Kera April 2016
It was posted on the Official Moi dix Mois twitter last night that the April issue of Kera magazine published a picture of a model wearing the Moi-meme-Moitie Fall Cross print JSK.
Today I was able to get a copy to post the scans on here.

The model wearing the Fall Cross print JSK is the model by herself on the right hand page. I included the page on the left simply because it includes the credits and price to the Moitie dress.

To be honest, I had a hard time detecting the Fall Cross print on the model at first. The print is so dark on the page, and the coordinate feels quite different from typical Moitie coordinates that I almost overlooked it. However, I found the YaMi Kawaii pages (the pages scanned above) quite interesting and unique. It turns out there are a total of 6 pages in this photo series, although the models are wearing different brands on the other pages. For those who like this style, I highly recommend buying a copy of this issue!