Its been a little while since my last update!!

To be honest, not a lot has happened lately and there hasn't been too much news worthy to post on here...
But since its getting close to one month since my last update, I thought it might be worth writing about another concert I went to yesterday!


It was kind of a last minute decision, but after realizing Vampire Rose's birthday was this past weekend on the 16th and he was having a birthday concert yesterday (Monday) I suddenly decided about 2 hours before the concert would start that I wanted to try to see if I could get a same day ticket and go.

The doors opened at 6:30 and I happened to get to the venue right at that exact time, but the whole thing was a little confusing. I've never been to a concert venue in Shinjuku before so I'm not so familiar with the live houses in that area. However, it quickly became apparent where the concert was being held by the line outside, but to be honest even that was confusing!!

I stood outside in the line and a staff person was walking up and down saying B tickets could enter the venue. I was a same day ticket, which means I didn't have any kind of letter or number, so I thought it was probably best if I just stayed in line. About 5 minutes later, everyone in line was ushered to the stairway going down to the B2 level where the concert was, but strangely enough the line never moved...
I waited for the better part of half an hour before the concert was supposed to start all the way up until about 5-10 minutes prior. Thats when I started getting nervous because the line was still at a complete stop.

The person in front of me also seemed really confused, so he got out of line and walked further down the stairs but never came back. At that point I realized the line must have been for something else, so I followed his lead and went downstairs too. It turns out that really was the case and I wasted nearly 30 minutes waiting for nothing! I was a little mad at myself for not going down sooner...

Anyway, some of you may remember I went to Vampire Rose's birthday concert for the first time a couple years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it!
One thing I really loved about the concert last time was the venue it was held in. The inside was like an old theater used for operas or plays and with candles and roses decorating the stage area, the whole theme came together brilliantly!
This time was a little bit different though, it was just a small normal concert hall. Not that its a bad thing, but the feeling was certainly different. Even so, the stage set up was similar to the last time, but instead of the candles set up along the stairway of the stage, the candles were placed at different levels on the small stage, as well as a giant coffin with a silver cross in the middle that had "ROSE" written in the center. Some how everything still managed to look amazing on this stage!

As the concert started, many fans had red glow sticks that they tied together to make in the shape of a cross, so as the lights dimmed down the audience area looked like a sea of crosses! Then as the music started the coffin in the middle began to open and Vampire Rose walked out. I really wish words could describe just how amazing the entire scene was! Vampire Rose truly has one of the best concert intros of any band I've ever seen!

This is probably bad of me, but I don't actually know the titles of any of the songs...Vampire Rose has given me all his CDs but some how I still don't know the song titles. ( `-ω-)
To be honest, the songs that were performed this time were the same as the past year I went to, so rather than describing the same thing over again, I recommend reading that entry if you want to know sort of a description of the songs.
Other than that, one thing I probably didn't mention last time because it was a bit different in some ways, was that the concert itself really felt like going back in time to 90's visual kei bands! When I first got in to VK, a lot of the bands were totally different from how they are today, and as a result I tend to not really enjoy the more current bands. The bands I know were active in the 90's so it was extremely refreshing to feel like I had been transported back into time! I can't quite put my finger on what made it feel that way, maybe it was the music or the overall look of the performance, but I really fell in love with the whole performance!

Also, another thing worth mentioning, since Vampire Rose is technically a solo artist, during live shows members from other bands play their instruments as back up for him. This time the member set up was as follows:

Vo. Vampire Rose
Gu. 真婀咲 [Maasa] (ex.般若 [Hanya] and ex.弥叉 [Misa])
Gu. LUVIO (ex.La'veil MizeriA)
Ba. 雪那 [Setsuna] (KIL:erre/ex.Metis Gretel)
Dr. こ→すけ [Ko→suke] (ex.Illweeds from machida)
Violin. Louie (Rose Noire)

Actually, Louie, the Violinist, didn't play for the first half of the concert, but he did have major parts for a few songs in the second half and during the encore.

After about an hour into the concert there was an intermission where a projection screen rolled down from the ceiling and we got to watch videos of some of Vampire Rose's friends from other bands wish him happy birthday. I didn't know a lot of the groups because some of them were relatively new, but two in particular I did recognize were Toshiki from Pan-d-Ra and Kaz (ex. VIISense).
Maybe some of you know Toshiki and some of you don't, but a few years ago I went to Pan-d-Ra's very first performance and there were a lot of rumors that Toshiki might become the next huge gothic VK star. I'm really not sure how his career turned out but I personally haven't heard much about him in a long time. Anyway, he made a birthday message video inside a Karaoke room and a lot of people were laughing at that fact. Its probably because a lot of people felt like "What? Why is in a karaoke place making a message??" its a bit strange...But at least I felt like it was practical!

As for Kaz, I think his birthday message was the most interesting. Recently I believe hes working with the band Gengah who is on the same label as Shape Shifter and Art Cube, so he made a small mention about Z (calling him Seiji) and the guitarists of Art Cube Y (but called him by his real name, which I forget) saying that he had been hanging out with Y recently. As it turns out, the reason he talked about this is because Vampire Rose happens to be friends with Y so it had some relation to Vampire Rose. Then just as the other bands did, he announced his concert schedule and while announcing the dates and venues he snuck in the date of the release of some video game he likes. I've only seen him before so I don't know so much about Kaz, but it turns out hes pretty funny!

Once the birthday video messages finished, the concert returned with the introduction of Louie who played Violin!
One of my favorite non-Japanese musicians happens to be Lindsey Stirling. If you don't know who she is, shes an amazing violinist! I recommend checking out one of her videos on youtube↓

The point is, I really love violins, so I thought Louie's performance was outstanding!! I wish I could play violin!
After a few songs he left the stage for the duration of the concert until the encore.

So speaking of the encore, usually when the curtain closes fans either scream "encore" or the band's name, but this time it came to my surprise that everyone started chanting 召し上がれ!召し上がれ! "meshiagare" or "Eat me"...doesn't that sound a little bit perverted??(;゚∀゚)

Anyway, after some time the curtains opened again there unexpectedly the encore lasted another half an hour!!
At the beginning everyone came out on stage wearing special Vampire Rose T-shirts and Halloween themed capes (pumpkins, vampires, black and orange silk capes, etc) while carrying small pumpkin baskets with candy that they threw into the audience. As Vampire Rose walked on stage he kept yelling "HALLOWEEN!! HALLOWEEN!" It was a little bit funny because since Halloween is only recently becoming popular in Japan, I often hear a lot of people yell out "Halloween!" can skip out on the whole "Happy" part of the phrase. I'm not sure if what he really meant was "Happy Halloween" or if he just wanted to yell out "Halloween", because it turns out he introduced a brand new song at this concert called Bloody Halloween, and the main chorus of the song is "Happy Halloween, Happy Halloween!"
When this song played, the everyone was expected to yell out "Halloween!" after "Happy" was sung, but the tempo was a little bit fast so a lot of people in the back (near where I was standing) slowly gave up on yelling out Halloween.
All in all, the song was really catchy and fun! You can listen to it here on Vampire Rose's youtube channel:

The CD recently went on sale so it was available to purchase at the concert and likely in stores now!
Vampire Rose explained he created this song because he really loves Halloween so its something hes been wanting to do for a while now.
After the new song, he was going to do an MC, but right as he was about to start suddenly birthday music came on and everyone started singing Happy Birthday. A staff member came out in full costume with some kind of ghoul mask to present Vampire Rose with a coffin shaped birthday cake (it looked like it was made by the Vampire Cafe staff) with several candles and two sparklers that wouldn't go out when Vamprie Rose tried blowing on them. Even the bassist tried to help blow out the sparklers but nothing, so the staff had to end up taking it back with the sparklers still going off.

From there, there was a bit more talking before a couple more encore songs were going to be played, but suddenly the birthday music came on AGAIN! Vampire Rose and everyone in the audience got really confused at this point, but the audience started singing the birthday song again anyway, and the band members presented Vampire Rose with a gift that had signatures all over it from all of Vampire Rose's friends. This part ended up being a complete surprise and even Vampire Rose said "I didn't expect it at all!" there was a load of band guys at the concert watching from the audience, and it turns out all of them, including the band members, had gone in together for the gift and that was the moment they had all been waiting for. The gift was a bottle of wine produced on Vampire Rose's birth year. Apparently one of the guitarists in the band found it on Yahoo, so Vampire Rose responded saying "Yahoo is amazing!"

Finally from there, the last two songs of the night were performed. A lot of fans in the audience had red towels that had "Vampire Rose" written on them, so for the last song everyone with a towel waved it in the air. As soon as the song ended, everyone on stage and in the audience got together for a group photo.


Its a little embarrassing, but I wonder if you can see me in it?( ̄ー+ ̄)
I'm a bit towards the back on the left hand side. Theres a gap between me and the other people, but thats because the people standing next to me tried to hide during the photos so they sat on the ground...

From there, all the band members held hands as well as the audience and everyone did one big leap together to finish off the night.
One of the guitarists and the bassists kept throwing things in the the audience at the end and before the curtains closed, the guitarist ran into the coffin and shut himself in.

I'm really glad I made the last minute decision to go because it turned out to be a really great night!!

From here on out, there aren't any other concerts I'm planning on attending except for a certain musical, but I don't know if it will be worth writing about that or not...
Anyway, now I can start looking towards Dis inferno! It might be all the way in December, but I've already started thinking about how I want to dress... I would like to do something a little bit different this time, but we'll have to see if my ideas actually end up working...

Anyway, before closing this entry, I wanted to make two special notes!!

First of all, I was out with some friends a couple weeks ago and we happened to find something kind of interesting!

I know its nothing big, but we found an advertisement for Moi dix Mois in a free magazine at closet child!
Its surprising because its very rare that I ever see Moi dix Mois advertisements anywhere! Not only that, Mana mentioned on twitter that Hot Stuff asked him to make a 15 second PV to stream outside the Shibuya concert venue area. Of course this PV was already uploaded onto the Moi dix Mois Official Youtube channel, but its exciting to see that Hot Stuff is finally making efforts to promote Moi dix Mois publicly like this!

This video will be shown outside the concert halls from November 1 - 15, 2015 so I plan on checking it out and posting about it here!

Lastly, I want to announce a new fansite I've been helping working on for a while now!


I've been encouraging some friends lately to make a fansite for Shape Shifter because they really love Z, so we worked together on setting up a new blog called 「小悪魔ちゃんの煉獄」 (Koakuma-chan no Rengoku) meaning "Little Demons' Purgatory".
We came up with the name together because they explained to me that Shape Shifter likes to call their fans 小悪魔ちゃん (Koakuma-chan/little demons) so they wanted the title of the site to have that in there. Therefore, I came up with the name Little Demons' Purgatory because the concept of Shape Shifter revolves around the band living between the Human World and Demon World, so I thought it was only fitting that the fans would be living within Purgatory between the Human and Demon world!
My other involvement in this website is simply setting up the design and graphics -- my friends who run the site do all the updates, but I try to help them along whenever needed.

I've really come to love the design of this new blog because its something different from anything I've done before. Whenever I do fansite related work, its usually just for myself so its all Mana based, but trying to gasp the world of Z and Shape Shifter was a huge change for me because I needed to try to understand something I only had a grasp of with the Moi dix Mois world...
But long story short, I really enjoyed doing this and the way everything came together!

For those who are interested, they also made a Twitter and Facebook page containing news, information, and translations, so please check it out dix!!