Digital Madousho 8 Info

I have no doubt most everyone is already aware of the release of the new Digital Madousho vol. 8, but for those who did not hear about it, you can purchase the newest one here!
This one has articles, pictures, and reports written by Mana on K's death, the K memorial concert, and KUBANA.

However, I write this entry not particularly because of the Madousho release, but more or less because I have been receiving TONS of emails about it!

It seems just like in the past, many people are unable purchase their copy from the FC2 website. This time I have also been faced with the same problem. Previously I was able to get around the issue by using a Japanese prepaid credit card, but since I'm in the US I tried other methods. First I tried two visa cards, but when those didn't work I bought a prepaid Mastercard thats supposed to work internationally, but nothing happened...

I resulted in emailing FC2 about the situation and got a response back.
The response was long, so I'll try to summarize whats going on in hopes it may help or at least provide an explanation to those who are having problems.

FC2's system requires all credit cards to have a 3-D Secure system in order for purchases to work on the website.
Basically the 3D secure system is a form of authorization all credit cards have the option of implementing, but its not always something everyone is told about. Usually your bank or credit card company will either include one as you first receive your card, or you're given the option to sign up with the system as you like. If your card is not presently connected to the 3-D Secure system, you have the option to sign up on your bank or credit card's website.

For example, for Visa cards this system is called Verified by Visa and for Mastercard its called MasterCard SecureCode. A simple google search should bring you to their official websites where you should be able to sign up for the Secure System for free. You may have to provide your credit card and personal information, but since these services will be running through your bank or CC company it should be safe.

Once you establish this system, FC2 claims you should be able to purchase blog magazines such as the Digital Madousho from their website.

With all that said, I've noticed there are still issues that come up. At least one of my credit cards I use often has been registered under this system, but when it comes to Visa, just because you're signed up with the Verified by Visa system doesn't mean its actually going to work on FC2. With that particular card I've been able to go through the "processing" where the card it being verified and then I still receive an error.

I researched the issue online and it seems that the Visa Secure system process is not something that has been developed very well, so its prone to these kinds of errors. I guess the 3-D secure system isn't all that popular because there are many other (more popular) ways to secure credit cards. So from what I gather FC2's explanation may not be all that helpful in the end. However, that doesn't mean it won't work for everyone! For those who want to attempt to sign up with any of the 3D secure systems, I think its worth a try! I can't say with certainty that it will work, but it is a potential solution.

As for me, it seems theres nothing I will be able to do about the problem until I get back to Japan. I think FC2's system isn't particularly friendly to people outside the country, so being in the US right now sort of cripples my situation. I wish I had more answers for everyone, but right now this is the best I can do to help.

If anybody else has any other solutions please feel free to email me! It might could help others trying to buy the Digital Madousho too!