★MALICE MIZER Goods Happy Bag★
For those who may not have noticed, recently the Midi: Nette Shop is having a pretty big campaign with sales and even a MALICE MIZER Happy Bag!

Here is what I received in mine...

† One photo binder (with MALICE MIZER flyer inside)
† Note book
† Mouse pad
† clear Make up bag
† Handkerchief
† Card holder
† 3 sets of postcards
† Mirror
† A little holder for really thin pieces of paper? I'm not quite sure what it is...(The Bara no Seidou thing in the middle ontop of the handkerchief)
† 2 keychains
† 2 Moi dix Mois flyers
† Le dixieme Anniversaire sticker (Moi dix Mois)

It seems from the website everyone who purchases a Happy Bag must get different items, so I can't say these are the exact same items everyone will get.
You simply get a mix of MALICE MIZER merchandise that should be the equivalent to 15,000 yen (but for sale in a Happy bag for 3,000 yen).

Since the Midi: Nette shop doesn't ship outside of Japan, if you are interested you can always use the Mana-Sama.net Shop to get your own MALICE MIZER Happy Bag!!

The total price before shipping would be 4,746 yen.
Shipping would be based on however you would like your items sent.

Don't pass up this opportunity!!dix!!