From K's friend...
When I came back from work earlier tonight, my inbox had a number of messages asking me to translate a blog entry from one of K's friends regarding his passing and funeral.

In respect for the blog owner, I will not post the pictures from his blog on here, but you can see them directly on his original entry

The translations are as follows. I think they are more or less accurate, but might not be 100% perfect. Some of the things he wrote were a little difficult for me to understand. m(_ _)m

I went to K-kun's funeral
2014.05.24 Saturday

Concerning Dr. Kranken, I went to K-kun's funeral.

Yesterday K-kun's funeral was held in his home town.

I got to know K-kun coming into this year, but he would do anything for me, and the heavy words of his death spoken by old friends is always something difficult.

At K-kun's funeral, close relatives spoke for the bereaved family during the funeral, which was done quietly at the Kanagawa funeral home where his parents live.

This is my second time at this street which faces the sea, about 20 years ago, I was invited to a wedding on this street, so together there were guitarists and surfers......

Its difficult to say that after a wedding there was a funeral, but maybe there is some kind of connection with this street.

On that street where I visited to mark my last farewell with K-kun, it was far away from the train station and disconnected from the funeral home.

At the entrance of the funeral hall, there was a mismatch of Moi dix Mois CDs, pictures of him with his make up on, and his favorite masks decorating the place.

On the topic of this atmosphere, the funeral hall was easy to enter even for a guy like me.

However, as for the funeral service, only the relatives spoke, and there were a few musicians who appeared.
It seems his usual musician colleagues went to the all-night vigil the night before.

Even so, when you looked at the pictures, they were all images of K with his red hair and make up as a rock musician.

Either way, it seemed like the funeral of a rock shop.

and to that extent, his parents asked to have him dressed up as how he was as a musician.
I am a bit jealous because even at this age my mother continues to deny me being a musician.

Together with lots of flowers lined up and his favorite guitars, we grieved the too quick death of rock guitarist K, and coupled with the strangeness of saying there is now a mortuary tablet, the sadness of those memories becomes more vivid.

let alone, you could say the funeral service scene was certainly very K-like......

But it was so untimely, I still can't get over it......

We were just about to start Chaos Tokyo!!

Didn't you say you were also thinking of doing some solo work......

Above all you would do anything for me.
Will you DJ at Dark Castle on June 14th......?!

What about all the interesting sounding stories.......

Everyone did something different with you......

He looked just like Dracula buried in flowers in the casket.
His face felt cold when I touched it at the last moment.

Just as if you're in character, even mistaking this for the stage, but not at this small venue, let's do it at a more giant place.
The guitar he was securely holding onto protruded from his chest......

Even though he became cold, I still call upon him for the June 14th Dark Castle event, and for us to do more and more interesting things together from here on out.

I got permission from his mother to make a flower stand that will be on exhibition at the event.

K-kun, this is good-bye, but not good-bye, let's still do things together from now on!!

We're supposed to be to be decadent club partners, aren't we!!

Let's go liven up Chaos Tokyo too!!

So this is only a small rest!!

Because I'm going to drag you out soon (laughs)!!

This is only a short good-bye and a short good night......

I pray for K-kun's soul to live for eternity and for him to rock 'n roll in eternity.

(I got permission from the bereaved family to post all these pictures)

The family and relatives are certainly at the height of their grief and heart break.
So because of that, thank you so much for the permission to post in this public blog.
I still don't feel any consolation, but I am making this public on here for my own personal feelings, for those of young promising guitarists, and for everyone who knew him to say farewell.
I sympathise so much with the extremity of pain that are particularly in his parents' hearts.
Here I remember the late K-kun, and pray for his profound happiness in the next world.

AUTO-MOD, Tokyo Dark Castle Representative Genet

At Tokyo Dark Castle on the June 14th event, due to K-kun's sudden death on May 19, 2014, we will go on without erasing Dr. Kranken's name, and will hold the event together with Dr. Kranken's name to mourn Dr. Kranken.
Please understand.

In relation to the blog entry, and to K, I thought I would add the Tokyo Dark Castle flyer on here as well.


For more information on the June 14th event, please check the Tokyo Dark Castle Official Site

For those who are in Tokyo at the time and wish to commemorate K, this is probably going to be a wonderful way to do so. I would like to go myself, but I have not made up my mind yet.