Today the new Moi-meme-Moitie Frame Cross print was released, and just as I wrote in the last entry about the GLB, I was really looking forward to this print.
So, with my curiosity peaked, I headed over to Shinjuku to see the new dresses in person.

The Moi-meme-Moitie online shop lately has been sending out a number of emails regarding the newly released items. It seems some pieces are in limited quantity, which may require everyone to either purchase specific items at the online shop or make a request at the Kera shop. Fortunately, when I made my way there everything seemed to be on display! But I ran into a small delimma...


As you can see, I ended up with the blue x silver version as I had originally wanted, but what really caught my eye was the ivory x gold version!!

I'm personally very fond of the type of fabric used on the Fame Cross print. I already knew how it would look in person in blue because of the Holy Queen skirt in blue x silver, but I didn't realize how amazing the ivory and gold version would be in this style!!
I stood there at the store comparing both the blue and ivory versions weighing my options, and while I absolutely adore the ivory, I went with blue because the last Moitie dress I bought (Holy Angel) was white x gold and I have a lot more accessories and such that already match up with the blue.

On the other hand, however, I was a bit disappointed in another color scheme I was originally interested in for this dress. The black x gold. On the the website the gold really seems vibrant against the black, but in real life it was more dull than I had expected, so I ended up not being all that impressed with it.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the last entry, the coordinate I wanted to do for this dress ended up being the exact same one Mana was wearing in the GLB!! As strange as it may sound, since I used to cosplay Mana some years ago, I really don't want to be taken as someone who is flat out trying to copy him. Therefore, I looked through what I had and adjusted my style a little bit.

Its still a bit cold for short sleeves, but I liked the way the ruffly black collar accented the blue JSK. Right now I only have a blue cross necklace, but I would like to buy the silver version later on because I just can't help but prefer silver jewelery to accent this coordinate. As for the hair, its still a bit like Mana's in the GLB, but for tonight only its the most I could do. Maybe I'll try something different for the concert...I'm still not sure.

Other than that, for those who are interested in seeing the dress itself, here are some extra pictures:

MmMBagCF.jpg CrossFrameJSK.jpg

Anyway, I'm really happy with it and I can't wait for the opportunity to go out wearing it! (^ω^)

By the way,
one last thing before I end this entry. Yesterday morning, February 27, Leonard Nimoy, the actor best known for Mr. Spock of Star Trek passed away. I had been following the news for the past few days since I heard he was in the hospital and had a strong feeling it wouldn't be long before this news came, but I still can't help but feel overwhelmed. People who know me well, surely know I'm a big fan of Star Trek: The Original Series and I completely adored Spock above all. But its not just the character; Leonard Nimoy himself proved to be a person filled with creativity, humor, and lots of love, so its an understatement to say he was someone who really inspired me.


Thank you so much Mr. Nimoy for all the joy you brought to the world.
Just as he would probably tell everyone right now, I will end this entry on the same note...

Live long and prosper

GLB 55
Its Feb. 24th, so naturally that means the Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 55 goes on sale today!!
and as always, I come bearing pictures...
今日は2月24日、ゴシック&ロリータバイブル vol. 55の発売日です!

This time, just as last time, there are only two pictures. For those who follow the official Moi dix Mois twitter account, you may have seen Mana posting GLB related photos like this one recently:
今回、2枚だけあります。先日もMoi dix MoisオフィシャルツイッターにてGLBと関係している写真が付いた


But as it turns out, this coordinate did not make it into this month's issue.

So personal impressions of these two (arguably three) new outfits.
When I went to the book store today, I immediately opened up the GLB to see what the new pictures would be. Immediately as I saw the EGL piece I felt like ( `-ω-)?
書店に入る時、すぐにゴシック&ロリータバイブルを開けて、そのEGL写真を見ると…( `-ω-)?「おや!?」と。

I was actually intending on buying this dress and doing the exact same coordinate before ever seeing this picture!! Not just the clothes, but the hair too! Everything is exactly what I had planned for myself! (≧△≦)
If I buy this dress I don't want people to think I'm trying to cosplay, so maybe its time to rethink my decision...

But anyway, that obviously means I really love that EGL coordinate if I was planning on doing it myself. haha f(^^;;

Whats most intriguing to me about the Frame Cross JSK (as its called) is the images in the frames. It looks like cupid is hiding in there! and not only that, I love the whole blue x silver color scheme. It reminds me quite a bit of the holy queen print which was something I wanted as a JSK, but ended up with the skirt instead because the dress sold out immediately. To top it off, this time the Frame Cross print has a silver tie. I really love that touch.

As for the EGA picture, my personal feeling is that its relatively typical and it was posted on the Moi dix Mois twitter last night, so no big surprise there. One thing I really like about it however, is the candlestick logo at the neck. I've noticed a lot of newer Moitie pieces keep doing things like this, but I think it looks really good together.
EGAの感想は、普通のEGAコーディネートで、Moi dix Moisツイッターを付いたので、べつにびっくりではない。しかしながら、首に燭台ロゴが好きです。最近、色々なMoitie新作商品がこの燭台をよく見ているが、そのディテールが素敵だと思う。

So what do you all think? Are any of the new pieces appealing to anybody? I would love to hear your opinions!!

Be sure to check out these new items on the Moi-meme-Moitie online shop. (International orders here)
This new GLB vol. 55 can also be purchased online here so please take this opportunity to get your own copy to support the Gothic & Lolita Bible!!

Speaking of sales, I still have one more ticket available to purchase for the Moi dix Mois March 22nd live!! If you or anyone you know is interested in going please email me!
In my opinion, Mana's birthday concerts are always the best Moi dix Mois lives, so its absolutely worth going!!
買い物といえば、この来る3月22日Moi dix Moisライヴのチケット1枚まだ売れています!

its been a while since my last entry. I found out earlier this month that my apartment building will close down at the end of April, so I've been extremely busy trying to find a new place to live. I want to remain in the same area I'm in right now, so even though I say I'm moving, it wont be that big of a difference. Its just a matter of finding a good place and an agency that will help me because they make it more complicated than it should be when you're not Japanese.
To make matters worse, as I wrote before, I will be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding in the US, so I have to leave Tokyo for about a week. While I'm definitely honored to do it, one week really feels like its cutting into valuable time I need for trying to find a new place to live.
ahhh...everything is so stressful... (=__=)
まぁ...最近ストレスが上げているなあ... (=__=)

As unrealistic as it will probably be, I wish I could get a new place before going back to the US.
Only time will tell...

March 22nd Moi dix Mois Live + Edit
Sorry, this isn't so much of an informative post as it is an offer.

**2/12 Edit**
Only one ticket available now!!


This coming March 22nd Moi dix Mois concert is SOLD OUT.
However, I happen to have two extra tickets for sale!!
この来る3月22日Moi dix MoisライヴはSOLD OUTですが、

The venue, Mt. Rainier Hall Pleasure Pleasure in Shibuya, is a theater-like set up, so there are two floors in the venue. These tickets are both for the 2nd floor, but the seats are not together.
渋谷の「Mt. Rainier Hall Pleasure Pleasure」という会場はシアターみたいので、2階のチケットのようだ。席も隣合わない。

The picture above is the ticket I'm selling, but a friend of mine is also trying to sell hers. I removed the seat and row numbers for security purposes, so if anybody is interested please feel free to email me and I can give you more info on the tickets!!

The price for each ticket will be the original price they were purchased for. The ticket price itself is 5,400 yen but there are also extra taxes and service fees tacked onto that price, so the final total will end up being 6,500 yen.

Concerning payment and exchange for the ticket: I am flexible either exchanging the money for the ticket at the day of the concert outside the venue or going through paypal and sending the ticket via mail, but it will be necessary to pay for postage as well.

For those who are interested in going to the concert but don't have a ticket, please email me at mephistoangelo (@) gmail.com or send me an email on the form on the right hand side of this blog.
このアドレスで→ mephistoangelo (@) gmail.com または右手のメールフォームでメッセージを送ってください!

Its a perfect chance for those who really wanted to celebrate Mana's birthday on the original concert date!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
第一章 生誕典礼祭〜Mana様Birthday〜を参加したければ、良いチャンスだ!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I'm still going to the concert, its just that my friend and I received better ticket offers from some other friends, and we would like to sell ours to give 2 other people the opportunity to go who couldn't before!

Time to say Goodbye again
One of the hardest parts about living in another country where many people want to visit is that the friends you make often come and go.

Ever since the second half of last year I was finally able to make a few new friends who were staying in Japan for a while, but now the time has come once again in my life to say goodbye to several of them.
So, over the past few days I've been trying to spend as much time together with them as possible, and as a result I was able to do and see a few new things that I felt were worth sharing on here!

First was the 8-bit cafe


I had never heard of this place before, but apparently it showed up in a gaming magazine overseas some years ago so one of the friends I was with that day suggested we go. The place was nothing like I imagined, but it was actually quite fun!

The cafe itself is tiny, so when you first walk in it almost feels like you're entering someone's living room. To be honest, I was a little nervous in the beginning, but I immediately got over that feeling because the atmosphere was really nice and all the customers and staff seemed genuinely happy!

8bitinshop.jpg 8bitwalls.jpg
8bitwalls2.jpg 8bitcontroller.jpg

As you can see from the pictures, the place was lined from wall to wall with retro game consoles, figurines, etc. The one thing I was most interested in was a tabletop version of Space Invaders? (I forget exactly, but I think it was that one...) but there were already people sitting around it, so I never got the chance. Either way, almost everywhere you chose to sit there was a console of one kind or another to play. We had a Super Famicon (Super NES) next to us, so we played Mario for way too long and I realized I haven't used an older console's controller for so long that I almost forgot how to use it altogether and kept losing immediately! It took so long for me to get used to it again that it started to become a running joke of how far would I go before I do something stupid again and die?? f(^^;;

Aside from games, the cafe had a giant menu of specialty drinks made up to fit the theme with names like "Dr. Mario," or in the case of the drink I ordered, "Blue Badge". Even the coasters for the drinks were designed as pixel images from various games!

bluebadge.jpg 8bitcoasters.jpg
(hehe Hoegaarden)

Anyway, we had such a great time that we ended up staying there several hours before it was time to eventually go back home. It was a perfect way to spend a last evening together with a wonderful friend!! Thank you~!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The next evening I went out with two more friends to Christon Cafe where we got lost in conversation until late in the evening. I actually wrote a bit about how I feel like the Christon Cafe has come back to its former glory from several years ago, so it must truly mean something if we have gone twice now within a short period of time!!

Recently I've been hanging out with these two girls almost every weekend! What makes me happiest is the fact that it seems we have quite similar interests, so we end up walking around the city and going to restaurants and the whole time the conversation is so lively that by the time we need to go back home I often wonder where the time went. While these two are leaving soon, it turns out they come back to Japan quite often for Moi dix Mois, so I just have to remember "only about one more month until we can meet up again!"
Thank you guys! I really have so much fun with you two!!(≧∇≦)

Finally, yesterday I was able to hang out with the same two friends from the day before and another friend who...well...isn't leaving Japan because shes Japanese...but the point is, we were walking around when we happened to come across a particular shop.


Its probably a little difficult to see from the picture, but we suddenly found ourselves faced with an antique gothic shop in the middle of......nowhere I would expect...!

Unfortunately the shop was closed a few minutes before we reached it, but I instantly fell in love!
More than anything, I really want to go inside and look around. From the window it looked like they had some really amazing collectibles that I would absolutely die to see up close!!

...Speaking of which, more and more I've noticed that I've really grown to love antique and home decor shops. Its kind of a shame I've come to realize this within recent years because I often feel like, "If I were in the US I could easily find so many of these items for cheap!"
In Japan such things are extremely expensive. Its probably because of import fees and the rarity over here, but I always feel my heart sink a little when I see the prices and think about how easy it would be buy the same thing for maybe a quarter of the price in the US.
I wonder if Japanese people feel the same way about these types of things as how many people overseas feel about buying Japanese products for almost double the original price.

Anyway, I'm really glad I was able to see everyone once more time before they all make their journeys back home. The good news is everyone is planning on coming back sooner or later, so this is not goodbye forever!!
I can't wait for the day we meet again!!

I would like to remind everyone, yesterday a second Moi dix Mois Mana Birthday concert was announced for April 5, 2015 because the March concert is sold out.
For those who are interested in tickets for the April 5th live, please check the Moi dix Mois website!!

I guess I've been slightly MIA since the last entry.

I have several things I want to cover this time, so I'll start with the inevitable topic first and then go into happier things related to Moi dix Mois.
まずは大変で必然的な話題で、それからもっと明るいMoi dix Moisと関係があるニュースです。

I've received a few messages of condolence since then, and I really wanted to say thank you so much.
I haven't been able to respond to everyone personally, but I still want to because its important to me.

About a day after my last update it seems everyone who knew my friend finally learned about her untimely death and a memorial was held later on. I guess the reality hit hardest for me when I started seeing pictures of her surface online. My family has been friends with hers ever since I was in elementary school and as we grew older she was somebody who accepted me for who I was and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

Now days I often think about how I wish I could have told her how much I appreciated her and that I still believed in her despite the many hardships she had to endure in her life. Honestly, I have a lot of issues myself, so while I may not be the perfect person to give advice or listen to or whatever, I still believed she was wonderful person with so much to offer to the world.

She will never be forgotten and will continue to stay alive in my heart until the day we meet again.

Anyway, I need to pursue on. This blog is primarily for Moi dix Mois information. If I were to speak about my life it may turn into a novel... so having said that, I would like to try to turn to something a bit more positive and related to this blog's prime directive now.
しかし、その時まで、前に進まなくちゃいけない。このブログは基本的にMoi dix Moisの情報のためですね。私の生命と言えば、小説を書けるでしょう。だから、このブログの本旨やポジティブの事に向けましょう。

First of all, another new Digital Madousho was released yesterday.


Volume 9 contains pictures, stories, and reports from Mana visiting his hometown in Hiroshima, Deep Sanctuary IV, and Dis inferno XII. You can find and purchase it on the Digital Madousho site.
9号の内容はMana様正月帰省、Deep Sanctuary IV、とDis inferno XIIのレポートです。Digital魔導書サイトで購入できます。

Speaking of which, theres a tiny and slightly insignificant picture in Digital Madousho vol. 9 that I appear in!! As a hint, I will say its hidden within the Deep Sanctuary IV photos. Try to find me in it!!
ということで、小さくて零細ですが、Digital魔導書 vol.9の写真の中に私を見た!ヒントとして、Deep Sanctuary IVの写真の中に見えるでしょう。私を探してみたくてね!

Also, along with the announcement of the Digital Madousho, I also noticed an email from the Moi dix Mois official mail magazine.
そして、Digital魔導書の登場の後は、Moi dix Moisオフィシャルメルマガからメールを気づいた。

For those who don't know, Moi dix Mois has been sending out free official email news letters for a couple years now to announce information such as concert and event dates, as well as any other important information that needed to be conveyed. In the most recent news letter it has been announced that after March 31 the Moi dix Mosi news letter system will close. All announcements will either come from the official Moi dix Mois twitter account, the Moi dix Mois site, or Mana's blog Monologue†Garden.
知らない人へ、今まで2〜3年ぐらいMoi dix Moisメルマガが登録した皆にライヴとイベントニュースや大切な情報を送れた。しかし、先日このメールを貰った:

3月31日をもちまして、Moi dix Mois informationのメール配信を
今後は、Moi dix Miois Official Web SiteTwitterにて、

Of course I will also continue to keep up with those announcements and post them on here as well, so there are still tons of places for everyone to stay updated.

Next on the agenda is a personal discovery I made!
As we all know, sometimes I come across small details that relate to Mana, Moi dix Mois, Moi-meme-Moitie etc and I can't resist sharing them!
Mana、Moi dix Mois、Moi-meme-Moitie等の詳細を時々出会っていて、ここに登場するのが好きです!

This time I would like to introduce the song Miserere performed by The Tallis Scholars and Peter Phillips
今回はThe Tallis ScholarsとPeter Phillipsの演奏で「Miserere」という曲を紹介したい。

You might be wondering, what does this have to do with Moi dix Mois?
Well, my friends who have yet to attend a concert in Japan, during Moi dix Mois lives there is always at least one intermission between the main bulk of the concert and either the second "act" or encore.
「Moi dix Moisの事とは?」と考えているかも
Moi dix Moisライヴに行ったことがない人達へ、

During this intermission period the same classical music piece always starts up that has for a long time really caught many people's attention. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've been to concerts and at least one person has made a comment about this song. Ever since I first heard it I've always really wanted to know the title.

Of course, since there are no recordings of any concerts, I can't simply go and cross check myself, but I'm about 99.9% sure this is the song because every time I hear it I try to remember parts of the song that make it stand out to me. This song fits the bill perfectly to every detail I have committed to memory. Although, since as I said theres no sure fire way to check immediately, at the next concert I will play the song on my ipod beforehand to see if it matches. Anyway, I'm positive this is the right one!

Interestingly enough, I didn't find this song intentionally by searching it out. I read a lot of books on my ipad, but in order to help me concentrate I usually play classical music while I read. One evening a particular song came on and I thought "this sounds really familiar..." I looked to see who the artist was and on itunes an album popped up. I sampled some of the songs, and then when I sampled Miserere from the list it suddenly struck me!! Its the song that always plays Moi dix Mois concerts!! Instantly I downloaded the entire album.

For those who are interested, this is the version I downloaded

Allegri's Miserere

From now on, as long as this is the correct song I will include it in future concert reports just like I have done in the past with the Goblin/Suspiria music played at the beginning of lives.

There is so much I want to talk about regarding this song, but since this entry is already getting long, I'll save those details for later.

So now for the last bit of news.

This year, 2015, marks the 10th birthday of my website, Mana-Sama.net!!

However, I never officially opened the site until fall 2005, so I have my sights set to celebrate it a bit more later on in the year. But still, this is a huge mile stone for my little site that I've put so much effort into! What amazes me the most is, looking back on the original reasons why I created it, I never actually strayed from those goals. In fact, my desires for Mana-Sama.net still remain the same as what they were 10 years ago!

I would really love to do something special for it to celebrate 10 years, but I don't really know what to do...

If anybody has any ideas please send me messages from the email form at the bottom right hand side of this blog!! I would really love to hear your thoughts!

I was really hoping 2015 would be a new start but it feels like its not beginning that way...

Today I learned an old friend of mine passed away.
I was asked not to tell anybody, so I do not intend on disclosing any personal information, but I feel like I can't just keep silent on the inside. Nobody who knows her reads this blog, so I guess its safer on here to write when I have nobody else to talk to about it.

I don't know what to say...
Ever since K passed away, death has taken a major toll in my life. Maybe that sounds stupid and unhealthy, but its reality.
I guess all I can say right now, as cliche as this will sound, is love everybody for who they are. As a human race we take so much for granted. We pick apart people and say this and that about them for so many reasons, and in the midst of that we forget about the impact of our actions.
This friend in particular is somebody I cared about, but she had a difficult life so I often worried about her. I wish I could take a moment to tell her that.

Right now all the details are unclear about whats going on. I don't even know what I'm going to do right now. I only just got back to Japan on Monday and I've been trying to make arrangements to go back to the US in early March before the Moi dix Mois concert for another friend's wedding...
帰る時からMoi dix Moisライヴの前に3月の月初め、友達の結婚式のために準備して、またアメリカに行かなくちゃいけない…

I apologize for posting my emotions all over the internet like this right now. I just have no where else to go and this blog is one of the few places that makes me feel secure.

One thing I do request though,
I know many of my friends read this blog are also friends with me on social networking sites like Facebook. All I ask is that you please refrain from writing anything to me publicly on there. There are lots of other friends and family who will see those posts whom I'm not supposed to talk to about the situation. This blog is one thing, but places like that are something completely different...
Thank you for understanding.
よろしくお願いします m(_ _)m

Anyway, everyone, please take care of yourselves. I care about you. ♥

Houston + Update 1/5


Welcome to my house...

Its been about a week now, so soon enough, on the 5th, I will already be back in Tokyo.

I feel like my stay in the US has been so short, and while part of me looks forward to getting back to Japan, another part of me is sad to leave.

One of my most favorite things about visiting my family is once again seeing my dog, Alice!


I don't have any siblings so I guess you could say shes like a sister to me? hehe (^^;)
She follows me everywhere...
兄弟がないので、アリスが妹みたいでしょうね!へへ (^^;)

The rest of the time I've been moderately busy doing this and that, but most notably I got to see my best friend since middle school before she went back to where she lives now (New York) and my family has taken me to see several movies. I absolutely loved "Big Eyes" and "Into the Woods"!!

Today was a shopping day so my mom and I went into a nice area of town where we found an amazing interior decoration shop and I fell in love with just about everything inside!


The truth is, I can only wish that place was my house...

Then surprisingly we found a huge Christmas tree in the center of town among other things! (°□°)
その後、ショッピングセンターの中に大きいクリスマスツリーも見つけた!びっくり! (°□°)


Anyway, I've been receiving a number of really nice emails lately from everyone sending me holiday wishes and saying "I hope you're having a good time with your family!" so I wanted to say Thank You! and make a small post about everything thats been going on lately.

Also, for those who don't know much about Houston, heres what our small city looks like!


Compared to Tokyo it seems so tiny! But the reality is its actually a big city and the picture is only of downtown.

Coming back to the US always feels very surreal to me, so it takes me a while to adjust to life in America. Even at the airport everyone's English feels so fast and I don't know how to respond at first. Whats happening to me!?
The funny thing is, every time I finally become accustom to everything again I always have to leave. (´・ω・`)
This time it really feels like American society has changed a lot...it feels like I hardly even know it anymore.
それも、ついに慣れる時、もう一度アメリカに出なくちゃいけない。大変なあ〜 (´・ω・`)
今回、アメリカのソサエティがなかなか変えたと思います。 最近、アメリカもう知らないようだ。

But regardless, I have enjoyed my time here! I guess the next time I update on here I will be back in Tokyo, so with that said, I hope everyone has also had wonderful holidays!!

Thank you to everyone who has been sending me emails about solutions for the Digital Madousho!
A lot of the information I've been receiving via email is more or less what I already posted about on the first post I made about the topic, but I also received an email about a different solution that could be helpful to some of you.
Apparently there are situations where credit cards are not working for the Digital Madousho unless you write your last name first and then your first name in the name field. I tried it myself, but I still wasn't able to make the purchase. However, it might be useful for some of you to try!

If anybody still has any more solutions feel free to email them to me! If we work together on this, maybe we can figure out several different methods to get the Digital Madoushos to work for everyone!

Jan. 5

I'm not making a whole new update, because this is only going to be a short message.

I finally made it back to Tokyo safely AND just as I thought, I was able to purchase the Digital Madousho upon my return! I know there are others who are still having trouble purchasing it, though, so not all our problems are solved.

Speaking of problems, the flight itself was a bit frustrating, but the biggest issue of all is that my luggage is stuck in the United States right now!! ((((; -`д-)))
I guess it will take a day or two to get back, but I just kept having this feeling on the inside that something would go wrong with my luggage... ugh...
今、私のスーツケースはアメリカで積み残しだった!! ((((; -`д-)))

Anyway, I did manage to take several beautiful pictures of the scenery outside the window, but this one is my favorite.