MdM New Goods, etc...
Finally a month after my last entry I'm posting again!
Right now in Japan its Golden Week, so a lot of people, including myself get a good 4-5 day vacation from work.

With that being said, I've been wanting to catch up on some information I haven't posted on here yet.

First of all are the new Moi dix Mois goods that were released a couple weeks ago.
Mana asked on Twitter for those who bought anything new from the Midi: Nette shop to upload pictures of themselves in a coordinate wearing the new items, but it seems almost nobody did that...I noticed several pictures of the items themselves still in wrapping, but hardly any real coordinates.

With that being said, I felt kinda bad about the situation and decided to take pictures of everything I've gotten that has mounted up back from the March concerts all the way to the new items released recently. (No I didn't post them on Twitter because I didn't have the time to do it back when Mana requested photos)

Heres a rundown of my coordinates.
The first picture is the new long "dolman" version Mana 25 year artist anniversary shirt.
(I'm also wearing the black x silver MdM hoodie from well over a year ago now)


I noticed the blue on this shirt is almost a more purple color compared to the original T-shirt version I bought at the concerts in March. You can see the T-shirt version I'm talking about in the next picture↓


The bottom right corner is the T-shirt version I bought at the concert. The long version in the first picture is one of the new items only released at the Midi: Nette shop (not at the concerts). Its a hard choice for me to say which one I like more because I like the shade of blue used in the T-shirt, but I've really come to love the longer version shirts as a whole.

Speaking of which, the picture above also depicts two versions of the Moi dix Mois 15 year anniversary shirt. They look identical in my pictures, but the full body shot on the left side is the long version I bought at the concert and the smaller image on the upper right hand portion of the picture is the new regular T-shirt version sold on the Midi: Nette shop. Again in terms of the print and color, theres absolutely no difference. The difference is only the length and texture. The T-shirts (in both the 25 year & 15 year versions) use a thicker material, while the long shirts are relatively thin and have a bit more stretch to them.
I was a bit surprised, but I actually like how the royal blue shirt looks with the blue Moi dix Mois hoodie!


Finally it was a bit hard to hold the bag with my coordinate shots, so this is an extra picture of the MdM 15 year anniversary tote bag that was sold in March.

Really the purpose of posting all this is just for the spirit of showing off some coordinates/how the shirts look worn, but I can imagine there are people who want to buy these items too!
For those who are interested...


Midi: Nette Shop (Japan only)
CD Japan (Overseas orders)

In other news, there has also been an announcement of a Mana event at ESP!


A new guitar, the Jeune Fille X Ferrum-Cross Ray Illusion- will be revealed for the first time on June 17, 2017 at the ESP Museum in Shibuya.
It will be limited to a maximum of 150 people who will be able to attend the event in one of three waves (so a group of about 50 people at one time).
The event entails that during each wave there will be a talk/demonstration of the new guitar and an autograph/handshake event with Mana.
For those who order a Jeune Fille on the day of the event, there will be an extra special secret event with Mana as well. (Yeah, I'm really kicking myself right now for ordering a Jeune Fille back in December. If only I had known!)
However, there are still no known details on how to attend the event as of yet. Apparently since this is the first time for ESP to have something like this, they're still trying to work out that information. I would suspect we will hear something before too long since we're closing in on nearly one month until the event, so once I get find out I will update on here!

By the way,
I wonder if anyone noticed a certain detail about the new guitar photo posted above?
Something that really stuck out to me was the cross in the center. As is already well known, the more recent models of Jeune Fille have a cross that lights up either red or blue depending on which version it is. Taking a closer look at this photo hints that perhaps the cross in the middle is going to light up multicolored!?
Of course only looking at an example picture like this can't give us all the details, but according to the picture the cross seems to depict something similar to the French flag (if you flipped it on it's side, so when being held or played it would appear as blue, white, and red). But of course this is only speculation based on what I see in the picture. Theres also a possibility that the cross could interchange flashing these colors or even more...Although, with it being Mana, I would put my money on the color scheme being limited to blue, white, and red.
It would make sense too in terms of colors representative of Moi dix Mois -- the body of the guitar is black, so its only natural if he wanted to do something unique and representational of Moi dix Mois that these other 3 colors would be included some how too.

Anyway, I'm excited about this event and I hope I can be one of the 150 people to attend!! Its a unique event that has never been done before (with Mana) so I think its a pretty special opportunity.

Besides the new goods and a new guitar, don't forget theres another event planned for September 2, 2017 (Saturday) at Duo Music Exchange. Its supposed to be a concert + special event, but more details on that will come later on. Since Mana has been working on new music lately, I wonder if that means we'll get to hear the next new song then?

As always, I will continue to post as new information comes!