Digital Madousho Vol. 2
Those of you who are into the Digital Madousho, what did you think??

I just had to make this entry because I was totally surprised with Mana's honest and drawn out answers for once!! Also, the picture of him is adorable, isn't it?? (;A;)

I wish so much that I could translate these Madousho articles for everyone who pays for them...I really wish I could think of a good breaks my heart not everyone can read his words in these things...

Also, I mainly wanted to make an update on here, because I wanted to let everyone know I've been working quite a bit on Moi dix Mois lyric translations lately. I have really come to enjoy working on D+SECT lyrics, so I now have all of them done except for 3 songs which I'm in the process of working on.

If you're interested, you should check them out! I think they're quite worth it!

D+SECT Lyric Translations etc…


Actually I did think of something for the Digital Madousho, and I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.
I have a public facebook for Mana fans where I wrote the details on, so please check it out if you're interested!!
(I did this because I feel as though I cannot write about such things on this blog for private reasons.)

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