More Pictures You Probably Don't Care About
Yeahhhh, I really have nothing of importance to say -- I just wanted to share some better pictures from this weekend's live. Well in particular, I wanted to show pictures of the bouquet since my camera wasn't working right.

Photos are by my friend Manami. Shes the one who put all this together for us originally! Shes so amazing ♥



...I want them for myself. XD

Also, Purikura with friends after the live!


puri4.jpg puri3.jpg
puri2.jpg puri1.jpg

Anyway, thats all I have.
Why do purikura machines always make my eyes look so huge and alien-like?!? gahh!!

OH! by the way!!!

Tonight, March 28, is the last night you will be able to see Venus in the sky for the rest of the century. Has anyone else noticed its been out the entire month of march next to the moon?
Last night it was aligned with the moon and Jupiter and it was absolutely gorgeous!
I tried to take pictures, but they do no justice...

These are Venus and Jupiter at the beginning of the month...

and this is from last night. Jupiter was a little more difficult to see since its not as bright, so I didn't capture it in this picture but it was below the moon.

Tonight Venus is to the west of the moon. If you haven't noticed, I strongly suggest you go out and look at the sky tonight! Its amazing!!


I'm done bothering you all now.
Have a good evening/day, wherever you are!