Moi-meme-Moitie 12th Anniversary

Today was finally the opening day to purchase a Moitie item in order to get a Randezvous ticket!!

This year Charlotte and I were the very first people in the store for the event, but getting your ticket number is based when you check out and I was having a bit of a delima deciding on what I wanted. Therefore I ended up with ticket #3 aaand THIS!!

Yes! The Archangel JSK is finally mine!! Although I'll admit the dress in person wasn't what I expected...rather than the soft polyester material Moi-meme-Moitie typically uses this dress is made of cotton and the photos are screen printed on. I suppose that's because the photos would be difficult to stick on a dress otherwise, but I'm a little worried that washing this dress at all might ruin the print...I'm going to be extremely careful with it.

Anyway, for those who cannot attend, of course I took pictures for all of you (or at least where I was allowed too).

Last year the Rendezvous event had a large display in the front windows of Marui One, but this year all they had was a small portion of a larger poster advertising it...

Needless to say, we were a little sad about that... Poor Mana!!

But Snoopy sent his dix Love, and I personally am very exited about this coming event!!

As always, I will write all about it, but first is the Darkness Theater Moi dix Mois live on the 3rd, dix!!!