Shape Shifter First Live / Z様 Session

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably already well aware that a few months ago Z (Moi dix Mois Seth) came out with the announcement of a new band called Shape Shifter!

For anyone who doesn't keep up with any of the Moi dix Mois member's other band activities I'll catch you up to speed with Seth.
Aside from Moi dix Mois, Seth was also the vocalist of the band Art Cube, but as of December 2014 the group broke up. During Art Cube, Seth went by the name Z様 (pronounced Zeta-Sama).
Along with the recent announcement of Shape Shifter, Z has also mentioned this is essentially his own solo project.

Having said that, today was Shape Shifter's very first performance!!
(Also, I would like to note, since this entry is my reflection of tonight's concert, I will refer to Seth as Z accordingly.)

The concert today was held at the venue Ikebukuro EDGE -- an extremely small and intimate concert hall that could probably hold no more than 100 people. There was a total of six performances, and first up was Shape Shifter.

Actually, even though Shape Shifter performed for the first time today, originally their very first performance was supposed to be on September 30th at Shibuya Club Asia. However, I get the impression that regardless of today's concert, the one on the 30th is still technically their first concert -- Officially, that is.
I guess you could say today served as a preview of what's to come. I already had a hunch that was the case because this concert was announced quite a while after they announced the one for the 30th.

With that being said, the time and set list for each performance was limited to about 30 minutes. If I remember correctly, each band only played about 3-4 songs. Really, it was only enough to get a taste of each band's style.

But speaking of Shape Shifter, I was pleasantly surprised by their music!
I've been paying a bit more attention than usual to Z's activity recently, and if I were to speak honestly, I've had some concerns and doubts about this band. I don't know why, but I kept having some unshakable feeling that it wouldn't be my style. Perhaps its because Art Cube was never particularly my style to begin with, so I thought Shape Shifter might end up being the same. However, that wasn't the case at all!! Shape Shifter's music was easy for me to get into and I found myself warming up to their sound almost instantly!

In my opinion, their music still feels typical to many other "new" VK bands, but it has a certain charm I can't quite put my finger on.
Rather than awkwardly trying to describe each song, you can listen to a sample of their music here:

Some how when I listen to these samples I feel like it doesn't do justice to what I heard in person. The live version just really blew me away! However, I did feel a little bad for Z because he forgot the lyrics to his songs a couple times. It wasn't really that noticeable, but I think it frustrated him.

Another thing worth mentioning is their stage outfits. Each member came out on stage wearing black and white stripes while Z coupled his look with a white and pink wig and a black hat with feathers coming out of the side.


The two members standing closest to Z pretend to be sisters (although they're both male) and go by the name "Igarashi".
They share a blog together, which you can check out here

Besides that, there was a short MC in the middle where Z introduced each member and announced the next live. Since the performance time was so limited they mostly stuck to the important points during the MC and quickly moved on to their last one or two songs before exiting the stage.

After Shape Shifter three more bands played before Z returned on stage with one member from each group for a small session band.
Although I thoroughly enjoyed Shape Shifter, I think the Z session band was probably my favorite part of the night!
This time rather than wearing his stripped outfit, Z came out in all black and his natural hair. I know its been said before (mostly by Mana) but Z is really fashionable!! He had on black pants with large platform boots and a sheer blouse with a vest over it. He also had a few silver necklaces and bracelets that tied the entire outfit together really well!

The session was mostly comprised of X Japan and hide songs, including Pink Spider!!
Since Z's voice is so different from hide's, I never would have imagined him pulling off that kind of song, but he did an amazing job! It seemed that even the people who came to the concert for other bands really enjoyed it because they were all dancing and singing along. Z himself also seemed really energized by these songs because he started acting far more care free than he did with Shape Shifter...although I can't help but wonder if thats because he was more nervous about everything going right for their first performance.
Either way, the session band really reminded me of Dis Inferno with the "drink and party!" type vibe towards the end of the concert.

After about 3 or 4 songs the session came to an end and Z immediately got off stage and the other members quickly followed.

There was one more band afterwards, but I didn't end up staying for them.

All in all, the concert was extremely fun and I can't wait to see what Shape Shifter has in store next!! (Although, unfortunately I can't go to the next concert on the 30th because I have work)

Anyway, speaking of work, I need to wake up in a few hours so its probably time to start thinking about going to sleep.

For those who are interested in Shape Shifter, you can check out their official website here: