Last Entry
I wanted to make one last entry before 2010 ends for me.

Right now I'm in my home town in the US staying at my parents house and I've been extremely busy from the moment I walked off the plane.

Many of my friends from high school time are also back in town visiting their families as well and so I'm constantly asked to go out and catch up with everyone.

Its been hard with jet lag and all...I believe the other day I slept for over 15 hours straight. However, now I seem to be back on central US time so I'm hoping to be able to stay awake for New Year over here.

My mom was able to buy one of the new MacBook Airs as soon as they came out, so I just had to take a picture of both of our Airs together. Hers is the 13 inch, while mine is the standard first edition MacBook Air that came out before the brand new generation of 2010...

I've also been able to spend time with my little friend, Alice!!
Shes wearing a Snoopy sweater I bought her in Tokyo. She really seems to love it.

Anyway, I will be spending my time until New Year watching horror movies. Tonight I have The Omen, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Silent Hill to watch. I might add in The Ninth Gate in there too...

Happy New Year!!