Les Mizerables...
Its officially one week until the Rendezvous with Mana and I'm finally ready!!

This isn't the entire coordinate I have prepared, but heres a sneak peak at it:


I've been working diligently on my coordinate for the event, so I can't wait to meet Mana once again in this way!

But aside from my personal affairs, I have something to share with everyone!
Its an old MALICE MIZER Mana interview from 1998.
I recently came across the book "Les Mizerables de MALICE MIZER" and the interviews seemed to be fairly easy to translate so I've started with Mana's interview in Chapter 1.


I remember several years ago I stumbled upon this same information, but I had never known the source of it. I'm really happy to have finally found it and I'm able to have a place to share it with everyone else. I may eventually add in translations of the other chapters a little later on, but right now my first priority is to finish the DS2 pamphlet. I'm a little over half way done with transcribing and from here on out I think it will go faster, but its a pretty big interview to translate which is what is taking me so much time.

Anyway, I hope you will look forward to it and please enjoy the Les Mizerables Ch. 1 translation!!



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