Moi dix Mois Mana’s Birthday Concert DAY 2: TSUTAYA O-WEST

Day 2, Mana’s real birthday, finally came to an end!!

Although both concerts were concentrated on Mana’s birthday, this one had a particularly large focus seeing as its March 19.

Upon arriving at the venue, there were several amazing flower stands this time!!


The blue and white one was the second day of the Mana birthday flower stand project created for anyone who wanted to join in. I participated in both days, so I was excited to see how it would look. As expected, it was gorgeous and beyond amazing!!! Thank you Manami who puts this together every year! I feel like she always works so hard organizing everything and Its a very special opportunity for everyone!

Each band member dressed like Snoopy was a cute touch!

Also, as I suspected, Kaya and Kamijo gave flowers.
FlowersKaya17.jpg Kamijoflowers17.jpg

There were many different aspects to the concert this time as well.
For one, the stage was decorated with pieces from the flower stand given yesterday! For those who didn’t see the picture already, here it is


The Moi dix Mois sign with the ram skull, chains, and a red Moi-meme-Moitie cross pendant were attached in front of the drums, and the flags with the Moi dix Mois symbol were incorporated to the background on both sides of the stage.
Considering the fact that the panda bag Mana used yesterday (and today) came from a fan at the Hong Kong live and the decorations used at the venue today came from yesterday’s flower arrangement, both of these lives gave me a new kind of impression — a sort of interaction we haven’t seen before where its beginning to feel like anyone could be incorporated into the concerts in some way or another. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but the fact that items used for the shows actually came from people who gave those items as gifts at concerts felt like a really nice gesture.

Anyway, my number this time was A 17, so I was in the front on Mana’s side, but actually I guess you could say I was somewhere between the first and second row? There were two girls in front of me but I was standing between them. The reason I describe this is because from the position I was standing at, it was hard for me to see the entire stage. Aside from Mana, I felt like I kinda missed out on seeing the other members very clearly.

As always, everyone walked out on stage in the same order -- Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, Mana, and Seth. The costumes this time were black and blue for Mana and black and red for the other members. After the SE (The Pact of Silence) they began with The Seventh Veil.
Heres the set list:

1. SE The Pact of Silence
2. The Seventh Veil
3. Gloire dans le Silence
4. Witchcraft
5. Solitude
6. The Other Side of the Door
7. Eternally Beyond
8. Perish
9. Material DEATH


10. *New Song* — Into the Hill (?)
11. Unmoved
12. Immortal Madness
13. Dead Scape
14. Twilight Flower
15. Beast Side
16. Ange ~D Side Holy Wings~


17. Pageant
18. Je l’aime
19. SE En Lumiere

Since I'm posting the set list now, I guess I should address a major point you may see within it -- the new song title!!
Last time I said I had a hard time hearing what Seth said the name was, but tonight I made a huge effort to try to catch what he said. The trouble I think a lot of people have with Seth announcing song titles is that he tends to be pretty unclear since they're never in Japanese. Its not his fault really, but anyway they're hard to understand. I wasn't quite sure if I heard him wrong and he said "Eternal Hill" or "Into the Hill" but I believe it was "Into the Hill," thats why I added a question mark.

This time he explained that the new song was played for the first time yesterday (the first day concert) and the image/inspiration Mana had in making it. Essentially what I remember is that they talked about it portrays the image of walking along a river into eternity. -- This also seems to explain the water sounds I described last night in talking about the song. Although, I have to admit, it sounds a lot more like ocean waves than river waves to me...but thats besides the point! (*´艸`*)

Regardless, all of this was talked about at the end of the MC, so I would rather go back to the beginning of my concert and work my way to that point for now.

To be honest, I liked the song choice and concert as a whole much better tonight. Towards the beginning of the concert, Seth introduced Moi dix Mois and spoke about today being the Sabbath (technically now, Monday the 20th, is Spring Equinox, so I believe the true reference is in terms of that, but I think it was also a reference to last year's concert and Mana's reference to that time last month on twitter). Naturally because of this Witchcraft was played! I'm very partial to D+SECT songs, so I was happy.

Also, at the very end of Eternally Beyond, the sound suddenly glitched out and everyone kinda jumped in surprise. Amazingly though, Seth continued to sing the last few lines, and Mana tried to bridge the gap between songs with a lengthened guitar solo intro into Perish until the sound issue was fixed. Seth joined in as well, speaking out parts of the introduction so the transition would seem more smooth, and actually it worked really well! This is the sort of professionalism I like in Moi dix Mois. I imagine it has to be hard to think in an instant what to do in such a situation, but even when something goes wrong the show continues seemlessly. I can only imagine at some point in time Mana probably thought, "Is this K trying to play tricks on me again so we all know hes here celebrating my birthday too?"

After that the concert resumed as normal without any problems.

Finally the MC!
Theres so much to talk about here!!
After Material Death Mana walked off stage, and as always we were told to yell "Je t'aime Mana-Sama!!"
Seth said "This venue is filled with so many girls! Use your girly glossy eyes and with hearts in your eyes, call out to Mana-Sama with all your strength!" Of course it took a few tries until Mana came out on stage, but when he did he carried his bear bag out and tossed it at Seth. No candy this time, but Seth sang happy birthday as he danced by swaying and holding his hands up together until the end of the song.

Afterwards, Mana ran off stage again and wheeled out a birthday cake on a cart, pushing it to the very edge of the stage. This time he also had his panda bag and a green lighter so he could light 5 candles that were on the cake (I'm assuming 5 as a symbol for the 15 and 25 years anniversaries). As he brought the cake out, Seth said "What!? Hes doing it all by himself!?" and as Mana began to light the candles Seth continuously told him to watch his sleeves so they don't get caught in the fire. Mana had some problems lighting the candles, so every time he thought some of them finally lit, they would burn out, and every single time he tried to relight each candle Seth would warn him to watch out, like "be careful. be careful. be careful. be careful. be careful..."etc. (not those words exactly, but that was the idea).

(Yes that is a cake, from Mana's twitter)

Ryux took out a video camera on a selfie stick as Mana appeared with the cake, filming everyone on stage and in the audience. Sugiya also had an iphone he was taking videos/pictures with of Mana with the cake. Mana even tried posing as close as he could to us in the audience when Sugiya was taking pictures, so its likely at least our hands got in the shot! It would be nice if he posted those pictures!

Eventually Mana wanted to blow out the candles on the cake, but he seemed like he had to figure out how to cover his face so everyone wouldn't see him doing it. In the end, he hovered on top of it, covered his hands around his mouth and blew them out. Once he did, he started jumping around the stage with his hands up and wouldn't stop, so all the other members started jumping around too for a while. Of course people in the audience were laughing and starting to do the same thing too!

Immediately from there, Seth took out the Moi dix Mois binder he usually holds to read Mana's message to everyone. This time I guess there must have been some kind of issue with what was written in the binder, because he went up to Mana communicating something about it and they talked back and forth (of course with Mana whispering to Seth), so then they stood there together with Mana reading and approving parts as Seth said what was written out loud. They asked if everyone was enjoying themselves and of course the audience screamed out in return. The first time everyone screamed out, Mana shrugged his shoulders like it wasn't good enough, so everyone had to do it again. He also said he was happy to take a picture with everyone and the cake for his birthday (so essentially it was all planned out). Then they talked about Mana being excited that they're celebrating on his real birthday today and that there are plans for the next concert in September, but apparently it might be something more? It seems Mana wants to do something special to celebrate his 25 years as an artist, so they teased that whatever the "concert" may be could be something more like an event. I got the impression though that hes still working on it, so there was no flyer or anything advertising it. He hinted at this last year too when they talked about 2017 being his 25 years as an artist, so I can't help but wonder if hes trying to round up people from back in MALICE MIZER days until now to do a big show together? It would make sense...

Also, in order to celebrate Mana's birthday/25 years as an artist, he had Seth ask everyone to request songs for him to play on guitar from MALICE MIZER times!!
Of course everyone in the venue went crazy and started shouting out song titles like mad so it was impossible to hear any one true request. Even so, they still kept urging everyone to request aaaaaanythiiing!
One of the people next to me looked at me and said "I hope they play ______!" whatever the song was, I forget. I said "I think they already decided the song in advanced, they just want to get the audience excited..."
It turns out that was exactly the case.

After all the yelling, Seth said "How about one person yell out a request at each side of the venue?" so he went from right to left to get a couple requests out. Someone said "Bel Air" but after that more people started shouting once again, so eventually they stopped it and announced Tsuioku no Kakera

Mana began playing the song alone and eventually Seth joined in singing the lyrics. I think there were points that were a bit too high for him, so his voice cracked several times and he only ended up singing about a verse before they stopped playing.

Finally it was about time to resume the concert, so as I mentioned before, Seth explained the new song, Into the Hill and thats where we went into the second half of the live.

Unmoved was a pretty big surprise, so a lot of people got really excited as it started, and IMMORTAL MADNESS was a little wild this time around.

At the time when they want us to shout out a call or keyword of the night for IMMORTAL MADNESS, Seth first asked us to yell out "Mana-Sama Mana-Sama Mana-Samaaa⤴︎" but raise our voices up really high at the very end of the third "Mana-Samaaa⤴︎"
That call was yelled out a few times, but it was hard for everyone to do it because we had to say it so quickly, so eventually they changed it. Seth explained Mana wanted everyone to yell something reminiscent of the old MALICE MIZER/VK days, so they asked everyone to yell "Sexy Pretty Angel Mana-Sama"
(For those who don't know, "sexy pretty angel" was a phrase Mana came up with and used from time to time in MALICE MIZER era)
As Seth explained "Sexy Pretty Angel Mana-Sama" Mana started doing motions to each word. At "sexy" he put his hands on his hips, at "pretty" he curled his hands into fits and brought them up to his face like a cute embarrassed girl, at "angel" he waved his hands like butterfly wings, and at "Mana-Sama" he held his hands out to everyone in the crowd.
So, every time "sexy pretty angel Mana-Sama" was yelled out Mana would repeat these motions, but since the pace is relatively fast during the song, he had to hurry and do the motions each time all at once and it just kinda looked like he was flailing around eventually.(≧∇≦)

During Beast Side, Mana went up to the edge of the stage and started putting the end of his guitar into the audience to touch peoples hands with it, but he started swinging it around at us and it hit my hand really hard. He wasn't trying to hurt anybody, so it was an accident that this happened, but after he hit my hand it started hurting a bit but the pain wouldn't go away. Eventually when the lights were a bit brighter I looked at my hand, and....

splinter.jpg C7Sf1E0V4AEmO7y.jpg

A splinter from the guitar got stuck in my hand! (;゚∀゚)
I'm not upset, but it wasn't the best feeling for the rest of the concert until I could see better and get it out afterwards.
Great souvenir, right? (I'm joking)

Surprisingly, the concert didn't end with Je l'aime, but Ange this time!!

But as you can probably see from the set list, Je l'aime was actually the very last song played at the encore.
This was a bit different actually...Usually for Mana's birthay Pageant is the very last song played so everyone can get out their glow sticks to the song, but it was a nice touch to have both of these songs played together at the very end. I guess because last year we had our glow sticks for Je l'aime also, but it was in a completely different order.

Anyway, for the encore all the members came out wearing the 15 and 25 anniversary T-shirts again and this time Mana was in Moitie, but wearing a different blouse from yesterday. This time it was a blue and white Moitie blouse where the blue kinda looks like splattered paint (I wore this same blouse at dis inferno 2016, so for those who don't understand, go check out the pictures in that entry), but he didn't include the frilled part. Instead, he had the top few buttons unbuttoned so part of his chest was exposed.

After Pageant and Je l'aime, the concert came to an end and everyone left the stage. As always, Mana was the last to leave, walking to each side of the stage and bowing to everyone before ending the concert.

As I said before, this time was really fun and exciting!! There was so much more interaction than the night before and it felt like everyone as a whole had more energy. A lot of people I talked to felt the same way, so it seems this night's concert was overwhelmingly popular for everyone! I imagine it has something to do with the fact that this venue has no seat's like at Mt. Rainier Hall, so its a bit easier to be involved, and since it was Mana's real birthday he was more energetic and excited.
I really didn't want this night to end!!!

By the way, my coordinate tonight was Alchemy print but I didn't get enough time to take a very good picture. Sorry!! (><)


And as promised, pictures of the new goods!

Mana25yrshirtfront.jpg Mana25yrshirtback.jpg

First of all the Mana 25 year anniversary T-shirt! I really like it in person! The silver is kinda glittery, but the shade of blue matches nicely with it. The only thing I feel a little bit strange about is the dates on the shirt, especially the back. Doesn't it kinda seem like he died??(´~`ヾ)
But besides that point, its nice for every day!

MdMLongshirtnavy.jpg MdM15yrbag.jpg

Then the Moi dix Mois 15 year anniversary goods. The long dress-like shirt is actually navy blue, not black! But the print size looks good for this shirt and its really cute and comfortable. Its my personal favorite this time around. The tote bag has the same design on it and is about the same size as the dark frame tote bag. Both of those bags include zippers, so they're essentially the same only with a different print. The print this time is especially interesting because if you look in the detail it has "dix force" "Embrase" (shouldn't it be Embrace?) and "Quiet Night Secret Garden of Flowers" written on it.

Finally, I received several gifts this time from people who came from all over the world!!


Thank you so much!!!! dix Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♡

I was able to meet people who came from various countries especially for the Moi dix Mois concerts! like Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, that all? If I'm forgetting something, let me know! Some of them came for the first time too, so it was fun to hear their reactions!

Really, everyone made it an unforgettable night! Even though its now a day later, I can't stop thinking about this weekend! Why couldn't it last just a little longer?

But with that being said, maybe its finally time for me to get something to eat...I've been writing for so long now I haven't eaten at all today!
I hope you all enjoyed these live reviews and could feel the energy we felt at the concerts these past two nights!
Also, Happy Birthday to Mana!!!

Moi dix Mois Mana’s Birthday Concert DAY 1: Mt. Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure
Another year, another series of Mana birthday concerts!
It seems its becoming a tradition that we have 2 concerts every year and the first day is always at Mt. Rainier Hall.


The doors to the concert were to open at 5:00 PM, but new goods were going on sale starting from 4:00, so I tried my best to get there by that time.
Shockingly as I arrived at the venue there were already lots of people waiting to buy the new goods!! Its honestly been a while since I’ve seen a line quite like that, so without thinking I immediately joined in because I didn’t want to miss out. Fortunately I was able to get my hands on all the new stuff (a Moi dix Mois 15 year anniversary tote bag/long dress style shirt in navy, and Mana 25 year anniversary T-shirt), but I will talk more about that later.

There was also another amazing flower stand this year!!
In fact, this time I joined in on the flower stand! The person who manages it every year looks for anyone going to the concerts who would like to join in, and since this year was a special year I decided to participate as well. There will be another one tomorrow that I had a hand in, and they decided to include a photobook with commentary and 10 reasons why we love Moi dix Mois, all of which were given to Mana as a gift. I'll try to remember to include a translation of my message and my picture send to Mana as part of the project in tomorrow's entry!

Anyway, let’s get to the concert!!

The concert started around 5:30, so as the lights went down, suddenly from the right side of the stage, Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, Mana, and Seth came out one by one.
The setting was the typical Moi dix Mois symbol in the background with rose entangled iron gates on either side of the stage. Since Mt. Rainier Hall has theater style seating, we don’t get a to choose where to stand — the tickets actually have the row and seat number indicated on them, so I ended up on the first row in front of Ryux! (A6)

Its pretty rare that I stand at that side of the stage, but its somewhat refreshing too. From this angle, I can get a clearer view not only of Ryux himself but also Sugiya. Back at the Hong Kong live I had a really fun interaction with them, so I hope they remembered me from that!
Anyway, the costumes this time were the sparkly outfits they tend to use for more special occasions like Mana’s birthday

The set list this time was interesting! There were various songs we haven’t heard in a while and I even felt like the set list mix was different from usual.

1. SE. En Lumiere
2. Dialogue Symphonie
3. Angelica
4. Beast Side
5. Solitude
6. The Other Side of the Door
7. Eternally Beyond
8. Sanctum Regnum
9. The SECT
9. New Song
10. Perish
11. Immortal Madness
12. L’intelier dix
13. Dead Scape
14. Twilight Flower
15. Material Death
16. Je l’aime
18. SE. En Lumiere

19. Pageant

After the first couple songs, Seth as always announced that these concerts mark Mana’s birthday, Mana’s 25 years as an artist, and Moi dix Mois 15 year anniversary. He also asked that we pull all our energy and emotions together and unite together in the venue.

From there they continued on to Angelica, Beast Side, Solitude, etc...
I was really surprised about Sanctum Regnum! However, it made sense!
Actually, an interesting story happened concerning that song. Someone I met up with for the concert today mentioned this song, and wanting to do the “D-I-X” pose (it was their first time to see Moi dix Mois), but I said I hadn’t heard that song in an extremely long time so I didn’t know the likelihood of them playing it tonight . However, when Seth suddenly stopped the show to explain to new people how the D-I-X pose works for this song, I thought “Woah, we’re actually doing it!?”
But considering the fact that these two days concerts mark some important occassions, I think the choice of this song had some logic built in to it.
…Actually, come to think of it, looking at the set list again, don’t a lot of these songs have some importance to Moi dix Mois? SE aside, Dialogue Symphonie was the first song performed tonight, marking the first Moi dix Mois CD, and essentially, the very first Moi dix Mois song. Considering Moi dix Mois concert history, Sanctum Regnum was also a pretty significant song. During the concerts there are many ways the fans and the band interact, one in particular being the timing of some movements/motions during songs (i.e. throwing up the dix sign at certain points). If I recall, perhaps Sanctum Regnum was the first time coordinated motions were incorporated into Moi dix Mois concerts.

For those who don’t know (since its been a while), back when Sanctum Regnum was released, everyone was asked to hold their left arm/hand up in a salute type pose with their hand in a dix sign at their forehead when “D” is shouted out during the song. Then, when “I” is yelled out, everyone should then change from the “D” pose to an “I” pose, meaning you take your right arm and hold it straight up with your hand still forming the dix sign/devil horns. Next, for the X, you bring up your left arm and cross it over the right arm thats already in the air, to make an “X”. Finally, when “DIX” is shouted out by Seth, everyone brings their crossed over arms still in the “X” pose down in front of them pointed to the stage.

Even at the time I first moved to Japan, Sanctum Regnum was still regularly used at concerts, so experiencing it again after some years was kind of nostalgic.

Speaking of which, didn’t it seem like quite a few songs were from Beyond the Gate this time? I can imagine the meaning Mana was possibly trying to portray with this set list, especially in terms of marking special anniversaries, but I digress.

The MC this time was interesting! It started out with Mana leaving the stage and Seth telling us we need to shout out “Je t’aime Mana-Sama!!” for Mana to walk out, but the first couple tries were a little pathetic. There was hardly any energy at first! But as always, everyone pulled through and Mana came running out with his stuffed bear he usually takes with him loaded with candy inside. As soon as he came out, we all sang Happy Birthday and Mana stood in the middle dancing to the music (he basically just sways back and forth with his hands pressed together raising them up as he sways from side to side). From there he decided to walk down the middle isle throwing candy out, and then running to the back and showing up on the second floor to throw candy at everyone up there. It turns out, he was wearing a panda bag too, so when we saw him from behind we saw a giant stuffed panda! It turns out, one of the girls who came with me to the concert gave it to him in Hong Kong!! It was so exciting to see her gift being put to use!!(人´∀`)

Eventually he came back down to the first floor and threw candy from either side of the stage to those of us in the front. When he got to the side I was on, he looked directly at me, smiled, and dropped several pieces right in front of me!!


Actually, I noticed him dropping several directly down where I was standing, but I only saw one in that moment that I felt like I could easily grab. It fell on the floor, so I bent down and picked it and it seemed the other people around me gathered pieces of candy as well, so I thought to myself “I’m glad I got one!” but actually, when I got back to my apartment I found 2 more pieces that had mysteriously landed in one of my bags! I honestly have no idea how that happened, because my bags were under my seat, but maybe some how they fell between the cracks of the seat and ended up there? Its strange…
Even more mysterious, I found a guitar pick from Ryux in the same bag as the two extra candies. It was the new tote bag sold at this live, which I took out of the packaging right away to store the shirts I bought…I guess I must have placed that bag in an extremely lucky place! Or maybe its just Moi dix Mois magic! (≧∇≦)

Ryuxpicfront.jpg RyuxPicback.jpg

By the way, it seems Mana signed every piece of candy he threw out!
Now I feel a little guilty if I open them and eat them…

After the candy excitement, Seth spoke a little about these concerts being special days as we’ve established. No particularly interesting news this time around, just something about “more details later” on whats to come in the future of Moi dix Mois (I’m guessing they meant something about new album information? or more likely, next concert information)
Then speaking on this year being Moi dx Mois’ 15th anniversary, Seth went around and introduced each member, so each member could play a brief solo. He started with Hayato, then Sugiya and Ryux. After playing his short solo, Ryux then introduced Seth as the vocalist, and finally Seth introduced Mana who walked to the center of the stage and played the intro to Kioku to Sora (If I remember correctly). Of course everyone in the audience got excited about that!

Then Mana whispered to Seth and told him to talk about how its Ryux birthday too in March! Some how, all the talk about Ryux encouraged Mana to make jokes about him. I couldn’t totally understand the joke…it was something about how Ryux seemed like a clay doll? or a golem? I guess because they were saying Ryux is cute and lovable (in action and appearance), but he’s a man too! So I guess the joke was that dolls are cute, but maybe a clay doll is a rugged image? To be honest, I hard a very hard time understanding it, although I think I got the basic idea of it? Ryux fell down onto the floor, so at first I thought they meant he seemed like a rag doll? But perhaps if it was a clay doll, its like he was crumbling to the floor… To me personally, he seemed more like some kind of marionette!! ( ̄▽ ̄;)
Anyway, the point is, Mana kept going on further and further with the joke, and eventually he started laughing about it and couldn’t stop, so he turned his back to the audience for a good 10 minutes or so and kept cracking up. It was kind of funny to me, because standing on the opposite side of the stage, I could easily see Mana’s facial expressions when he was standing there laughing. It was far easier to see than what he probably hoped for! Not only that, there were a couple times where they obviously wanted to start going in to playing songs again, so Mana would start trying to play guitar at some points but would turn facing Seth and start smiling again, but as he did he would start cracking up again and turn back around with his back facing everyone to laugh more. Then when it seemed like he was done, he would start up again several more times! To be honest, watching Mana crack up was far more hilarious than the actual jokes!

Eventually they got around to resuming the concert, with the announcement of a new song! Unfortunately Seth said the title so quickly and briefly I don’t think anyone could catch what he said. I hope tomorrow he says it more clearly so we can understand!

Speaking of the new song, I love it!! Honestly speaking, I guess there are many aspects to this song that are very similar to the typical Moi dix Mois sound, but there were some unique points this time around as well. For one, you can clearly hear the influence of nature type sounds Mana is fond of. The middle of the song breaks into a few seconds of ocean waves amongst other nature sounds before resuming onward to what we know and love of Moi dix Mois songs. The ending also breaks out into nature sounds again with more waves and rain before drifting off into silence.

Listening to this song really made me feel true anticipation for a new Moi dix Mois album! So far I feel like there are some really great and unique aspects to several of the newer songs we’ve been hearing, and I think however and whenever a new album will come into fruition, it will be a wonderful addition bringing in fresh concepts. To me it also seems like it will become something more varied than past albums. However, at the moment as I write this I feel like I should be cautious with my words… While the prospect of a new Moi dix Mois album is exciting, I’m not saying its something that I can assure will materialize soon. I imagine theres still some ways to go, but my guess is perhaps Mana is finally starting to realize and feel the pressure of creating something new for everyone. The issue is, however, new Moi dix Mois songs aren’t easy to create, and seeing as Moi dix Mois albums are embedded in deep concepts, it takes time. On one hand I would really love to have a new album in my hands right now, but on the other I think I would prefer something of quality that I can immerse myself in. If that means we still have to wait a bit longer, I think in the end its worth it.

Logically thinking, at the moment I believe we’ve been introduced to about 7 new songs, but thats including a potential SE (Destruction xxx) so I don’t know if that counts. Therefore, if only 6-7 new songs have been introduced as of right now, its probably not quite enough in Mana’s mind for a new album (although I would say its getting close!). He has talked briefly before about new songs he created, but I don’t know if those will surface eventually or not. Whats more, usually he likes to introduce new songs at concerts first, so the songs that show up in the albums are never really a surprise or a first listen for people who come to the concerts. Therefore, all I can say realistically is that my hope for the moment is that Mana keeps pushing forward to work on new songs, and by extension, a new album!

Continuing on with the concert, during IMMORTAL MADNESS we had to shout out a variety of words. One referenced back to the Ryux jokes when we were asked to yell out “Doroningyou” (clay doll).
Also, speaking of which, Ryux was holding up K’s skull lighter pretty often to include K in the concerts! In particular, its fun to watch how he holds it out and shows it off during Beast Side as a symbol for K. At the end of the concert, he wanted to walk out holding it, but he nearly forgot as he walked to the center of the stage, so he ran back to his place, picked up the lighter, held it up for everyone to see and then ran down the middle isle.

The main portion of the concert ended with XANADU and the members walked off the stage at the same place they entered.

The intermission was relatively short and then Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, and Seth walked on stage with the new shirts that were on sale today! Seth wore the long dress-like shirt made for the Moi dix Mois 15 year anniversary while the other members wore the Mana 25 year anniversary shirts. Mana wore a black and white stripped Moitie blouse and black wide high waisted pants, so he was totally different from the other members.

Everyone (the audience and band members) then took out their blue glow sticks (everyone in the audience received one as well upon entering the venue) and on the count of “un, deux, trois…dix!” everyone in the venue snapped their glow sticks together to radiate blue throughout the concert hall! At that point, Pageant started to play and everyone waved their glow sticks in unison to the song.

Once it was over, this time each member walked off stage by going down the center isle (since it was theater type seating, the middle isle was open and lead to the back doors). As always, Mana was the last to leave, going to each side of the stage and bowing to everyone. He then slowly walked down the middle and out the door, signifying the end of the concert.


With that being said, I think I want to end the entry tonight simply the concert ending. Usually I write more and post photos of the new goods, but since its now 4:00 AM and I have to wake up and get ready for tomorrow’s concert as well, I will leave all the extra photos and information for tomorrow’s entry.
Theres actually quite a bit I wanted to take pictures of and talk about, so tomorrow’s entry will contain a lot more in terms of all the extras!!

However, before I say goodnight, I would like to show a couple pictures of the gifts I gave Mana this time!!


CemeteryCD.jpg Hibagoneggsmana.jpg

Today I included 2 gifts. The first is a pretty rare CD from the movie "House by the Cemetery".
Mana mentioned before that when he was younger and trying to learn guitar, the song "I remember" from the movie "House by the Cemetery" made a huge impact on him and he really wanted to learn how to play it. However, there was one major obstacle he had to deal with in learning the song-- it was only on VHS! Therefore, he would sit there and rewind the tape over and over again just to try to listen and learn how to play it.
I thought about looking into finding a physical copy of the song for some years now, but that proved to be a big challenge. I guess I should say I didn't actively look for it for several years, but over the years I have periodically tried searching for it. I realized maybe about 3 or so years ago that a soundtrack to the movie actually does exist, but the problem is the label it was under stopped making copies many years ago. Several times over whenever I tried to track down the CD most sellers wouldn't part with it for less than $100 USD (approx 10,000 yen), so for a while I gave up trying to find it. But then I started thinking about it again and realized a vinyl record version of the soundtrack exists for a far more reasonable price. The only issue was to me, how practical is a vinyl record? Sure its cool, but I felt like thats something thats more of a collectable rather than for the purposes I was hoping for.
Long story short, I eventually came across a more reasonably priced copy of the original CD so I jumped at the chance to buy it!
Funny enough, even though the movie (and soundtrack) are Italian, I got it from a French shop...

The second gift is something more simple. It's Hibagon Eggs!
Mana's home town is famous for the Japanese version of Big Foot, or as they call it, the Hibagon. I bought this snack before some years ago and posted about it on my blog previously, so I'm sure if you search for it, you can find it!
Anyway, it was something that even though its from Mana's home town, I wonder if he knew about these snacks in particular? They seem to be more of a souvenir type gift rather than something you would simply find at a regular shop, so I felt like it was something unique and obscure. Not only that, Mana seems to have amassed a bit of a Hiroshima collection lately, so I figured it was another addition to that. The box inside includes a specialized newspaper about Hibagon facts and the regions they were discovered in Japan, particularly Hiroshima.

My thinking in terms of these gifts was that they were things that traced back to his roots. If we're celebrating Mana's 25 years as an artist, then it seems only appropriate to consider things in relation to what inspired him to get where he is now! (Although of course the Hibagon eggs were just for fun (´~`ヾ) )

Well, now that I wrote far more than I had anticipated about these gifts, I guess its finally time to say goodnight for a few hours before we do the same thing all over again tomorrow!!

dix Love day 1!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year everyone!!

Only a few more days until I return back to Japan. There was so much I wanted to post before the new year and so much more I want to post now about my trip so far, but its been difficult because I've been so busy. (´・ω・`)
Sooner or later everything will be updated on here...

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 2017!

Merry Christmas!!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates this year!!( ̄▽ ̄)

xmaschurch16.jpg xmascandle16.jpg

I finally made it to the US a few days ago, so as always, heres a picture of how our family's church is decorated!

Also, this isn't something I usually like to do, but this year I'm making an exception for a pretty good reason.
Well, a good reason? I should say its relevant to this blog and Moi dix Mois!


I don't have it yet, because its being made to order and will be available sometime around March, but I'm getting a Jeune Fille!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered it earlier in December, and it will take about 3-4 months to receive, but I'm so excited!!

Last night I found my old BC Rich Warlock and started learning the basics on how to tune and play guitar finally.


I was happy I was finally able to do something, so now I can't help wondering if when I finally get my Jeune Fille, should I try learning how to play it?
My biggest problem is I can't play instruments at my apartment in Tokyo, but I might look in to renting out a practice room. It hurts my fingers right now, but its too fun!(人´∀`)

By the way, it seems Mana also made a post on twitter for Christmas!

I already posted the translations on my Facebook page as per usual, but for those who haven't seen it yet, I'll post them on here too.

Me-Ku!~💙 ☆.。.: *+・°☆.。.: *・° *・°☆.。.:+*・°☆

Mana-Sama Santa has appeared before you!!

Have a wonderful night together


**Translation note -- "Me-ku" is short for Merry Christmas

Anyway, I hope you all have wonderful holidays! Next is New Years! Let's hope for the best in 2017!
(Actually I'm going to -try- to make another post before New Years day, but we'll see what happens)

Dis inferno XIV Extras, Hiroshima Carp Katsu, MdM New Jacket, etc...
Since its been a couple days now, I imagine most everyone has gotten a chance to read my Dis inferno XIV concert report. If you haven't, you can check it out in the previous entry I made here↓

Speaking of the concert, I realized after posting my review I missed a somewhat important detail!
Not only that, Mana made a small reference to it as well, so I'm a little mad at myself for overlooking this point.
If you haven't seen his twitter, this is where he posted about it and shared a picture of his outfit from dis inferno!

If you haven't seen my translation of this post yet, this is what it says:

Thank you for waiting! Here's a photo from Dis inferno XIV! Does the wild image match Jack Daniels this time around!? By the way I made the bone necklace that I wore myself! However when explaining the process of how to make it, it seemed like the venue was a bit noisy... what what what... Everyone burst out magnificently at this live!!


The point I wanted to talk about is the Jack Daniels!!
How could I forget!? エェ━Σヾ(・ω・´;)ノ━!!!!

So on the stage I noticed two bottles of Jack Daniels, one on a stand behind Mana and one in front of the drum set near the area where Seth usually stands. During the MC, Seth said something along the lines of "Since its dis inferno, then we naturally have to have Jack!" so Mana walked over to the stand behind him and took the bottle Jack Daniels as well as a straw, but he tried to quickly hide the straw behind his back (it didn't really work; if I saw him take it and try to hide it, then everyone did LOL). Seth announced that Mana has to drink the Jack Daniels, so he went to the center of the stage and pulled the straw out from behind his back and put it in the Jack Daniels to drink. When he did, everyone in the crowd started laughing because it was such a strange sight!
Actually for those who don't know, the bottle of Jack Daniels usually has tea in it, so its not like he was drinking alcohol straight from the bottle. Once he stopped, Seth explained that since Mana never opens his mouth, he wanted to keep that mystery, so he refuses to drink it straight from the bottle (...wait a minute, hasn't he tried drinking it straight from the bottle before? The same year he took a huge gulp and then Seth said it was tea immediately after because everyone in the audience was freaking out?).

After that they continued on with the MC as I explained in the previous entry.
I guess with so much happening at the concert, that detail was something that was easy to miss out on because it was so short. The segments with the Jack Daniels at Dis inferno are usually a little bit more of a focal point than they were this year, but the Jack Daniels was indeed included!

By the way, I finally tried the Carp Katsu I received at the concert!

Taking pictures and explaining it would have been simple enough, but I thought it would be more fun to make a video of it.
I took a picture of it as well before eating so you can see a little bit of the strange consistency I was talking about.

CarpCatsuPackage.jpg CarpKatsuOpen.jpg

Will I ever try eating it again?? hmm....Maybe!

Lastly, I also talked briefly in the last entry about the new jackets that were released.
Since I bought both of them, I wanted to share pictures on here!

JacketFrontBK.jpg JacketBack2BK.jpg JacketBack1BK.jpg

Starting with the black one, the look is relatively standard to last year's black x white version but its a nice change for those of you who like this color scheme instead! To me it feels a bit more casual for regular use because it doesn't stand out quite as much as the blue one, so I've been wearing this one out a bit more since the concert.

JacketFrontBL.jpg JacketBack2BL.jpg JacketBack1BL.jpg

To me the blue one stands out a bit more, but I like the concept with the colors! My only issue is its a bit brighter than I would have liked, so I haven't really worn it anywhere outside my apartment yet. I'm sure I will eventually, but I also haven't had that many chances to wear either of them.

I also included details of the design on the front and back because they're a little bit different the black version.

JacketMdMLogoBL.jpg JacketLogoBL.jpg

What I'm talking about is the silver itself. The silver on both the black x silver version and this blue version are a little bit sparkly, whereas the red is just a basic red print.

Unlike last year's black x silver version, these two jackets have warm fleece lining inside, so if it gets cold where you live, these are perfect!
According to Mana's twitter there is only a limited number of these jackets, but at the end of the live I still saw the merchandise booth still selling them, so maybe if they didn't run out they will end up on the Midi: Nette shop to purchase online.
I will keep an eye out and post links on here if they show up online.

now that Dis inferno is over, I have to start thinking about going back to the US to visit my family.
I'm leaving tomorrow, so I have a ton of work to do today!! (≧△≦)
See you on the other side of the world for 2 weeks!