The Ri†e

It feels a little difficult for me to write at the moment because I'm feeling quite down.
A friend of mine has been going through some major troubles and I can't help but worry for them constantly... its difficult to be happy when so many terrible things happen in the lives of people we love...

However, I saw a movie late last night that I really wanted to share my thoughts and impressions on.

As you can probably tell from the image above, the movie is called "The Rite" and its inspired by true events.

I suppose because Japan gets movies much later than other countries, many of you may already know about it. I happened to find out about this movie some months ago as a preview when I went to see Paranormal Activity 2. It was supposed to come out on Mana's birthday, but I think due to the big Tohoku disaster movies may have been delayed in their release here.

Therefore, I was finally able to see this movie last night, and I was truly blown away!

This movie is about a son of a mortician in America named Michael Kovak who goes to school to become a priest but finds himself lacking faith in God. He sends a resignation letter to his bishop who then confronts Michael telling him he feels he has too much potential to walk away from becoming a priest right before he takes his vows, so he recommends taking classes in Rome on exorcism because few people want to do it and it might be a good path for him.

Having said that, Michael goes to Rome for this class, but during the class hes still extremely skeptical, so he is recommended to visit Father Lucas Trevant, a priest who has done thousands of exorcisms and learn about the subject from him. Michael goes and sees various exorcisms first hand, but hes still unconvinced that the devil is at work and believes it to be a mental illness instead. However, throughout the time together Father Lucas continuously warns Michael to be careful of his beliefs because demons can latch on to him due to his lack of belief (its easier for the devil to take someone under demonic possession if they don't believe in him). Long story short, after several witnesses to possession, Michael begins to feel the horrors some of the patients have gone through and what they see when becoming possessed. Also, Father Lucas becomes possessed by a demon and its up to Michael to try to save him. However, due to Michael's lack of faith this proves to be a challenge because demons are unaffected if a person does not believe in God when performing an exorcism.

I wont give away the ending of the movie, but I must sasy Anthony Hopkins played his role wonderfully! Its amazing to me how actors are able to completely change their personalities to fit a role and this is honestly the most convincing exorcism movie I've seen. It actually put me on edge and scared me in some ways, and I'm generally not like that at all when watching movies!

If you're interested in exorcisms and horror films, I definitely recommend this one!
Even more interesting to me is how this movie is inspired by true events. Since I got home late last night and slept most of today, I haven't had a lot of time to research the actual events, but I'm very much interested in it, and I really want to read the original book this movie was inspired off of.

Anyway, if you're interested, check out the trailer!