New Video
This is only going to be a short update, but I wanted to post some new MALICE MIZER video footage Mana uploaded onto Youtube just now.
If he doesn't make a post about it on his blog I get the feeling a lot of people could completely overlook it, so I think its worth sharing on here.

...Although I say people might overlook it, he actually updated the Moi dix Mois twitter page with the video, so those who follow Moi dix Mois on twitter probably wont miss it. Heres the post with translations.

MALICE MIZER/Tsuioku no Kakera〜Shi no Butou special medley at Nippon Budokan
I just happened to find this rare video data, so I UP(loaded) it
The video clips were switching [a lot] in those days
The way this medley progresses is really stimulating!

Mana / Moi dix Mois

If any other news on this video ends up surfacing, I'll update this entry with the details.