Since it seems Mana has been busy working on the D+SECT album lately there hasn't been much to report on these days. However, I did notice that the Kera Shop Angel blog had announced the yearly Randezvous but quickly took the announcement down. I'm assuming this is because Mana wants to be the first to announce the information on his blog and the Moi-meme-Moitie website. But for all the foreign fans who may not readily be able to read Japanese anyway, according to the blog post the Randezvous this year will take place on October 31st at Christon Cafe. Starting October 16, if you purchase 21,000 yen or more at the Shinjuku Kera Shop Angel Moi-meme-Moitie you can get a ticket for this event and have real one on one time with Mana! Its an event I don't think any Mana fan would ever regret!

Anyway, since October is quickly approaching us (as is Halloween!) I thought I'd share a bit more personal entry with everyone. I wanted to introduce some of my personal favorite things and recommendations. This time the theme will be gothic & horror movies.


I have grown up all my life a movie fanatic and when I was younger I had a huge fascination for horror movies. Of all the movies I watched as a child one really stuck out to me the most. I'm not sure why I loved this one so much, but I truly enjoyed the movie "Poltergeist".

To be honest, I started to grow out of horror movies around the time I had entered Jr. High or High School, but over time I fell back into them again. Now I watch a lot of horror movies quite frequently. I have to say, I haven't watched Poltergeist in some years now, but it still remains one of my most favorite movies. I'm really into paranormal and ghost activity, so the idea of poltergeist is fascinating to me.

On that note, another movie I really love is The Exorcist.

Although its not ghosts, I have researched Exorcisms before and even listened to several recordings of Anneliese Michel even. I think this movie really has a great depiction of the process of possession. Although, I must admit some parts seem quite dramatized, but I think the movie can really tug at your emotions. I know many people who say this movie scared them, but quite honestly it made me a little more sad than afraid; especially at the ending. I think what caught me the most was when the psychologist had finally had it and told the devil to take him instead and died. It makes the ending bitter sweet and I can't help but sympathize for all the characters in this movie. I think this one by far is my most favorite Exorcism movie. I also really love the theme music that goes with it.

ninthgate.jpg angelsanddemons.jpg

The next movie I really enjoyed was The Ninth Gate starring Johnny Depp!! This one has more to do with the occult but its a movie that keeps you on edge wondering what will happen next. Basically Johnny Depp owns a book shop and a rich man comes to him asking for his help on finding all three copies that exist of a rare book that is supposedly written by Satan himself. As Johnny Depp sets off in this adventure he finds various clues hidden in the books that makes each one unique and in the end once he has recovered all three books it turns out the rich book collector was intending to use the books for a satanic ritual. If you like occult and mystery movies, I recommend this one, along with another favorite -- Angels and Demons.

dracula.jpg draculaad.jpg Nosferatucov.jpg

As I'm sure you might have imagined, I also love vampire movies. I've watched a wide array of Vampire films, but here are my top three.
The first one is simply titled Dracula. It was made in 1992 and directed by Francis Ford Coppola (so you know it has to be good!). Its the original Dracula tale but I thought this was the best version I've ever seen of the movie. In fact, one of my most favorite parts is in the beginning because Vlad the Impaler (The real man Dracula was created after) is shown in it along with a short scene depicting the true historical events intertwined with the fictional Dracula story. The movie also has a great list of actors: Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, and Keanu Reeves.

The second movie is Dracula A.D. 1972. The title sounds a little funny but the movie is great. The story is based in England and it happens to be exactly 100 years to the day after Van Helsing had killed Dracula. Some teenagers perform a ritual and within that group is Van Helsing's great great granddaughter. Her grandfather happens to continue the family line of Vampire research in a University and in the end has to try to stop Dracula (played by Christopher Lee) from taking his grand daughter. In the beginning the movie seems like its going to be boring, but as the story unraveled this one truly took its place in my heart. Theres a beautiful scene towards the end when Dracula is about to take Van Helsing's granddaughter into his hands that truly held a great essence of what Dracula is all about to me.

Finally is Nosferatu. The reason I love Nosferatu is because its a more accurate portrayal of how people viewed vampires many years ago. Now days we see Vampires as romanticized but Nosferatu truly captures the true "horror" aspect of vampires. His features are more bat-like with two pointed teeth in front rather than at the sides, along with his long ears...this is actually more similar to how Dracula is described in Bram Stocker's Dracula than how people imagine Vampires look today. This movie is a true classic, and I believe its a "must-see" for any Vampire enthusiast.

suspiria.jpg inferno.jpg motheroftears.jpg phenomena.jpg

I feel like I cannot have a Horror movie entry without naming this mastermind. Dario Argento is one of my most favorite Horror film directors! Obviously since hes made so many master pieces and classics how couldn't a horror movie lover not enjoy his films? I absolutely adore Suspiria and Inferno. However, the third movie in the Suspiria triology, Mother of Tears, was a little questionable. The movie wasn't made until recently so its been more than 20 years until the final movie actually came out. Mother of Tears itself isn't a very good movie and doesn't do the other two much justice, in my opinion. But I also wonder if part of this is because Argento waited so long to make this movie...its a little disheartening if you ask me. But speaking of the Suspiria series, theres apparently going to be a remake of Suspiria coming out in theaters in 3D this year. I'm a little nervous about this, but I'm looking somewhat looking forward to it as well. Also, I posted a picture of another Argento film I watched recently; Phenomena. This movie has a surprise twist at the end which is what made me fall in love with this one. Then again, I think Dario Argento is a master at plot twists and excitement at the end of his movies so it always leaves an impression.


I started watching Summer's Moon over the summer but didn't finish it until recently. I'm posting this one as a favorite because its actually one of the creepier most recent movies I've watched in a while. It stars Ashley Greene from Twilight, but in this movie its almost hard to believe its the same actress. I don't mean this in a bad way, just that her character is so different that I'm really intrigued by her. The movie is based on a young man who tends a garden in his basement but traps girls in the basement as part of his garden. Also, Ashley Greene's character sets off to the town the man lives in in search of her father whom shes never met. I don't want to give this movie away because I thought its definitely worth watching and finding out what happens, but there are some pretty big plot twists in this one that left me sort of amazed with the movie. It even gives me a few chills when I think about it.

addams1.jpg coraline.jpg dracula_dead_and_loving_it_big.jpg

Although there are many more movies I'd LOVE to write about, I'll end this entry at these three. These are not so much on the horror side as the are a more "dark" side of movies and the titles for the most part are pretty well known, but I still love these three just as much as the others. I probably don't really need to go into detail with The Addams Family or Coraline, but they're two of my most favorite movies of all time. Dracula Dead and Loving It is a little silly but for those who love Dracula films I think will understand the jokes and find it amusing. Its more of a parody than anything else, but I've watched it multiple times in boredom and simply find it funny when I see how ridiculous they make the story line of Dracula seem.

Anyway, I'd still love to go on even longer about movies I enjoy, but I'll leave it at this (since this is a pretty long entry anyway!). If you have any movie recommendations, please send me a message or comment! I love hearing about movies others enjoy, especially horror, so by all means please let me know what you think!