Adventures: Part 3
Originally I had planned on only writing about my time in Hiroshima this past week upon my parents' visit to Japan, but as it turns out we ended up going on all kinds of mini-adventures even in Tokyo that I think are worth writing about.

Therefore, this entry will be Part 3, the final stretch!!

I have been living in Tokyo for a little over 5 years now and I've met many people from all over the world who come to Japan for short and long stays. One of the biggest challenges for me is when I need to meet up with people who aren't particularly interested in Japan for special reasons (music, fashion, culture, etc). I suddenly become faced with the obstacle of "Where do I take them? What do we do?" The things I enjoy might not be what somebody who doesn't know a lot about Japan would enjoy, so trying to find activities that pleases everyone takes a lot of consideration. Fortunately I was able to come up with a number of ideas this time that turned out to be not only fun for my parents, but me too!

Its a little shocking for me because after a few years of living here I've become accustom to the places I visit on a day to day basis and I hardly ever go anywhere for tourism anymore. I imagine this is how most everyone adapts to living in a new place after some time. However, we happened to stumble upon some interesting locations I had never been to before so for a while there I suddenly felt like I became a tourist as well! The only difference was, I could speak and understand the language and my parents couldn't, so that feeling was a bit strange for me.

Anyway, the new place I fell in love with was Venus Fort in Odaiba!!

I know many people who are well versed in areas of Tokyo are fully aware of Venus Fort, but it was my first time to visit so I was pleasantly surprised by its beauty!! I've had friends talk about it before, but seeing it with my own eyes really shocked me!

Everywhere you walk, its nothing but sheer European elegance and beauty.

To be totally honest, we went to Venus Fort two days in a row...
What happened was, after arriving back in Tokyo from Hiroshima it was around 6:00, so I suggested having dinner in Odaiba. Between getting back to my apartment to drop off our luggage and going to Odaiba a couple hours had passed and I accidentally got off at the wrong train station in Odaiba from where I originally wanted to get off at, so we ended up walking around Palette town looking at various restaurants. We found a really good French restaurant in Venus Fort, but by the time we were finished eating a lot of the shops were shutting down, so we decided to go back the next day and see everything. My mom also suggested I wear Moitie because it would match the scenery, so the day was spent taking pictures and exploring the area.

There were a few things that really captured my interest -- first was that at night time, the ceiling which looks like the sky inside Venus Fort lit up like it was the middle of the afternoon, but when we went the next day in the morning and afternoon the sky was darker as if it had turned to night! Secondly, there were so many paintings inside the mall! Of course they weren't originals, but they were still exciting to me.
Then lastly was the shops!!

This picture isn't so great, because I had to sneak it from behind the store (Pictures weren't allowed) but this was a huge shop filled with tons of gothic, occult, and Freemason decorations, statues, and jewelery!! The store owner told me everything in the shop was antiques from France, Italy, and if I remember correctly, Spain. At one corner of the store they had nothing but gothic crosses everywhere!! and then all the demons, and skulls, and secret society that moment I felt like I had died and gone to heaven hell!

That shop has probably become my most favorite store now. I want to go back sooo badly!! Its called Strange Love. They have a website here ↓↓

Strange Love Official Site

I also ended up buying a bracelet from there. It was a hard choice because there were 3-4 that I fell in love with but I could only choose one at the time.

Maybe I'll go back and buy more things soon...

But then there was another similar shop filled with antique European decorations that were somewhat of a contrast to all the darkness. One thing in particular that I really want to buy is a piece of wall art that shows a sketch of a cathedral and its various parts. Its so difficult to buy things for my room because its so small, but I just can't help falling in love...

Moving on, after a day at Venus Fort, we found ourselves by the end of the night at Madame Madame Tussauds. I suppose I've probably mentioned it before, but I HATE wax figures!! I am so scared of them I start crying when I see them, but at the same time I like getting scared of things. Its strange of me, but well....

Actually, this time it wasn't so bad. Some of the figures kind of scared me, but most of them were okay! At this point my parents and I were having fun with the figures so we took all kinds of stupid pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

At the end of the night I took a purikura to commemorate the outing. It might be a bit over kill since there are so many pictures with me in them already, but I thought these came out pretty good.

By the way, I didn't mention this, but when going to Odaiba, I always have to change trains at a particular station, and outside of the station there was some amazing art I wanted to post on here!

This was outside Shiodome station before going to the Yurikamome line to Odaiba. I'm not quite sure what the point of it is, but its really cool!

I think aside from Hiroshima, this day in Odaiba was one of the most memorable days I've had in a long time. Its hard for me to make time to do fun things like this with my work schedule, so I was happy my company allowed me to take a week off.
However, after one week of constant running around, suddenly being alone again feels so lonely. Tonight I ended up taking a long walk on a route I've only taken maybe one or two times before, but it allowed me some time to be with my thoughts and emotions as I revisited some familiar places.

I took a couple more photos along the walk. I just can't pass up a good photo op when I see one!!
So, from tonight's walk...

One part of the path I take is in the middle of the cemetery. What I found interesting was this map... I don't know if its intentional, but the roads make the shape of a cross if you look at it sideways!

I might have written about this before some years ago, but there used to be an old school in the middle of the cemetery and at night time it looked particularly creepy. Unfortunately that school was torn down about 2 years ago and for the longest time there was nothing there but a giant construction sight. Tonight while walking in the cemetery, I noticed a new school has been erected where the old one was! I think the newness makes it a little less creepy than it was previously, but theres no denying just having a school in the middle of a cemetery in general seems a bit odd...

and lastly...

This is a little bit irrelevant, but I thought this blue and white bridal shop was really beautiful!
I've seen it a couple times before, but finally tonight I was able to get a decent picture of it, so I'm pleased with myself.

You never know what kind of places you'll run into in Tokyo so I really enjoy walking around and seeing what will show up next.
It seems this time around exploring random places has payed off!
Maybe its something I should do more often...