Shape Shifter First Live / Z様 Session

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably already well aware that a few months ago Z (Moi dix Mois Seth) came out with the announcement of a new band called Shape Shifter!

For anyone who doesn't keep up with any of the Moi dix Mois member's other band activities I'll catch you up to speed with Seth.
Aside from Moi dix Mois, Seth was also the vocalist of the band Art Cube, but as of December 2014 the group broke up. During Art Cube, Seth went by the name Z様 (pronounced Zeta-Sama).
Along with the recent announcement of Shape Shifter, Z has also mentioned this is essentially his own solo project.

Having said that, today was Shape Shifter's very first performance!!
(Also, I would like to note, since this entry is my reflection of tonight's concert, I will refer to Seth as Z accordingly.)

The concert today was held at the venue Ikebukuro EDGE -- an extremely small and intimate concert hall that could probably hold no more than 100 people. There was a total of six performances, and first up was Shape Shifter.

Actually, even though Shape Shifter performed for the first time today, originally their very first performance was supposed to be on September 30th at Shibuya Club Asia. However, I get the impression that regardless of today's concert, the one on the 30th is still technically their first concert -- Officially, that is.
I guess you could say today served as a preview of what's to come. I already had a hunch that was the case because this concert was announced quite a while after they announced the one for the 30th.

With that being said, the time and set list for each performance was limited to about 30 minutes. If I remember correctly, each band only played about 3-4 songs. Really, it was only enough to get a taste of each band's style.

But speaking of Shape Shifter, I was pleasantly surprised by their music!
I've been paying a bit more attention than usual to Z's activity recently, and if I were to speak honestly, I've had some concerns and doubts about this band. I don't know why, but I kept having some unshakable feeling that it wouldn't be my style. Perhaps its because Art Cube was never particularly my style to begin with, so I thought Shape Shifter might end up being the same. However, that wasn't the case at all!! Shape Shifter's music was easy for me to get into and I found myself warming up to their sound almost instantly!

In my opinion, their music still feels typical to many other "new" VK bands, but it has a certain charm I can't quite put my finger on.
Rather than awkwardly trying to describe each song, you can listen to a sample of their music here:

Some how when I listen to these samples I feel like it doesn't do justice to what I heard in person. The live version just really blew me away! However, I did feel a little bad for Z because he forgot the lyrics to his songs a couple times. It wasn't really that noticeable, but I think it frustrated him.

Another thing worth mentioning is their stage outfits. Each member came out on stage wearing black and white stripes while Z coupled his look with a white and pink wig and a black hat with feathers coming out of the side.


The two members standing closest to Z pretend to be sisters (although they're both male) and go by the name "Igarashi".
They share a blog together, which you can check out here

Besides that, there was a short MC in the middle where Z introduced each member and announced the next live. Since the performance time was so limited they mostly stuck to the important points during the MC and quickly moved on to their last one or two songs before exiting the stage.

After Shape Shifter three more bands played before Z returned on stage with one member from each group for a small session band.
Although I thoroughly enjoyed Shape Shifter, I think the Z session band was probably my favorite part of the night!
This time rather than wearing his stripped outfit, Z came out in all black and his natural hair. I know its been said before (mostly by Mana) but Z is really fashionable!! He had on black pants with large platform boots and a sheer blouse with a vest over it. He also had a few silver necklaces and bracelets that tied the entire outfit together really well!

The session was mostly comprised of X Japan and hide songs, including Pink Spider!!
Since Z's voice is so different from hide's, I never would have imagined him pulling off that kind of song, but he did an amazing job! It seemed that even the people who came to the concert for other bands really enjoyed it because they were all dancing and singing along. Z himself also seemed really energized by these songs because he started acting far more care free than he did with Shape Shifter...although I can't help but wonder if thats because he was more nervous about everything going right for their first performance.
Either way, the session band really reminded me of Dis Inferno with the "drink and party!" type vibe towards the end of the concert.

After about 3 or 4 songs the session came to an end and Z immediately got off stage and the other members quickly followed.

There was one more band afterwards, but I didn't end up staying for them.

All in all, the concert was extremely fun and I can't wait to see what Shape Shifter has in store next!! (Although, unfortunately I can't go to the next concert on the 30th because I have work)

Anyway, speaking of work, I need to wake up in a few hours so its probably time to start thinking about going to sleep.

For those who are interested in Shape Shifter, you can check out their official website here:

Some of you may already be well aware, but Tokyo Game Show has been going on for the past 4 days now!
Its been about 5 years or so already since I went for the first time, and I never had the chance to go again until I made a point to do it this year.


The first time I went, for some reason or another I had a scheduling conflict and ended up only being able to stay for about an hour. That was disappointing because there was so much to see and do; it was really exciting!!

This time I woke up early to get there at a decent time so I would be able to do and see everything.
Of course I brought a couple friends along too! (^_-)—☆

The only issue was, the lines were huge for everything!! We left around noon and finally entered Makuhari Messe (the venue) around 2:00!! (°□°)
The reason is, it took nearly an hour to even get to the area and then waiting for tickets took another hour... then since we didn't have time to eat before, we had to wait in another line for an hour...we didn't get around to doing much of anything until 3:00 or so.

Besides that, however, it seems that standing in those lines didn't take away from what few hours we had left.
To my surprise it was relatively small this year... I have a few theories as to why -- perhaps its because it was only 2013 since the major gaming companies come out with new consoles, so with the exception of new video games, there weren't that many new things to introduce. Another thought I had came from something I noticed at the event itself:

It should come to no surprise that games for mobile devices (ipad, ipod, etc) have gained immense popularity, so consoles may very possibly be on their way out. Playstation's area was filled with mobile games by various indie developers, and while several games looks really appealing, it made me a little sad to see there really wasn't much geared towards the PS4.

Similarly, several other big names in the gaming industry either emphasized computer gaming or simply placed booths filled with goods and T-shirts for sale.

Another big surprise (although maybe it shouldn't be...) was that Alienware seemed to dominate the whole event!
To be honest, I'm not that big on computer games, and games for mobile devices are fine, but they more or less only serve as entertainment for a whole 10 minute ride on the train... that means its hard for me to feel invested into something with a major story line or a lot of action if its on a device that I'm only going to use for small increments of time.

......Yes, I know it sounds like I'm complaining, but perhaps its because for the first time I could physically see an era I grew up with ending right before my eyes, making me want to scream "NO GOD PLEASE NO" like Michael Scott from The Office.・゚゚・(´Д⊂ヽ

But on a more positive note, at least many of the goods being sold seemed to have a large focus on much older games!!
I was excited to see Sonic at Sega's booth and ended up with a really cute key chain.


There were also tons of cosplayers, which is something I haven't seen in years. There were some that seemed to put a lot of effort in their costumes, but I couldn't help but wonder why so many dressed as anime characters instead of video game characters??
But anyway, it really brought back a lot of memories of the days when I would go to conventions and cosplay too. The cosplay and convention were definitely not in the same style as the US, but its interesting to see the differences! I think the convention set up, events, and staff are way more organized and professional in Japan, but the whole cosplay situation has a lot more freedom, and by extension, is more fun in the US. All in all though, the organization of Tokyo Game Show really makes me feel like I can enjoy my time so much more.

So long story short, I'm a bit sad that TGS was so small this year with such little variety, but at the same time I did absolutely enjoy it and it was pretty shocking to see so many changes!

Also, I made a video of the whole thing, so please check it out!!

By the way, this is off topic from TGS, but I finally received both white versions of the new Moi-meme-Moitie socks last week!!

Feel free to click on any of the pictures for a larger size to see the details.

As you can probably tell from the pictures, the bright blue and dark blue socks have two different shades of white. The bright blue is sort of a "dirty" white while the dark blue version is regular white. It probably shouldn't be a huge issue once they're worn, but I worry that the white on the bright blue version could clash with some pure white dresses, so you have to be careful about coordinating them.

However, one good point about both white versions is how you can easily see the details in the print this time!! With the black version it was hard to tell, so thats why I posted so many detail shots.

For me personally, while I love the white versions because they're so easy to see, I've found that the black x blue has been more practical for my wardrobe. I really need to find something that can match these white socks!! (>_<)

Anyway, I once again wrote a novel-long entry, so it would probably be best to end it here...

But let me know which version of the socks you all like best!! I'm always interested in hearing everyone's thoughts and perspectives!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Its like 6:30 in the morning and I'm not feeling very well and can't sleep, so I might as well make an entry about something I've been meaning to write about for a couple days now.

Less than a week after the GLB came out (and maybe around one week since it's announcement) the new Moi-meme-Moitie blue x black rose socks were released for purchase!!

To be honest, when I really think about it, it sounds funny to make an entry simply about socks, but for fans of M-m-M its a pretty big deal! They haven't released new socks in some years now, so its been a huge commodity I've heard a lot people expressing desire for for a long time.

When I noticed the socks were available for pre-order on the official Moitie site I jumped at the chance to order a pair! The price is actually reasonable, so why not?

Once I received them in the mail I also couldn't resist making a video about it.
As mentioned in the last entry, I want to start making videos to go along with this blog and my website,
This time I thought it would be fun to do an "unboxing" video (and include some fun things as well) for those who are interested in seeing what its like to receive items like this in person.

(By the way, I'm having problems replying to some users. I know only a few people commented, but for anybody else who might want to on my youtube page, I'm not trying to ignore anyone...the option has somehow disappeared for me?)

Unfortunately, one major problem I ran into while making this video was lighting. The blue print on the socks are relatively dark so its extremely hard to see. However, I took pictures to post on here so everyone can see the details!

MmMBKNsockslogo.jpg BKNsocksfull.jpg
MmMsockscandlestick.jpg MmMbkNsockspackage.jpg
You should be able to see full size images when you click the thumbnails, but if not I'll try to fix it.

The two new white x blue versions of these socks are supposed to be released in mid-September and I decided to order those as well, so once they come out I'll probably end up posting about them. I think it will be interesting to see how they differ from the black version and it never hurts to have more socks in a lolita wardrobe!!

FESTIVAL and GLB vol. 57
I know you're all eager for GLB vol. 57 scans, but first things first! I'm going to make you all be my hostages and listen to my festival stories first!!ψ(`∇´)ψ
(of course I'm fully aware you could just easily scroll down and view the scans, but maybe a few kind souls will also take the time to hear about the festival!!)

Every year, as I've posted on this blog several times in the past, is a giant festival where I live!!
Its filled with food and entertainment, so its a lot of fun! However, its extremely crowded, so usually I go just for the food and then return to my apartment...
This year however, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different.

I decided to make a video of it!

This is something new I'm trying out for the first time...
Actually, is first time the right word?? Maybe some of you who have known me for many years are aware that I made a Mana hair tutorial video a long time ago that gained a lot of views! I was really shocked!
But since then, I've hardly made anything with interesting content, let alone speaking in a video. So this feels entirely new for me.
Its still a little scary for me because I really hate hearing my own voice and I'm extremely shy so I'm still a bit uncomfortable, but my hope is over time I'll get better and better at it...

I'm trying this for several reasons, perhaps most importantly because this year mark's the 10th year since the beginning of my website,, so I want to make some videos in regards to that.
However, I'm also doing it because I thought it might be fun, and the more I've thought about it, the more I feel somewhat distant from a lot of the Mana fanbase these days...
Although this blog provides lots of interesting information, theres hardly any interaction. Its something I've completely cast aside since my days of owning the forum which I shut down around the same time Monologue†Sanctuary was created.

In no way are my youtube videos going to overtake this blog; I absolutely plan on continuing entries on here because writing is my foremost love! Actually, I think making videos will be a way to supplement and enhance entries on here.
I really want to make videos of Moi dix Mois, MALICE MIZER, and Moi-meme-Moitie related content, so you will actually get to see various things first-hand and of course as always I'll continue to write just about everything as I always have on here.

I have several ideas for videos, and I'm already planning the next one which will be about new Moi-meme-Moitie items I ordered!!
I sincerely hope you will look forward to it! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Caption Translations
Coats made up for fall and winter type outfits are being introduced from the brand that Mana-Sama manages, "Moi-meme-Moitie".
The elegant and gothic lolita line is EGL and the noble ambient unisex line is EGA.
Which coat do you want to wear?

EGL page:
I am a cat, free to live however I want.
Whenever I hear someone's voice and purr, everyone says "How cute" and gives me delicious food.
Therefore......oh well, I'll let you play with me once in a while.

EGA page:
From the first moment I saw you, I fell in love.
I stared into your clear blue eyes and the call of your voice was like the rolling of a bell ball.
I could completely dedicate myself to this body.
You are just that adorable.

Captions on the detail "Point" Mana photos:
The cross accessory at the chest and be removed.

The buttons on the high neck are a cool image.

Item List and Prices:
Rose Tulle Headdress 7,000 yen
Bat Collar Cross Chain Coat 59,000 yen
Blue Rose overknee socks 3,400 yen

High-neck Asymmetry coat 55,000 yen

Currently everything is on pre-order on the Moi-meme-Moitie Official Site.
The socks are set to be released at the end of August and the coats will be released in October.

Furthermore, concerning the socks, today Mana released 2 new versions on the Official Moi dix Mois twitter, both with white bases.
Here are the images:


These versions are also now available for pre-order on the Moi-meme-Moitie site and cost the same as the black x blue version featured in the GLB.
For anyone who is interested in buying these socks, feel free to use me as a shopping service (theres a 15% service fee) if you like so you can get them as soon as they come out!! I currently only do shopping services for Moi-meme-Moitie or goods from the Midi: Nette shop online because I don't have enough time to visit shops like closet child very often anymore, so please be aware this offer is limited to these two online shops.

Lastly, please consider supporting the GLB. Volume 57 available for purchase on CDJapan!
The theme this time is cats, so its perfect for cat lovers!!
Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 57

∞・dix Day

Today, August 10th, is my birthday!! ( ̄▽ ̄)
(It's also officially Snoopy's birthday, which is why he's in the picture)

This year, similar to last year, I didn't have anyone to celebrate with me so I went out on my own.
It wasn't bad, but it was a little exhausting with the weather...

First of all I wanted to go to Kera shop to see if they had the newest Moi-meme-Moitie choker being sold on the website, but nothing. However, I did end up buying the very last antique silver candlestick necklace at the shop because mine broke some time ago.

Afterwards, I made my way to Miraikan, a science museum in Odaiba!
I've wanted to go for a long time now but I was never able to until now.
It was really interesting!! It's not only science, but a technology museum as well, so if anyone who reads this keeps up with technology news, surely you've heard of some of Japan's most famous robots such as ASIMO.
There were several others as well, but it's probably better with pictures.

20150810222454e63.jpg 20150810222459661.jpg 2015081022250032b.jpg
20150810223528a19.jpg 20150810223522b08.jpg

To be completely honest, some of them creeped me out a little...
But it's still pretty amazing to see how far we've come with technology!

Also, in the middle of the museum there was a giant globe hanging down from the top!


In fact, around 5:00 there was a special display on the globe where it played something like a video displaying different kinds of artistic images on it. It reminded me a little of Epcot at Disney World (in Florida). (^^;

201508102224560b3.jpg 20150810222457d61.jpg

I actually feel a little stupid about going to Miraikan today...I had checked on their website ahead of time and it said their business hours were until 5:00 PM. I was running a bit behind schedule because of going to Shinjuku so by the time I made it to the museum it was already 4:00. I had paid to see both this permanent science/technology exhibition and their special exhibition, which was a pokemon lab. To be honest, the pokemon lab was much more geared towards children than I expected, so I tried to rush through it a bit, but there were so many people that by the time I got out of the pokemon portion it was around 4:45. I worried about how much I would get to see of the permanent exhibition so I hurried through most of it without much stopping to really see time went by there was no announcement that they were closing and people were still taking their time. I was a bit confused so I decided I would stay until they kicked everyone out, but after 30 mins or so it was still staying open!

Naturally I was happy because that meant I could slow down my pace a little and enjoy my time, but I wondered why they weren't closing. I decided to look up their business hours and it turns out this week is special so they didn't close until 7! f^_^;)

That was good news for me, but after rushing so much to try to see everything I started feeling really tired and hungry...I forgot to eat the entire day...

So I guess around 6:00 I left the museum feeling a little like I missed out on various things.
I ended up going to the main area in Odaiba where there are a lot of shops and restaurants and had dinner. After that, I decided to head back home, but before getting on the train I noticed the sky and scenery looked really beautiful!!

201508102224023b8.jpg 20150810222400a08.jpg

I wish I hadn't been so tired because it would have been nice to walk around the area and relax... But regardless, I'm happy I could at least go and have fun. It's been a while since I've gotten out; I've been working non stop lately.

Finally when I got back to my area I stopped by a bakery and got to piece of cake I posted at the top of the entry. I also took a picture of a few things I bought today ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I found the cup at the museum gift shop. the blue paper helps so you can see it a little better, but it's actually a clear glass and the constellations glow in the dark. The charmander image is a code for a free download onto one of my games that came from the Pokemon lab exhibition. And of course as I mentioned before, my new candlestick necklace. I really hope it doesn't break this time!! (><)

Anyway, it turned out to be a nice day! Thank you everyone who said happy birthday to me today!! It really was good! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The official Moi Dix Mois Twitter announced the next concert today!!
The info is as follows:
Dis inferno Ⅷ ~LAST YEAR PARTY~ has been decided!
Dec. 12, 2015 (Saturday) duo MUSICEXCHANGE
OPEN 17 :00 / START 18 :00
¥5400 (plus tax) / 1 drink separate
★ there will be more details later on for preceding ticket reception.

One year ago today Mana posted a small video with the song Je l'aime. I wanted to show it again on here, so please enjoy!!

Resurrection Time
I'm a little bit on a role lately with translating various things, so once again I have another Game Lab article finished.
I get the feeling interest in Game Lab is split between people, so for those who would rather read other news, I have more Mana/Moi dix Mois related information to share in this update after the Game inferno translations!

Please check it out!

Photo caption: Beauty is…a sin!?

Mana-Sama's Deep Game inferno

~Part 14~



Release date: November 22, 1994
Console: Sega Saturn

Sensations put into a game, the too beautiful "MYST"

The theme in last month's issue was "Game Sounds", so this time I want to talk about beautiful visuals.

In the dawn of the polygon era
special techniques implement beauty onto the screen

I was deeply impressed some ten-odd years ago when I encountered "MYST"; an experience that was visually captivating. It was an adventure game where a mystery on Myst Island was to be solved, and it boasted the most beautiful striking visuals.

"MYST" was originally released in 1993 for PC, but following in 1994, it was remade for the Sega Saturn. Furthermore, in the following years, a 3DO version and a PS version were also introduced.

If I were to speak about the traits of these 32-bit consoles, it would have to be about polygons. As it is at the moment, they are still underdevelopment and while it is cool that we can experience the three-dimensional 3D world, the limitations in presentation have been shaky.

In such a situation, the technique that "MYST" used was connecting CG depicted in high-definition to the screen as it advanced [in the game].

It wasn't until then that I saw clearly distinct landscape, so it was something that surprised me, making me say "Something this beautiful can actually be expressed in the game world?"
As a natural reflex my breath was nearly taken away by a peaceful and wondrous world appearance.

The situation is that there is nobody but you left on a deserted island. There is no BGM [background music]; you can only hear nature sounds like wind and water. It was really nice! Even as I talk about it now, it gives me a healing therapeutic sensation.

I digress, but I really like these kinds of games loaded with natural sensations, so in recent years my favorite [game] has been "Portable-Island Palms Resort" on the PSP. Its an open world in a southern country where you are free to look around as you enjoy the beautiful scenery depicted in 3D. It was something I played leisurely in my free time when Moi dix Mois did a European tour……

"MYST" felt like a sensation of just "being" in that world

Now then, let's return to the main topic. "MYST" is configured in a surreal mysterious space and the solution to the puzzle is difficult.
You are thrown into this strange world from the moment the game starts. There are no particular instructions so it makes you feel like 'what should I do', but the feeling of being isolated in this world is, on the contrary, mysteriously original. Also, as you solve the puzzle little by little you get this feeling of excitement that you can't savor in other titles.

Back in the day, when speaking of adventure type games, there were instructions that told you what to do next, and the story pretty much developed allowing players to hold on to their goals.
"MYST" was the polar opposite of what was customary of those kinds of games which seemed to create problems dividing people's preferences.
The main concern for me was the graphics, and I was extremely shocked it's all too beautiful CG, so of course that was a positive point.

The game had an extremely high level of difficulty, but with the amount of beauty it had awakened, that charm alone probably fascinated people. Even as I stumbled along I still advanced in the game play, but somehow being in this beautiful world just seemed soothing and I would find myself absentmindedly staring at the screen.

As for the original presentation techniques that "MYST" used, you could say it was a monumental breath of fresh air for adventure games.

Right now is a great period where we can enjoy games with extremely beautiful polygon imagery. There is a game I recently played called "Oblivion" on the PS3 that had the same kind of dream-like sensations as "MYST". This work has a huge open world that you're free to roam around set in a medieval European world.

The polygons depicted in this world are so beautiful you could mistake them for real pictures. The flowers and the surface of the water flicker, so it gives me the illusion that I'm actually in this world.

Of course, as it is a game, there is a goal in "Oblivion", but the desire [to get to the goal] is surpassed because I just want to do nothing but look at the vast world. Several years ago I was reluctant to go to bed on New Years, so I continued to play this game.

I am so surprised by the progress in how the presentation of games now are so different from a while back. When you get used to the high spec machines used for games now days, it might seem like what is displayed in "MYST" that I introduced this time is cheap. However, "MYST" was certainly a revolutionary game, so I think it had some ties to today.

Writing my thoughts about "MYST" has made me want to go back and enter that particular world again......
But I have a hunch that if I go back to it now, I won't be able to play it with that fresh new sensation again. There is also a sequel to it that I haven't played yet, so that it also a vital point to check!


There was a hut included in "Portable-Island" which would load into special mode where you could look at the imagery of the beautiful southern island and listen to the BGM of the natural sounding environment similar to a movie. I would lean it up against my bed and enjoy looking up at this mode. There was also a clock, so it had various conveniences. (Mana)

As for other news, recently I came across a book I had been looking for for a few years now. I was a little reluctant to buy it at first because it was a little bit on the expensive side, but I decided to make it an early birthday gift to myself.( ̄ー+ ̄)

I really couldn't pass up the opportunity when I found it because it is pretty rare.

The Big Illustrated Encyclopedia of Black Magic and Witchcraft

You might be wondering, how exactly does this pertain to Moi dix Mois?
Back when Mon+amour was still active, in the very beginning Mana talked about this book as the roots of the Madousho (vol. 2).
As a matter of course, I became interested in getting my hands on it, but this book was printed in 1976 and as far as I'm aware it was never printed later on in another edition. Furthermore, even Mana only had this book in his childhood and some how his copy vanished so he asked Mon+amour members to send it to him if they found it.

Long story short, a fan eventually gave it to him at an event some years later and he wrote about it in Mon+amour saying he was really excited to have finally received it.

As for me, I thought this book would be a great chance for gaining more insight into what Mana meant exactly by "roots". Obviously he meant that this book was one thing that captured his imagination and inspired him when creating Madoushos, but I couldn't shake the feeling that his interest ran deeper than Mon+amour; it was probably implemented into Moi dix Mois as well.

It turns out once I finally received the book a few days ago I was not disappointed!!

These pages particularly interested me and the stories and information were things I hadn't known about before.
Some of them are a little bit lesser known stories so I often feel like I can't put this book down and its constantly on my mind!

Another interesting point is the art style used throughout the pages.

Seeing constant blue and red throughout all the illustrations screams "Mana" everywhere. There is very little left to the imagination as to why he loves this book so much!

Funny enough, after spending some time reading through this book, I started connecting some of the dots in my mind.
Although on the surface level this is an obvious observation, I think theres still some degree that has been overlooked by lots of people (including myself).
Basically all the stories are linked to witches in some way. In fact, when I researched the author and publishing company, this book is only one in a series, and each has its own special topic. A large portion specialize in some part of the occult, but this one is specifically about witches.

Thinking about that, I started to realize some other materials Mana uses as inspiration for Moi dix Mois...


Suspiria is about witches too. In fact, the whole Suspiria trilogy is about 3 witches.
Moreover, another one of Mana's favorite movies is Black Sunday, which is another film about witches.

And if thats not enough he throws the song "Witchcraft" right in our faces with the lyrics "Les Sorcières Fiancées de Satan" which I mentioned back in 2012 is the title of a book yet again about witches.

I don't mean to say Moi dix Mois is all about witches, but these resources bring to light more and more mysteries hidden within the world of Moi dix Mois. For me its interesting to dwelve into these themes in order to truly understand Mana as an artist (and perhaps to some extension as a human being).

In my opinion, Moi dix Mois was not created to be easily understood. It was intended for those who sympathize with the same world outlook, so to research it adds a new level of depth that can easily be taken for granted if we don't stop and think its meanings from time to time.

This is one thing about Moi dix Mois that constantly keeps me in suspense. The more I try to research deeper into various themes, the more I learn that all along the answers behind the mysteries are hidden in plain sight. You just have to adjust your eyes and ears a little to see things in the proper light. Maybe that in itself is the true secret...

Game Lab!!
Recently I've been trying to work on translating Moi dix Mois song lyrics, but as I said in the last entry, it takes a bit more effort than I had expected.
I enjoy doing it, but trying to accurately portray the right image and meaning with the right words is a little bit strenuous.
With that said, I took a small break from looking at lyrics and decided to work on something a bit easier.

Actually, to be honest, it was only yesterday that I took that break and I ended up going much faster than I had expected, so as a result I can share something I just finished translating today!!

Finally I'm happy to announce Game Lab Part 13!

Mana-Sama's Deep game inferno

~Part 13~


~White Night Concerto~

Sales Agency: Konami
Release Date: June 6, 2002
Console: Gameboy Advance

An indispensable component that represented the performance world -- Game music

This time I'm going to be talking about games and music in connection to my principal occupation.

Whenever I play games, I don't usually just enjoy them, I take notice to the sounds and sound effects. Game sounds make up a big foundation of my musical life.

Being made aware of Game "sounds"
The merits of "Invaders"

When I was very young it was the dawn of games, and in regards to game sounds there were no melodies yet, so the standard was extremely simple machine sounds that were being implemented.

In "Pong" and "Breakout" there were only simple sounds that resounded with the rackets and blocks. Now days I feel like it holds a lonely impression, but regardless, in that case it feels like simple is best, so its possible to say it has a particular significance.

After that, the era of sound effects with no music continued. During that [time] "Space Invaders" made a clever use of sound effects. While repeating only 4 sounds, they successfully created a feeling of dread, like "They're not really going to invade, are they……"
I think for this work they leaned heavily towards making it known that "Somehow sound will be important in this game"

The shock of hearing "Help Me~" from a game

In regards to "sound," something that I will never forget is Sun Denshi's "Speak & Rescue". The title is no lie in this work; somehow the game could speak. Now days its become so natural, but back then it was revolutionary.
Even I said "Theres no way a game could speak!" so I was shocked.

As for the game's contents, it was a bad imitation of "Galaxian," but when the humans were abducted by aliens, the words "Help me" came out. Of course in those days the voice wasn't very lively and it had a mechanical, artificial type sound, but its strong significance was something I was drawn to because the concept itself of "the game speaks" had not been done before.

To my memory, that title must have been the world's first where a voice was expressed. With that kind of significance, its a monumental game, but for some reason I feel like its been completely forgotten, so its disappointing for those who know about it. Since that piece felt like a game of the future, I feel like it should be appreciated more……

Also, if I'm to speak of artificial voices, I can't leave out a game I really like, "Crazy Climber". Its a bold game design where the main character does nothing but climb up a building, but when things like flower pots fall from the windows and they hit him, a voice comes out saying "Ow!"
The player and the character in the game have to synchronize, so its no exaggeration to say it was a monumental work with a fresh new game concept that created a huge stir.

A Chance Meeting with the producer of "Akumajo [Dracula]"
And then up to the point of making music

At first there were no game sounds except for sound effects, but as time passed, consequentially melodies would accompany them, creating music. Theres probably no need to explain to everyone who reads this magazine that a lot of masterpiece game music has come out of it.

In relation to that, I want to make a special mention of the game music in the series "Akumajo Densetsu". It's ominous sounds definitely supports it's dark appearance.

Of course for me the nature of this game series and it's sounds were very comfortable, so when MALICE MIZER was active it was something I put on display in my room when trying complete everything. Partly because of that, I had a talk about the plans for [the game] with Mr. IGA, the "Akumajo" series producer, at the Vampire Cafe. At the same time, he gave me a request hoping I would make a song for a ring tone as a musical image of the same game. I love the series so it was an event that made me very happy.

Regarding this request, what I created was a tune called "La Nuit Blanche" which means White Night.

"White Night Concert" was released in 2002. At that time the number of sounds that were used in mobile phone ring tones were very few, so constructing a balance of sounds was extremely difficult. However, once I got the grasp of the piece and finished it, it was really a huge asset for me in my musician life.

In recent years the media that comes along with packaged games is DVDs and Blu-ray. In the past it was different, so the fact that we've reached a point where a grand orchestra type sounds can be recorded makes it feel like we've practically reached the movie world.

From here on after, if I ever received a sound request from a game I like, I would definitely want to try it. Ever since I was a child, I grew up with video games, so for me writing dark magnificent game music is a significant dream I have.


In 1984 "Galaxian" was implemented for the Famicon. In this game Paul [Mauriat] was in one of the command inputs. There was an underhanded trick where the melody to Mauriat's "Queen of Sheba" would start playing and I remember being surprised and saying "cool" when this displayed in front of everyone. Hidden in sorrow, the "Queen of Sheba" is a really good song, and was something I would listen to many times on the Famicon.(Mana)

For those who are interested, I translated the conversation Mana had with IGA a long time ago. Its a great supplement to this issue, so if you haven't yet, please check it out here: Mana & IGA's secret Castlevania talk