Chance Meeting Game Inferno
This month Mana's column in Game Lab has been renewed for another series. If you haven't already read Monologue†Garden or my Monologue†Garden Translations, the new series has been titled Mana-Sama's ~Chance Meeting Game inferno~ and will focus on various game and console related information with a closer look into the details of the contents in each issue.

This month the focus is, not surprisingly, on the PS4 that Mana received at his birthday concert.

I would actually like to start working on translations of this article as soon as possible, seeing as its a newly titled series. So for the moment I may skip over the articles I still have yet to work on and focus on this one, then go backwards from there.

I would like to work on it this weekend if I have the time, but if I can't get it done as quickly as I would like, I'll still try to finish it as soon as I can.

Speaking of chance meetings!
I'm often meet a lot of people working for major video game companies in my work, but last week in particular I got to meet and talk with someone who is a major asset to famous games such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts!! Not only that, this person was a woman, so I was extremely excited to hear her perspective of the gaming industry from a Japanese female point of view.

I don't often talk about this publicly, but I find it a struggle to be a female that likes video games in Japan. I think to some extent there is difficulty with being a female gamer anywhere in the world, but in Japan the issue feels so much bigger being as its a male dominated society. The person I talked to said it really is a difficulty in Japan and theres only about 30% of females working in the industry so she faces these problems in a number of ways.

Fortunately for me, we really hit it off so I think we will get more chances to talk in the future and I'm really looking forward to hearing more about her life as a big time female gamer!