Dis inferno IX 2011

I'll admit, I had my doubts about this concert tonight, but it really did turn out to be a fun party!!

I arrived at the venue about an hour earl and while waiting I just so happened to notice a billboard across the way that seemed to be foreshadowing the evening.

Of course since Mana's major theme is "big end-of-year drinking party" for Dis inferno every year and he's always bringing a bottle of Jack Daniels to the live I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get this picture.

Anyway, the live started out right on time and without any formal Moi dix Mois introduction, the band popped out on the stage immediately -- Mana first this time.

Naturally Mana had another surprise in store for us -- he came out on stage with blue/green hair (although he claims its green) and pretty much the same outfit as what he wore at the last live, only this time shiny black and green material had been added to his blouse and the black half skirt now contained matching green in it! Mana also had on the green Moi-meme-Moitie cross pendant which accented the entire look perfectly with a couple silver chains hanging down from the big black collar he was wearing to the green puffy material by his shoulder. To be honest, I'm not a very big fan of green myself, but actually it looked surprisingly good on Mana…for once I feel like I actually came to like the color green.

After Mana the other members appeared on stage with similar stage outfits as normal (red and black) -- Seth wearing a leather skirt, leather pants, a black no sleeve top and a leopard print fur jacket. His hair was very long, red, and straight this time that was layered towards the top (Seth fans might recognize this type of appearance when Seth was Seiji, at least it had that kind of feel to it). He also had a really pretty back and red shiny material wrapped around his left leg at his high boots.

From what I remember of K, he pretty much looked similar as always…nothing too exciting about his outfit. Sugiya was wearing a black dress shirt with a red tie, and Hayato had on a black shirt with a large sparkly red cross on it.

The concert went strong straight from the beginning with fast paced songs that kept everyone going with a lot of energy throughout the performance. In fact, the second song to be played of the night was the MALICE MIZER song S-Conscious. When S-Conscious was announced and all the way throughout the performance, I don't think I've ever heard the crowd (in Japan) at a Moi dix Mois concert scream so loud in excitement. It was a lot of fun to watch and in fact S-Conscious with all the current Moi dix Mois members was very exciting!! Seth has an excellent voice for this song, so it not only went well with the member line up, but it was a perfect addition to the energy of the concert.

Unfortunately since I'm very jet lagged and have a huge headache right now, I can't remember the play list…I was doing so well at the concert too keeping track of the songs, but once I got home I didn't realize how exhausted I was…

So we'll have to go on to the MC now. Seth asked us what we thought of Mana's hair, and of course he received a lot of excited screams and clapping. Mana's main theme of the night was "楽しんで, baby!" and "パーティーだぜ, BABY!!" (Have fun baby, its a party, Baby). Throughout the MC portions of the concert Seth kept having to repeat these types of sayings for Mana while Mana would spin around, strike poses, and try to get the crowd more hyped up. I suppose this part started up with Seth continuously tried to get Mana to say something to everyone, but he kept shaking his head and waving his hand meaning "NO" but eventually Seth succeeded….kind of. Mana took the microphone, stepped up to the middle of the stage, and suddenly K started talking pretending to be Mana's voice. Basically he said "I hope you're having a good time. Its a party, baby!!" Then Mana took a Jack Daniels and started drinking it on stage and then made Seth take a sip. With a little smirk on his face, Mana was so obviously having the time of his life.

After the MC "Sanctum Regnum" came on, but this time we were told to scream out "D-I-X-DIX!!" during the song and K gave us an example of how we should do it. He went up to the microphone and started screaming the letters out as loud as he could, and then Seth told all the male fans they should try to yell it out from their stomaches with force (and of course girls shouldn't be embarrassed about doing this as well, since is a crazy year-end party!!)

Several other songs were then played, including the ritual Immortal Madness where each member played a small solo as we yelled out their names to the part of the song when we usually yell out "dix Love" (or in the album version "dix sight")

Eventually the band left the stage to change outfits and play a cover of "My Way" by the Sex Pistols.
As soon as it was time for this part of the concert, Mana came running out on stage with two silver drum sticks and wearing a British flag bandana covering his mouth, a blue chanchanko (type of winter kimono for in the house), a Sex Pistol T-shirt, and a short skirt.

Seth was wearing an outfit similar to what he wore during the live, K had on a shirt with a huge british flag on it and as soon as he got on stage he chugged a bottle of Jack Daniels and spit it out at the crowd. Sugiya had on a white dress shirt with a red and white stripped tie around his head, and Hayato was wearing simple pants and a yellow shirt that said "Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die" with an orange skull on it.

During the My Way cover, Hayato played guitar while Mana played drums, and the rest of the members played their usual instruments. All the members were running around stage and having fun with one another, although I don't think any of the band members really knew the lyrics to the song… Seth tried to force the microphone on K and Hayato various times and it honestly sounded like nobody really knew what they were singing. It was kind of hilarious.

Afterwards, the usual "Can't Take My Eyes off of You" remix was played (its often played at the end of Dis Inferno concerts) along with large balloons that fell from the top floor onto the entire crowd and the stage as the concert came to an end.

At the very end, all the band members put their arms around each other, and as K counted "Une…demux…trios…" everyone jumped in unison and yelled out "dix!!" (including everyone in the audience). It was a perfect way to end the year off Moi dix Mois style. I'm so glad I didn't miss this concert, because I really had a lot more fun than I originally expected!

Anyway, the next live will be Feb. 24th at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM with ALI PROJECT as a guest artist for the 4th Chapter of the Le dixieme anniversaries live series. I'm looking forward to it!!

To end off the entry, heres a picture from tonight. I was able to keep a couple Balloons from the end (they were smaller Balloons inside large balloons). Mana also kept throwing out streamers at the crowd so all of us in the first few rows were covered in red streamers by the time we left...
My apartment feels like a party now, haha!