Jail Break

Aaaahhh, I safely made it out alive!!

"What happened??" You might be wondering.

Tonight I went to one of the most terrifying places on earth.
I went to prison, but...it was filled with demons, aliens, and monsters!



People were even being tortured before my eyes...


I thought there was no escape...I thought "This is the end! This is where I meet my fate!!"
Words cannot describe how horrible it was...


Then when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it did...

I was almost turned to stone by Medusa's eye



Even Dracula didn't stand a chance.


What is this place of such bizarre mystery?



Its actually a restaurant in Shibuya called "Lockup". Its a horror and prison mix themed restaurant that goes full out. In order to actually get to the restaurant you have to go through a haunted house-like maze. When you actually make it in you're then handcuffed by one of the female police officers who takes you to your cell where you eat. At random times during the night the lights go out and people dressed up as demons and monsters run around the restaurant, trying to scare all the customers until the police officers capture and kill the monsters with pop guns. I had monsters grabbing my head and putting their faces in mine, but all I ended up doing was growling at them (because I'm oh so scary, right??) and laughing. ψ(`∇´)ψ

It was honestly a WONDERFUL time!! At first its terrifying, but once you get over the shock its very entertaining.
I recommend it to anyone who is brave enough to try this place!