The other day, August 10, was my birthday!!

Every year, it seems like there is always some sort of party planned for my birthday but as I get older I have less of a desire for big elaborate parties.
Well, to be honest I do enjoy them, but due to the timing of my birthday in the American school systems, as a child often times everyone but my parents would completely forget about it.
As a result I suppose I've grown away from the expectation of anyone truly remembering or wanting to celebrate it.
I'm not upset about it though, I enjoy being able to celebrate my own birthday in any way, really.(^^)

Anyway, this year I got a Matin Manaapy cake and a MacBook Air!!!
I was so excited to receive this computer; in fact, I'm writing from it now!
Its now my new little friend, I guess you could say.
Its so light and thin I can take it virtually anywhere and I have an application on it called "Mobile Me".
I am able to interchangeably download and upload data between both my MacBook Air and my iphone!
I think my favorite part is there is a tracking system for other Mac devices, so if I were to ever lose my iphone I can instantly go to my Air and find the exact location of it.
Its really an amazing feature!!

As for the cake, I really love the Matin design.
Matin Manaapy also seems to have become sort of a representative of this year.
After all, Snoopy does seem to be a reoccurring pattern in the dix world this year, doesn't he?
Of course I think Snoopy was a childhood hero for many of us, so its a nice way to connect between everyone.

Well, just a little longer until I return to Tokyo.
Hopefully I will be writing a little more on here before I go back, but if not, see you all on the other side of the world!!