Over time I keep receiving numerous emails about Hayato's blog entry, so tonight after I got home from work I was able to finish translating!!
Furthermore, many have probably already noticed Mana's most recent tweets from yesterday, so I'll also include translations of those below of Hayato's entry.

Some time ago

Its been a while since I've updated.
The weather that hasn't cleared up yet still continues, but thats not pulling down everyone's physical condition is it?
Please be careful.

I haven't wanted to say anything until I had my feelings sorted out.
The sadness still wont go away, but as time goes on, little by little my feelings have started to calm down, so I think I will be able to compose myself.

On a certain day in May I bid farewell to K-kun.

To all the bereaved family members,
thank you so much for offering us a place to part with K-kun.
I also give my condolences from the bottom of my heart.

Moi dix Mois Hayato
draw the perspective Fukayama Hayato
Apart from myself, Ira came to the condolence call of all-night vigil over the body along with me.

I thought I had with myself prepared for it, but I found myself dumbfounded over the sight before me that seemed like a lie.
Flower offerings and incense burning offerings were induced by the people at the funeral hall, and I couldn't even convey 1/10 of the words I had prepared for the K with his eyes closed before me, so I just spent time with him.

I've been thinking that I would some how or other be able to convey what happened to everyone, but I can't remember anything but fragments of what happened when I try to come to terms with the reality of this inevitable death.
I'm sorry.
I might be able to convey it if I had pictures, but above all I am bearing in mind politeness towards the current feelings are of those who were friends with him for a long time and also attended.
Thats not to say photos would recapture the feelings from before, its just that I can't put myself in that kind of disposition.
All of the friends who went to the condolence call were the same,
little by little we talked together about the fragments of memories we had and with great care we stowed each [memory] away in our hearts so as not be stuck with our wounds.

In a jet black coffin in his stage costume and covered in a countless number of roses, he was

『 Moi dix Mois

Guitar & Voice "WILD BEAST" K 』

he died as stylish guy all the way to the very end.

This is the best I can convey to everyone on my own about what happened on that day.

Originally we planned to do a live on May 24th.

Since the first report I received of K-kun's sudden death time was flowing and we couldn't successfully grasp going out on that day.

From the morning on various thoughts were going on inside [my mind], and I suddenly felt like K-kun might be waiting at the venue all by himself, so I decided for myself that I had to go stand and be in front of duo and just do a "dix" at 18:00, the time when the concert was supposed to start, and then return home.

That was a selfish independent action that I could be scolded for so I came up with a resolution to contact the members as a result.

Instantly I got replies.

"I'm ready to go"

"I'll go too"

"I'm going there now"

The tears wouldn't stop.
I think by the time I had finished contacting everyone an hour had already gone by.

At the planned concert time 18:00
in Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE
the five Moi dix Mois members put held their hands out in the usual tight circle.

The five of us connected.

Thank you so much to,
Midi:Nette President Ito, everyone at HOT STUFF, and everyone at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE,
for your sincere correspondence despite the sudden request.

When we arrived at the venue maybe K-kun was speaking in that cool voice while standing in a daunting pose with his arms crossed.
"You're late!" (laughs)
Its extremely sad, but from this day I wonder if each individual member's mental state will slowly be able to move forward.

To all people who think about Moi dix Mois and especially K-kun with great care.
I think we will all continue to grope at the current state of affairs for a while, but from here on out Moi dix Mois will also continue making efforts and challenges as we advance forward.
We project members will also be giving our support with all our might.
It might sound strange for me to say something like this, but right now Mana-san is doing the best he can with this inevitable death.
There aren't a lot of people he talks to so I think its probably difficult to get something like that conveyed out.
To all dixtors, from here after, however you can please support Moi dix Mois and Mana-Sama with all your heart.

Announcements have been made on the MdM Official HP
August 2 Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO
-K Memorial Performance- Darkness Big Festival ~Scarlet Sabbath~ will be performed.
Cry with all your heart
Laugh with all your heart
Shout with all your heart
Let's all send off K-kun together.

Also, We are still doing the Russia FES as planned.
We will hold on to K-kun's spirit as we receive the sounds of explosions together.
Please send your powers from Japan on August 16th, the performance date.
We depend on your power above all.

I'm not able to say what I want very well, but it has been proof that without still being alive together he has filled a gaping hole in my heart.
I think I might still write about an episode I had with K-kun later on.

K-kun, I am really glad we got to meet.
Thank you



Draw the Perspective is a band consisting of Fukayama Hayato (Moi dix Mois) and Mishima Ira. From the looks of their website, Hayato and Ira share the same blog, so there is another entry previous to the one I just translated above concerning K's death written by Ira (he was also friends with K). I decided not to translate Ira's entry because it was a little bit more difficult to understand, but if there are enough readers here who would like me to translate Ira's entry I would be willing to do it. Please send me messages if you want me to translate the entry because otherwise I won't know.

Finally, here are Mana's tweets from yesterday.

Today starting from the morning I'm doing make up~!

Mana / Moi dix Mois

And trying out a new hair style...

Mana / Moi dix Mois

The last tweet should be pretty easy to understand as its just the title of his latest blog entry stating that Monologue†Garden was updated.

Despite the sadness of Hayato's blog entry and K's death having passed 2 months ago yesterday, its nice to see Mana appears to be in good spirits lately.
Now the count down begins to the K memorial concert in two weeks. I don't know if saying "I'm looking forward to it" is an appropriate expression, so I will end this by saying I hope to be filled with emotion as we celebrate the life of K and say goodbye to Moi dix Mois' coolest member.

Game Lab
The newest Game Lab is out with another Game inferno article. This one I'm particularly excited about, but first here are the scans.

Child of Light is a game that came out for PS4 earlier this year and I've really been wanting to play it! A month or so ago I went to the giant electronics store Yodobashi in Akihabara and there were advertisements for this game all over the place. I'm planning on getting a PS4 next month for my birthday and after seeing this game advertised its been on my list of games I really want to get my hands on.

For me personally, I'm not really sure if I have completely the same taste in games as Mana, but when I have more time to read the whole article later it will be interesting to hear his impressions on it. Perhaps it will give more perspective if this game is really worth playing or not. Anyway, I know I'm really behind on translating game lab but over the past several months its been extremely difficult to keep up because I've been really busy. (x_x;) However, I have really been thinking lately about picking up Game Lab translations again, so I guess time will tell when I complete translating these articles.

Until then, please enjoy the scans.♥

This isn't really Moi dix Mois related news, but I think many people who come to this blog are interested in gothic and visual kei bands, so I thought I would write about a concert I just came back from.

The picture above was my coordinate tonight, although you can't see the entire outfit. I'll get to that later because I have another picture to share.
The concert was a three man live at CYBER Ikebukuro with VELVET EDEN, Rose Noir, and THE SOUND BEE HD. My main goal was to see VELVET EDEN for the first time.

Its funny...I've known about Velvet Eden for many years now. I used to listen to their music when I first got interested in Visual Kei bands and I definitely liked them! But I guess after my first year of living in Japan the novelty of going to various concerts wore off and I would only go see Moi dix Mois after a while. So, by the time VE was revitalized I didn't really consider going to their concerts. However, I'm friends with Dada on facebook and hes commented and liked things of mine in the past so I began to think "Maybe I should consider going to one of his concerts..."

This concert happened to be a free live so it was a perfect chance to reintroduce myself back into the band! I eventually decided to post about the concert as it was coming up and several friends I haven't seen in a long time started saying "I want to go too!" so today there ended up being a large group of us going together, which was a really fun experience! I can't remember the last time I've been around so many friends!

We got to the venue close to the opening time, around 6:30 and waited until 7:00 pm for the concert to start. I was unexpectedly sent straight to the front row and as soon as the curtains opened Dada and Chro stood on each side of the stage crossing two swords against each other. The concert started with elegant opening music and the two of them have a short sword fight. Soon after they took their places on stage to begin the concert.

I honestly have no idea what the set list was as its been quite a while since I've listened to their music, but their dark and elegant sounds truly reminded me of why I used to love them so much! Dada's dancing was so nostalgic and reminded me of the VELVET EDEN music videos I watched so long ago, and his voice was just as I remember it! Chro also fits perfectly into the image and sound playing keyboard and guitar. I imagine going between the two instruments can't be easy, so to me thats true talent!

During the first song, Dada and Chro used their swords as props to the music, pointing them at the audience. Afterwards, in the second song Dada used a light clipped to his microphone that he would often wave his hand in front of to create a sort of light and shadow effect on his face. That was something I had never seen before during a concert, but it worked very well with the performance!

As for their outfits, Dada had curly red wig with a black veil over it and a long puffy black dress that had roses lining the collar and a black corset. He was also wearing his signature black gloves that look like long claws at the ends. The gloves were one of my favorite parts of the costume because its something I always vividly remember from Velvet Eden.
Chro was wearing a long black dress that was more fitted to his figure and a black headdress.

There were two MC sections between songs. During the first one Dada greeted everyone and talked about their new DVD that is coming out at the end of the month, but anyone at the concert tonight could actually buy it before the release date. He also talked a little about the swords used at the beginning of the concert -- apparently he made the swords himself by going to Tokyuu Hands (a famous department store in Japan) the day before and buying metal poles and then assembling them on his own. Some of the pieces came from his model cars. For those who don't know, he loves making model cars and figurines.

The second MC was more information on the new DVD titled Film Noir. They talked about some of the filming locations that turned out to be kind of humorous. I actually bought the DVD, but since its late now and I'm writing this blog I'll have to watch it later. I'm really interested in what the content is like after hearing about it so much at the concert.

Since Velvet Eden was the opening band of the night they probably played about 6-7 songs. Regardless, the music and performance really stuck me as beautiful and artistic. I would love to see what they do next, so in the future I would like to go to more of their concerts in the future!

After VE finished, I went outside with one of my friends for a while, so we didn't see every band that played, but we did come back towards the end when Rose Noir was playing. I won't spend much time covering their performance, but I would like to note that they too were very interesting and filled with a lot of energy. One of the band members has an electric violin and was constantly jumping up and down during the concert while playing at the same time. How was she able to do that!?? It was amazing! My interest in this band was a little biased because electric violins are one of my most favorite instruments, so I couldn't help but fall in love immediately. I kind of wish I had stayed to see their entire performance...

Either way, the concert eventually came to a close and afterwards anybody who had purchased a VELVET EDEN CD or DVD received a ticket to take a picture with the band. I bought their DVD so I received one of these tickets too and had my picture taken with them.

Click the thumbnails for larger images

I think I look ridiculous in the photo, but it was fun anyway! One of my most favorite moments of the night was during this picture. To my surprise Dada knew who I was!! When I was ushered into the picture I wasn't standing close enough to the band members and suddenly Dada said "Sarah, Sarah, right here!" in Japanese. I was shocked!! I know we've talked a little on facebook and hes liked some of my posts/pictures, but I didn't think he would actually know who I am! Because of that the picture was taken with me off guard. Still, afterwards I could barely control my excitement. I ended up thanking them after the picture and acted completely normal, but after I left I got so excited! It really made my night!

In order to summarize the night, I think its all too easy to get wrapped up in your own life and miss out on trying new things. However, I'm glad I went to the concert tonight, because not only was it fun, it also reminded me of the effort bands make to be unique and stand out from one another. Velvet Eden is no exception. They left a memorable impression on me that I don't think I will be able to forget about! Thank you so much for such a wonderful night!!

By the way, this is a little off topic, but after the concert ended we found a family of cats outside the concert hall!

Instantly everyone started taking pictures! The picture doesn't show all of them, but there were 3 adults and 2 kittens. They were so cute!

For those who don't know, Moi dix Mois Hayato updated his blog recently with a rather lengthy update about K. I started translating it several days ago, but I got a little busy and didn't finish it. Since this blog is primarily about Moi dix Mois, I will post translations on here once I finish them. As time goes by it feels a bit depressing continuing to bring the topic back up and reopening sore wounds, but I think those who really care would like to know what he has to say. The entry is very touching so I hope to finish it soon.

Aug. 2 Concert Updates
When I got home tonight I noticed a new email from the Moi dix Mois newsletter. The same message has also been posted on the Moi dix Mois Official Website and twitter. The original message in Japanese and translations are as follows.


To convey the feelings of the memorial, we will be preparing special "Memorial Tickets".
On the day [of the concert], everyone attending will be issued a separate ticket from their normal ones, and we will give out the memorial tickets as you leave the venue.


*We will be establishing an alter inside the venue.
From 15:00-16:30 before the doors open for the live, the venue will be open for those who wish to spend time there, so please come.
For those who want to bring flowers or offerings, please prepare them on your own.

For those who read this blog and have friends who are also planning to attend the concert but haven't heard this news, please pass it on to them as well!! Its only respectful that everyone gets a chance to memorialize K in this way if they wish to do so.

Aside from the concert information, I noticed a few more subtle updates I might as well touch on as well.

Moi-meme-Moitie is having a Sweet Romance Fair that started yesterday (July 1) where customers receive a special novelty item if they spend 21,000 yen or more. Reserved, layaway, or sale items are excluded from this, so it needs to be items purchased separately. The fair ends as soon as novelty items run out. They are available on the Moi-meme-Moitie Online shop or at Kera Shop Angel in Shinjuku.

I also noticed the Moi dix Mois website has been slightly modified with information on Mana's autobiography posted at the bottom. It simply states that "Mana's First Autobiography is planned on being published by Sansai books, but the publication date has not yet been decided". This is somewhat exciting news because this could mean Mana's autobiography is really going to be published after all, and perhaps there may be more than one in the future? The advertisement seemed to stress the idea of it being the first one, so I guess we can only speculate for now, but it does sound promising!

By the way, have you all been enjoying my new blog? I've really been excited about it, and I still have a lot more content I want to post, so please check back from time to time! I will probably end up posting a link to my second blog on the side bar here so it will be easier to check.

Anyway, thats all the news for today. Information on ticket refunds for the August 2 Moi dix Mois live were also posted on the official website, but I'm not sure if thats really necessary to translate. However, if there is anybody who does need a refund but doesn't know how to do it, feel free to send me a message and I can help walk you through the process.

Hex Maniac
Recently I have been working on a new blog for my own personal interests. I know I've tried this before and those blogs quickly died out, but the reason for that is I've been trying to plan this new one for a long time. Its a paid for blog, so it has a lot more importance to me, and I've been planning out a number of articles concerning obscure places in Tokyo and things I'm interested in. Please check it out!!

Hex Maniac
Hex Maniac

Mana updated twitter again tonight. The tweet and translations are as follows

How are you doing, everyone?
I have swooped down upon the twitter world.
Tonight I will have a monologue in my garden by the time Cinderella needs to be home.

Mana/Moi dix Mois

As you can probably guess, there will be an update on Monologue†Garden tonight at midnight. As always, you'll be able to read translations on my translations page.

Moi dix Mois Official Twitter
It seems according to Mana's blog, Moi dix Mois has started an official twitter now!!

Moi dix Mois Official Twitter Account

Concerning translating the information from the official Moi dix Mois twitter,
much like the Moi dix Mois email news letters I will most likely only translate updates if it deems necessary. By that I mean any personal type updates Mana might make on there, or new information that hasn't been posted elsewhere already. As of right now, here are the first three updates already made on the account:

An official Twitter has been started for the use of transmitting Moi dix Mois information.

Currently Mana and Moi dix Mois do not use any other SNS sites outside of this twitter. Other accounts using Mana or Moi dix Mois' name are not official accounts, so please be careful.

In addition, the following URLs provide official information. Moi dix Mois Official Web Site http://t.co/5RUoWcZFwM Mana Official Blog http://t.co/4oYesPdQDt

I felt like the second two updates were particularly important to translate as there are MANY people on twitter who pretend to be Moi dix Mois and/or Mana. I have noticed more and more that new fans seem to believe fake accounts are actually Mana, so its nice to see Moi dix Mois making an effort to inform everyone. Unfortunately they didn't provide that information in English, which is why I'm translating it on here. I might actually try emailing them in hopes that they consider posting the same info in English since most fake accounts are created by foreigners. Maybe others who read this will consider doing the same. Hopefully once and for all this kind of confusion will be settled.

By the way, although it wasn't posted on their twitter or on Mana's blog, I think newer fans also don't realize that Moi dix Mois has an official Youtube account!!

Moi dix Mois Official Youtube

I heard recently that there will be changes in Youtube's policy for musicians which will have a harsh effect on Japanese indies bands, so I don't know if in the future this account may run into problems or be deleted. At least for now there are a few D+SECT and Reprise preview videos posted.

It really seems like I'm having to go backwards these days and re-post older information. For those who have been fans for a long time and already know a lot of this information, I apologize that my most recent entries aren't all that news worthy or interesting, but I like to make sure all fans, both old and new, are updated with appropriate information they may be looking for!
By the way, I figure some people may know this already, but if anybody feels like following my twitter as well, you're more than welcome to! I practically live on twitter.
My Twitter!

My posts don't often have a lot of Mana related content, but I tend to mostly write about my daily life. Its usually either stupid or complaining, but if you actually feel like dealing with me I'd love to be twitter friends! (^^)

New Entry
Hello everyone!!

There was a new Monologue†Garden entry this evening, and I get the feeling a lot of people are going to come here expecting translations. Actually, unless entries have something of importance that needs mentioning on here, they don't get posted on this blog, they get posted on my translations site.

Monologue†Garden Translations

Its probably obvious and well known to a lot of people, but I don't think always I advertise it very clearly all that often, so I thought I would put it out there this time around.

The newest entry is very sweet and worth reading.

By the way,
last night Tokyo Dark Castle where K was supposed to DJ as Dr. Kranken was held in Shinjuku. Unfortunately I didn't end up making it. I kind of regret not going too, because it looks like it was filled with a wonderful memorial for K. The point is, one of my friend who went, Angel, talked to one of K's friends and found out the cause of death had to do with heart problems. It wasn't made clear what the condition was exactly, but I thought it was worth mentioning because I know many fans have been wondering.

Anyway, even though I missed the chance to go last night, I will still be attending the August 2 Moi dix Mois concert and plan on sharing a full report of everything that happens. Its still a ways away, but I hope everyone who can't make it will at least look forward to reading about it.

Lastly, as mentioned in Mana's most recent blog entry, the "Mana-Sama's Game inferno" article in Game Lab will not be coming out this month due to missing the deadline, so there wont be any scans/translations to share this time around.