ESP Museum Again + Important Extra Information

Concerning Moi dix Mois related information, this week has been extremely busy for me.
Theres a lot of things I want to touch on today, but first is the Mana ESP Guitar Museum a second time!

Theres was actually a good reason for me to visit again; just as I expected there was more on display after the 2 days of concerts ended. First of all, as you can see from the photo above is the entrance area.

If you recall from the previous entry where I posted about the museum, there was a photo ESP took of the entrance and it lacked the iron gates on either side. These gates are the same ones used for the stage set up that I have described time and time again in my live reviews!
Since there didn't seem to be any signs saying you couldn't take pictures of the entrance, I took a couple for the sake of commemoration.

By the way, if you click on the thumbnail images above you can see extremely size photos! I did that on purpose so you can actually see in detail how the Moi dix Mois decagram was drawn by hand. I think its really impressive!

Entering the museum again, the set up was practically the same, but with a few new stage pieces added and another Jeune Fille!
Rather than simply one of the live costumes, a few photos, and only about 9 guitars, this time there was a full set of 10 guitars (clever...) and now two huge wooden crosses that usually hang from the ceiling of the stage were now placed in the display.

Furthermore, I think I remembered all the guitars on display now!
It was something like this:

1. ESP Mana custom (the original Jeune fille)
2. jeune fille j:f-450
3. jeune fille II
4. jeune fille X
5. jeune fille blanche (the one with the red blood splatter paint)
6. jeune fille X bronze -cross ray-
7. jeune fille X Lazuli -cross ray-
8. E-EC-FM (Mana custom in blue)
9. ESP-Horizon- (Mana custom in green and yellow)
10. jeune fille blanche mini

Last time I went, the Jeune Fille X Bronze -Cross Ray- was sitting in the center of the display with its light flashing on and off in blue, but this time around it was moved over and the Lazuli was in the middle. Not only that, another one of the Moi dix Mois hand made decagram flags was placed behind the Lazuli! That affect in itself and the overall display was much better, so now I'm far more satisfied than last time!

Also, this wasn't so well advertised, but I noticed on the ESP twitter that if you could receive a free gift upon visiting the Museum.
Here it is:

Its only a simple postcard, but its a nice commemoration item. For those who are interested in getting their hands on one before the Mana exhibition closes up next week, you need to go add the ESP Crafthouse as a friend on the LINE App (they have a QR code at the museum reception area or you can just search ESP Crafthouse within the app). Once you show the staff you have added them as a friend they will give you a postcard. Its pretty easy, but since nobody has given this information online in detail, I think virtually nobody knows about it...


Now that the exhibition is complete, I highly recommend going!

So now, aside from the museum there are various other announcements I need to go through.

First on the list is tickets for Deep Sanctuary V.
Yesterday preceding ticket sales began at 14:00 (2:00 PM), but Mana forgot to post the link until late last night.
If you are interested in going, heres the link:

However, I have been receiving A LOT of questions from people who live overseas and want to attend this concert!!
I think it would be best to address it on here...
The eplus tickets in the link above are essentially like pre-order tickets, so if you want to be as close to the stage as possible, this is your best bet. However, the entire ticket system is a lottery, so theres no way to tell what number you will receive to enter the venue until you actually receive your ticket. Furthermore, the entire ticket system only works if you live in Japan, and a single eplus account holder can only buy up to 4 tickets each. I seriously wish I could help every single person who wants tickets, but since I already placed my order for 4 tickets (helping 3 others out) my account is maxed out for this concert.

With the Japanese ticket system (if you're preordering especially) you need an address and phone number in Japan, and the only options for paying for and picking up the tickets is generally by convenience store payment or cash on delivery. The reason behind this is because of the lottery system. Every detail of when and how you order is considered for your ticket number, so its impossible to make an order with the online systems and convenience store unless you are physically in Japan. To make matters worse, since this is Deep Sanctuary, which includes ZIZ (Kozi) and Yu~ki this makes the concert sell out a bit faster. If it was only Moi dix Mois playing at a larger venue, I would say its easy enough to buy general admission tickets once you are in Japan or buy same day tickets at the venue, but this concert really runs the risk of selling out somewhat quickly. Therefore, the best suggestion I can give is to ask a friend living in Japan to help purchase tickets or find a shopping service that is willing and able to help out.
I tried emailing Mana about this problem last night, but I'm not so sure he'll try to do anything to make it easier for everyone living overseas. However, maybe if more people email him about it, he will consider doing something? Since Midi: Nette used to allow foreigners to send emails to order tickets back when Mon+amour was around, its not really a stretch to think they could do something similar now.

Also, I've been receiving many emails asking about the newest goods as well, especially Game Inferno Ultimate.

There are now international orders for the new items on CDJapan!!

Game Inferno Ultimate

New Goods (Parka, towel, etc.)

CDJapan always ships abroad and accepts major credit cards, so unlike the Midi:Nette shop there shouldn't be any problems ordering here.

Anyway, at the moment I believe those are all the updates I needed to post..
If I am missing something I will be sure to update this entry later on and make a note of it on social media.

Of course, if there are any more questions, feel free to email me and I will answer everything to the best of my abilities as soon as possible!

This is a little off topic, but the other day my parents went to a Good Friday church service for Easter and my mom sent me this picture!
It looks like the Moi dix Mois Sabbath concert from last Monday so I thought Mana fans would enjoy it...腐腐腐…ψ(`∇´)ψ
Anyway, to all who celebrate, Happy Easter!!