Mana様 Birthday Concert 3/22 +Setlist update
Its extremely late right now and I'm exhausted, but naturally I wanted to write about tonight's concert before going to bed so I don't miss any details.


Starting out, I have to say its been an incredibly long week for me. When it was announced that this concert was sold out and there would be an additional performance on April 5th, I had several interesting ideas in mind for Mana's birthday present!
I came up with a really great gift idea I wanted to go with, but I was having a lot of problems finding it. Ultimately I did find that gift, but its still in the process of being shipped to Japan...
With that in mind, I happened to come up with another idea last week that was much more accessible, but a bit time consuming.
Long story short, I spent every extra moment I had last week preparing this gift, and those preparations weren't finished until about an hour before I needed to leave for the venue! The moment I finished up with the gift, I threw an outfit together and ran out the door to get to Mt. Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure as soon as possible!

Fortunately it turns out I made it with quite a bit of time to spare, so thats where I will begin with the concert.

The venue is originally some kind of theater, so we received seat numbers this time around. As many of you probably already know, my original ticket wasn't that great, but I was offered a better ticket so I ended up selling mine for the new one. I was so happy I did too, because I ended up in the front row right in front of Ryux!!
To my friends who sold me the front row ticket, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!(≧∇≦)

From 4:30 everyone was able to enter the venue. We sat there listening to the background music comprised of theme songs from Dario Argento movies (as always) until it was exactly 5:10 when the concert began. The stage this time was decorated a little bit more simplistic, perhaps because it was smaller than normal. Iron gates with blue roses intertwined were placed at both Mana's and Ryux's side of the stage and then the giant Moi dix Mois logo was placed in the background.

This time everyone entered the stage from the right side starting with Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, Mana, and Seth. Everyone was wearing the typical white x gold for Mana's birthday, but this was the first time we got to see Ryux in a white and gold so I was excited to see how he looked. It turns out, his outfit is the exact same as the one introduced when was first announced as a new support member

Well...there is an exception... Rather than the red scarf(?) with the cross, he had a white and gold rose brooch pinned to his shirt. To be honest, I kind of liked it better this time with the flowers since its something that corresponds with the other members (at most concerts for the past two or so years, all the members have been wearing rose brooches pinned to their clothes).

Immediately upon entering the stage, Seth announced the first song, Je l'aime.
Perhaps some of you are already one step ahead of me upon hearing this, but Je l'aime was first?? It was a huge shock because it has ordinarily become the final song at every concert, but it had been totally switched this time. I guess it makes sense though, since Pageant is always played on Mana's birthday as the ending song. Not only that, Je l'aime was still necessary for the concert because Mana always wants the fans to yell"Je t'aime Mana-Sama~!!" on his birthday, so the song was extremely fitting to the theme of the night and it set the tone.
Next was Forbidden, and then Witchcraft.

After the first three songs, Seth gave his "We are Moi dix Mois" intro and then spoke briefly about today being a special day because we were celebrating Mana's birthday.

Soon after the concert continued on...

I finally got the whole set list from the concert, so here it is as follows:

Je l'aime
Invite to Immorality
Nocturnal Romance
front et baiser
Diabolos et Angelie


Embrace **NEW SONG**
Immortal Madness
Dead Scape
Twilight flower
The other side of the door
Eternally Beyond
Beast side


As far as the performance was concerned, at this point everything was pretty typical. Being on Ryux side of the stage gave me a whole new perception of the concert though. First of all, I finally got to see Ryux and his guitar up close, and I noticed he has a skull attached at the front that is used as a control! Its funny how such a small detail can make a big impression, but as I have said many times before, details are important!! Especially at Moi dix Mois concerts. It was a bit hard for me to see Mana very much this time around, but I noticed that Ryux spends a lot of time looking over at Mana while performing. This is only his second time to play with Moi dix Mois, so I get the feeling hes still not completely used to how things work with this group. However, I think Mana has faith in his abilities because in comparison to his first concert, Mana wasn't looking back over at him as much as he did previously.

Right before the MC started, Mana left the stage and Seth made everyone yell "Je t'aime Mana-Samaaa!" in order to get Mana back out onto the stage. Of course the first time wasn't good enough, and when Seth told us "that was disappointing" Ryux played a womp womp woooomp kind of sound with his guitar like we all failed. Seth then made everyone clasp their hands together and say "Je t'aime Mana-Samaaa!" again but once again it wasn't good enough. Finally, for the last time he made us say it again but put our hands into a heart shape extending them to the stage. This did the trick, and immediately Mana came out with his bear back pack that had candy inside. He threw out several candies in gold wrapping to the crowd, but most of it spilled all over the stage floor so they ended up trying to pick it up and throw it again. Most of the candy ended up in the middle area so it was way too hard to reach. Then all the members (except Mana) started playing a rock version of the Happy Birthday Song, and as Seth sang, everyone in the audience, and Mana, all swayed together in unison with their hands clasped. Mana then took a bow, and Seth continued on with the MC.

He first read a message written by Mana to everyone. The message was relatively short and there was nothing really news worthy announced. It was simply a "thank you for the Je t'aime" and telling us Mana felt this was a special year because he gets two birthday concerts. Afterwards, rather than bringing out a cake or presents, all the members had to go up to the middle of the stage and say something to Mana for his birthday. Hayato talked the most and made a lot of jokes, Ryux talked about the first time he met Mana, and Seth talked about how he enjoyed going with Mana to Hiroshima and eating Hiroshima food together over the new year. Sugiya, however, was the one who stood out most. I forget exactly what he said to Mana, but he is so incredibly shy the other members had to push him to the center of the stage and then he was sitting there shaking and saying "uhhh" a lot while speaking very softly. I felt so bad for him, but everyone in the audience was really encouraging and cheered him on to help him out a bit. It was still intimidating for him though, so I'm sure he was more than revealed once he was finished.

For the end of the MC, Seth introduced the new song, Embrace and the concert resumed from there.

Personal impressions of the new song:
When Mana announced on his blog that he was working on something new and emphasized how unique and "different from anything up until now" I was really excited to hear what it would be like!
The song started with the sound of a watch ticking and then went into female chorale voices before breaking out into the actual performance. If I were to be completely honest, I really enjoyed the song a lot! But, was the sound particularly new for Moi dix Mois? I don't really think so...
Of course I think every Moi dix Mois song is unique in its own way, but of all the new songs I feel like Twilight Flower is far more unique in terms of sound than Embrace. Still, Embrace had many good points of its own, and one thing that did touch me about it were the lyrics. During the chorus Seth sang "I miss you" which packed an emotional punch thats difficult to explain.

Speaking of new songs, all the new ones were played. I think we're up to 4 now: Diabolos et Angelie, Beast Side, Twilight Flower, and Embrace. Its really hard to choose a favorite because all of them sound amazing!!

During Immortal Madness, everyone was told to yell out Birth Ceremony Festival in Japanese but that was really difficult, so they ended up switching to "dix Love" as usual. One song that was interesting to me was The Other Side of the Door. I feel like thats a song we don't typically hear at concerts, but it was refreshing! In reality maybe it isn't, but I often feel like songs from Beyond the Gate go overlooked at concerts, so its nice to hear them once in a while. Finally, the concert ended with Ange before everyone left the stage before the encore.

The time in between these two parts was extremely short, so everyone sat down at their assigned seats for a couple minutes before getting right back up for the last song.

This time, everyone was dressed more casually, with Mana and Seth standing out the most. Seth was wearing one of the new shirts that went on sale today and Mana came out in a white blouse that had the top couple buttons undone. As soon as everyone was on stage, we were instructed to snap blue glow sticks we were given as we entered the venue at the count of three, and everyone yelled "dix" as their glow sticks lit up. The band members came out with glow sticks as well, and once they were lit, Mana, Ryux, and Sugiya attached their glow sticks to their guitars and swayed while everyone in the audience waved their glow sticks to Pageant.

Finally the concert was over. Each member threw their glow sticks into the audience as they left the stage. Mana, as always, was the last to go. He walked to the center of the stage, held his arms out, bowed, and then blue a kiss to the audience as he walked off stage to end the night.

I really enjoyed tonight's concert and now I'm really looking forward to April 5th!!!

Aside from the concert itself, I had a few more things in relation I wanted to share.

Going into the venue, there were posters everywhere as I posted above. That was really surprising because this never happens at Moi dix Mois concerts. We found posters at the entrance, inside the elevator to the concert hall, and then at the concert hall itself. It was a nice touch!

Also, there were more flower stands this year!!

Stand322.jpg SSstand322.jpg

I got to the venue early so when I first got there they only had the blue and white one given by fans who pitched money in together, but later on another appeared from Schwarz Stein.
I also took a picture next to the white and blue one, although its not that great...


I probably wouldn't normally post this, but when I was looking through my photos I realized its the only one I got of my coordinate today. I was in a huge hurry after trying to finish up Mana's gift, so sadly I had to put my hair, make up, and outfit together at the last minute. I guess its not completely terrible though! (^^;;

Speaking of which, here is the gift I was working on!!

Blanket1.jpg Blanket2.jpg

These are kind of before and after pictures, but I made a blanket with the Moi dix Mois logo on it. The logo looks tiny in the second picture, but in real life it seemed to look much more proportionate. The bottom side has Snoopy all over it. Even though those I showed pictures to liked it, I still feel a bit unhappy with it...since I was running out of time, I wasn't able to perfect some parts of it that I would have liked to. I honestly don't know if Mana will really like it or not, but even with its imperfections I hope he will because it took sooo much time and sitting on the floor for hours with my sewing machine injured my back. (>_<)

By the way, I know I mentioned it at the beginning of the entry, but the real gift I wanted to give Mana is still on its way in the mail. Since this blanket was a last minute decision, its not really the gift I'm most excited about... I can't begin to express how ecstatic I am to show you all what I got next!!! But even if I do receive it as soon as tomorrow, you're going to have to wait until after the concert on April 5th for me to reveal it! フフフ・・・
I'm shaking with anticipation! Its really something hes going to LOVE!

Lastly is the new shirt that was sold at the concert tonight.

ShirtFront322.jpg ShirtBack322.jpg

The left side is the front and the right side is the back

SarahShirt2.jpg SarahMdMShirt322.jpg

These pictures aren't the best, but hopefully you get an idea of the design from it!

These shirts were announced at the last minute yesterday so I wanted to get to the venue ASAP so I didn't miss my chance at getting one. It turns out, they never sold out so its likely these shirts will eventually wind up for sale online and at the next concert. In the shirt I am wearing there are two sizes (Medium and Large) and then theres a "dress" version which is really just a longer shirt that comes down to the thighs. I preferred the regular shirt because the design fit it better.

Anyway, today was a wonderful day filled with lots of great memories! Now I think it might finally be time to get some sleep.

dix Love!!!