Moi dix Mois Youtube videos
I'm sure the vast majority of you have seen these, and how can you not? They're seemingly everywhere lately where you can possibly find information and communities about Moi dix Mois.

They're also on the main page of my website.
However, I thought I'd post them again on the blog for fun.

The new Moi dix Mois trailer videos!

The newest one was posted last night and includes concert footage from AKASAKA BLITZ.

The second one is simply photos that go along with the new song The SECT.

You can find Mana's youtube account here:

So what do you think?
Maybe Mana will upload every song on youtube before D+SECT goes on sale!
No, I'm joking.

Anyway, time to get back to memorizing a Japanese speech...(x_x)v