We are nearly one month removed from Deep Sanctuary.
There were so many things that happened in August that I feel like the time went by too quickly...
To make matters worse, for the past couple weeks typhoons keep hitting Tokyo.
However, I tried not to let that get in my way and went to the yearly summer festival in my neighborhood area.


Sadly, due to the rain there weren't as many booths or activities as there normally are, but a couple friends came along and I met a new person who lives down the street from me! She approached me because she wanted to know where I bought my yukata and then we started talking about all kinds of things. It turns out shes staying in Japan for about 3 months for some kind of business related activity but shes still really new to Japan and had a lot of questions. She also didn't seem to have any friends, so she stayed with my friends and I for the day!

To be honest, I'm happy when people come up and talk to me, because most of the time when it comes to other foreigners in Japan, they often have scary expressions like "I hate everyone!! Don't talk to me!"
I have no prejudice against anyone from any country so I want to be approachable!

By the way, I met a Satanic mini horse named Nero.


Look at that face...don't tell me he doesn't look like hes ready to rip the flesh off of every living being at that festival!
and then I seem a little too happy...(´~`ヾ)

Anyway, yesterday I finalized almost all my preparations for Hong Kong!!
I have my hotel and flight booked as well as the Moi dix Mois tickets!

The only thing I need to do now is figure out the cost of the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel and renew my visa...
Actually, my visa doesn't expire until March 2017, but its probably better to do it before then and this is a good opportunity.

But now that I have the major preparations out of the way, I'm getting more and more excited and nervous about Hong Kong!
I will be there from October 22 - October 24.
Its such a short trip, so I have to make the most out of my sightseeing time on the 22nd when I arrive. Fortunately my hotel is only about 10 mins from the concert hall, about 1 minute from the famous food street, and close enough to the bay that I should be able to see the night time light show! Oh, and I should mention theres a pool! (I probably wont have time for the pool, but its exciting).
I'm not sure if theres any other big sights, but maybe if I look more into it and I have time, I will try for something more.
At the moment, the most important thing for me is figuring out locations and transportation, etc...
I've never gone on a trip like this before, so its a bit scary... But I'm going to do my best!!!

and of course, the moooost important part for everyone who reads this blog is the Moi dix Mois live!
So naturally I'm looking forward to writing about EVERYTHING!!

I wanted to mention that to my surprise I've gotten some messages here and there from some of you guys and the messages I've received are overwhelmingly positive and supportive!
Really, thank you so much!♥
Maybe it sounds stupid, but I got a little emotional reading some messages...
I really have no expectation of anyone caring about what I do. Even though I know writing live and event reports holds some importance and substance to you guys, I would never in a million years imagine receiving the support I have over this coming Hong Kong live.

Even though I guess you could say visiting and moving to Japan is kinda like going overseas to see a band, I always thought it would be fun to see the band I love in another country! I'm sure that sounds strange because technically if I saw Moi dix Mois in the US it would be overseas for them, and being in Japan should technically be overseas for me...but going to a completely unrelated country to either me or them is what I'm trying to say is the exciting part. It seems like a unique experience I never would guess I would be able to participate in in my life...and I really never would have guessed I would visit Hong Kong of all places, so there are so many factors in this that are huge for me! Everything is so overwhelming, I can't begin to express all my emotions... Its not just about Moi dix Mois, its about so much more...its about experience and culture and seeing the world, and...I could keep going on and on...

That being said, the messages I received seriously touched me, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.