Postscript 6/1

I just wanted to mention for those who didn't know yet, CDJapan has Reprise up for reserve internationally now!

Reprise International Preorder

Did everyone receive their Moi dix Mois mail news letter in their email just now?!? (*_*)

Reprise will be out July 11! (*__*)

So far you can pre-order it on the Midi: Nette shop, so thats what I did...

I wonder if that means it will be out for preorder on CDJapan for everyone else abroad as well? I'm sure we'll find out in time, but I'm just as impatient as all of you so if I wasn't in Japan I'd be trying to find out how to reserve it ASAP! -- but I think chances are very high it will be on CDJapan shortly, so theres probably no need to worry.

and by the way, the album cover is AMAZING, isn't it!!

Details are on the Moi dix Mois website.♥

Anyway, I couldn't contain my excitement especially as I was in a scary situation when I received my news letter...I heard my cell phone go off, but I didn't even imagine it being the Moi dix Mois news letter... Anyway, it made me extremely excited and happy after my trauma with a killer moth...

LOL I'm sorry, I'm suuch a girl about bugs but I had to share it for the sheer stupidity...XD

and if you want to know how it all ended, the moth was safely freed outside...

Now Mana has just updated his blog with Reprise. Although I always post his blog translations here, I'll make a special exception and post it with this entry as well.

† Reprise 7.11

I decided on 2012.7.11 as the release!
Details are on the Moi dix Mois site

This weekend I will be finishing up the last half of the TD and after that I'll do the mastering and it will be complete!

During the TD my nerves have really been on end with tension.
I have been messing around trying to get the perfect balance and the tone quality I want in this world of sound…

Well this week is the final peak!


2012/05/30(Wednesday) 21:20:55

Can't wait!(。・ω・。)ノ♡

For those who don't want to wait to preorder their Reprise album from CDJapan or other foreign shops are more than welcome to have me order a copy and ship it to you the day it comes out via the Mana-Sama.net shop!! dix Love!