Hong Kong Day 2 MOI DIX MOIS
First of all, before I start this entry I just want to say I intend on writing both an English and Japanese version!! However, it may take a little time before the Japanese version is posted because I will have to translate it from English.

Also, this entry is going to be extremely long because theres so much to write about! If you're only interested in the concert and meet and greet, I will label those sections with bold letters so you can find them easier.

Tonight's live went above and beyond all my expectations!! I can honestly say I'm incredibly sad tonight is over and that I have to leave in the morning. At least I'll still have all my memories on here to live by...

In the beginning I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical about today. Maybe its because I was exhausted from traveling all day yesterday and trying to cram in sight seeing when I could, but I couldn't help but question myself a little... However, after having a good long sleep I woke up and got dressed for the concert.

My outfit is different from how I usually dress for Moi dix Mois events, but I wasn't sure about how people would react in Hong Kong. I was worried there may only be a couple people wearing Moitie and that going in full EGL might be too much, so I went with a relatively simple EGA style. Furthermore, as I mentioned in a previous entry, I've been becoming more interested in EGA lately so I thought it would be a good opportunity!

To my surprise tons of people were dressed in Moitie!! and even though my coordinate is a bit different, I really didn't end up feeling too out of place or dressed down. People came wearing all kinds of different styles so I felt like there was a good balance in terms of fashion.

Ticket sales and the goods booth started from 2:30 PM, so I decided to arrive around 2:00 just to be sure I could find the venue. Unfortunately my hotel is far from any major stations, so I took a taxi. I was so nervous about the taxi because I was once again unsure of what to expect! The hotel website said it should only be a 10 minute ride to the venue, but I read mixed reviews online about whether taxi drivers in Hong Kong are okay with English or not. Many of you may know, most people in Hong Kong can speak English really well! But I heard there are still people who only understand Chinese, and theres the possibility that taxi drivers may not understand English. I felt like if this was Japan it would be no problem! But I didn't think Japanese skills would work out quite well here...(´~`ヾ)

The good news is, it was easy to get a taxi from the hotel and the taxi driver spoke English! The hotel staff even ran out to the taxi to help just in case language would be an issue. The reason I'm writing about the taxi is because the driver was hilarious!! The moment I got in the car and once we worked out the location and directions, the driver said "You are so beautiful!!!" (≧∇≦)
As a female, I can imagine some of you may think "Isn't that kind of creepy?" but by the way he said it, I understood it wasn't meant in a bad way. He ended up being really nice and helping with money at the end because its a little hard to get used to Hong Kong currency.

The venue happened to be inside a convention center, but it looked more like a mall!
There was even a sign for the concert at the entrance!

As I walked through the convention center I happened to see two girls dressed up in gothic clothing, so I followed their path and ended up in front of the concert hall relatively easy. There was a line even forming for the tickets and goods! It was only about 12 people long, but I was relieved to see I wasn't the only one who showed up early.

I originally won an A ticket from the lottery and reserved the poster and tote bag in advanced, so as soon as everything opened I was there to get it immediately. One thing I was particularly interested in was the ticket lottery system. Even though the organizers said the ticket numbers we were to receive would be random, I wondered if that meant the numbers were chosen ahead of time or if they would just randomly hand out whatever number on the day of the concert. It turns out the numbers were in fact pre-selected on a list with everyones name, so I received 62!

If you got to the venue early enough, there were also a few limited copies of a free magazine to pick up!

From the looks of it, I would say the interview included in the magazine probably contains some relatively basic information, but I really wish I could understand it and read it!

There was yet another sign in front of the concert hall.

The line up for the concert wasn't supposed to start until around 5:30, so after receiving everything, I went to eat lunch and then look around the mall area...but thats kinda getting off topic from the concert.

I eventually returned to the concert area around 4:00 when more people were showing up. Suddenly as I was waiting around another fan came up to me and asked if it was ok if we spoke in Japanese. She told me she reads my blog and twitter and such and even showed me pictures on her phone that I've posted on here from my concert reports!! (If you're reading this, 会えてよかったです!本当にありがとう!) I was totally blown away and moved! She also introduced me to her friends who have their own band inspired by Moi dix Mois. I got to listen to one of their songs, which was really great! Please come play in Japan some time!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Actually these fans were from Hong Kong, I believe, but their Japanese was way better than mine! It turns out a lot of Hong Kong fans understand Japanese extremely well. Speaking of which, there was a funny episode concerning using Japanese (and its not the only one of the night, but I'll get to that later).
When I was speaking with the new friends I made, some of the staff must have noticed us using Japanese to communicate. There was one staff person who I bought my goods from originally who first used Chinese with me until she realized I didn't understand, so then she switched to English, but after hearing me speak Japanese, every time she spoke to me thereafter it was always in Japanese!!(≧∇≦)
My identity has been a strange situation here...

I met so many people who read this blog and my website!! and I took so many pictures with everyone too! I also met a lot of new people as well...Everyone was so friendly. Maybe it sounds stupid to say, but the kindness and friendliness of everyone there really touched me. I can't say it enough, Hong Kong Moi dix Mois fans are amazing!!

After some time, we noticed the poster that was in front of the concert hall had changed.

If you look carefully you can see the autographs on it this time around. They must have changed it when I went and had lunch. Just for the memory, I took a picture next to the poster as well since a lot of people were doing the same.

It turns out a lot of the people attending the concert were buying their tickets the same day. That was a little shocking to me, I guess because in Japan everyone is always so diligent about pre-ordering. However, it seems lots of people actually tried entering the lottery for A tickets but lost. Every time someone new asked me what number I got and saw I was A 62 they said I was lucky. Maybe its because in Japan majority of the time when people order A tickets they usually get them unless its a really special concert, so I had assumed everybody who wanted an A ticket got one...but it turns out I was indeed very lucky!

Speaking of people who attended the concert, there was also a beautiful Mana cosplayer!!!

Of course this person ended up being extremely popular!! Everyone instantly crowded her and took pictures together! I wanted to as well, but the crowd was getting a little crazy so I decided not to. However, at one point the staff approached her and asked her if she wanted to go meet Mana!! So her and a friend she came with excitedly went back together briefly. Apparently when the staff asked this person if they wanted to meet Mana they were speaking Mandarin, so they may have come from mainland China where cosplay like this is more popular. It was really stunning though!

After telling this story to a few people I got a couple reactions like "What!? They went back and personally met Mana!? Aren't you jealous!??"
To be honest I was really happy for them because I noticed they had been standing in line for B tickets which meant they would have otherwise not had a chance to meet any of the members. There was so much work and craftsmanship going into that cosplay I felt like it would be really sad if Mana didn't see it. I'm glad they got to do it! Its a possibility that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them and I've met Mana so many times that at this point I'm only happy to see other fans get this kind of chance too.
Its a really wonderful cosplay!!

Also, there was another funny/strange episode that happened while waiting!
This is something I've noticed before even at concerts in Japan and usually I don't say anything or try to react to it, but this time in Hong Kong things felt like they were getting a little out of hand.
By the looks of things, it seems the only people who came from Japan for the concert in terms of staff were only the Moi dix Mois members themselves. All the other staff appeared to be from Hong Kong, but there was still a camera person there. I didn't recognize him from any other concerts, so I assume he was also Hong Kong staff, although I could be wrong because he never spoke to me. Anyway, he had the big camera they always use for the concerts and events and was walking around trying to take pictures of people waiting outside the concert hall (probably for Digital Madoushos and such). But for some reason, there were several times where he would try to stand relatively close to me, and each time I was talking to somebody or doing something and I saw him out of the corner of my eye aiming the camera at me, I would turn and look at him as a natural reflex. Then each time I turned and looked at him he put the camera back down like he wasn't doing anything! What!?(;゚∀゚)
and this wasn't just one or two times, this was many times!! But whats so strange is I noticed when he walked around and took pictures of other people he would sometimes go up to them and ask so they would be posing for pictures and such...yet every time he tried taking pictures of me and I looked at him, I would try smile at him to show him I have no problem with it, but he would still go back to pretending like he wasn't trying to take pictures.
One time one of the girls I was talking to noticed this guy yet again trying to take pictures, but she didn't want her picture taken so she flinched when she noticed, and the camera man put his camera down and finally made an "ok" sign with his hands.

Its kind of a mystery...why ask everyone else but act strangely around me? I've noticed staff trying to take pictures of me in Japan before in a similar way, but they're a bit more sneaky about it. This poor guy couldn't catch a break.(≧∇≦) I really wanted to go up to him and say "Its fine if you want to take pictures" but I felt a little embarrassed that it might come off as strange, so I didn't say anything. But for future reference...I pretty much say yes to anybody on the planet who wants to take pictures. I promise its okay!!

Finally, about 30 minutes before the concert started there was one more event. The Jeune Fille exhibit!

Anyone with a ticket could enter a small room where they had the Jeune Fille and an autographed poster on display.
I had a feeling based on the pictures the organizers posted about a week ago that this Jeune Fille may be a special one they were keeping, and I think my suspicions were probably right.

You can click this picture enlarge it, but essentially what confirmed my beliefs was the autograph at the bottom left of the guitar.
Theres no way Mana would autograph his own guitar just for the sake of a display like this, and in fact he used his same Jeune Fille X Gips -Crossray- Blanche during the concert which had no sign of writing on it. But the main idea of the exhibition was to be able to see one of the Jeune Filles up close for pictures and display. They included all the detailed information about it as well.
The organizers must really be big Moi dix Mois fans!!

By the way, for those who haven't seen it yet, I also made a video of the exhibition and posted it on Instagram!

Mana guitar exhibit Hong Kong #moidixmois #jeunefille #esp #mana #mana様 #香港

A video posted by Sarah (@mephistoangelo) on


Now we can get to the concert itself!!

I ended up in the second row, but it felt virtually like the first row because there was somewhat of a space between people where I was standing and I was between where Mana and Seth were standing on stage, so I had a perfect view!

The stage set up was relatively simple with only the Moi dix Mois logo in the background and the instruments on stage. However, the size of the stage and the venue was pretty big! I believe the venue could hold about 600 people or so.

When the concert started the members walked out on stage in their usual order, Hayato, Sugiya, Ryu, Mana, and Seth. The first thing to shock me was the crowd screaming!! Of course the crowd screams in Japan when the members walk out on stage, but not with the enthusiasm they did in Hong Kong!! It was so loud and energetic! I couldn't help but laugh a little. Simply by the way everyone was dressed, the stage, and the usual Goblin soundtrack playing before the start, it was a little easy to forget once I was in the concert hall that this wasn't Japan, so the screaming took me by surprise. Of course the crowd roared most of all once Mana appeared.

This time the members were dressed in all black just like how they looked at Deep Sanctuary.

Heres a picture Mana posted on twitter from the concert so you can see what he wore.

The first song that was played was the Seventh Veil! However, this time the song was played a little bit differently than normal. They included a new portion in the middle of the song where Seth stopped singing and they tried to show off the drums and guitars in what seemed kind of like mini solos, so to speak. It was a refreshing way to hear the song!

After that I remember front et baiser, Beast Side, Material Death, Deflower, Solitude, Ange, IMMORTAL MADNESS, Nocturnal Romance(?), deus ex machina, Je l'aime...I tried so hard to remember the set list but now after some time I'm forgetting what all the songs were! If anybody knows the set list, please send it to me so I can post it here!

Beast Side was the third song played (after The Seventh Veil and front et baiser) and I noticed Ryux trying to make various references to K during the song. Whenever Seth sang the lyrics "Rest in Peace" Ryux would make the sign of the cross like people do in churches when praying. He was also covering his ears at some point, but I don't quite understand why. Furthremore, just like he does at the concerts in Japan, Ryux had his small silver skull accessory he uses as a prop to represent K! He even brought it with him to the autograph session after the concert.

After Beast Side there seemed to be a new intermission song played while the members prepared themselves for the introduction and rest of the concert. It was really heavy on a synthetic choral sound. To be honest it may have been played during other more recent lives and I forgot about it, but it struck me as something new, so even if I did hear it before it was only recently.

Finally Seth introduced them saying "We are Moi dix Mois!" he then attempted to greet everyone in Chinese and it seemed like it took a couple seconds for everyone in the crowd to completely understand what he was trying to say, but once they did everyone started cheering loudly again. Seth then changed back to Japanese, but it seemed a lot of people understood what he was saying and cheered at the appropriate moments. Basically he said its Moi dix Mois' first time in Hong Kong so they want to make it the deepest, darkest, best night ever, so everyone needed to give their energy for the live.

Soon afterwards, Material Death was announced and everyone again started cheering and screaming from the start.
I imagine it must have been extremely exciting for everyone in Hong Kong because Material Death is a song that hasn't been heard outside of Japan yet! I wonder what everyone thought? I really love the energy of that song.
I believe it was during this song too, I noticed one time Mana looked like he was going to fall after he spun around...actually I noticed it happened a few times throughout the concert. At least he didn't actually fall, but whats going on? (´~`ヾ)

Also, I was shocked there was an MC at this concert too! I always imagined outside of Japan the MC's may be rather brief with only a few phrases spoken, but since everyone seemed to do well with understanding Japanese, Seth spoke more than I expected. At first he teased everyone by saying "Mana has a message for you!" making everyone in the audience go wild, until Seth added "that I will speak out for him"
He asked the usual question, "Are you having fun?" and naturally the screaming was intense. However, of course, Mana made a gesture that it wasn't good enough, by putting his hand to his ear, so Seth said "more!" and everyone screamed louder. Seth asked Mana what he thought, but Mana made a gesture with his hands meaning "it was a little weak" so finally the screaming got so loud it felt like the venue could explode! Not only that, the screaming went on for a long time, so long Hayato started hitting a beat with his drum and people started following it with their screams until Mana was satisfied. Mana was so happy with the enormous amount of enthusiasm that he walked to the middle of the stage and blew a kiss out to the audience. Naturally everyone loved it.
Then Mana also had his white bear bag with him which contained small candies in pink wrappers which were all autographed. When Seth said Mana had a Halloween present for everyone he began throwing the candies out to the crowd and everyone went crazy trying to catch them. In Japan people go pretty crazy for little things like this, but in Hong Kong everyone was scattering around trying to catch the candies and then taking more time to scan the floors to see if they missed any. All throughout the entire concert long after the candies had been thrown out I still noticed people searching around for more.

IMMORTAL MADNESS is a song thats played at every live and is usually used for everyone to shout out the "key word" of the night, but this time as far as I can remember we only shouted "dix love!" so it was relatively simple.

One thing that was a little difficult for me to keep up with this time around was how the other fans react to songs. I never particularly realized it, but in Japan certain songs have certain movements to them that people do with how they raise their hands up or do the dix sign and such. Without thinking I was automatically doing these same movements I've become used to, only I realized nobody else was doing them around me! Suddenly I became extremely aware that the people in my surroundings were totally different from people who go all the time, so I kind of wanted to stop doing what was normal and go along with what everyone was doing this time, but every time my mind strayed away from that and I focused more on the concert itself, I found myself having this same problem again and feeling not quite in sync with the others.

However, thats an interesting point about Japan and other countries. The impression I received from Hong Kong is that people are a lot more individualized, so they do their own thing and express their enthusiasm in their own ways. Also, everyone in Hong Kong seemed so passionate!! I heard so many people's stories about when they got into Moi dix Mois and how and what Moi dix Mois means to them. These are discussions I rarely have with anyone in Japan, and there tends to be a more unified feeling like everyone should do the same thing together. Neither way is right or wrong, but its interesting to see these differences! These are details I never think about with Japanese fans, but concerts overseas have a totally different feeling. Really thats part of the reason why I wanted to go to this concert though. I wanted to see something new and different and it totally was!

A few songs later Seth suddenly announced he wanted us to lift our hands up reaching out for Je l'aime. It seemed too soon for this song! Je l'aime usually means its the end of the concert! And in fact it was! Once it ended, each member went to the center of the stage to say goodbye and everyone began cheering. Mana made his exit a bit longer as he stood in the center of the stage lifting his Jeune fille and then finally putting it on the ground so he put hold his arms out and blow a kiss goodbye to everyone before walking off.

Once all the members walked off stage, one of my friends said "Only a 50 minute concert??" Apparently the concert was in fact incredibly short! Everyone started calling for an encore though and several minutes later, the Moi dix Mois members ran back on stage, but they all looked like they weren't expecting it. Mana in particular had already taken off half his costume, so he was missing the corset and ruffly skirt. Instead all he had on was the black chiffon long Moitie blouse/dress, the ruffly skirt-shorts he usually wears under his outfit, and a camisole. The others were still dressed, but you could see even the Moitie blouse Mana was wearing was unbuttoning in the middle. Seth then said "Okay, we will play one last song, but this has to be the very end. So for our very final song we will play Deus ex Machina!!"

Everyone was excited and they tried to drag the song out a tiny bit more, but ultimately it seemed they were a little pressed for time so once it ended and Seth and Sugiya were leaving Mana started playing random notes and making them drag out on the guitar. Ryux and Hayato started staring at him like "Should we be doing something too, or should we leave?" the whole thing must have been completely unplanned because of how they both hesitated. Hayato eventually decided to get up from the drums and throw his drum sticks into the audience before leaving and then Ryux played a couple notes with Mana on his guitar before showing everyone the silver K-skull and saying goodbye as well. Mana continued to play his guitar a little longer and went to the center stage where eventually he laid the guitar down again, repeating the same motion as before, holding his arms out while everyone screamed for him. Unfortunately this time because his outfit had already started unbuttoning, when he held his arms out, half the blouse came completely undone and it was just mana standing there basically in a camisole and a pair of mini skirt-shorts. It was definitely not like anything I've ever seen before at a Moi dix Mois concert! Probably the funniest part about it was, he just stood there for an extremely long time and his outfit kept falling apart more and more. Did he even realize!? (≧∇≦)

Once he left the stage then the concert was finally over and everyone immediately went back out the concert hall for goods and pictures and such. Since I had an A ticket I also got to join the meet and greet!!


A limited 150 people received A tickets which were good for the autograph and meet & greet session. Luckily I happened to be one of those 150!! However, people who had A tickets started lining up quickly, so I was near the end, but the line seemed to go relatively fast so I really only waited a few minutes before I had my chance to meet all the members!

The staff had organized the members to be in the same room where the guitar exhibit originally was, so this time the room was now rearranged with a row of tables and a bar to keep everyone in a row. They only allowed about 5 people in the room at one time, so it was semi private. Everyone was still in their same stage outfits this time, because I'm pretty sure immediately after the concert they had to run to the room for the autograph session.

Since the limited edition goods sold for the Hong Kong show happened to be a bag and a poster, I ended up getting the poster for the autograph session since I already have all the CDs. Also, Ryux is featured on the poster whereas he isn't in any of the CDs so I wanted something he could be a part of too. It was my first time to meet Ryux so I was really excited about it!

First was Hayato, so I gave him my poster and once he signed it he went to shake my hand and said "Arigatou!" I said "Arigatou" in return, and Sugiya who was sitting right next to Hayato said (in Japanese) "woahh cool you speak Japanese!!" I probably accidentally gave him a little bit of a funny look since I've been going to Moi dix Mois concerts for 7 years non-stop in Japan, but I realized maybe he hasn't noticed because hes said before in a Madousho he has a hard time making eye contact with fans during lives because usually he wears glasses and can't see far out so well, so I responded in Japanese "Oh yes, I live in Japan!"
Suddenly Hayato, Sugiya, and Ryu (who was next to Sugiya) all freaked out and started acting like I was their new best friend.(≧∇≦) They all started cutting up and being super chatty because they were so excited and Ryux blurted out in English "YOU ARE AMAZING!!!"
Sugiya then started rambling on to me, but I didn't catch what he said because to be honest I was nervous about talking to them, so when I said "I live in Japan" I felt extremely embarrassed! I know everyone in the room heard it though, because even Seth who was further down next to Mana at the end was looking at me. (;゚∀゚)

When Seth heard Ryux talking to me then he started getting in on wanting to talk to me too, but in the end he only mustered "Konnichiwa!!!" and "Arigatou" However, based on the way he said it, I realized he actually remembered me! Several years ago Mana and Seth had an autograph/meet event in Osaka and the day before that one was the same event with all 5 members in Tokyo. At that time in the Tokyo event Seth had said "Hello" and "Thank you" to me in English because he didn't really know me or if I could understand Japanese. So the next day when it was only Seth and Mana at the Osaka event, they had a lot more time to talk with everyone, so I finally got the chance to tell Seth I understood Japanese so he got really excited about it and started chatting a little with me asking me what I thought of the album (I think it was D+SECT) at that time. From that point on, any time hes talked to me he always used Japanese and always said "Konnichiwa" in the same way.

To be honest I was really glad he said it too, because once Hayato, Sugiya, and Ryux loosened me up from being nervous a little, I started getting a little nervous again when I got to Seth. Regardless, it turns out once he recognized me and said hello I suddenly felt 100 times more relaxed, but thats when the trouble started...

I feel so terrible and embarrassed about this last part!!! ・゚゚・(´Д⊂ヽ

Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, and Seth all ended up making me feel really happy and relaxed by talking to me in the end and it felt like we all had a really great connection together! However, getting to the point where Mana was became sooner than I expected, and suddenly after laughing and talking with the others I had no idea what to do about Mana! Do I say Hello? Do I stay silent? What is he going to do??? I ended up hesitating because I had no idea what to do, so he grabbed my hand to shake it and smiled reeaaalllyy widely at me and kept shaking his head and looking at me as if he wanted to say "I'm happy to see you too!!" but I got so nervous I started shaking and looked down at the table instead...(/ω\*)
I know its impossible at these events, but if he had just said "hello" or something like the others, then I think it would have gone completely different. What was so bad about it all is that right up until the point with Mana everyone was so talkative and cheerful and then when it got to Mana it felt like the entire room went silent and everything was so awkward you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife!!

I know its my fault for suddenly becoming nervous and embarrassed and making things awkward, but I panicked because I had no idea what to do in that situation...

To Mana,
I'm sorryyy!!! <(_ _*)>

Interestingly enough though, he shook my hand like a normal person this time...
That may sound strange to say, but at past events the way Mana shakes hands is unusual. He tends to grab your hand lightly and kinda wave it around more than shake it. Then on top of that, usually he mouths words but doesn't actually say anything. Its really hard to explain, but this time was very different. I think it might be the first time he actually acted natural shaking hands, and to be honest it was sweet to see him smiling so much!

He then signed the poster and handed it back to me, but verrryyy slowly. At that point I did kind of regain myself and look at him again, but mostly because I felt like "When exactly can I take this poster?"
Eventually I received it though and of course I took pictures too!!

Once the autograph session was over just about everyone was finally going home.
The concert, the autograph session, the fans...absolutely everything was wonderful!!!
I was nervous about coming to this Hong Kong live, but in the end it was worth every penny! I could not have asked for a more perfect day! Thank you so much everyone who made this event a complete success and I can't express enough how happy I am to have met you all! I will never forget this day for the rest of my life! 💙

With the end of this entry, even though I started out with it being "tonight's live" actually now over 24 hours have passed and I've been writing for a large majority of this time while traveling and getting home and such. Finally I'm now back in Tokyo and planning on taking a much needed long rest.
I miss Hong Kong so much though. I want Moi dix Mois to have anther live there so we can all meet again!

dix Love Hong Kong!!!!!!!!!!