all kinds of things. It turns out shes staying in Japan for about 3 months for some kind of business related activity but shes still really new to Japan and had a lot of questions. She also didn't seem to have any friends, so she stayed with my friends and I for the day!

To be honest, I'm happy when people come up and talk to me, because most of the time when it comes to other foreigners in Japan, they often have scary expressions like "I hate everyone!! Don't talk to me!"
I have no prejudice against anyone from any country so I want to be approachable!

By the way, I met a Satanic mini horse named Nero.


Look at that face...don't tell me he doesn't look like hes ready to rip the flesh off of every living being at that festival!
and then I seem a little too happy...(´~`ヾ)

Anyway, yesterday I finalized almost all my preparations for Hong Kong!!
I have my hotel and flight booked as well as the Moi dix Mois tickets!

The only thing I need to do now is figure out the cost of the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel and renew my visa...
Actually, my visa doesn't expire until March 2017, but its probably better to do it before then and this is a good opportunity.

But now that I have the major preparations out of the way, I'm getting more and more excited and nervous about Hong Kong!
I will be there from October 22 - October 24.
Its such a short trip, so I have to make the most out of my sightseeing time on the 22nd when I arrive. Fortunately my hotel is only about 10 mins from the concert hall, about 1 minute from the famous food street, and close enough to the bay that I should be able to see the night time light show! Oh, and I should mention theres a pool! (I probably wont have time for the pool, but its exciting).
I'm not sure if theres any other big sights, but maybe if I look more into it and I have time, I will try for something more.
At the moment, the most important thing for me is figuring out locations and transportation, etc...
I've never gone on a trip like this before, so its a bit scary... But I'm going to do my best!!!

and of course, the moooost important part for everyone who reads this blog is the Moi dix Mois live!
So naturally I'm looking forward to writing about EVERYTHING!!

I wanted to mention that to my surprise I've gotten some messages here and there from some of you guys and the messages I've received are overwhelmingly positive and supportive!
Really, thank you so much!♥
Maybe it sounds stupid, but I got a little emotional reading some messages...
I really have no expectation of anyone caring about what I do. Even though I know writing live and event reports holds some importance and substance to you guys, I would never in a million years imagine receiving the support I have over this coming Hong Kong live.

Even though I guess you could say visiting and moving to Japan is kinda like going overseas to see a band, I always thought it would be fun to see the band I love in another country! I'm sure that sounds strange because technically if I saw Moi dix Mois in the US it would be overseas for them, and being in Japan should technically be overseas for me...but going to a completely unrelated country to either me or them is what I'm trying to say is the exciting part. It seems like a unique experience I never would guess I would be able to participate in in my life...and I really never would have guessed I would visit Hong Kong of all places, so there are so many factors in this that are huge for me! Everything is so overwhelming, I can't begin to express all my emotions... Its not just about Moi dix Mois, its about so much more...its about experience and culture and seeing the world, and...I could keep going on and on...

That being said, the messages I received seriously touched me, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

∞・dix Day

Only 3 days after Deep Sanctuary, but today, August 10, is dix day, my birthday!!

As you can probably see from the picture I went to Tokyo Disneyland.
However, the day didn't start out at Disney, it started out elsewhere...

Does this scene look familiar? ( ̄ー+ ̄)
For those who aren't aware, Mana posted pictures almost identical to these on twitter in July when he was preparing for Deep Sanctuary. He wrote that he ordered a banana smoothie and it came in this metal class so its really cold.
Actually, to be honest I live down the street from the exact restaurant he went to!(°□°)
I've been there many times in the past because its one of my favorite restaurants in my neighborhood, but I've never ordered a smoothie from there, so I decided to try it this time.

At first I thought "Maybe I'll do the same and get the banana smoothie!" but then I noticed "strawberry" and at the very last second I caved and changed my mind.
In fact it is really good and I got sooo many brain freezes! But another funny situation happened at the same time...
So naturally I didn't spend the day alone, I had friends with me. One of my friends also ordered the same strawberry smoothie, but what we didn't expect is how huge the glass was! Even after eating our meals the smoothie wasn't gone...we sat there for the longest time trying to fact it took so long we started calling it "punishment" (≧∇≦)
Now we keep saying "we foolishly copied Mana thinking we're funny only to end up with a punishment drink."

After we finished at the restaurant we decided to make our way to Disneyland!!

Without going into too much detail because I've talked about Disneyland many times before, I'll talk about a few interesting points!
As you can probably tell, I came home with a lot more than I walked into the park with...Stitch is my favorite character, so I bought a huge Stitch, popcorn that came in an R2D2 container, and Cheshire cat ears since they matched my outfit.

Its probably easier to see my full coordinate with the ears in this picture:

As you can probably tell I wore my DSV onepiece shirt and DSV muffler towel. Surprisingly the towel came in handy!

Anyway, on to the park and attractions...
My favorite ride is the Haunted Mansion, so we immediately made our way there and the line was only a 20 minute wait!!
Thats incredible for Tokyo Disneyland! Usually the wait is over an hour, but I get the feeling the reason why it was so short was because the weather forecast for today said there should be our luck there wasn't, but that meant a lot of people who would usually go probably opted out for that reason. Either way, more park for us and easier access to attractions!!

For one of my friends it was her first time to go to Disneyland, so to reassure her I told her the Haunted Mansion isn't really that scary, but what ensued from there was.......
I started saying 腐腐腐…("huhuhu..." like Mana tends to write online) as a joke to calm her nerves when we entered the first room of the mansion and the doors closed. She started laughing, and then the joke just kept going on from there. We entered the next room where the ceiling starts to rise and I start in again with the 腐腐腐… and we crack up! By the time we actually got on the car that takes you through the ride we were saying 腐腐腐… at basically everything that was "Moi dix Mois mysterious" or "creepy" and we couldn't stop laughing!! THEN we started in with making Mana-like hand gestures at the props that would pop up and try to scare us. I've always truly loved the Haunted Mansion, but I've never experienced it quite like that before...I don't know if I can ever think of this attraction the same again! (≧∇≦)

After that my friends wanted to go on Splash Mountain but I'm kinda scared of it....
The wait for Splash Mountain was 80 minutes, so I ended up going out on my own and watching the night time electrical parade and did some shopping! Its probably a good thing I did, because by the time they returned from Splash Mountain it was already 9:00 PM and the park was closes at 10:00. We ended up having dinner where I bought a cute white chocolate mousse & strawberry jelly desert sort of as a "cake" to celebrate.

I'm not a big fan of jelly, but it ended up being really delicious! Also the cup was a souvenir cup, so its a cute way to commemorate the day.

I think for the first time in several years I actually had a really, truly wonderful birthday!
I tend to talk about my birthday a lot when it gets closer to the time, but to be honest I think the reason why I do it is because when I was a child and teenager school always started on my birthday, so almost nobody ever remembered and that always hurt...
Therefore, I always hope at lest one person will remember my birthday because of course for me its a special day.
Fortunately now I have some wonderful friends who make a point to say Happy Birthday to me!! To you guys, really thank you so much. It means the world to me.♥

Anyway, this year I got a few gifts from family and friends I'm excited to share with everyone!!

My parents sent me a huge box filled with all kinds of goodies. Among them were two photo books my mom made of when my family came and visited and my very first time in Japan. Another thing was a recipe book, which my mom wrote in various recipes that I like and that I can continue to add to. I like to cook, so its a wonderful idea! Then a purse and matching wallet with Snoopy on it, a set of Pokemon cards featuring Mew (I collect Mew cards and goods), a Star Trek magazine, and the Stitch doll I bought today (I sleep with stuffed animals and the ones I regularly sleep with look horrible after several years, so my mom begged me to buy a new one with her credit card LOL)

...These are starting to sound more like gifts for a child than an adult...(´~`ヾ)

Then from my friends I received a book about Visual Kei and Gothic & Lolita featuring Mana on the cover!! (Theres also more pictures of him inside) The book comes from Italy, so of course I can't understand it but they are willing to tell me what it says...either way I'm totally in love with this book because its so unique and unusual!! Its interesting to see books and goods with Mana on them selling in other countries, so no matter what the language is, I always want to get my hands on a copy! and then finally another friend from Germany surprised me by sending me a German Mew card and a letter she wrote in the mail! Also, I included the Mana bat in the picture just because I still think its really funny!(≧∇≦)

Thank you all sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!

This has seriously been the best bi--
.........( `-ω-)?

Wait a minute.....

....I think I'm forgetting a gift....

There it is!!!!
My biggest surprise is, I'M GOING TO HONG KONG TO SEE MOI DIX MOIS IN OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!

Actually this isn't completely a surprise to me...I already received a priority A ticket with the ability to meet the members at the show, but I've been keeping it a secret online until this moment. The reason for that is, I had already been planning this, but my parents asked if helping me with an airline ticket and hotel could be my true gift from them. Of course I said yes! So that means I will be able to give all of you on here a live report, meet & greet event report, and various other news!!

I hope you look forward to it! and of course, if any of you who read this are also planning on attending the concert please let me know!

dix day this year has been the best!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone who sent me birthday wishes!

Deep Sanctuary V! + Set List Update
It feels like forever since I last made an entry here...
Not that I've been trying to put it off or anything, I guess there hasn't been much news worthy going on lately?
But with that being said, tonight was definitely news worthy!!


Where do I begin?
I imagine everyone is excited to hear about the concert details, so I'll talk about that first, and then after I'll talk a little about the picture above (my cosplay this year) and the goods sold, etc.

Deep Sanctuary, as always, was held at Akasaka Blitz, a relatively large venue that can allow over 1,000 people or so. This time my ticket was A 13 so I was right in the front row on Mana's side.
This concert had three parts to it; ZIZ, Moi dix Mois, and a MALICE MIZER session with Yu~ki as the special guest.
Upon enter the venue the ZIZ set was on stage first with Kozi's guitar and Chargeee's drum set with his face on the front of the bass drum. To be honest, I have probably said this in the past in my Deep Sanctuary posts, but I'm not really familiar with ZIZ, so its hard for me to go in detail about.
I really liked Kozi's style -- he was wearing a really baggy black and red shirt with stripes on it and some kind of punk-like arm band on one side. At the very beginning I wasn't sure if would really like ZIZ's music or not, but by the end of their portion of the concert I was won over! They seem to have quite a bit of diversity, and small details within their performance (such as Kozi's dancing, Chargeee's enthusiasm and amazing drumming skills!) actually make for something really unique!

Also, since Sugiya performs with ZIZ, I have to say seeing him in something different from Moi dix Mois was interesting! I think he has really good chemistry with the ZIZ members and its obvious Kozi really tries to push him into being a bit more active than he is in MdM. Sugiya tends to be extremely shy on stage, so I've heard stories about how Kozi tries to make Sugiya talk from time to time, but just as it happens in Moi dix Mois he gets so scared he starts shaking when hes forced into it. I may be going a little off track here by talking about this, but I don't see it as a bad thing that Kozi tries to push him into it a bit more. While it may be comfortable for Sugiya to sit back and let others take the spot light, I think he has a lot to offer, not just talent-wise, but even in showmanship. I hope they keep working at it, I would love to see more of Sugiya interacting with band members on stage!

...But I digess. Continuing on, we got to hear a new ZIZ song that was only played for the second time at tonight's live. I wish I could remember the name, but it was really hard to understand.
ZIZ's set list was pretty small, I think they must have played for only about 30 minutes or so with a small MC in the middle.

Update Aug. 8
I received the full set list for both Moi dix Mois and ZIZ from a friend today, so here is the one from ZIZ (Moi dix Mois will be further down)

4. SO8

Immediately after ZIZ left the stage, a hoard of roadies stepped out and quickly reassembled the set for Moi dix Mois.
Now this is the part of the concert I do know something about and can go into depth with!!

Sacred Lake SE was played at the very opening as each member came out in stage in the order of Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, Mana, and Seth. Everyone was wearing all black this time, but I did notice a few small changes of detail.

For one, Sugiya, Ryux, and Hayato were wearing what looked like new Moi-meme-Moitie necklaces. The style looked like the Rose Cross pendant but instead of a matt silver color, they were a really shiny, glossy silver so they stood out from the black clothes. Sugiya was wearing what looked like a longer black gauze type blouse with a satin pleated half skirt over a pair of black pants and Yosuke platform boots (I only noticed because its the same pair I own lol). I was impressed with his style this time! Ryux had on another half cape draped over his shoulders seeming to be made of satin too with a black gauze-like under shirt. Upon seeing these too, I wondered if all the members outfits may have been going with the same kind of style, but as it turns out it was only these two members. Hayato, Seth, and Mana's outfits were typical to what they usually wear at concerts (Seth being a long gilet with lacy blouse, long gloves and high black boots, Mana in a black blouse, black corset, silver jewel Moitie pendant, and long black skirt, and Hayato with a black frilled blouse and pants). I was also struck by Hayato's and Seth's hair this time! Hayato's hair was red as usual but this time with some black streaking through and Seth with blonde and red highlights.

This time Seth announced the first song, Metaphysical as everyone broke into song immediately upon entering the stage. It seemed like an unusual choice for a first song, but it was a good change of pace. Next was Front et Baiser, and then Beast Side. During Beast Side this time, Seth took out the megaphone hes used in songs like Pessimiste in the past. I can't quite remember if thats something he has done in the past for this song, but it was something that stood out to me this time around. The image is really cool and so appropriate for the song! Another big surprise during this song was that fog machines suddenly started shooting out fog onto the stage and in the audience! It was totally unexpected so suddenly everyone in the venue started yelling and getting more excited.

From there, they went to to Solitude and Tentation before a short break to talk a little about Deep Sanctuary and then resume to the next song.

Update Aug. 8
Moi dix Mois set list

SE. sacred lake
1. Metaphysical
2. front et baiser
3. Beast Side
4. Solitude
5. tentation
7. dead scape
8. Material Death (new song)
9. Ange - D side holy wings -
10. Je l'aime
SE. En Lumière

As for new songs, the only one besides Beast Side this time was Material Death. To be honest, I was kinda hoping for something totally new, but I didn't have high expectations theres the potential a new song could take away from the focus of Deep Sanctuary being more of a MALICE reunion than a full out Moi dix Mois live.

When the MC started, Mana ran out on stage with one of the new items for sale today, the new Deep Sanctuary V Towel, and pretended to throw it into the audience, but had a string attached to it, so at the last minute the towel was yanked back onto the stage. This seems to be a trick Mana does more and more now days with new items. I've almost come expected it by now.

After that, Seth read a letter from Mana to everyone.
Naturally as it always starts, he asked if we were enjoying Deep Sanctuary. The crowd cheered, but they made everyone cheer about 3 times before Mana was happy with it. Then he went on to a relatively long talk about Yu~ki at tonight's concert and he wondered how old he could be seeing as hes a vampire. In order to rouse excitement for Yu~ki, they made everyone scream "suck my blood!" (in Japanese) several times.
Speaking of which, there was sort of a funny episode that happened at that point. To be honest, it always feels a little embarrassing and funny to me when we are asked to yell out things like "suck my blood!"
Without really meaning to, I let out a bit of a laugh, and then some of my friends near by also started laughing when they noticed me. To make matters worse, Mana started staring at us with an expression like "I'm not exactly sure whats funny, but I wish I knew because it seems hilarious". I felt a little bad about it, but the look he had made the situation even worse and the laughter started becoming unstoppable for a short time! Ahh, I don't know why things like that really make me feel embarrassed!

Anyway, after the Yu~ki portion, they went on to a few more announcements...
No news about when an album will be released -- just that Mana has been working on new songs.

They also said next year, 2017, will be a special year for Mana because it will mark his 25th year as a musician. There was mention that Mana is working on some kind of "mysterious project" but no hint at what it could be, just simply "I hope you look forward to it." If I had to guess, I would say whatever the project is, it may have something to do with the 25 year milestone, but thats only my speculation...

There was also no mention of the upcoming Hong Kong live, but Dis Inferno was announced for December 17, 2016 at Duo Music exchange! Pre order tickets will be going on sale later this month.

After that the concert resumed with Ange and IMMORTAL MADNESS amongst others.

During Immortal Madness we were asked to hold up a V sign with our hands to represent the 5, or roman numeral "V" for Deep Sanctuary V. At the time Seth was explaining it and making everyone yell out, Mana made the V sign sideways next to his eyes like a Sailor Moon type pose and several girls within the venue started screaming out that it was cute. In fact, all through IMMORTAL MADNESS he was walking around making the V sign in various ways. At one point in the song, he stood at the edge of a huge platform Hayato's drums were placed on making sort of a salute pose with his fingers in the V shape, but it seemed like Seth didn't realize Mana was standing back there because as he was singing, he started backing up and they almost hit-- I thought he was going to accidentally knock Mana down from the ledge. Aside from that, there was no real key word we were asked to yell out this time, mostly the focus was on the V pose they wanted everyone to make.

Finally at the end, we were asked to hold out our hands for the last song, Je l'aime.
Once it finished, each member one by one stood in the center of the stage to wave good bye to everyone. Most notably, Hayato ran to the center holding what looked like some kind of pumpkin doll? and waved it at everyone, and Ryux seemes to be creating a tradition of holding some kind of small silver skull at the concerts, that he brings with him at the very end which I believe he is trying to use to represent K. This time in particular was relatively special for him, because it was two years ago that he was joining Moi dix Mois upon K's death. If I recall, the last time Deep Sanctuary was held, Kozi played with Moi dix Mois as a temporary position before Ryux was finally introduced. Therefore, when Ryux was saying his goodbyes this time, he made gestures to the sky, pointing up, and lifting his ear as if hes listening for K's spirit. Honestly, Ryux is seriously amazing with his sensitivities and passion for K. Its actually no secret that Ryux has looked up to and admired K even before his death, so I think Ryux truly feels some kind of connection, and his actions, showing his gratification for Moi dix Mois and K in this way is certainly not forced by any means.

After all the other members left the stage, Mana was last, placing his guitar on the ground and lifting his arms out to everyone before leaving as well.

Finally the main event!
Suddenly all the lights went out and we heard the sound of thunder and some of the stage lights flickered, resembling lightening. That when suddenly the tune to Transylvania started to play!!
Mana entered the stage first, then Kozi, and finally...Yu~ki!
Everyone in the audience went insane!
Yu~ki really looked like a vampire, too!
He came out with long hair past his shoulders, with a cape, a top hat, and then a white blouse, black vest, and black pants, along with a cane he kept next to him. Even his make up was white, with dark eyeshadow around his eyes making a really dramatic, vampiric effect. It was awesome! During Transylvania, Yu~ki was the one to do vocals, while Kozi and Mana played guitar. What was even more amazing was that Yu~ki fully played along with the Vampire image, making his movements and actions seem very much in character with his appearance.

The only thing that was a little bit sad was that once Yu~ki appeared, it seemed like Mana and Kozi were sorta left to the sidelines... but then again, Yu~ki only appears once maybe every 2 years, so the excitement is understandable.

Also, during the MALICE MIZER session, Kozi played his red guitar, while Mana played one of his old Jeune Filles from MALICE MIZER days!
I should probably also mention that Mana and Kozi changed their appearances as well for the session -- Mana wore a blue ruffly Moitie blouse with the chest open and some Moitie necklace and wide Moitie pants. Kozi's outfit was similar in style to what he wore in ZIZ, only this time it was black and white rather than red and white.

The Set list of the MALICE session was short, but it went in the following order:

SE 闇の彼方へ〜 (Yami no Kanata he~)
1. Transylvania
2. Beast of Blood
3. N.P.S.N.G.S.
4. Au Revoir (instrumental only)

Once Transylvania ended, Mana walked off stage and Yu~ki and Kozi started having a conversation. It seems this year I had the same problem I did two years ago with their conversation....the two of them talk way too fast for me to understand! Its obvious to see by their interaction Kozi and Yu~ki must really enjoy one another's company, but I really wish I could get up to their speed... There were bits and pieces of the conversation I could understand, but I don't really remember it... Mostly what I remember is that Yu~ki was talking about how Mana told him he really wanted to celebrate his birthday.

With that being said, Mana suddenly came out on stage wheeling in a tray of chocolate cake and orange slices on top of it, while wearing a long maid apron like in early MALICE MIZER days! Everyone instantly understood that image and started screaming! I think Mana was really embarrassed by it though... At first he kinda started smiling and over time he couldn't control himself laughing...I've literally never seen him laugh so hard in all my life, and its like he couldn't stop because then Kozi made everyone sing "Happy Birthday Dear Yu~ki-chan" and then Yu~ki started making various comments on the cake and tried eating it on stage. At that point Mana totally lost it, and was shaking while laughing because he looked like a mixture of amused, embarrassed, and then terrified because he was so embarrassed and couldn't stop laughing. I thought he was going to pee his pants (LOL).
Once Yu~ki tasted the cake, he tried wiping his mouth, but then Mana gave him a napkin that was on the tray, and then took it and wiped Yu~ki's face for him. Of course everyone in the audience was screaming over that, but then just doing that make him start shaking and laughing even more. Finally, he took out a camera and started taking pictures of the cake from various angles on stage before they finally took it away to finish up the concert.

After that, they went on to play Beast of Blood and then N.P.S.N.G.S.
I thought they would play more than just those three songs, but after N.P.S.N.G.S. they all walked off stage.
Everyone started clapping for an encore, and soon Mana, Yu~ki, and Kozi came back on stage one more time -- Mana first on his scooter from MALICE MIZER days and white bear bag, and then the other two just walked on. Fortunately unlike last time, Mana didn't fall off the scooter! He then opened up the back of the bear bag and had several balls inside it that he threw out into the audience. He also had a basket behind him with more balls, which all three of the members started throwing out to the audience! Once they were out of balls, Mana, Kozi, and Yu~ki huddled together, Mana forcing Yu~ki in the middle, and with their arms around one another's shoulders they bowed to the audience. Kozi and Yu~ki left soon after, but Mana stayed behind, to take his bear bag and basket which was left on the stage, and as he did, he held a a blue plastic bat he had originally brought out for them to hit the balls into the audience with, then walked to the edge of the stage, looked at my group of friends and I and tossed the bat at us!! I was really excited I ended up getting to keep it!


Its kind of a joke, but I secretly like to believe its an early happy birthday from Mana to me (and my friends who let me keep it♥)! (My birthday is a couple days away on Aug. 10)

By the way, the bat has a hilarious sticker on it


LET'S HIT A HOME RUN WITH A SPECIAL BAT! (≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)

During this last part with the balls, the instrumental only version of Au Revoir was played and even after the members were gone, everyone in the audience was singing out the lyrics until the song totally finished! It reminded me of Mana's birthday this year when everyone held out their blue glow sticks even though the concert was over as sort of a show just for ourselves...however, unlike that time with the glow sticks, everyone in the audience singing to Au Revoir felt like a salute to MALICE MIZER and a commemoration of the nostalgic feelings it all brought back. It wasn't just for us in the audience, it was for the MALICE MIZER members and for everyone who loves them all together in one place at one time. It was sort of an innate feeling thats difficult to put into words, but it was truly special.

So that was the end of Deep Sanctuary V!!
As for my personal impressions, some how this concert felt different and special from other recent Moi dix Mois lives...I can't put my finger on it, because even at the last concert I thoroughly enjoyed it and found several memorable points that made a big impact...but this concert had a really such an energetic atmosphere and everyone, not only the band members who played, but even the fans seemed to be in especially good spirits! I met a number of people who came to their first Moi dix Mois concert today, so maybe thats something that added to it, but there was just a particular air of excitement that placed me at a mental and emotional point where I didn't think or care about anything else but what was happening at that very moment. Thats something that almost never happens for me, so thank you everyone who made tonight so wonderful!

From here I can talk a bit about cosplay, the goods that were for sale, and other various details!!


The cosplay I did this time was from an interview between Mana and Kami in Vicious magazine in 1998.
I translated this interview once some years ago, which you can read in the link below!

Mana & Kami Vicious Magazine Interview 1998

I've been dying to do this cosplay for so many years now, but its always felt impossible because of the kimono... Its a vintage style Furisode (long sleeved kimono) which I have been in search of for years and years and years. Theres no way I can find exactly the same one Mana wore, but after a loooooong time searching, I finally found something moderately similar, with the butterfly and line pattern his has. Unfortunately though, the kimono came in pieces sewn together loosely, so I had been working on constructing it with full lining like it should have for well over a month. It was a lot of hard work, I had been working on it every weekend until the concert, and even last night I was up until 5:00 AM trying to finish it, but even then it wasn't finished! I ended up working until literally the last minute of walking out the door of my apartment, with a friend helping me with some of the finishing touches because I had to get my make up and hair done in the mean time.

Theres a lot to be said about this cosplay, but I will try to spare you from all the boring details! Mainly one thing I'm particularly fond of about it is a tiny detail I don't think many people would really notice...its the badge that says "ENGLAND EXPLOITED" held together with safety pins. While the entire look attracted me, because I really love punk style looks, it was something about that badge that kept me wanting to do it. I think its because I'm a detail oriented person, so when I find a small detail that I find interesting, I get fixated on it.


For those who don't know, it comes from a punk band called "The Exploited".
Interestingly enough, I think this band has had some kind of big impact on Mana... One of The Exploited's famous songs is "Punk's Not Dead"
Maybe some of you remember a long time ago at Dis Inferno Mana had a whole "Mana's Not Dead" segment at that concert, but strangely I've never really heard him come out and talk about this group...of course there are a lot of punk bands he likes, but when I noticed that patch from the vicious interview, I thought the combination of punk fashion and Japanese respectively was interesting and unique! Maybe its a bit strange of me, but I hardly ever do main stream popular Mana cosplays...its not that I dislike it, its just that I love searching for things that are a bit different.

Also, I was really shocked today when a girl I was standing next to in line to go inside the venue said to me she recognized my cosplay and could even name the magazine and details from it!! Thats seriously some dedication to know that off the top of your head!

But on that note, I wish I had gotten some closer up pictures for more details, because the one picture of my face above doesn't show that I also went as far as finding the "piercing" that went from the lip...actually, that picture was before I put in the piercing (it wasn't real though).

Aside from cosplay, I didn't realize this until after the concert was over, but it seems some flowers were sent from Kamijo and ESP!

I love the MALICE MIZER様 effect included! I wonder if he sent them because he couldn't go to the concert today? (Versailles had a concert tonight as well)

and finally, the new goods

The first one is my personal favorite this time, the new "dress" style shirt!
I remember when the Dark Frame shirt came out at Mana's birthday they had both a dress and t-shirt version, but I wasn't really impressed with the dress version that time... this time though is a little bit different in style, which was better to me.
Also, I swear to god I'm wearing shorts in this picture, but they come down to the same length as the shirt/dress!! (´~`ヾ)

Of course I got the T-shirt version as well...the main difference, besides length, is that it also has "Deep Sanctuary" written at the bottom back portion of the shirt. The material is thicker than the dress version, oddly enough.
Also, I'm wearing a skirt in this picture, which is hard to see...Its embarrassing thinking it looks like I'm wearing nothing under these shirts!! (≧△≦)

Finally the new towel! ...this is the third time now they've come out with a towel like this...why do I need this many towels? Am I supposed to be sweating a lot? I stay in the AC.

For those who are interested, I'm sure these items will be showing up soon on the Midi: Nette shop!

Well, now that I've finally finished this entry at 5:00 AM, maybe its time to get a little sleep... (=_=)Zzz

Good night-day & dix Love!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Kami day!!

......Actually, should I say "happy" since its his death day? What I meant is happy in terms of celebration of his life.
Anyway, I've been planning this entry for a while and I was worried I wouldn't get it done in time, but I got as close to finished as is humanly possible just now, so I wanted to make a special entry for today. Yes it includes the surprise I mentioned in the last entry that I was working on AND information on purchasing Ma Cherie issues I've been wanting to sell!!

So first, the surprise...

ARENA 37C Vol. 181 Translations

Our first time to find out answers about concerts, singles, and this video all tied into one —

This month we are sending out a special edition two part MALICE MIZER video talk and special supplementary questionnaire. In preparation for the video filming, while one person gained 5 kg (laughs), another person lost 3 kg. It seems it was a difficult shoot, but I think there have been several people who already saw it, those being the production people who finished it up, but there is something new to discover each time and the photo work is being completed in an abundance of imagination!

My fingers were shaking in the scene where I drink tea (laughs)

Due to the film being an all France location, it feels like we got to see a part of the MALICE MIZER world. Its an excessively sad story that unfolds in a middle ages European setting, but saying a moment in time in space is something everyone within a good life will experience. Words are not everything, but by expressions and movements, we want you to get a sense of the universal theme that lurks within this work.


--What kind of image did you have in mind this time when you made the footage for the single "Bel Air ~A moment in time in space~"?

Gackt "'Bel Air' equals, not talking about the video this time, but there were a lot of stories I had in my head. One among them was a pickup I made and came out with"

--Well then, as we introduce the cast of the performance, please listen to what each person has to say about their role. So I would like to ask a little about YU~KI-san, the role of the Heroine's older brother, as well as your impressions from the scene where you were drinking tea. Didn't it seem like a Nescafe commercial?

YU~KI "Did…it? Actually it was strange though, wasn't it (laughs). We did the tea drinking scene a lot, but that was because my fingers kept shaking and my teeth kept chattering, and there were several times where it was no good and it had to be taken out"

KOZI "Its because your a person whose hands naturally shake"

YU~KI "It would double at the moment I would hear clattering, even when it was just barely anything. I would get flustered in an instant. Also, an important point is that I was playing a kind older brother, so in preparation for the role I gained 5 kilos. I should say roughly (laughs)"

KOZI "I've got to say you were flustered the first time I watched that"

YU~KI "Yeah because it had to go in a perfect circle. Anyway, I had to do a lot of eating. Even so I'm basically not an actor, so acting was difficult. Since I knew what I had to do in each situation, I didn't practice and it all became a hit-or-miss. The director in each situation would give me advice, facial expressions, or hand movements, and I had to get the image down in my head."

-- At that time did you forget about yourself as a musician?

YU~KI "Not at all, I'm still the older brother on the inside"

--KAMI-san played an aristocrat, right?

KAMI "And in addition to that, I was the hero's friend, or please add something like a phantom friend. So (the two of us) had a deep relation. Other than that, no comment"

-- KAMI-san, your facial expressions showed us your true colors a bit, didn't they?

KAMI "More precisely, it was a spontaneous part, and I didn't get much of a turn (laughs)"

-- But didn't you have a scene where you got to fight Gackt-san in fencing?

KAMI "I practiced fencing a lot, but that scene was so tough I collapsed. Even though there was gravel underneath we had to redo it over and over again and my clothes got worn out and it hurt"

— Now then KOZI-san. When you were dressed as a clown pantomiming did you already feel familiar with it?

KOZI "How should I put it, I didn't practice at all and there were some things I was taught several minutes before the filming, so (the coach) watched me act, but I still did it in my own way. I thought to myself maybe I can do even more, but that doesn't mean that something that was filmed wasn't also cut. However, the director said, ahh thats good. Isn't it different from what I see myself doing on the monitor? In a way it is a little... But, maybe I can say that since I didn't have to act in quite such a human-like way compared to everyone else, my part was a little easier."

— Also, you dressed as a fortune teller, but it was scary when you rolled your eyes back, wasn't it.

KOZI "I put that in myself. I guess that means I am a clown. If I were to speak about something scary, the scene that was shot in the basement was very scary. It was really cold, and with all the things and specimens that were displayed around, the atmosphere was scary. Originally it was a wine cellar, but since there were no people it felt terrible, so I kept that in mind so as not succumb to the atmosphere."

-- MANA-san was dressed up and guised as a glamorous high rank prostitute, but didn't you think your whole aura was closer to a stage performance?

MANA "It is a similar atmosphere, but stage and movie atmospheres are different, so the acting was different. You have to play as a flesh and blood woman, so that part was troublesome. But if I can use make up to get that sort of appearance, it feels a little bit closer"

— So then, the hero role was Gackt-san.

Gackt "The climax scene was filmed at the beginning. On the contrary to YU~KI, I lost 3 kilos of weight just for the first day and that was already terrible. I released all water from my body and had to go into waiting mode"

-- There was a sound effect that resounded like a gong. That made the film more intense, didn't it.

Gackt "Its great if you listen to it from a good speaker. That strange sound really comes out"

— What kind of theme did this movie have?

Gackt "What is human? Making that come to life"

-- How would you like fans to interpret this film?

Gackt "There are no particular limits. For this reason it can be interpreted in various ways and thats why there are no words. When you put all three things, the video, concert, and single, together this time around you can try to see the answers for the first time. But we wanted the people who saw it all to get that sensation."

-- Well now, please give us your thoughts about the lives you will have spanning 2 nights on October 10 and 11 at Hibiya Outdoor Concert Hall.

YU~KI "We will definitely be doing it like a tour finale, so since I think its something that will exceed everyone's expectations...I will do my best (laughs)"

KAMI "I think the tour finale will be the form we have rapidly grown into from doing the tour. For the time being I want to challenge [myself] and say I mastered this tour. I am really enlightened by touring, and as I do it, I think about skillfully expressing myself."

KOZI "Same as they said before"

-- Previously MANA-san said that the stage recently has changed completely from a year ago, but has your way of presenting changed as the venues get bigger?

MANA "Its completely changed. Between big halls like the Shibuya public venues and live houses there some distance from the audience. In the past we did theatrical type things, but can we still show that as it becomes concert halls? So our presentation techniques and performances change along with the the venues"

-- Recently I thought about the time at Akasaka BLITZ which had a dream or illusion-like image. But on the other side does it feel like actual reality?

MANA "Yeah, it hits really hard. We think an illusion-like image is wonderful, but an essential part is something lively that humans bring in, so I hope they can aptly feel something like that"

— So finally, Gackt-san.

Gackt "The 10th "deuxieme anniversaire~Splendorous Revival," will be a day that has great meaning for MALICE MIZER. The name suggests Easter, or perhaps I should a restoration, for people who have never seen MALICE MIZER until now. It may be misleading to call it that, but however you encounter MALICE MIZER, its MALICE MIZER. I often say we continue to change, but even if my means of expression change, that part is fundamentally the same. Even though we change, we don't change, and we don't change, but we want to continue to change so maybe thats what I'm trying to give you a feeling of.
So, the meaning behind a moment in time in space in "Pays de merveilles~kuuhaku no shunkan (a moment in time in space)" is for me is how I felt in the moment in time in space during "Verte Aile". Thats what I want to express"

— And whats the reason for that

Gackt "Just before the live on July 20th at BLITZ the dog we've had in my family for over 20 years collapsed, and had surgery in the middle of the live. However, once the live finished he died... In addition to that I didn't know how things were going, so that day was particularly horrible and the door to that time in space made me see something in a new light. I guess I should say everything is beginning from here. For this reason thats something I will show in these two days. The first half of the tour I was in a slump, so in the last half I want to approach a level I've been thinking about myself. Its painful for me to always have on a positive face, and in order to show it I want to be able to feel it"

A moment in time in Space -- I translated this phrase into the most appropriate way as possible into English, but it may be better known in Japanese as 空白の瞬間の中で (Kuuhaku no Shunkan no naka de) or as its shortened in the interview 空白の瞬間 (Kuuhaku no Shunkan). This is the extended part of the song title "Bel Air". In fact those who are unfamiliar with the Verte Aile video may be unaware that the video runs immediately before the start of the PV to Bel Air, so the concepts of the video and PV are mixed together in this interview. Every time "A Moment in Time" or "A Moment in time in space" is mentioned in this article, please keep in mind that its a reference to Bel Air.

Special Supplementary
Personal Imagination Questionnaire

Those of you MALICE connoisseurs may acknowledge that there still may be many things you don't know...... Therefore we made some questions.
We got word from the members saying "The questions were interesting" (laughs)
The questionnaire in this magazine was responsible for keeping MALICE up all night thinking, so as a result we wnder what kind of answers might they have given everyone......

MANA (g)
Q. Favorite food
A. Of course flaming hot curry
Q. Food you dislike
A. Nothing
Q. Favorite drink
A. Tomato juice
Q. Drink you dislike
A. Nothing in particular
Q. Favorite scent
A. Fruity scents
Q. Scent you dislike
A. Women who wear strong perfume at night
Q. Favorite scene
A. White sky, blue sea
Q. You can only shed tears 3 times in your life. The first time is when you were born. So what are the other 2?
A. I can't decide
Q. If you could go in a time machine, where would you go and what would you do? (Going in the past or the future is OK)
A. There are no time machines, so I don't want to think about it.
Q. If you became a hit man what lethal weapon would you use? and whats the reason for it?
A. Stupidity. I'm not used to using it.
Q. You get an unlimited supply of money. With it you have to direct a film. What kind of movie would you make?
A. The life of a phantom chef
Q. What kind of time is the best "moment" for you?
A. The time when I'm sleepy and go to bed

KAMI (ds)
Q. Favorite food
A. Meat
Q. Food you dislike
A. Tofu, potatoes
Q. Favorite drink
A. Melon Milk
Q. Drink you dislike
A. Japanese sake, Whisky, etc
Q. Favorite scent
A. Sweet scents
Q. Scent you dislike
A. Something that could be considered a generally bad odor
Q. Favorite scene
A. Not a night scene, but the view looking down from a high place in the middle of the afternoon
Q. You can only shed tears 3 times in your life. The first time is when you were born. So what are the other 2?
A. When someone important dies, and tears from being emotionally moved
Q. If you could go in a time machine, where would you go and what would you do? (Going in the past or the future is OK)
A. I can't answer it since its an 'If'
Q. If you became a hit man what lethal weapon would you use? and whats the reason for it?
A. A lazer beam gun like pewpewpew…...
Q. You get an unlimited supply of money. With it you have to direct a film. What kind of movie would you make?
A. A movie about a person who makes a real castle and becomes the ruler like in the warring states period
Q. What kind of time is the best "moment" for you?
A. When I have done the best LIVE

Unfortunately if I wanted to be able to post the translation today I didn't have time to finish all the Q&As so I will be posting Kozi and Yu~ki's as I get the chance to finish them later on. Hopefully today/night this entry will be updated with their parts. However, the main point this time was Kami, so I felt satisfied as long as I got his and Mana's Q&A finished. Fortunately they were relatively easy to understand, so please enjoy what I have up so far!!

The reason I chose this magazine interview was because earlier in the month Mana posted these Q&A's on his twitter and I imagine those who didn't understand the answers would probably be interested in them. However, when I received the magazine I was surprised to see an even bigger interview on Bel Air and Verte Aile, and if I was to post the Q&A portion I felt the need to post the entire interview as well. Therefore thats how this came to be...

If you haven't seen Verte Aile before, I found an upload of it on Youtube!

Usually I wouldn't post footage of songs/videos on here, but since Verte Aile is now so old, its a bit difficult for many people to get their hands on, let alone watch it on a modern DVD/Blue Ray player.

Aside from the translations, I finally wanted to release information on the Ma Cheries I'm selling now too!


Its volumes 2-8 but Vol. 2&3 come together and vol. 6&7 are also a single issue.
Since Vol. 2&3 is pretty rare, I'm looking to sell it for 1,500 yen and the rest will go for 1,000 yen each.
Shipping will be determined based on where you live and the method you prefer (Standard Airmail is generally about 500 yen, and EMS tends to be somewhere around 1,000 yen).
I inspected each booklet, and they all seem to be in good condition!
Anyone who is interested in buying any of these issues, please send me a message in the mail form on the right side of this site or send an email to mephistoangelo (at)

There are a couple other things I would like to note too before ending this entry.
First of all is the new web flyer made for Deep Sanctuary V!


It seems based on Mana's twitter he would like it if everyone could post this flyer around the internet to advertise DSV, so please post it on your blogs, etc!
Also, Deep Sanctuary is only 3 days before my birthday so I'm personally excited about it!(≧∇≦)
I even have a cosplay in mind that I'm beyond ecstatic about trying for the first time... But what it is is a secret until then.( ̄ー+ ̄)

Lastly, it seems anyone who wants to attend the Moi dix Mois Hong Kong concert on October 23rd will be able to obtain tickets regardless of where you live!
There will be a ticket raffle which you can enter starting June 24th and results will be sent out on the 28th.
For those who are interested, details can be found here:



Anyway, now its time for me to get back to work. Hopefully I can update the translations later on tonight!! Please look forward to it! (´・ω・`)=з