The Goddess
So today since I had a day off and Rachael got off work early, we decided to visit Odaiba together.
Since I had such a wonderful time I wanted to post about it tonight.(^^)
It was nothing particularly special from any other trip I've made to Odaiba in the past, but I suppose what was so unique about this visit is that for the first time going there I was able to just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

It might sound silly, but our real desire to go was just to simply ride the Yurikamome line...


Unlike most trains in Tokyo, the Yurikamome line is not operated by a conductor, so if you're lucky enough to the first seat on the train its directly at the very front window. Its extremely fun to watch, especially when you're on Rainbow bridge!
I've ridden this train many times in the past, so when we went during the day I didn't consider taking pictures. However, once we got to the end of the line and were going back it was becoming night out and the scenery was absolutely beautiful!!


When we were coming back, we decided to make a stop in Odaiba and wander around a little.


As soon as we got out of the station we found the Statue of Liberty. The last time I saw this part of Odaiba was in 2007 during the day, so seeing it at night was really surprising! I didn't expect her to light up like this.
By the way, apparently in Japan the Statue of Liberty is known as the "Goddess of Liberty", hence the title of this entry.

Afterwards, we walked down to the coast and simply watched the city line and bay for a while. It was sooo relaxing!
Heres the view we saw:



Unfortunately these pictures do the actual view no justice.
I suggest if any of you decide to visit or live in Tokyo in the future, go to Odaiba! There are a lot of fun things worth doing and at night the scenery is breathtaking!

Sitting at the coast and watching the water is something I've really wanted to do for several years now, so getting the chance to do this made me sooo happy! I didn't want to go home. (;A;)
Although, lately it seems like large amounts of pressure in the air from water has been giving me headaches, so after some time my head hurt so bad it was hard to stick around for more than an hour or so.

So after that, we had dinner near by and then headed home.


Tonight was such a perfect night!! I hope we can go back soon!

by the way,
I mentioned several entries back that I was going to the Pokemon Game Show.
This was also at Odaiba, but at a giant convention center known as "Tokyo Big Sight".


Sadly by the time the event ended most things had closed down for the day and I was exhausted, so the only part of Odaiba I got to see then was the convention center.

However, it was extremely fun and I got to play the new X and Y games!
I honestly didn't think I would actually want to use Ninfia/Sylveon once the game comes out, but in the demo I played at Pokemon Game Show, it proved to be a really great pokemon, so I'm excited to be able to obtain it in X & Y!!

Also, as a side note, I got Gary's Pidgeot as a free gift in my Black 2 version at PGS!

Yeeaahhh Gary!! He was always one of my most favorite characters in the original series!(`・ω・)

Anyway, this is getting extremely off topic from the original intent of this entry, so I'll leave it at that.