First of all, thank you so much everyone for your wonderful messages. Not only FC2 but in other places too. I received so much encouragement from you all and you have no idea how much it has helped me. To say the least I was so moved I was in tears a few times. (;~;)

Things finally seem to be clearing up a bit now. The issue itself pertained to my university and them refusing to allow me to graduate on time and setting me back another semester. The biggest issue mostly lies in the financial situation of this all...because as you can imagine living and going to school in Japan is NOT cheap. I was a bit worried I'd have to quit just one class short of a degree (it would be especially bad because I go directly to a school in Japan, so theres no way to just "transfer" to a US establishment, if that makes sense)...
However, everyone has been extremely supportive to me and when I thought I'd have to give up everything I had worked so hard for for so many years it seems everyone has helped me pull through.♥

Although I'm still not in a completely ideal situation, I know things are going to be okay now.
I know these words may seem so small and insignificant, but really, Thank you all sooooo much!

and I'm really sorry if I made you worry... I feel like I was really selfish in that sense...

In any case, you should be able to look forward to Madousho vol. 2 translations before too long. I've been working really hard and have made quite a bit of progress, but I'm at a point where I need a bit of help from a friend...(^^;;)

You see, typically when someone writes in standard Japanese its clearly understandable to me because standard Japanese is what you are taught in Japanese classes...well, Mana on the other hand writes Japanese much differently from typical standard Japanese. Over the years I've really learned to adapt to his writing style (The Japanese say its very literary and Aristocratic -- I guess you could compare his style to someone like Shakespeare) but then there are other styles of written Japanese that feel very foreign to me still. Having said that, sometimes I have a bit of trouble understanding the other Moi dix Mois members because they either don't write like Mana or in a "standard" Japanese style as something you might read in a magazine article...

So I'm in a slight set back, but I have a friend who has translated articles probably longer than I have and I know shes learned to adapt her Japanese understanding to many different variations. Not only that, shes a Sugiya fan and thats who's article I'm currently stuck on. Hopefully soon I'll be able to ask her to help me with that particular part and from there on I should be able to finish the rest fairly quickly.

Once its finished I'll announce it on here.

I hope you'll look forward to it!!