Space Expo 2014

I talked about this in passing a couple entries ago, but today was planned to be a busy day for me -- the Tokyo Space Expo 2014!!!

Its extremely rare for me to post a picture like this on my blog, seeing as I'm not wearing Moi-meme-Moitie, but I couldn't resist wearing my NASA shirt for the occasion!

The Space Expo is a collaboration between NASA and JAXA held in Makuhari Messe until the end of September. Unfortunately for me, Makuhari Messe is quite a ways away, so I had to wake up extremely early just to get there by 11:00 am. Even worse was one of the trains I needed to catch was out of service, so I was delayed about 20 minutes after promising a couple friends I would be there in time. Why do things like this always happen to me...? (;~;)

Regardless, I finally made it there. From the outside, the venue was relatively quiet.

However, the inside was a different story...

To tell the truth, this expo wasn't all that different from visiting the NASA Space Center in Houston. For those who are interested, check out my NASA entry here!!
Having said that, since I already wrote at length about my NASA visit, this entry will be a little more condensed and I'll try to focus on aspects of this expo that were different from the US Space Center.

Upon entering the expo, we were immediately lead to a room with a short video on the NASA/JAXA Space programs and the history of space missions. This wasn't anything all that new to me, so immediately after the video finished showing we entered a room that displayed historical figures from various backgrounds who helped shape our imaginations and understanding of space and space programs today. Sadly I didn't know a lot of the figures portrayed in this area, but there were posters and TVs displaying a number of influences from cartoons, TV shows, etc based on these people. My most favorite was...

Da Vinci!!

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love and admire Leonardo Da Vinci. Actually, some of you may recall back when I wrote about visiting NASA, there was a large section upon the main area where the space center decided to display Da Vinci's inventions. Every time I see Da Vinci references within the space industry it makes me extremely happy. He was truly a pioneer and an inspiration to so much technology we take for granted today. I feel like Da Vinci was a major gateway to innovation, even if for many years his inventions went largely unnoticed. I just can't help but feel at awe when I think of his genius.

after this portion of the expo, we headed to the main part, which just kept getting bigger and bigger... It was mind blowing how much they had to offer! However, even though it was extremely large, in the beginning especially, the displays were extremely similar to those shown at Space Center Houston. I have to admit, at times it felt a little strange to be taking pictures of replicas of actual engines and space crafts I saw in the US. Therefore, I want to skip past those parts in this entry so I don't become redundant.

One thing I found particularly impressive at the Space Expo was the amount of large crafts they replicated in real size. I'm not particularly talking about rockets, but things like rovers, engines, probes, and various other things I couldn't begin to explain accurately.

This expo was surprisingly very well up to date to current happenings in space exploration, so in the picture last picture above you can see the current Mars Curiosity rover. If I remember correctly, not even NASA had a replica of Curiosity, so it was exciting to see how large it really is! In pictures and videos it always seems so small, but in reality its quite big. I also fell in love with the parachute which draped over a big area with its module sitting underneath. The module looked a lot like those from the Mercury missions, which I posted pictures of previously, so there wasn't much of a need to reiterate it.
Finally there were the probes which I don't quite remember from NASA so I was instantly attracted. The CCP one at the top kind of reminds me of Wall-E.

Besides the large items, there were a few other replicas not to scale, but still with amazing detail!

While I always love looking at the ships, one of the main attractions was the ISS hanging from the ceiling!! Obviously its not the same size as the real ISS floating in space right now, but it was exciting to see a larger scale model of it like this. In real life it was easy to see the details so you were able to get an impression of how it must really look orbiting our earth right now.

Speaking of ISS, back when I visited NASA I got to enter a replica of a portion of the ISS which was breath taking!! At this space expo however, while it wasn't the ISS particularly, we did get to enter a replica of Japan's Experiment Module, KIBO!

The interior of KIBO is a lot like the ISS, and its purpose is much like the ISS in general as it is somewhat of an extension. The top picture is the exterior of it before entering, and then the bottom two pictures are first a replica of an astronaut performing a space walk, and secondly, autographs by real astronauts who came to visit the expo! The most recent one happens to be from August 19th, just 6 days before we went! I'm a little sad we didn't get a chance to see them in real life, but it was still nice to see their autographs and think about how even they continue to help the space programs by showing up to events like these.

I have a lot of pictures from the inside of KIBO, but after reviewing them, I felt like they didn't do much justice to the true feeling of the module, so I left them out. I think my original pictures from the inside of the ISS replica give a better impression of what its like to visit inside something like this.

Finally, since this entry is starting to get long, here are my last few highlights from the trip.

The first two pictures are as you might have guessed, space suits. The very first one shows what it looks like from the interior and exterior of the suit to give you an idea of everything necessary to make a space suit a space suit. Then the next picture is the thermal suit which controls heating and cooling for the astronaut while doing space walks or going out on the moon, etc.
Underneath we have the safety net and life rafts used to help astronauts out of their craft upon landing in the sea. I cannot even begin to imagine the feeling of falling from space to land in an ocean rocking back and forth until someone comes to retrieve you... that has to be difficult.

Afterwards is one of my most favorite parts -- the film from the original photographs taken on the moon! This is something I never would have expected to see in person, so it instantly captured my attention. Under these film strips there was a display of various cameras used during moon walks. Its amazing to see how much cameras have changed today. Theres something truly inspiring about seeing equipment like this and realizing these cameras captured images virtually nobody will ever be able to do in their life time. To be on the moon taking pictures of it surface must feel like a dream!

But moving along, the last picture is actually something I saw in the US as well, but I took a different picture of. The control deck on the Atlantis. Last time my picture was close up and I completely forgot to get a picture from further away to get a proper view of the scene. This time I made sure to do so because the control panel is something that never stops intriguing me. It really makes me wish I could pilot a space craft, but then again thats a huge responsibility I would be terrified of messing up...

All in all, the Space Expo was a success! We spent the entire day from morning until late in the afternoon combing every part of the venue until we were exhausted and hungry. While I really enjoyed my time, a part of me can't stop wishing to go back again... however, I don't think theres enough time to do so. But! that doesn't mean the space exploration adventures are over! Theres actually a number of places in Tokyo and other areas of Japan dedicated to the space program that I absolutely want to see some day!! So really, this is only until next time, JAXA!!

............oh...whats that? Am I just going to end this entry with only a JAXA report??

( ̄ー+ ̄)
You didn't think I actually forgot, did you?
Actually, I went to the book store yesterday thinking the GLB was supposed to be released on the 24th only to find nothing was there...
Today while we were having lunch I happened to check my phone and see Mana's blog update so immediately after we finished we ran to the nearest book store!!

Just as the last issue, there are only two pictures this time. I know I didn't post volume 52 scans on -here- but were you still able to find them in the hidden location?

By the way, I wonder what everyone thinks about this autumn 2014 collection... To be honest, while I love the design, I'm a little disappointed to see a lack of variation. Two coats that are nearly the same, with the only difference being EGA and EGL?? It looks like there is a blue dress underneath the EGL coat, but the only stock items shown are the ones below Mana on the EGA photo... I would really love to know what that dress (or skirt) looks like!!

At least the new hair style looks nice (although it reminds me of a friend of mine...)

Buckle Belt Half Coat (EGA) 62,000 yen
Coat wth Double Cuff Belt (EGL) 64,000 yen
Crystal Cross Comb (EGM) 6,000 yen
Crystal Cross Choker (EGM) 4,500 yen

By the way, please consider purchasing your own copy of the Gothic & Lolita Bible since there are all kinds of amazing content besides these two photos!!

Gothic & Lolita Bible International Sales on CDJapan
Gothic & Lolita Bible International sales on Yesasia

GLB Official Site (Japanese)


Today, as mentioned in my previous entry, is the start of the two day long Azabu Juban festival!

Every year I go to this festival, not particularly for the sake of the festival itself, but because I live in the area. Its so big its nearly impossible to avoid! But anyway, I enjoy it regardless and always take the opportunity to see whats happening. Therefore, I thought I would share some pictures from this afternoon!

As I said, its huge! There are several streets lined with food, entertainment, and games. This is looking down one of the main streets and one of the easiest places to get a picture from. I'm short so standing in the crowd and taking photos isn't very effective. So this was the best way I could get a picture of everyone.

By the way, click the thumbnails for larger size images.

The top picture isn't the greatest, but I happened to find a beautiful drag queen at one of the booths!!
Then in the pictures underneath, to the left is the main "patio" area (as my friends and I call it) which has many purposes. Obviously as you can see, this time its used for the main events. The guy on stage here is sort of a comedy act using swords. He spoke in Japanese and English, which took me a moment to register. I'm not used to hearing English anymore, so it was a surprise when I suddenly realized it. (^^;
Also, on the right hand side, I couldn't help but get a picture of the fish on a stick. I don't think I could ever eat something that still has a face and eyes, but its interesting to look at...

and lastly, my food!!

Today really wasn't nearly as hot as most of the summer has been, but I still couldn't pass up a blue hawaii icee! (*__*)
I ended up bringing home okonomiyaki and soba noodles. They were so good and only about 300 yen, so its perfect! The fan in the background contains this year's festival mascot. Its so cute!!(人´∀`)

Lastly, although this doesn't have anything to do with the festival, I thought I would post something a bit embarrassing to me, but its for a good reason......

For those who are unaware, there is currently a challenge going around the internet right now to raise awareness (and money) to help research a cure for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. I never anticipated on doing this myself, but in the end I decided to go through with it. The reason is, while I stated that I was nominated by a friend to do it, I was also deeply moved by a video somebody made who actually has to live with the disease.

Surely there are people who probably think the whole thing is stupid or for attention, but when it comes down to the matter there really are people suffering every day, and I think a large portion of people didn't really know much about it until these ice bucket challenge videos started showing up online.

For those who wish to understand the whole thing better, please check out this video.

I don't often post about these kinds of things, but this really caught my attention. Even if its only a small contribution, doing anything to make the world a better place is much greater than doing nothing at all.

I listed the names of only a few friends in my video, but actually I want to challenge all Moi dix Mois fans to help those in need! ALS is a great start, but let's try to help out those in need from all walks of life!

Now then, it might be time to go get dinner...( ̄ー+ ̄)

Requieum for K
During the KUBANA festival, Moi dix Mois unveiled their "Requiem for K" as they called it for the first time.

Tonight it seems the song has been released by the Official Moi dix Mois Youtube account in a sort of "PV" format.

Furthermore, according to this video title, the song has been retitled to Beast Side (Prototype).

The video footage is from the Fragments of Philosophy live series. This was the Chapter 1 Darkness Theater concert on November 3, 2011.

By the way,
tons of KUBANA images were uploaded on the Moi dix Mois twitter!
Although I didn't want to spam this entry with the tweets, it seems they have commentary in Japanese, so here they are with the translations...

2014.8.16 KUBANA FES Moi dix Mois morning rehearsal

2014.8.16 KUBANA FES Moi dix Mois evening LIVE start

2014.0.18 KUBANA FES Moi dix Mois The audience is holding up fireworks!

Obviously this last one has no need for translation, but I thought I would include it since its part of the set and it looks nice.

Anyway, this is a little off topic, but aside from Moi dix Mois, it looks like this weekend is going to be busy for me!!(;゚∀゚)

First, starting tomorrow there will be Azabu Juban festival for 2 days...
I've seen this festival for 5 years now, so to me its nothing new, but at least they have cheap food that I will come out for during lunch and dinner...and maybe snack...or more than one snack...(≧∇≦)
However, I work on Sundays so I'm sure what takes a 5-10 minute walk to and from the station to my apartment will take an hour.( `-ω-)

and then Monday!! I will get to see the NASA/JAXA exhibition at Makuhari Messe!! I have been waiting all summer to go and now finally its almost time! I'm so excited! But I'm not sure many Mana fans actually care about space related topics, so I might end up posting it on my other blog, Hex Maniac. I haven't decided yet.

Oh, and since last time I mentioned working on game lab again, I have still been working steadily on that and hope to post it before too long.
I really hope everyone will look forward to it!!

I imagine many of you already read the new Monologue†Garden entry about Moi dix Mois safely returning to Japan and concerns about online streaming of the concert, but I wanted to address it a little further.

I apologize to anyone who may have found out about the KUBANA live streaming on this blog and waited for the Moi dix Mois concert. What happened was the information of posted on the KUBANA site was misleading, so I was as much in the dark about the information as everyone else.

Since the site said they would be broadcasting the festival live, my first thought was "Why didn't Moi dix Mois announce this information?" but then I began to wonder if they even knew about it. Regardless, I thought to myself "well if Moi dix Mois does show up in the end and nobody knows about it, I feel like I'll regret not saying anything..." I saw other posts floating around the internet about the live streaming before I even decided to post it, and I even considered not saying anything, but that feeling of "what if" kept sticking with my conscience.

In the end I posted about it because I didn't want fans to miss a potential chance to watch their favorite band.

Although I usually don't trust any sources that don't come directly from Moi dix Mois, it seems in some cases even I can be mislead from time to time!! (^^;; )
But I suppose thats happens when another organization is in charge of everything and situations can be changed in an instant. Its kind of like how all of a sudden Moi dix Mois had an autograph session at KUBANA and yet nobody was informed of this until the day of the live. Theres a lot of confusion involved when it comes to things like festivals...

Anyway, since there was a lot of misunderstanding concerning the subject I figured it would be a good idea to address it.

By the way, I started working on Game Lab translations again and I can't wait to share them because I have a commentary I am really excited about adding to it!! As soon as its finished it will be posted on here, so I hope everyone looks forward to it!!

Game Lab 3.4 + extra twitter updatesx3
Once again Game Lab ~Mana-Sama's Chance Meeting Game inferno~ has been released.

This month's issue is on Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. According to Monologue†Garden, this Tomb Raider article is more or less a report about the game since its one of Mana's favorites.

As always, once I get a chance it will eventually be translated...

In other news, another tweet was posted by Mana earlier today on the official Moi dix Mois twitter.

The translation is: We have safely arrived on-site. It was a very long trip~ Mana / Moi dix Mois

If more tweets show up while Moi dix Mois is in Russia I will continue to update with translations on here.

Also, if you cannot attend KUBANA don't forget to watch their online broadcasting. Hopefully we will get to see some coverage of Moi dix Mois on there.

As promised, I wanted to keep up with translating the Moi dix Mois twitter as it updates. Here is the newest tweet.

Today starting from this morning there will be rehearsal as we bathe in the salty sea breeze. There will be an autograph session from 21:00!
And then finally from 22:30 Moi dix Mois will go to color KUBANA... Mana/Moi dix Mois

8/17 New Twitter Update

To everyone we met at KUBANA FES

It was very fun♪
Thank you for such a stimulating night!

Mana/Moi dix Mois

KUBANA live broadcasting
Mana tweeted on the Moi dix Mois official twitter this morning that they were making their way to Russia about 13 hours ago now.

The translation is simply "Well now everyone in Japan, I'm leaving~♪ Mana / Moi dix Mois"

I imagine by this time they must have finally arrived.
However, the main point of this entry is for those who can't be at the Kubana festival, there is live broadcasting of the festival and concerts! Moi dix Mois performs Saturday August 16 from 11:00 pm - midnight Russian time, which is about 4:00-5:00 am Japan time. If information serves me correct, the festival can be watched live on the following youtube channel ↓↓↓

Theres also a link to information on the public broadcasting on the official Kubana site.

Hopefully now everyone who wants to will be able to be a part of the live, even if its simply by watching online, will be able to see it!

8月16日、ロシアの現地時間でMoi dix Moisの演奏は23:00〜0:00(日本の現地時間、午前4:00〜5:00)

dix Day + P.S.
Today, August 10 (August dix), is my birthday!!


Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes today!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It was a little disappointing waking up to a typhoon, and then my phone resetting itself...but in the end today turned out wonderful!!

First off, I wanted to get my birthday gift from my parents!!
I know that probably sounds really strange, but since my parents are in the US and I'm in Japan, usually what happens is they let me choose what I want on my own, but of course we already discussed what it was before hand. Since it was an expensive gift I was planning on paying for a part of it, but I was told "NO!! WE will buy it for you!!" by my mother...
My parents are really great!(人´∀`)

So after the typhoon had died down for a little while I made my way to Shibuya!

A giant Maleficent poster was standing out amongst all the signs so I couldn't resist taking a photo.♥

Anyway, eventually after some walking around and doing various things, I made it to my target location-- the electronics shop.( ̄ー+ ̄)

Quickly after I made my way back to my apartment with all my excitement ready to unveil it!!!

My new Playstation 4!!!

The game I chose is Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. I've wanted this game ever since its debut at E3 in 2013 so I'm more than excited to start playing it!
I also would really love to own Child Of Light, but unfortunately I couldn't find it at any of the game shops I went to today so I will more than likely end up downloading it from the online shop.

By the time I got home I was starving for dinner, so I ended up treating myself out to the Pikachu Cafe.

I had really hoped on a day like today it wouldn't be so crowded, but I must have waited in line for 2 hours...(;゚∀゚)
It was worth the wait though, and the view was extremely interesting from where I was sitting!
For those who don't know, the Pikachu cafe (and Pokemon XY Museum) is in Roppongi Hills in the "skyview" tower, so you're on the 52nd floor. I love Roppongi Hills and their exhibitions, so I've been to this area a lot, but I've never seen it on a day like today.

Usually its easy to see the far reaches of Tokyo, but with the typhoon it was hard to see much of anything. The interesting part, however, was watching the clouds move quickly and the rain pouring onto the city. Unfortunately pictures don't do much justice, but in person it was fascinating.

This was before the downpour.

I guess it might seem a little lonely that I did all of this by myself, but I didn't really mind so much. I was able to still have a nice day and take time out to do things I enjoy (which believe me, is a rare opportunity now days), so I'm still very happy!

By the way, I was wearing sort of a new Moi-meme-Moitie coordinate today!


I bought the blouse last month to wear at the August 2nd live, but since it was postponed I decided to wear it for the first time today. I still feel like I'm trying to figure out exactly how I want to coordinate it, so this was just sort of an experiment. Its hard to tell from the picture, but the skirt underneath is blue and black, so the socks match it better in person.

Heres the blouse by itself along with the bracelet that came as a novelty gift.
MoitiecrossEGAblouse.jpg 10547334_245437712317939_1122790434_n.jpg

Anyway, now to finally set up my new PS4!!! (´・ω・`)=з

Moi dix Mois just uploaded a new PV for Je L'aime!!
Check it out!