Massive Update
Theres so much I need to update on lately, but I haven't had time to do it up until now. With that being said, since this will probably become a pretty big entry, I'm going to break up everything by bolding each category so its a little easier to keep up and understand.

First of all, I'll address some of the bigger news that I imagine a lot of people already know about, but just for safe measure I want to post about it on here too.


I don't think I've said anything about this until now, but for those who don't know, Moi-meme-Moitie is now working with WunderWelt to sell items overseas.
The official Moi-meme-Moitie website does't sell overseas, but for several years now they've depended on CDJapan for international sales. As far as I'm aware, they are still continuing service through CDJapan, but WonderWelt is taking part in MmM sales too now.

The WunderWelt Official website can be found here:

Also, at the time MmM announced their partnership with WunderWelt there was also a limited time period where fans would submit questions to the Official WunderWelt Facebook page that Mana would choose to answer. That Q&A is now available on the WunderWelt site! (and yes its already in English, but its available in Japanese and Chinese too)


KERA & Gothic & Lolita Bible

KERA magazine and the GLB have made announcements that they will discontinue publication.
Concerning KERA, their final publication will be on April 15, 2017. From that point onward they plan on changing to digital publicaton. As for the GLB, the final issue will be released on May 24, 2017, which will be a full on discontinuation (unlike KERA, they will not shift to digitalizing the magazine).


Way back in December the free magazine VROCK HK distributed a special issue featuring Moi dix Mois and their concert in Hong Kong! I've been wanting to post about this for a long time, but its been hard to find the time to do so. Anyway, I finally have scans from the magazine to share on here!!

I excluded one page which followed the image of Mana, simply because it was only text. In total, all pages including that one that had text on them are an interview with Mana. However, I don't expect a large number of readers on this blog understand Chinese, but if it just so happens that somebody does and you want to translate the interview for the rest of us, let me know and I can provide you with that page!

Anyway, since VROCK HK is a free magazine that anybody could obtain I don't imagine its doing too much harm uploading these images. So please enjoy!!

Mad Tea Party Magazine

Yes, I have more scans!! and this time including translations!!

Actually, this photoshoot is nothing new, but I happened to come across it for 100 yen in sale box at a CD shop some months ago. I've really wanted to get my hands on this issue for a long time now and when I noticed there was a small section that would be extremely easy for me to translate I decided I wanted to post it on here!

The translations will be under the scans.

(**Indicates notes/explanations that will follow after the translation)

Mana/Moi dix Mois
birthday: 3.19 blood type: O birth place: Beyond darkness favorite colors: jet black, blue-black favorite foods: Long ago nostalgic fried bread** dislike foods: Herbs that have the smell of a stink bug** favorite brand: My brand “Moi-meme-Moitie” favorite fragrance: green fruit motto: Stay alive my boom:** The return of Xevious

**Translation notes -- There is no good translation that I could find for "long ago nostalgic fried bread" but perhaps what would be a better explanation is the kind of fried carnival/festival type foods such as "funnel cake" or "beignets" that we have in the US.
In terms of "herbs that have the smell of a stink bug" he's referring to coriander. However, interestingly enough, Mana mentions in his recent Q&A on WunderWelt that he now likes coriander, so it goes to show this particular interview is a bit outdated now.
Finally, "my boom" is a popular term in Japanese for "my latest interest" and again, the return of Xevious is also a bit dated. This photo series/interview was published in May 2006 so you can certainly see how some things have changed in 11 years time!

Regardless, I always think its fun to read Mana-related information no matter how long ago it was published.

Finally, to end off the entry....


I've received a number of messages in time from those of you asking when I will make new entries and such.
Of course since we had the 2 Mana birthday concerts a couple weeks ago, I suppose that question was answered in a way...but what about now? What about future updates?

Truthfully, I still want to update this blog as much as I always have! My feelings really haven't changed at all. I just have difficulty finding the time lately because I feel like I'm constantly busy and rarely ever have a moment to breathe anymore.
Fortunately today I finally had a little time to myself to relax and do whatever I wanted, so I chose to sneak off to the park.

This is the Institute of Nature Study.
I wanted to go there a week or so ago, but it turns out theres a closing time which I just barely missed, so I came back today with plenty of time.

NS2.jpg NS7.jpg

The concept here is for people to study nature in a more natural environment. Of course since its a park visitors can come in and walk around too, but its kind of unique compared to other parks in Tokyo.

NS3.jpg NS5.jpg

For example, the tree in this picture fell over. Normally you don't really see something like that in a Tokyo park, but here they allow nature to take its course so they can examine and study things like decomposition.

NS6.jpg NS4.jpg

There were even small ponds and streams, which were nice. It was really worth visiting because it was quiet with tons of space to walk around in and a huge variety of "scenes" (for lack of better words). Although it was a bit more pristine than I had anticipated, I guess since its Tokyo that can't be helped. Anyway, it made me feel a little better getting away from all the stresses I've had to face lately. Dare I say, its even nice to get away from a computer screen once in a while...?

Its not something I talk about very often, but even when I lived in the US I liked going to parks and taking walks in general. I've always been really a private person and I don't particularly like being overly busy/rushed or around too many people at once, so parks tend to feel refreshing because I can get some level of peace of mind there.

After going to the park, I took a short detour to Meguro river!!

MR1.jpg MR3.jpg

As expected, the cherry blossoms aren't fully out yet, but I was curious to see how far along they've come as of this weekend.


I really liked how some of my pictures turned out though. I think this week they will probably be in full bloom, so I'm hoping by this weekend the view will be more impressive!

Anyway, just as I said, this entry ended up being huge!!(;゚∀゚)
Hopefully I can start being a little more timely about my updates, but until then I hope this entry was ample enough to satisfy everyone for a little while! (´~`ヾ)