2 years + P.S.
Its been a really long time since the last time I posted here.
Within this time period, I've received a few comments and messages here and there from some of you asking when I would update again. I've wanted to, its just been hard.

Anyway, today, May 19th, marks the second year since K passed away.
I think people who really love Moi dix Mois, and especially K, will want to find some way to remember him today, and since he was someone I really cared about too, I couldn't resist posting about it.

As many of you may have already anticipated, Mana even updated on twitter with a short but sweet message about K.
I translated it earlier and posted it on the facebook page where I post MdM twitter translations, but since this one is special I will post it with the translations on here too.


5.19 is K-kun's death anniversary.
This picture really suits K-kun, doesn't it. A wild beast and cool live photo.
It feels as if you can hear his beast roar. Please remember K-kun today.


Source: https://twitter.com/M_d_M_official/status/732949004191817728

Over the past couple of years I've shared a few stories about times when I met K individually, but I think I've exhausted the most memorable stories I have, aside from concerts, but those can be read in my concert reports...
If I had to say something about him this time, I would say that I still have very clear memories of the first time I ever saw him in person. I remember before I ever got the chance to go to a Moi dix Mois concert I had this impression of him as kind of a scary guy, but then after seeing him for the first time I realized that even though his image was really wild, he was an extremely kind individual. He immediately caught my interest from that point on and it was a true pleasure to be able to keep up with him and the various projects he participated in even outside Moi dix Mois.
To be honest, I still think about him rather frequently and wonder what would he be doing if he were still around today? Maybe still DJing or trying something new? He was such a free spirit, it was always so refreshing and exciting to keep up with all his activities and watch him grow as an artist.

Even though we can no longer have those opportunities, I hope he is still watching over everyone who cares about him.

Also, before I end this entry, I would like to mention a couple things.
First, a few weeks ago Hayato created a Youtube account and posted a video of his practice during the last Moi dix Mois concert at Shibuya WWW!

Originally this video was posted on his blog here:

Second, after several years I think I finally completed my MALICE MIZER collection!


This booklet, Ma Cherie fanclub book vol. 1 was the last piece I needed...its kind of bitter sweet to realize there really isn't anything else I need for my collection, but I was really excited to finally get my hands on vol. 1!
It came from an auction and also included several other Ma Cherie booklets (in total volumes 1-8), but I already own everything from vol. 2 onward, so I'm considering selling the others on here. I still need to figure out the pricing for them though, so for anyone interesting in owning any of old Malice Mizer fanclub books, particularly the earlier ones, this could be a really great chance! I will have more details on that later...

Lastly, it was also brought to my attention several weeks ago that the Atari 2600 I gave Mana for his birthday last year made it into the Game Inferno Ultimate book!!


I can't believe I didn't notice it before! It turns out between each category of Game Inferno there were some extra pages with consoles Mana didn't get the chance to write about in Game Lab. I was beyond excited to see it and really glad he must have liked it a lot it to include it! The information he wrote about it wasn't particularly anything new and he basically reiterates some of the same content he already wrote about in a previous Game Lab article, but it still gives me motivation to finish up with the last few issues I never got around to translating. Eventually I would like to include the translations from this page too and maybe more from Game Inferno Ultimate... I'm not sure which way is the best way of going about it yet, but once I have time I think I would like to continue... At the very least, if anyone is interested I can definitely translate this page sooner!

So, thats all I have for today... Aside from wanting to memorialize K, I've had a lot of these small details and bits of information I've wanted to share, but it didn't really feel like enough to write a full entry on. However, I want to make more updates in the near future, especially concerning the Ma Cherie issues I recently got and maybe more on translating articles.

Mana made an entry on his blog that I didn't notice and updated the Moi dix Mois Official website with a new group photo.

I think today it could be a lot to take in seeing this new photo, however I am certain this is why Mana chose the photo of K that he did to post on twitter (its the official profile photo of K on the Moi dix Mois website) for this very reason, which he explains in his newest blog entry.
The original entry in Japanese is here: http://manamonologue.blog16.fc2.com/blog-entry-569.html
My English translated version can be found here: http://manaaesthetics.livejournal.com/128370.html

Please give it a chance and read it as it was written very eloquently for everyone to understand the feelings that surround the situation of Moi dix Mois over these past two years.

Finally, please keep K in your hearts and minds as we remember him today.♥