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Today the new Kera issue with a small feature on Moitie came out along with Game Lab, so I have scans of both for you!


I scanned both pages of the Spring Style Collection because I thought it looked a little awkward with only having half of it posted, but really the only Moitie in is on the far right, with the red long version Cembalo Instrument Trio print dress, and the 5 items listed below it.
Theres nothing really worth translating in it; the text next to the model says,

"Dressed in the dark ambiance of the Cembalo Instrument Trio one-piece, intoxicated by a beautiful and sad melody resounding in the dead of night"

So now moving on to Game Lab

Edit 5/4/2013 -Translations are UP now!!

Mana-Sama's Deep Game inferno

~Part 5~

This Month's Pickup

D's Dinner Table
*3DO Version
Development Agency: WARP
Sales Agency: San-eishobo
Release Date: April 1, 1995

Memories of Kenji Eno, A Favored Game Creator in His Time

I had actually met Kenji Eno one time before. Because of that, I was shocked all the way from the bottom of my heart when I heard the news of his recent death, and I couldn't stop crying.

I have several volumes and books, and when its in regards to him I always feel embraced in a special emotion. This time I want to talk about my memories of Kenji Eno and express my condolences.

Mesmerized by His Appearance with Games
A Chance Meeting with Eno's Works

I first came across Mr. Eno's works in 1995. It happened when I played the 3DO version of "D's Dinner Table" for the first time.

Making use of the power of the first 32bit system, he presented the maximum amount of free use on a polygon which had still been under development to the world. "D's Dinner Table" was an image I had never seen before. It rose above game concepts in its time, and its interactive cinema was something completely original.

In this work, you manipulated a character by it's own point of view, and could walk around freely inside a castle drawn out in 3D. I remember being completely shocked, thinking, "This has completely crossed over the boundaries of movies and games!"

Puzzles were set within the castle, and there was an adventure element to solving these puzzles as well, so it kept your heart constantly pounding in suspence. The modeling [in the game] was also beautiful-- it made me feel like it was the future of games on the 3DO console. Unfortunately, however, the 3DO went into a sudden decline. Soon it disappeared altogether. The 3DO group's plan to recover was a 64bit system they developed called the M2. In 1995, Matsushita Electric Industrial bought out the rights to the 3DO [group], and so they announced it's release into the market under Matsushita's name.

However, at that point in time they were up against the ruthless era of the PS and SS. The M2 hardly gained any interest, particularly with domestic game makers. During that point in time, Mr. Eno tried out the M2. He announced the release of "D's Dinning Table" for the M2, and even came out with a demo movie for it.

When I saw the video I really enjoyed it, and so I looked forward to the release, wondering, "What kind of world will he show us this time?"

However, its once again unfortunate, but in the end the M2 had a complete setback, and furthermore the M2 version of "D's Dinner Table" never hit the shelves.

Up until that point, Mr. Eno had somewhat of a different disposition as a so-called game designer.He declared himself as the leader of the "band" WARP. I remember having a strong interest in this band activity that was so different from MALICE MIZER at that time.

Actually, I once had a column series in a magazine called Jugem. I decided I wanted to try to meet Mr. Eno, so I devised a plan to have a conversation with him in Jugem. When I made the offer, Mr. Eno gave me his consent, and so the conversation was to be held at the WARP headquarters.

A Fascinating Game Conversation at a Fascinating Office

On the day of our conversation, I visited where WARP was in those days in Aoyama, and inside the office there was a Japanese-style garden with flowing water. Mysteriously, I though, "Am I really inside an office building?" Such amazing craftsmanship surely had to be that of Mr. Eno.

When I interviewed Mr. Eno himself, it was in the era of MALICE MIZER when I took on a female role. Theres no mistaking Mr. Eno also appeared to be a mysterious person whom you couldn't tell if he was male or female (laughs).

Our conversation began with the 3DO version of "D's Dinner Table". I remember it being a really fun time together that felt peaceful and harmonious. Just around that time, the DC version of "D's Dinner Table 2", which was a partial conversion from the M2 version, was nearing the time of its release, so we ended up extending our talk to that work as well.

Mr. Eno said he was fixated on the presentation of Laura's bra in "D's Dinner Table 2", boasting that the her bra was a component in displaying a feminine visual. I could empathize with that fixation, and at the same time I thought "This person is so interesting".

I digress, but since the setting of the DC version of "D's Dinner Table 2" was on a snowy mountain, the M2 version must have been something really special. The M2 version was set in the dark world of Vlad Tepes the Impaler, so I repeatedly can't help but lament the M2 release suspension.

One impression I had from our discussion was when he told me about making a game called "catching curses" using the DC's visual memory. Even now I can't forget Mr. Eno's smiling face and seeming to enjoy our hot discussion. Although, with such a superb name as "Catching Curses", I wonder what in the world kind of game he wanted to plan on making.......

When our conversation was over, I received some wine with the DC logo designed on it along with various other presents from Mr. Eno. It was such a heartfelt consideration, and he had an really wonderful personality.

Having been an adventurer of the gaming industry, Mr. Eno's death was one demise I couldn't help but feel. Mr Eno had changed the concept of games within me, and I can't help but want to express my feelings of gratitude to him from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for all the various impacts you made.



In this Mr. Eno episode, I didn't get to take a step into it, but there was also the transfer riot "Enemy Zero". At an SCE event, the PS logo had morphed into the SS logo, and a surprise performance was announced when it was changing to SS. The point is, a fight was picked right in the middle of the SCE in the presence of the general public. A person to come out in this kind of behavior while knowing the history of the gaming world full well had to have been none other than Kenji Eno. (Mana)

Now that I have the translations done to this most recent Game inferno article, theres a number of things I'd really like to write about, but seeing as this entry is now several weeks old now and its long enough as is, I'm going to make a new entry highlighting some of those points.

However, before I do so, there is at least one thing I'd like to add relevant to this Game inferno issue -- that is Mana's usage of abbreviations. I'm sure people who are well versed in video game history can catch what the abbreviations stand for fairly quickly, but for those whom it isn't so clear, heres a list of consoles mentioned throughout the article:
しかし、まずはGame infernoの記事から、

DC = Dreamcast (ドリームキャスト ) -- Sega's final home console that was released in Japan in late 1998, and then worldwide in late 1999)

SS = Sega Saturn (セガサターン) -- a home console released in Japan in 1994, and then worldwide in 1995.

PS = Playstation (プレイステーション) -- I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Playstation, seeing as it was a large hit upon its release.

SCE = Sony Computer Entertainment ( 株式会社ソニー·コンピュータエンタテインメント) -- this is a reference to an event held in 1994, where the Playstation had been held on exhibition demonstrated as an "innovative" new game console by using a CD-ROM rather than Casettes like Nintendo and Sega used at the time.
まぁ、このMana様のGame infernoシリーズを読む後は、やっぱりプレイステーションが本当に革新的かなあ…

If I missed something, let me know!

Speaking of the Sega Saturn, this is pretty old now, but several years ago I had a fascination with the old Sega Saturn commercials depicting a character who could be considered Japan's Chuck Norris, Segata Sanshiro. And so I eventually made a parody video in reference to those commercials.

It was really a joke in reference to two things -- the first being the obvious Segata Sanshiro commercials, but the second was sort of a video response to some friends who were making similar videos referencing me. f(^-^;;
We had a little too much fun back then with cosplay and youtube... I kinda miss those days! なつかしー(´∀`)

そう、この動画はあの友達も作ってあげた (始めは「ManaとAlexandreへ」の理由です)。(微笑)