Tokyo Game Show

I was hoping to write about this after I returned on Saturday, but I ended up being too busy for the past couple days.
Finally I have time now to write about Tokyo Game Show!!!!

I actually woke up early for this! (me waking up early almost never happens, so its an achievement)
But unfortunately I couldn't get in contact with my friends who were going with me for a couple hours, so by the time we got there it was already mid-afternoon.
However, getting in this time was easy because I preordered tickets so we essentially just walked right in.

Unfortunately this photo doesn't represent how crowded it was in real life. The event takes up several halls in separate buildings. I think this picture was from the second building, which contained major companies' exhibitions and demos for their newest featured games. The first building mostly contained merchandise booths, a few gaming competitions, and demos for VR (virtual reality) games.
Since this picture is only the entrance and there was a lot more to see in the other halls, it wasn't quite as crowded as some of the major halls with companies like Playstation, Konami, Capcom, Sega, etc. Those areas were insane.

So let's write about the first area first!

As I said, this area had so much virtual reality, but actually VR was a major feature of this year's Tokyo Game Show. The photos above depict Playstation's VR demo area (it seems you need to do some kind of preregistration for it). Playstation already has a number of games lined up for their new VR console, so there were several games to choose from, but according to their VR demo zone you couldn't actually chose which game to try.
Below the top two PS VR photos, there was another game that seemed to be extremely popular. It's PD Tokyo Inc.'s virtual reality game called "Circle of Saviors". You can see a link with a promo video here↓

To be honest, I've always been skeptical of Virtual Reality...I understand the idea and concept behind it and why it would be appealing, but it just looks so strange to me. I've seen Virtual Reality consoles in arcades for years, and there were probably times where I tried them when I was younger but for some reason I just can't quite get interested in it...That being said, when I saw the game play and promo video for Circle of Saviors I actually thought it looked like fun and I wanted to try to play! Unfortunately, since it seemed to be so popular the line for it was massive. If I'm not mistaken, many people seem to feel like this game provides sort of a seamless experience no other VR games have been able to accomplish before.

I couldn't resist adding this on here! They were at a booth that was selling Nintendo stuffed animals, but these ones in the case are planned to come out in December. The thing that surprised me is that it included Cubone (カラカラ), Diglett (ディグダ), Dragonite (カイリュー), and the three Johto starters! Actually I've seen the 3 Johto starters a number of times at the Pokemon center and Dragonite from time to time, but they still have some rarity as plush dolls. Cubone and Diglett are particularly rare, but the Pokemon Center recently came out with a different variation of a Cubone doll which I immediately had to get my hands on!

This Cubone comes from a newer series of Pokemon dolls being produced which sells each character in a sleeping and awake position. They're sort of like Beanie Babies, so I kind of wonder if thats what the Pokemon company had in mind? Beanie Babies used to be so popular in the 90's, so maybe the Pokemon company thinks that since theres so much 90's nostalgia now days, they can bring back reminiscence of that time but in a Pokemon inspired way...I really wouldn't put it past them. Pokemon is already a part of that 90's nostalgia trend, so why not combine it with another hot commodity from that time? But thats another conversation for another day...

I digress, so on to the second building!

Once again Playstation had another demo area and exhibition place. I swear Playstation was the largest of any company in attendance this year, but I have no complaints with that! I would much rather see that than the whole mobile/computer game feature TGS had last year.

Speaking of this Playstation exhibition area, I didn't get a lot of time to see it. The layout of TGS was totally different this year from anything I remember in the past. I liked this new layout of the convention center much better because it was ultimately easier to access than before. The only issue is, with some major updates TGS tried to make this year (for example, they wanted everyone to download a TGS2016 app on your phone and use that as a map, time table, basic information, etc. but it didn't work well) it was a little hard to understand where everything was at first. My friends and I found ourselves taking a huge portion of our time trying to understand where everything was that it hindered our chances of doing lot of activities. So by the time I actually grasped my surroundings I only had about an hour or less in the second building where majority of things were taking place! What I ended up doing was do sort of a running sweep of the entire premise and stopped for only a minute or two at various booths just to take in what all was going on. I had every intention of going back to what I was most interested in, but by the time I could even get to do that, I really only got to spend time at one exhibitor. I was really disappointed in that.

By the time I stopped at the Playstation exhibition to see what was going on, they were about to start in with a major Final Fantasy introduction. I'm not really much of a Final Fantasy fan so I decided to skip it.
Getting a little off topic again, but of course I've known about FF for many years and my disinterest may have something to do with the one time I actually tried giving it a shot. I apparently bought the "worst version" according to many people (FF X-2) the first time I tried to play it. I've been told I need to try Final Fantasy VI and apparently its available on the Playstation 4 as downloadable content, so whenever I get the chance I really will make an effort at it! I have a sort of love-hate relationship with RPG games...Obviously Pokemon is an RPG and I love it! but its sort of an exception... However, there is still hope with me for RPG games because the last one I played, Child of Light, I absolutely fell in love with! Its a huge possibility that the trick for me with Final Fantasy is simply playing the right one.

Continuing on, I took several pictures of booths that interested me. Twitch is of course a huge famous company and I occasionally watch some twitch channels! so it was exciting to actually see them at a big event like this. The PS Vita both seemed to have several demos out for play and just by the posters that I really wanted to try. Then lastly the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard booth/play through demo looked absolutely stunning!! It was a full on haunted house you had to enter just to experience the demo! I wanted to try is SOOOOOO BADLY!!!! But to be totally honest, I was scared... Its really stupid of me, but as often as I talk about how much I enjoy haunted locations/scary places, I'm actually a huge chicken about physically doing it...even when its not real...those may be the worst, actually... I want to play the game, but I can't do THAT!! (/;◇;)/

I'm not quite sure if this robot actually has any kind of relevance to video games. It could simply be technology that Intel is working on, but it was mesmerizing to watch! It seems that if you stand in front of the robot it can copy your movement, so the girl in this picture was making various arm and hand motions and the robot would do the same thing at the same time. I would have loved to have tried could almost be like controlling some kind of mecha. We're entering a world of real life Gundam!

Then was the SEGA booth!!! This one I actually stayed for because I noticed they were about to do a public demo and major announcement as soon as I walked up! Its the 25th Anniversary of Sonic, so the exhibition included talked with the Director of a new Sonic game coming out in October called Sonic Toon: Fire & Ice (US title Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice) which will be available on the 3DS!!! The demo was really exciting; I loved the way they incorporated the traditional Sonic style play through with the use of fire and ice capabilities for the characters.
Sega and Sonic have a special place in my heart. I remember when I was younger one of my friends used to have a Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive) and we played Sonic every time I went to his house. I fell in love with the character and always dreamed of owning the game for myself. However, my parents almost always bought me Nintendo consoles and games. Besides the ATARI, I think the only other non-Nintendo consoles they bought were Playstation consoles. But I always loved Sega and every time they came out with a new system I dreamed of owning one. The funny thing is, my mom remembered that a couple years ago and for Christmas gave me what she thought was a "real Sega Genesis"

For those who know, you might recognize its not technically what you would consider a "real Sega Genesis". Its a newer Plug-and-Play version with 80 games pre-loaded into it. It does actually work with the real Sega Genesis game cartridges, but many of the most famous titles are already included in it. This console doesn't really take away from the feel of the original games, so in a way I guess I can still say I finally own a Sega console! (it just feels a little strange to say it like that though...)

Besides the demo for the new game there was another demo as well for a remake of the old Sonic games that will include new games as well but in the original 2D side-scroll style. It looks cool!
Also, right before the demo began, the host of the Sega exhibition came out to introduce the Director, a PR person in charge, and another commentator, and then a huge Sonic mascot also walked out!
I can't not write about this because it was so funny! As they introduced Sonic and he walked out on stage, he was walking so SLOW!! Its a little ironic...Sonic is famous for being incredibly fast, but this Sonic mascot can hardly pick one leg up!! He had to continuously walk back and forth between the host and the director when each of them spoke or made some kind of reveal and it was painfully obvious how difficult it was for Sonic to move. Not only that, in order for the Sonic mascot to have some kind of relevance, they needed to make sure he was included with each reveal. So he had to act as the announcer of the Sonic Toon game, but essentially he walked up to the host and put his hand up to "whisper" what he wanted to say to was exactly the same way Mana whispers to Seth during Moi dix Mois concerts. In fact, all of Sonic's actions looked identical to Mana's on stage! If I hadn't been standing alone watching this exhibition, I probably would have ended up laughing out loud by accident! Is this how Mana gets his inspiration?? From mascots?? (*´艸`*)
(Sadly no pictures were allowed of the stage, otherwise I would have definitely taken tons of Mana-Sonic for this entry!)

Long story short, the Sega exhibition really made me want to get back in to Sonic games again.

I also ended up buying a Mega Drive tote bag by the end of the day. It might seem kind of frivolous to buy yet another tote bag since I so many Moi dix Mois tote bags, but sadly many of my MdM bags are getting worn out and breaking. Since Moi dix Mois tote bags always to sell out relatively fast and never restock, I'd like to keep the ones I have last as long as possible. At least with this bag I can use it every day and not worry so much if it breaks. And the design of the Mega Drive bag is kind of unique!

By the time the Sega exhibition/demo ended, it was nearing closing time. My friends and I had split up to look at our own things, so about 30 minutes before everything closed down we met up again at some benches inside the convention center and talked about the video game industry in various countries. I'm always really interested in talking about how video games are perceived around the world and particularly female gamers. Even though its still not perfect, I feel like the US has a lot less prejudice towards female gamers than places like Japan. I love Tokyo Game Show and I always want to go back every year, but as a female sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable there. There are tons of girls who like video games in Japan and attend TGS, but I never can seem to shake the feeling that theres still a major bias towards men (of course I know majority of gamers in Japan are men so it makes sense). I don't know if its really something that will happen in this lifetime in Japan but I really hope to see a day when theres a more even representation of both sexes at Tokyo Game Show!!

Anyway, this entry has become massively long, so this is probably a good stopping point before I go any further and end up with a novel!
I should probably also think about getting some sleep before I have to get up for work tomorrow... (=_=)Zzzz
Good night!