Moi dix Mois Official Twitter
It seems according to Mana's blog, Moi dix Mois has started an official twitter now!!

Moi dix Mois Official Twitter Account

Concerning translating the information from the official Moi dix Mois twitter,
much like the Moi dix Mois email news letters I will most likely only translate updates if it deems necessary. By that I mean any personal type updates Mana might make on there, or new information that hasn't been posted elsewhere already. As of right now, here are the first three updates already made on the account:

An official Twitter has been started for the use of transmitting Moi dix Mois information.

Currently Mana and Moi dix Mois do not use any other SNS sites outside of this twitter. Other accounts using Mana or Moi dix Mois' name are not official accounts, so please be careful.

In addition, the following URLs provide official information. Moi dix Mois Official Web Site Mana Official Blog

I felt like the second two updates were particularly important to translate as there are MANY people on twitter who pretend to be Moi dix Mois and/or Mana. I have noticed more and more that new fans seem to believe fake accounts are actually Mana, so its nice to see Moi dix Mois making an effort to inform everyone. Unfortunately they didn't provide that information in English, which is why I'm translating it on here. I might actually try emailing them in hopes that they consider posting the same info in English since most fake accounts are created by foreigners. Maybe others who read this will consider doing the same. Hopefully once and for all this kind of confusion will be settled.

By the way, although it wasn't posted on their twitter or on Mana's blog, I think newer fans also don't realize that Moi dix Mois has an official Youtube account!!

Moi dix Mois Official Youtube

I heard recently that there will be changes in Youtube's policy for musicians which will have a harsh effect on Japanese indies bands, so I don't know if in the future this account may run into problems or be deleted. At least for now there are a few D+SECT and Reprise preview videos posted.

It really seems like I'm having to go backwards these days and re-post older information. For those who have been fans for a long time and already know a lot of this information, I apologize that my most recent entries aren't all that news worthy or interesting, but I like to make sure all fans, both old and new, are updated with appropriate information they may be looking for!
By the way, I figure some people may know this already, but if anybody feels like following my twitter as well, you're more than welcome to! I practically live on twitter.
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