May 19
Since today is May 19, its officially one year since K's death.

Honestly, its extremely hard to believe it was one year ago, but it doesn't feel like that.
It still feels like maybe one month or so ago...

Since I shared one of my stories the other day concerning K, I don't intend on making yet another potentially upsetting entry.

Instead, even though I posted it on my Monologue Garden translations site, I want to share my translations of Mana's recent blog entry on here too. I feel like thats the best way to convey this one year marker.

† 5.19 K One Year Death Anniversary


Today is K-kun's first year death anniversary.

The picture is from 2004 when he joined Moi dix Mois.

K-kun, as a matter of course, said "I want to make myself new!"
so by shaving off his hair on the side & his eyebrows, he became the Beast K.
By the way this wasn't a rash order of mine!
At that time, he wanted me to do it, saying, "it will be a shaving ceremony from the boss"
so I brought some barber's clippers to the studio. He came in with fighting spirit, didn't he!
He was pleased with the beast character himself,
and from then on he became the beast...
At that time, I thought in order to give him an even more evil atmosphere,
I said "What if you try to do white make up?" and I lent K-kun some white make up powder, but after applying the white make up, he told me "The white make up looks really good! It fits!"
The second half of the memorial video is from Darkness Theater because of that.
When I saw him, his eyes were a little scary, but it suit him and it was cool!

Up until now K-kun was the first person to call me "Boss".
In the very beginning it seemed a bit like a criminal and made me feel strange, but I got used to him calling me "Boss!" and I began to feel comfortable with it.

Really, when I think "This cool guy was by my side for 10 years" I feel proud.
Anyway, making the K memorial video this time, I want you to deliberately see the gallant figure of K-kun.
Naturally its a time we will never be able to return back to.
Anyway, I hope we can walk together into the future wrapped up in those memories.

Still, for those who say they surely wont be able to watch the K memorial video due to their feelings, I think its fine to do it in your own timing.


2015/05/19 (Tuesday) 00:00:00

Original entry on Mana's blog here

Speaking of K,
like I said, I don't want to make this entry too sad or depressing.
However, I did want to mention this:

I got into Moi dix Mois around the same time it was created, so I remember very clearly when K joined the band and even the same story Mana posted in the entry above when it was first written in the Madousho.


That was one of the first images I had of K and a memory that stuck with me throughout all these years.

K joined Moi dix Mois close to the time when Juka, Kazuno, and Tohru were leaving the band, so the first glimpse I remember seeing of him was the video footage of the first time "Unmoved" was played. It was cool because the image of Moi dix Mois with K seemed so different and exciting, so naturally I felt really enthusiastic about it.

The first album K was in was Beyond the Gate, and incidentally I began working on some deep research of that CD today (actually I guess it was yesterday now). I didn't want to post about it on here because when it comes to these kinds of things I would prefer to talk about my findings and thoughts after I have hit a concluding point, but since this album has a big relation to K, I thought I would at least mention that I decided to start translating the lyrics to all 7 Beyond the Gate songs.

For some this might not be particularly exciting news, but for those who like my translations, I hope you will enjoy it.

I already started working on posting the lyrics on my website, but so far I only have "deus ex machina" posted.
For those who want to check, please go to "Translations → Lyrics" on my website

I will be posting the lyrics to the rest of the songs as I finish them. A vast majority already have a lot of English in them, so I think I translating will go relatively fast.
"deus ex machina" is also already completely in English to begin with, so it may seem my choice to post those lyrics first comes from that reason, but to be honest thats not true. I chose it for a personal reason that I may or may not talk about in the future once I finish all the work and investigation I want to do on this album.

In the mean time, before ending the entry, I will leave the K memorial video Mana talked about on here for anyone who wishes to watch it again or for the first time.

Various News
It seems within the past few days a lot of news worth writing about on here has been piling up!

So first things first,
Did everyone get a chance to see the newest Moi dix Mois video?
It was posted last night on the official Moi dix Mois twitter and Mana's blog, but I'll post it here as well.

I think some people may feel like "isn't it just normal concert footage?" when they see it, as opposed to a memorial video, but for those who haven't watched it yet, make sure to get all the way through it! Towards the end there is some extra footage that makes it more than a typical video Moi dix Mois has uploaded so far.
Its really cool, especially for people who love K.

Speaking of which, May 19 will mark one year since K's death.
The closer its been getting to this date the more I have been thinking about it...
Sometimes when I'm at work I have to sit completely alone in a room and when I look at the clock that displays not only the time, but the date too, it crosses my mind off and on.

In fact, if I were to speak totally candid, ever since his death, looking at that clock at work when I'm alone for some reason has become a huge reminder of him...
I guess because at the time of his death time seemed to stand still. In the beginning I was completely in shock about his passing, but as the sadness and emotions slowly sank in I wanted nothing more than to be alone to gather myself. But of course as life would have it, we all have responsibilities. I couldn't put life on hold, so even though I really didn't want to, I carried on going to work every day, but those moments completely alone after meeting with people would bring back all the heavy emotions again and I would find myself staring into the clock feeling lost and asking so many unanswerable questions.

Naturally over time my personal condition got better, but through this past year my mind has constantly revisited those moments. I would think about my memories of him and then think about how much time has passed now... I'm slowly, very slowly, beginning to accept the reality of his passing, but it still doesn't feel completely real.

Its the same as when my friend passed away this January. You begin to realize how precious time is and what kind of benchmark these tragedies distill in your life. There will always be those memories you have of interacting with those people, but the realization of making new memories with them will never happen again is sort of a shock to the system. It makes those past memories all the more precious.

Because of them I feel like I want to make the most of life and not hold back.

I didn't mean to go so in depth into that topic, so how about we switch to the other more happy news I wanted to share on here!!

Recently I was contacted by a friend and fellow blogger to do a little Japanese ←→ English translation work for a special interview he got to conduct!
Since there is some relation to Mana in this interview, I can't resist sharing it on here!


KAMIJO Special 20 year anniversary Interview by Kenta Press

Kamijo himself also posted the interview on his Official Facebook page ↓
Kamijo Official Facebook

I've done things like this a few times in the past for various other artists, but so far Kamijo has been the most exciting! Congratulations to Kenta for this interview and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I think we make a good team!( ̄ー+ ̄)

Finally, the last bit of news...
This is more or less a more personal matter, but I thought it would be exciting to share with everyone a rare item I recently received!


MMtapeColumbia3.jpg MMtapeColumbia2.jpg

Its a 1997 Malice Mizer demo tape of Bel Air!
I found it on auction for an extremely cheap price, so I thought "why not?"
I was a little noncommittal about it because I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but I didn't see anybody else bidding on it so I put in the starting bid price and surprisingly I won!


As you can see, I decided to put it next to my Girl'e tape. They look so cool side by side ( ̄ー+ ̄)

I have a small display case for the rare items I own, but since I'm still trying to work on the finishing touches of my room, I'll probably try doing it later on.

I'm not sure why, but the tape has Bel Air recorded on it 4 times...I listened to each one and they're all the same. A friend suggested maybe this tape was used to send to radio stations... Since the paper on the inside talks about what would be contained in the first edition release of Bel Air, my personal feeling is perhaps it was mostly used as a demo for Columbia records along information on decisions made for the final product. Its a little bit of a mystery though...

Regardless, I'm so excited to own this tape now!!

Anyway, now that this entry has been more than long enough, its time to start thinking about getting ready for work... (≧△≦)


Golden Week!!

Five full days packed with everything and nothing!
Today is the last day of the consecutive holidays, so I thought I would talk a little bit about whats been going on.

Its a little bit uncharacteristic of me, but I feel like the entire time I've been kind of a rebel and getting into trouble day after day.(`・ω・)
Well, not real trouble... but maybe testing my own limits??

Mostly I've been hanging out with friends who are still in Tokyo and we've been doing a lot of walking around the city and exploring small secret places here and there.

cemeteryGW151.jpg cemeteryGW152.jpg

The first day we wanted to visit the new Star Wars museum in Roppongi Hills, but the waiting line was out the door, so we decided against it.
Instead, we found ourselves at the cemetery!

I wont go too far into detail about it, because its the same cemetery I've gone to and wrote about on here many times before.
Afterwards, we went to a cafe for a while and then back out to a small local park I know of.


The interesting thing about this park is that its located near an American base and when we got there we noticed there was a helicopter preparing for take off, so we watched it for a while. Even though there was a fence between the park and the helicopter, it was still relatively close. For me it was exciting because I've never seen a helicopter so close up before!

There is a funny and embarrassing story about it though...
It took some time between the initial start up and when the helicopter was finally lifting off, but I was fascinated, so I stood close to the fence watched everything. However, I guess I didn't expect the helicopter to lift off the way it did, and it looked like it was going to crash right into the gate and me! So what do I do? Start running away screaming...
All I could think in that instant was that it was coming to kill me!! After I realized there was nothing to be afraid of I thought about how stupid that must have looked if anybody actually saw me running around like that. (-‸ლ)
and so I couldn't stop laughing!

After that adventure, we found some swings in the park and got stuck in them... (´・ω・`)

But finally the night ended with everyone safe back at home and not dead from helicopter incidences.

That brings us to the next day of Golden Week!

The second day, I finally received some furniture I had ordered for my room, so I put everything together before going on another adventure.

IMG_2238bookshelf.jpg newtable15.jpg

Theres still some work I need to do, but my new apartment is progressing!!

One of my favorite features is the bathroom.



Anyway, after working on my room a bit, I went out with the same friends again and this time we made it to the Star Wars museum!


The museum was amazing!! There were so many props and images from the Star Wars movies it was overwhelming! Probably one of the coolest things of all was the light sabers on display. They had Christpher Lee's Count Dooku light saber, so I can only imagine how excited some Mana/Moi dix Mois fans would be to see that.

To be honest, many people will probably hate me for this, but I'm more of a Star Trek fan than Star Wars. Don't get me wrong! I love Star Wars! In fact, I still remember my father took me to see the Star Wars movies when they came out in the theaters and I remember being deeply impressed... I even plan on seeing the new Star Wars movie when it comes out later this year! But I for some reason my heart leans towards the original Star Trek over all scifi/space movies/series. Therefore, while I thoroughly enjoyed the museum, I kinda felt like there are others who probably appreciate it so much more...I wish those people, no matter where they live in the world, could see this museum. It had everything for a Star Wars fanatic!!

11195749_421699948002762_1200037497_n.jpg 11208403_762852057165527_413319583_n.jpg

Also, the museum was in the same location as the city view of the Mori Tower! I've shown pictures of the city view on here before as well, but the image of the sun setting was gorgeous!
Furthermore, the night time picture was taken from the roof of the tower!! I've never been on the roof top before, but it was easily the most impressive sky view I've ever seen!! The city just seems to go on forever!!

As for the next day...


Does this image look familiar...? ( ̄ー+ ̄)

Actually, I used to live across the street from this park a few years ago.
What happened was, my friends and I went out to Shibuya so I could look for furniture on this day, but we were all getting a little stressed out and overwhelmed by all the people, so we walked back to closer to where I live and took a small break in a quieter place.

Not much to say about this day. It was mostly doing the same old same old with wandering around, going out to dinner, etc. But it was a nice time to relax amongst all the chaos!!

So on to the last day.

I rounded up my friends and we had a little adventure to the Masonic Center!

I was at Starbucks the other day and a little bored, so I started looking up interesting things to do, when I happened to run across some information that the Tokyo Masonic Center is located right next to Tokyo tower!! Right at that moment, I made the decision that I had to go!


The building was amazing!! I couldn't help myself; I had to get a closer look!!

masondoorsMS.jpg masonbuildingMS.jpg masonwindowsMS.jpg

I think the girls with me were getting a bit nervous about my "exploration" of the building, but since it was out in the public, I went as far as I could and got as many glimpses as possible.

For those who know me, its likely you know about my fascination with secret societies, and the Free Masons truly stand out to me.
Even more interesting and mysterious was the fact that as soon as we got outside from the train station we found somebody wearing a Free Mason ring...

I kinda doubt he was a Mason, but it was cool to see somebody else had come with the same interest in mind!
Most people are coming to that area for Tokyo Tower, but what they don't realize is whats next door.... But to be honest, its likely most of the public doesn't know about Free Masons anyway, so they probably don't care. But for me it was like entering a universe I have only dreamed of!!

How badly I wish I could enter....

But anyway, I'm still filled with excitement and memories of this experience!! We had some great adventures this Golden Week, but to be honest, even though its something small, the Masonic Center was my personal highlight!!

Anyway, this entry has become extremely long, so I'll leave it with that.
As my last day, I spent today going to a new restaurant and afterwards resting. My legs hurt a bit from walking so much, so I need to recharge my batteries for work tomorrow.

I hope everyone who celebrated it also had a fun Golden Week! I'm always happy to hear about what everyone else has been doing so if anybody has any interesting stories please send them to me!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Moving Complete!!
Last time I updated I was only beginning to move into my new apartment, but a few days ago I finally finished!!

At the new place, I still have a lot of organizing to do but once I have a book shelf and table that should be relatively easy...
Hopefully I will still be happy enough with how it ends up looking by then so I can take pictures.

Anyway, once everything was finished, my friends who helped me move decided we should celebrate, so...


I got to meet Pikachu!!(≧∇≦)

There were a lot of people though, so that was the best picture I could get... But they were sooo cuute!!(人´∀`)


We did a bit of shopping for this and that, and by the end of the evening things got a bit ワワポ!/(.^.)\

sarahmanacos425.jpg SCEpuri.jpg

I'm not sure if my friends would appreciate me posting their picture publicly around the internet, so I blocked out their faces. (><)
But if they're ok with it, then I will remove it!

Anyway, the point is, we have a lot of funny Moi dix Mois related conversations, and as sort of a joke we ended up wandering around the city and I was dressed up in Mana cosplay. (^^;
兎に角、コスプレの理由は、あの2人と供にMoi dix Moisと関係している面白くて可笑しい談話をよくしたり、冗談としてManaコスプレを着ながら都内を散歩したり、色々な写真を撮ったりしました。(^^;

I think my favorite picture of the night has got to be this one...


The uncomfortability on my face says everything (;゚∀゚)

By the way, maybe not everybody will care, but its come to my attention that some people have noticed that the way I style my hair for Mana cosplay is opposite what it should be (the hair should be parted on the other side). Its actually not a mistake! There are a few reasons why I do this...first of all I'm left handed...or should I say, left sided?? Well, its true that I'm left handed, but my sight is also better on one side, so if I part my hair the opposite way its more difficult for me to see. ( `-ω-)
I have prescription contact lenses for this issue, but to be honest I don't really like wearing things in or near my eyes.
Sun glasses are ok because I can buy a bigger size and it doesn't look stupid, but when it comes to glasses and contacts... Contacts are the better option for me, but still... (^^;;
まぁ、絶対に左利きですが、左の視力のほうが強いので、こんな感じで裏腹なヘアスタイル等をよくしています。右横を試みたら、見にくい。( `-ω-)

Anyway, over several years I adopted this opposite style as my own, so there are a number of things (especially cosplay-wise) that I choose to do opposite on purpose, but its always been my own secret and if others figured it out then they could be in on it too. ワワポ!(≧∇≦)

Oh and one more thing!
Last night I saw the new Cinderella movie!!
I can never refuse seeing something that Helena Bonham Carter is in, but whats more is this movie was aesthetically beautiful! I wish I could own Cinderella's dress! It was beyond gorgeous on screen! (;A;)
They happened to have one of the glass slipper props from the actual movie on display at my local theater, so even after the movie I was a bit enchanted by it all〜
Helena Bonham Carterがいるので、必見です!しかしながら、耽美的も美しい!シンデレラのドレスが欲しいなあ!映像が素敵すぎる! (;A;)


If you like that kind of thing, definitely go see it!!

Lastly, Golden Week is coming up! Maybe I will get to have some fun adventures to write about on here with my days off??
Probably not, but its nice to dream...
Either way, I'm looking forward for the chance to rest and sleep and eat..LOL

Its hard for me to want to update right now, because I still have a lot of memories and good feelings from last week's concert, so I kind of wish I could keep the previous entry up at the top on here, but at the same time I'm excited to introduce something new on here!!

newroom1.jpg newroom2.jpg

Its my new apartment!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I'm not completely done moving just yet, but ever since last Monday I've had two friends working really hard to help me out with this new place. Fortunately its only about a 5 minute walk from my old apartment, so even though I say we've been working hard, it was still an easier situation than it could have potentially been. This is only one small area we've been working on, but the apartment itself is a fairly good size.

This time I get to pick out all new furniture for myself, so the main room has a chandelier an an iron gate type bed frame that I decorated with roses and greenery. I had a slightly different image in my head when I was trying to construct this, but I'm happy with how its turning out so far! I think it looks really elegant! ( ̄ー+ ̄)

By the end of the month I need to be completely moved out of my old apartment, so hopefully by then I can add more pictures on here of the completed version. This time I was just excited to show everyone the progress I've made so far!!

And thank you so much Claudia and Elettra for helping me!!!(≧∇≦)

ポワワァ〜!! Moi dix Mois Mana Birthday Live Additional Performance
If you haven't been paying attention to Mana's blog or the Moi dix Mois Official twitter recently, you might have missed out on the key word Mana has been using for several days now...ポワワ!! (POWAWA)

This word is difficult to translate directly into English because I can't seem to find an equivalent meaning.
Based on researching this word online, it seems the meaning has to do with "a sweet and happy carefree feeling".
And thats exactly what tonight's concert was!!


Since its Mana's birthday concert all the Moi dix Mois members wear white and gold, so I decided to coordinate my outfit in the same way! Last time I wore my newest Moi-meme-Moitie dress (the Frame Cross print JSK) because it would be my first time to wear it at a live, but this time because the hype for this concert seemed so much bigger, I thought it might be fun to go along with it by dressing accordingly to the theme.

Anyway, concerning the concert, I have a lot to write about so let's start from the beginning of the day.

Actually, to be honest, this story starts from last night...
I made a short post late at night on this blog because I was really feeling the excitement for today!! However, I mentioned in that entry that although I was almost completely prepared I had a major problem...I didn't have enough gift wrapping paper for Mana's present!!(;゚∀゚)

This morning I woke up a bit earlier than I would have normally to get ready, but I decided in order to get to the venue on time I'm going to have to get to Shibuya early and find something to wrap the gift in.
So right from the start, I immediately got ready and a few hours later I'm on the bus headed to Shibuya. There were a few more issues though; I had to tote the gift around in the biggest Moi-meme-Moitie bag I could find (which was the biggest bag I owned period) but it was still nearly too small for the gift. It was also really heavy to carry so I worried that the bag would break, and on top of it all it was raining!!! This present was extremely expensive and the rain could have easily damaged it so I'm praying there was no damage done to it. I don't think it was though because I took a lot of measures to make sure it would be safe from any kind of potential damage.

Once in Shibuya I met with two other friends who knew about my situation and came to my rescue! They led me to a shop that sold gift wrapping paper, so I quickly got everything I needed and then checked out. By the time we got to the venue it was about 5 minutes until 3:00 so we hopped in the nearest elevator and went to the 6th floor of the building, Mt. Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure.

Once you reach the 6th floor theres actually an open area for everyone to wait and to purchase goods, but this lead to another situation...

Of course at this time I didn't have the gift wrapped, so we had to hide out in a hallway and wrap the gift. It was so awkward because some staff started peering at us to see what we were doing and all I wanted was to be just really felt embarrassing! My friends said "Don't worry about it, we've seen people do things like this at other lives before!" which made me feel a little bit better, but I can't help but think "with something this big and obvious though??"
Either way, I worked quickly and got the job done.


What was the gift, you ask??
You'll find out at the end of the entry...

Continuing on, I was finally able to put the gift in the present boxes laid out by the staff and then I went on to buy the newest Moi dix Mois goods!

Totebag2015MdMlive.jpg MdMRucksack2015.jpg

The black bag turned out to be a lot smaller than I originally thought it would be, but its nice because it has a zipper so it could come in handy for many different kinds of use. The rucksack was my personal favorite...years ago I used to own one with the Moi dix Mois decagram logo, but it was stolen at an event in the US. I always felt like that rucksack was extremely useful for big events and I've constantly wished for a new one, so I immediately knew I wanted this new version when I saw it!

The navy material is silky and the logo is a sparkly silver color that has a unique texture to it. I worry a bit that the print could come off easily, but if its kept in a safe place and only used for special occasions, like Moi dix Mois concerts, maybe it wont be so bad! By the end of the concert I noticed the black tote bag was still available, but it seems the rucksack sold out pretty quickly.
For those who are looking to buy this item, maybe they will get an extra stock to sell on the Midi: Nette shop!

Also, I was approached by a Japanese fan before the concert who had come up with a special project to get all the fans involved with. She had bought one of the Moi dix Mois photo books and asked everyone to choose a page and sign it! I happened to choose a particular page for a particular reason...

Does anybody remember this photo that I posted last year on Mana's birthday? I received a really positive response from sharing this picture and using it for this purpose, so I decided to write my message and sign my name on the same picture in the book sent to Mana this year. Its also one of my favorite pictures because it depicts the feeling of Mana's image extremely well and the essence of being at a birthday live.

The sentiment of this project is really sweet, and I am positive hes going to cherish it. That fan truly worked hard to get everybody involved!!( ´ ▽ ` )ノポワワ!!

After all that it was finally time to enter the venue!!

The wait this time while listening to the same Dario Argento movie soundtrack seemed to pass by relatively fast, and before we knew it, exactly at 5:10 the live started!!

The stage setting was the same as last time, with the iron gates intertwined with blue roses and the large Moi dix Mois decagram in the background. Each member walked out in the same order as two weeks ago -- Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, Mana, and Seth.
Each member received a lot of cheering this time, but when Mana came out the cheers turned to high screams as he got to the edge of the stage and held up a glow stick in the air. We instantly understood. As we had entered the venue we were each given a blue glow stick (just as last time), but rather than being used at the end of the concert, we were beginning with them for..... Pageant!

This brings to mind another hint Mana has been dropping recently.
Yesterday a very peculiar tweet was posted on the Moi dix Mois twitter...

If you haven't seen the translation I posted of it on the facebook page, here it is:

Well now, finally tomorrow is the Birth Ceremony Festival additional performance!
How about we make it the best party ever!!!
dix Love!!!!!!!!!

Mana / Moi dix Mois

**TRANSLATION NOTE -- WA-WA-PO-O-KI-TO-RO-KE-JI-HA is roughly translated to "It will be sweet when you burst out!"
However, it is interesting to note that this word is actually written backwards!! It should be HAJIKERO TOKI O POWAWA
Powawa has no real direct translation. The best way to describe it would be "A sweet and happy carefree feeling". Unfortunately since this is a Japanese onomatopoeia there is no true English equivalent.

This tweet was a huge hint of what to expect at the concert!!
Mana has constantly been talking about how even though the theme was the same (his birthday) there would still be differences to watch out for. That difference became incredibly clear and the reaction I had last time to Je l'aime being the first song made total sense now! How didn't I see it before!?
I already had a feeling based on that backwards tweet that something was up, but I had only put 2 and 2 together up to a certain point and didn't consider the obvious. I should have known!!

But back to the concert...
Instantly everyone cracked their glow sticks to radiate blue throughout the concert hall. The members connected their glow sticks just like last time to their instruments (although Ryux attached his to his hair) and everyone began swaying.
Just after Pageant ended, the members threw their glow sticks out into the audience, and then proceeded on to Dead Scape and front et baiser(? if this is the wrong order I will change it).

The energy this time was amazing!! To be completely honest, I feel like its been quite a long time since I've seen the members this active. Mana was dancing around the stage more than normal, Ryux was playing around with the audience more and more, Seth's headbanging was wild, and even Sugiya was headbanging more than I've noticed in the past. Of course Hayato seemed to be enjoying himself too, but I think its more difficult to show it like the other members when you're playing drums...The point is everyone was going at full throttle!

As for the set list, I don't remember everything in the correct order right now, but once I get it figured out I will update the post with it on here. There were several songs that were performed at the last concert 2 weeks ago (Unmoved, Immortal Madness, Ange, Eternally Beyond, etc) as well as a mix of songs not performed last time such as Solitude and Perish, to name a few.

Of course all the new songs were played as well! Diabolos et Angeli was played before the MC and the rest, Twilight Flower, Embrace, and Beast Side, were played later on.

After about 5 or 6 songs, the MC suddenly began!

Mana left the stage and suddenly Hayato started playing the drums to a familiar rhythm we have all picked up as a cue to begin celebrating Mana's birthday. Seth told us since its Mana's birthday we have to start yelling Je t'aime Mana-Sama~! again in order for Mana to come out. Naturally the first couple of times didn't work, but finally after the 3rd or so try, Mana came running onto the stage wearing the new Moi dix Mois rucksack and his white bear bag tucked inside with its head poking out. The music then began as we all sang a rock version of the happy birthday song to Mana with our hands shaped as hearts while swaying back and forth. With the final "Happy Birthdaaayyy tooooo youuu!!" Mana held his arms out into the air and everyone started cheering and clapping.
At that point Mana took the bear out of the rucksack, threw the rucksack to the side of the stage for staff to pick it up and then proceeded to open the back of the bear and throw candy at the audience! The most shocking thing about this was, since there were two floors (technically three, actually) Mana ran down the middle of the audience and started trying to throw candy to the people in the back of the venue and up to the second floor (the venue had seats with isles for everyone to walk down, so we all stood where our seat numbers were and the middle was open) ! Everyone closest to the middle started going crazy and trying to touch Mana! He then ran out the back door and everyone stared looking around to see if he would come back or if he would appear in the second floor. Even Seth said "Where did he go!?" and everyone got a bit confused.

After a while, Mana reappeared again holding four roses and handed one to each member (in the case of Sugiya and Ryux, he attached the roses to the ends of their guitars). I noticed he was even smiling quite a bit as he did it! Seth told us that since at the last concert each member had to give a message to Mana, this time he would give one back to each member individually and the roses were a symbol to show his appreciation.

Of course the messages from Mana to the members also mean that Seth has to read those comments off a piece of paper Mana had written them on. Each message was extremely long, so I forget what they were about exactly. He mostly just talked about things he appreciated about each member and his various memories with them. At the end of each message he added a PS and wrote something funny like "PS Hayato, some how you manage to always disappear. When we want to get into a circle and say une deux trois DIX its suddenly like, 'Hayato isn't here!! Where did he go!?' You also eat way too much, I don't know how you don't get fat" or "PS Sugiya you drink too much." Perhaps the funniest was the message for Ryux. He talked about how he feels like hes a big brother and Ryux got so embarrassed he ran behind one of the stage curtains and hid while poking his head out slightly. Poor Seth had to read the message addressed to him by himself, but he laughed about it and graciously thanked Mana. Surprisingly enough, Mana called Seth "Seiji" in his message and everyone in the audience got really excited! Even Seth was shocked and couldn't stop smiling!

After all was said and done, the concert started to resume. Seth reintroduced the newest song, Embrace, and described the feeling of it a bit. It was very sweet, and upon my second hearing of this song its beginning to grow on me more and more. I think sound-wise I'm still a bit iffy about whether I feel like its unique or not, but lyric-wise its really beautiful. For me the lyrics are the special point about it.

During IMMORTAL MADNESS we shouted the usual "dix Love!" until Seth changed the key word to "POWAWA". However, he added a twist to the end, so the "ah" sound at the end of Powawa was dragged out and brought to a higher voice. It was pretty funny hearing Seth trying to tell us how to say it because every time he tried to end the word in a high pitched voice his voice would crack. Hayato tried it once, but his voice also ended up cracking. So from then on, the rest of Immortal Madness was POWAWAAA↑↑!

The songs towards the end of the concert were the same as last time -- Beast Side and Ange. When K was still around, the introduction to Ange was always given to him as he spoke in a distorted voice. This is how everyone recognized that particular song was about to begin. After his death however, Ange hasn't been the same. This time the intro was changed a bit, but in an interesting way. Seth spoke the introduction lines as the beginning sound started to play and the lights twisted around him in blue and green. This change was actually really cool so if this is how Ange is announced from here on out, I can only imagine everyone will be happy with it. I felt like Ange was filled with more energy than normal (as I already mentioned about the live in general, but Ange had so much power this time!!) and as Seth and Mana traded places on stage Seth suddenly tripped and fell at the edge of the stage! Fortunately everyone in the front rushed to help him and Ryux ran over and grabbed his hand to get him back up. As he got back onto the stage he was extremely professional and acted as if nothing ever happened. To be honest, I thought it was amazing how well he took it because the fall looked terrible!

Finally we came to the last song. As predicted, it was Je l'aime. Everyone held out their hands as per usual to this song until the very end when the bells rang and each member walked off the stage.

After that, everyone in the audience started yelling Moi dix Mois for an encore. While this usually works and the band already prepares an encore song, I wondered if it would really happen this time. I would have expected Je l'aime to have been played as the potential encore and the ending of the entire night (like Pageant was last time) but since it was played beforehand it seemed like the concert should have been over.

Fortunately all that shouting worked!! Suddenly Hayato, Sugiya, and Ryux walked out onto the stage wearing the new Moi dix Mois T-shirts and everyone began cheering. However, Mana and Seth didn't show up. Hayato started talking from his mic and told us "We weren't quite sure if we should do an encore this time, but since your shouts were so loud we decided we would give it a try. We didn't really have a particular plan for this, so we decided to give it another shot. If you get your glow sticks out, it should be any minute now..." and thats when the lights dimmed and the music to Pageant started to play again. This time we heard Seth's voice but no Seth! Suddenly everyone looked back and there was Seth and Mana coming down the middle isle from the back doors! Everyone began waving their glow sticks at Seth and Mana as they walked down the isle. Mana spent a much longer time walking down the isle than Seth, but it seemed like he was trying to give as much attention as he could to as many people as possible at one time. Finally he got back on stage and everyone continued waving their glow sticks and swaying along as Mana did to the song.

Finally it was over, and for the final bow out each member walked down the center isle to the back doors for their exit rather than exiting on stage. Everyone became extremely excited as they clapped and cheered for each member as they walked off. Mana being the last on stage tried to spend a bit of extra time with the audience again. He took out a single red rose as he stood at the center of the stage and took in the atmosphere for a few more minutes, but as he was walking down the stairs onto the isle he too tripped, but caught himself. Once he approached the end of the isle and got to the back doors, he turned and waved to everyone a few extra moments. The doors shut and everyone clapped before leaving the venue.

Although the last concert was enjoyable, this one really took the cake! The band members and audience were fully energized which made things so much more exciting. The surprises were completely different than what Moi dix Mois has done in the past, so by the end of the concert everyone kept saying "This was the best one in a long time!!"
The first Birth Ceremony Festival performed two weeks ago had been a sold out show, but this one never made it to capacity. For the people who went the first time but decided not to the second, you really missed out!!!

Oh and one more thing! During the concert, every time Mana tried throwing guitar pics they would land right around the area where my friends and I were standing (we were in the second row in front of Mana). One of my friends happened to catch two pics and gave me one!! I'm never able to catch anything, so I'm extremely happy! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!(≧∇≦)

This time everyone left relatively quick, so there was no hanging out with other fans so much or going to dinner after the concert, but that does mean I was able to get back home quicker so I could update on here sooner!

With that in mind, I can FINALLY reveal what my present for Mana was that I've been so excited about it!!

ManaATARI2600.jpg ManaATARI2600Games.jpg

Its an ATARI 2600!!!
After reading Game Lab some years ago, I was sad to hear Mana never owned the 2600... hes such a huge game collector and even talked about loving the ATARI 2600 from an early age so I had been waiting for the right opportunity for a very long time now to give him this gift!
For me the 2600 is something really special. Its the first game system I ever played as a child since my parents owned one, so it brings back a lot of fond memories.
I didn't take a picture of everything, but I felt like if I'm going to give Mana an Atari I want to give him something he can really feel proud of. So, I ended up buying him a lot of extra things as well to go with it. I didn't like the original joystick I got with the system, so I tracked down a brand new never been used joystick from the time the system was released, as well as a few new hook ups for modern day TVs. Since Mana already has a lot of retro games I imagine he might already have some of the necessary hook ups, but just to be sure I did a lot of research and included new pieces!!
I really hope he enjoys it!

Happy Birthday Mana!!!!!!!!!!

To anybody who celebrates it, Happy Easter!! Seeing Pope Mana at the Church of dix was a great way for me to spend my Easter today.



Finally tomorrow is the additional Mana Birthday concert!! (technically today)

I seems like a lot of people are really getting excited for this concert, so it makes me excited too!!(≧∇≦)
In fact, I visited the Vampire Cafe again for the first time in a while tonight, and even Vampire Rose came up to me and said "明日は!" ("Its Tomorrow!")
It was a little shocking to realize even he keeps up with this kind of thing, but it made me happy.

Also, the present I have been preparing for Mana at this concert is nearly complete!!

Although I say "nearly complete," I didn't make the gift this time...
The thing is, it originally came to me in a box that was too big for me to carry to the venue. I decided to put it in something smaller, but even the smaller box is a bit big and I don't have enough wrapping paper for it!! (≧△≦)
I'm hoping I can find something to wrap it in tomorrow before the concert, but its becoming a bigger challenge than I had anticipated...

Anyway, I will finally be able to reveal what this big present is tomorrow!! And of course it will accompany my concert report!

For now I think it might be time for bed so I can rest up for the concert later on!

dix Love!!!!!!!!!!