It's Here!
Guess What?

I finally have a full review of the Deep Sanctuary II tour concert from Akasaka BLITZ posted on!!


As I had mentioned before, my very close friend Adamine was able to attend this concert and was kind enough to share all the details with us!!

If you want to read her fabulous review on the concert, by all means go check it out!

Deep Sanctuary II Tour @ Akasaka BLITZ: Special Guest Yu~ki By Adamine

Adamine will also be attending the Deep Sanctuary II tour at Nagoya on July 19th, the second to last location the band will be visiting. Will we hear about this one too?

The tour is truly coming to a close now, but there will still be tons of Mana related events going on this summer. The tour Final will be held at Sendai HOOK on July 24th with the Sensual Blue event the day after in the Sendai Moi-meme-Moitie shop. To top that off, on the day of the Sendai concert, there will be an ESP guitar and costume display at BIG BOSS in Sendai as well. Although, not everything is about Sendai this time. If you haven't read up on it recently, there is an ESP guitar fair displaying Mana and Kozi model guitars from July 17-31 at the ESP CRAFT HOUSE in Shibuya Tokyo. Starting from the 26th there will also be a costume display in Shibuya as well with Mana's stage outfits.

While we may not get to hear about everything first hand with all these events going on at one time, let's still continue to keep dix Love in our hearts and cheer from the side lines!!