ESP Museum jeune fille display

Immediately after last weekend's Mana event, ESP has continued to keep the jeune fille display up as a special exhibition until July 2nd.
I think some of you might be curious about the exhibition, so I went to it yesterday and took lots of pictures and a video!!

Before going on with the pictures, it might be a good idea to explain a little about the exhibition.
Basically the set up is pretty much identical to how it looked at the event last weekend, so for those who checked out the previous entry I wrote on here theres no real surprise. The only major difference is the fact that the ESP staff last weekend tried darkening the room and set up blue lights. However, since the ESP museum is now restored back to normal, truly the only difference is that the guitars can now be seen a little bit more easily in color and detail.

I imagine a lot of these pictures might seem a bit redundant from last weekend's entry, but I still wanted to post as many detail shots as I could this time around for those who may have a bigger interest in the new guitar, jeune fille x Ferrum -Cross Ray illusion-.

I get the feeling there may be a few of you out there who are very detail oriented have noticed the plaque under the display in the first picture. Actually it doesn't say anything special but for your information it reads:

ESP jeune fille X Ferrum -Cross Ray illusion- Special display
Please do not touch. You are permitted to use cameras and mobil phones in this area
The display it up until July 2nd.

A friend of mine and I went together, and I really wanted to take a picture next to the guitar for commemoration but the iron gates with the roses on them seemed to make the space around the guitar kinda small. Unexpectedly however, this really nice staff woman I've seen working at the ESP museum before came up to me and said I can get right up next to it!

I was a little surprised but instantly she started ushering me into the area within the gates. Since it was all so close together, suddenly she just started rearranging the entire display for me!Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ
I really wasn't expecting anything like that and it made me a little embarrassed...(^◇^;)
To make matters worse, she wanted to make me pose in certain ways but she was moving everything around at the same time and the gate/rose display started getting entangled with my clothes. It was really really nice of her but I felt so stupid LOL.

We took several pictures, but in the end I don't really like how I looked, so maybe those photos will be forever stashed away... f(^^;

By the way, heres the video I made too!

You can get your hands on your very own jeune fille X Ferrum -Cross Ray illusion- for the low low price of 800,000 yen (approx $8,000 USD) while its on sale during the exhibition time period! (;゚∀゚)
I noticed the list price actually goes up to a whopping 1,000,000 yen (approx $10,000 USD)! I think I would need to win the lottery for this model...

There were a few things that surprised me about the guitar this time around.
Last Saturday I felt a little rushed in terms of taking pictures and checking out details because there were so many other people who wanted a chance to take their own pictures too. Also, like I said the room was dark at that time, so it wasn't particularly the most ideal situation to see everything up close.
Once I got a closer look yesterday I was a little shocked to notice that the guitar doesn't actually have a physical texture to it.
Looking at it in pictures and from a distance I really thought the surface would be kinda bumpy, but in fact the paint job just makes it appear that way. I know the term "illusion" is referencing the cross ray in the middle that changes colors, but I feel like its the paint that creates the real illusion!

Speaking of which, the ESP website posted a short video of the cross ray lighting up and changing colors, but based on the way it was filmed, it almost looks like a stained glass window. I think it was unintentional, but its a really cool effect!
jeune fille ESP page

I guess I shouldn't forget to mention there were other jeune filles on display too in a separate area. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pictures of that display, but Mana posted it on his twitter!

For those curious, the tweet reads:
Exhibition of the guitars Mana-Sama uses at the ESP Museum for a fixed time until 7/2. There is a special display of the new model jeune fille X Ferrum - Cross Ray illusion - in a space where photography is permitted. Successive models are also on display. MdM goods are on sale as well.

All in all, the museum and jeune fille display are definitely worth checking out. For those who went to the Mana event, theres really nothing new to be seen, but its certainly a great chance to get better pictures of the new guitar up close! The glass display with the other jeune filles is worth a look too, because its something we didn't really get to see so much at the event (it was in the space where Mana was doing the meet and greet so you couldn't go and freely look at it). The exhibition is free, so anybody can walk in at any time and look around!

Since the exhibition is still going on until July 2nd, so if anybody wants to request any kind of special photos of the new guitar feel free to let me know and I might can try to go back one last time before it closes!