Shedding More Light on Recent Events
Hello everyone!

I have various Moi dix Mois related news that I've been holding back a little bit for the past several days.
Actually, not all of it was held back, but some of it was because I ended up being more busy than I expected and with one thing leading to another......this was the result.

So first thing is first, I translated a huge blog entry written by Seth as Z in his Shape Shifter blog.
I gave the translations to my friends at the Shape Shifter fan blog, 小悪魔ちゃんの煉獄, so please check it out!!

I HIGHLY recommend reading the entry, because even though its long, it has a lot of important things Seth has wanted to say for some time now. It also includes a deeply emotional story about Mana from a really hard time in Seth's life. Its honestly very touching.

The entry can be found in the link above, or here as well:

Secondly, Hayato updated his blog once again with another entry regarding Dis inferno.
This blog entry also has a few important points that are relevant to the new upcoming album!

Original entry here:


My gratitude is coming a bit late, but
Moi dix Mois
"Dis inferno ~LAST YEAR PARTY~"
Thank you to everyone who came.

Its been about 8 months since the last live, but were you able to enjoy it?
Even for the members, since it was our first time in a long time to have a live we felt pressured to give it all we had.
Oh thats right! We also announced a new song this time.
The quality of the tune was high and the drums had a sadistic feel.
The new song is really growing on me!! (laughs)

Typically I have so much fun the time seems to fly by in the blink of an eye, but this day felt like it went by particularly fast.
It took a bit of time, but it finally felt like on that day I was able to go back to something I had been missing.
Even though I was satisfied by that alone, I had been missing the smiling faces of the audience and the stage, and obviously it may be strange to say this kind of thing because the band has such a black image, but the feelings were so so warm that night.

as a sign of it having been a really solid live…
From the next few days on…
well, arriving up to this point…
I would relentlessly attack by ignoring the schedule here
and by fighting with the jet black symptoms!!!
(here with the screams of the SE like "Ahh!")

This year with Moi dix Mois there were only a few lives, but
the other day during the live there was also a message given from the boss;
He wants to make next year an album year!
and he wants to cover it in sparkling blackness! (whichever way!)

Dare I say that actually all of us current members have begun work on this production!
Even though it takes time, we're definitely working on making it good, so until we reach the day at hand, please look forward to it.

Also thank you for supporting Moi dix Mois this whole year too.
And Moi dix Mois looks forward to next year as well!

A recent photo of us wild beasts of Moi dix Mois before it was our turn to go out.
(Notice theres eyeliner stuck to my finger!)

Congratulations to Ryux-kun for his 1 year anniversary since he joined! Next year will be his second year!
The sense of stability of his appearance on stage and the sound coming from him is nothing short of reliable.
I am so thankful for the depths of his musical groundings so he can nonchalantly adapt to our situations.
The circumstances have already changed from "you did fine" to "you were great"
With him always smiling and feeling like hes the youngest one, Ryux is extremely likable.
However I could really call you a chivalrous spirit, what with all circumstances of how you joined.
Thank you. I look forward to working with you from here on out.

Master Seth, congratulations for having been a member for 10 years now! Next year will be your 11th year! What is that even!
We've been going steady for a long time.
We always chit chat with one another a lot, but I'm surprised there hasn't been a time where we unexpectedly repeated something. (laughs)
I write that because its something special that we haven't said to each other face to face before.
I like it that I can see Seth's back in my line of sight from the drum set.
For me its a precious sight that can't be simply restricted to words like relief or trust.
Although I have a rare ability, I love it that I can see Seth's straight back when I'm worried about my efforts.
Really congratulations on dix years.

Well now, drummer Hayato will bring this year to a close playing for
Art Cube
2015.12.22 Meguro Rock-May-Kan

Right at the height of my jet black symptoms I started Art Cube rehearsal.
I have a lot of wounds on my body (laughs)
However, this day is special and its a valuable turning point concert for me so I can say I've been with the band Art Cube.
It wasn't possible for me to ease up until it felt natural.
I wanted to challenge and adjust myself even more so than normal.
I returned home from my personal practice at the studio around 1:00 am.

That date is already today. I look forward to seeing all the Art Cube FANS.
For those who are planning on attending, please pay attention to it.


**Translation notes
Theres a point when talking about Mana wanting to make the album covered in glittering darkness that Hayato writes "whichever way" -- I believe hes referring to the "sparkling darkness"; the phrase could be reversed to "covered in darkness sparkling". Really theres no big difference in either choice of wording, but for some reason he wanted to make a point to say the terminology could be reversible.

There was also some phrasing talking about himself and his "jet black symptoms" that were a little difficult for me to understand. Similar to Hayato's speaking style, I sometimes have a bit of difficulty even with his writing. But the main point I wanted to express from this entry was the news about the upcoming album!

Theres still nothing to officially confirm a true release date, so I continue to feel somewhat of a need to be conservative when talking about the album. I think the more news we hear about the it's on goings, the clearer image we can begin to get of what to expect! As of right now I'm becoming more and more optimistic about the reality of a 2016 release! At least I really hope it will be next year...

As of now I suspect Mana will soon be making his way back to his home town in Hiroshima, so I imagine we wont be hearing too much more about album work until after the new year.

Speaking of which, I also returned to my home town a couple days ago! I'll be in the US until around the beginning of January (a total of 2 weeks), but I'm excited about trying to make a few more youtube videos while I'm here! I have a few fun ideas I think some Mana fans will really enjoy! (^_−)−☆

I hope you look forward to it!!