Delicious Night Out~
Finally I have been reunited with my friend Monologue_de_Chi after her 2 week vacation in Osaka and Hiroshima!

This time, as we had planned before, we decided to challenge French cooking.
It was especially good that we did because it was becoming a little late in the evening and I needed to take a prescription medicine I have to take every day and without it my body will start acting strangely on its own...
The bad feeling was coming up just at the time of dinner so I pleaded that we find some place to eat so I could take my medicine.

So it was decided -- tonight would be a French meal!

To be honest, I can't give away too much about this place but for those Mon+amour members who know what this is in reference will understand (I hope!).

So I'd like to introduce the meal of tonight!

Its a cute small French Bistro in a small back road in Tokyo.
We were also the only customers, but it has a nice atmosphere so I didn't think it felt awkward or anything. This is probably my most favorite picture we took. It looks so pretty here (of course it is nice looking inside, but...)

Its cute, isn't it?

Chi and I shared a meal since it was a lot of food for just one person. It seemed to work out perfect too!

We started out with Boudin Noir! -- Thats what the black thing on the spoon is.
For those who don't know, Boudin Noir is pig's blood whipped into a creamy texture and is supposed to be like a sausage. Of course the portion as you can see here is quite small, so does it really pass as a sausage?
I suppose it tastes like sausage mixed with meat loaf. Its honestly not too bad. It also came with a kind of cheese on a biscuit which was delicious!

Another beautiful picture of our second piece of the meal!
Its a jelly-like substance that has sort of a beef flavor to it at the top and the bottom is creamy and sweet.
Together the textures aren't bad, but then there is the taste that really throws you off. wasn't particularly my kind of food, but really the chef did a good job at it so I can't truly say anything negative about it beyond it just wasn't my taste. The sweet part at the bottom wasn't really all that bad though. Chi and I managed to eat it all, and I think we both had the same impressions on all of the food.

During this time we also received nice warm bread!!
It was so wonderful, I haven't had such delicious bread in such a long time! I could cry of happiness!!(T~T)/

After some time we finally received our entree, which we decided would be fish. We had a choice of fish or meat, and since I know both Chi and I like fish thats what we got. I would have chosen the meat, but I wasn't sure what meat it would be. I'm very picky when it comes to meat -- generally only chicken or pork for me. I don't like beef at all.
Anyway, the fish was delicious and so were all the vegetables! I really liked the sauce that went with it all too, it just sort of topped it all off nicely.
If you notice at the bottom of the picture theres a large vegetable that almost looks like a meat -- its actually a mushroom. Generally I hate mushrooms but this was actually REALLY good!! Seriously, I NEVER eat mushrooms, but I actually enjoyed that. Oh yeah, and more warm bread. Yay bread!!

After the main entree we finally got desert -- fruits and ice cream!
I love ice cream so much, it just makes my entire day better. And yes, thats me about to stab a fork right into it. Chi didn't want it, to it was all mine. It made me the happiest person ever.(*_*)

Finally was the last of our course -- hot tea and small sweets, all of which were wonderful to end off the entire meal.

You know in all honesty, the nice thing about this meal tonight was that it was the perfect proportions of food and they spread the entire course out in a really good way where you left just feeling satisfied -- not too full from too much food and not still hungry. I really enjoyed it! Another thing that was interesting is that the chef actually served us himself sometimes. Between him and a female employee they were the only two working there and they were the two who actually served us the entire time. It was unique; you just don't ever see that in restaurants...of course this place was VERY small so its understandable, but even so. In the U.S. you just generally don't see anything like that so it left an impression.

So as we left the Chef walked us out of the restaurant personally and waved goodbye to us. It was cute!! And then being the little devils we were, we decided to get a picture of the exterior of the restaurant:

It was a really nice night out and I think in the end both of us were glad we took up the opportunity of going to this place.♥