Digital Madousho Info

Once again I'm receiving several emails about the Digital Madousho since Vol. 7 came out.

All the emails have to do with not being able to use your credit card to go through with purchases.

So, I'd like to address the situation.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the issue seems to do with the credit card verification system on FC2. In order to get past that, I have personally found a fix that enabled me to make purchases on FC2 blog, but in order to do so I had to buy an international or Japanese prepaid/gift card.

Many people would are asking me to help them make their Digital Madousho purchases with my Japanese prepaid card, but with an increasing number of people asking me for help in this way I'm losing my own money out of the deal even though I'm being paid back via paypal.

The issue is, with a prepaid card you can purchase only a particular amount on the card such as 3,000 or 5,000 yen, and when it comes time for me to purchase the Digital Madousho for myself after helping everyone else I have no choice but to go buy another 3,000 yen worth for a single Digital Madousho costing 500 yen. In the end, I'm pretty much losing money when I have to do this.

So I have an alternate solution for people who really want to purchase the Digital Madousho but have no means themselves of getting an international or Japanese prepaid card.

You are welcome to use the Shop to obtain your own Japanese prepaid card through me which can be used through FC2 to purchase Madoushos as well as other items that usually require a Japanese credit card -- the point is, you can use this card on whatever you like. Once purchased, I can give you the detailed information for your new prepaid card via email.

The total price for a 3,000 yen card would end up being 3,500 yen due to taxes and paypal fees.

If you're interested, please send an email to

manasamashop (at)

However, I must say, I'm only doing this exclusively for people who are having difficulty buying Madoushos.
Since the Shop has many uses, I imagine this offer could easily be abused, so I would like to keep this option open only for people who can't find any other means of purchasing the Digital Madoushos.

Also, please note it may take a few days for payments via paypal to process so I can actually obtain a card for you.

But if you're interested, by all means please feel free to email me!

P.s. If 3,500 yen is too expensive for you, perhaps you could post a comment on this entry and share a prepaid card with someone else looking to buy Madoushos too? That would be worth 3 Digital Madoushos for each person if you split the amount.