Fool's Mate 361
Since the recent Monologue†Garden update, I suppose everyone is waiting to see photos from the newest Moi dix Mois FOOL'S MATE live report, right?

Well, here it is~!

As always, you can view the full size image if you click the thumbnail above.

Although the article is quite short this time, I probably wont be able to translate it until tomorrow or this weekend.

Unfortunately it seems recently Japan is trying to beat the white person out of me, so I'm having a lot of issues to deal with. Ideally I'd like for everything to be resolved tomorrow, but I get the feeling I've got a ways to go...
Ahhh, I wish life didn't have to be this stressful sometimes.(=。=;)

So, I will do my best to work on it tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the scan~♥