GLB Vol. 50 + Update 11/26
It took me a little while to get out to the bookstore today, but I finally have the new Gothic & Lolita Bible!!

Since its volume 50, naturally its a special edition. Its mostly all the same content as normal, except there are a few special features here and there. However, I'll get to that a little later in the entry.

For now, I post what everyone is waiting for-- the scans!

As always, click the thumbnails for larger size images.

Also, just as I said with the Game Lab issues, PLEASE DO NOT steal these images as your own work!!! I don't care what you do with them for your own personal use but if you're posting the full scans on your own site/blog, please do not edit out the watermarks.

As for the new print, at first glance in the EGL photo it looks like Mana is wearing Iron Gate, but this is the new Royal Gate print. Unfortunately the print is just as difficult to see in the actual copy of the mook as it is in the scan.

Furthermore, if you're wondering what the small images at the bottom of some of the pages are (the ones with the Cembalo Instrument Trio and Sleeping Garden prints), these are for a special present giveaway hosted by the GLB.

What do you all think of these new photos and the new print?

To be honest, the Royal Gate print is tempting to me, especially in Black x Blue, because the black x blue Iron Gate dress had always been my dream dress ever since it was released. At that time, I ended up with the black x white Iron Gate because it was the last choice left and I loved the print regardless of color. Little did I know it would become such a coveted dress, so its extremely special to me now (especially since it was my first actual Moitie dress!). But having said that, I still wish I owned the black x blue iron gate and this print reminds me so much of it.

Ironically, the full coordinate Mana is wearing with the Royal Gate print is appealing to me, but maybe thats because it looks so familiar....

Not the best picture in the world, but in real life the blouse I was wearing was that same blue color, and so was the JSK (its black x blue). Of course I'm not saying these pictures are identical, just that this style concept is something I often do. Maybe thats why I'm so partial to it!

Aside from that, there was a very special picture on the very last page of the book by Mihara Mitsukazu! I not only scanned the image, but translated the short message she wrote as well.

Message Translation

Congratulations to the Gothic & Lolita Bible on their 50 issues.

I think something that has changed in these 20 years is how the models have been steadily balancing in with shoujo manga.

Something in particular for me now days is that I try to copy the model's make up when I draw them.

Whenever I reread [the GLB] all over again from the issue 1, I notice that Mana-Sama's looks and spirituality have never changed and thats really cool.

Gothic & Lolita are things I have loved ever since I made my debut as a manga artist and have always continued to draw from then on.

Even now I think I will never change.

Mihara Mitsukazu (Manga artist)

I thought her message was really sweet so I wanted to include it.

Finally, for the special 50th anniversary, there was a free gift included!!!

Its a 2014 calendar with extra pages for notes and information in the back. Ever page is filled with gothic and lolita themed art work. At first I thought it was just a mini photo book, but it turns out its actually a pretty nice gift.

UPDATE 11/26

After reading through the GLB last night, I noticed something I missed!
Its nothing too big, but there was a special page at the beginning where everyone who has participated in the GLB over the years was able to make a short comment about the 50th issue. Mana also made a comment, so I ended up translating it and wanted to share it here.

Note: The format of the comment + information provided for each person goes as follows:
1. Brand Name
2. Designer Name
3. When the brand started
4. When it first appeared in the GLB
5. Feelings and impressions of when it was first published
6. 50th issue commemoration comment

I will be using this same format for the translations as well.

1. Moi-meme-Moitie
2. Mana (Producer)
3. 1999
4. Issue 1

5. ...Up until now, the brand's image color was only blue, with the exception of black and white, and I had never made clothes before, so the impression that remains with me is when the very first bold commodities were published.

6. Congratulations on 50 issues. I have appeared in every issue ever since the first one and the existence of the bible has been like a partner spreading Gothic Lolita in the world, which makes me extremely happy that its continued all the way up to 50 issues. Only if we walk together to spread gothic lolita to many more people from here on out as well....

I fully recommend everyone who is interested in this GLB to buy it, because its definitely worth it! Although its a little bit more expensive than normal (1,500 yen), its still filled with a lot of great content, so if you can get your hands on a copy I fully recommend this one.