Introducing my new jeune fille X!!

Introducing my new jeune fille X!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how many people remember my entry from back in December?
It was at that time that I was able to order this guitar as a Christmas gift, but actually shops don't simply keep guitars like this in stock. Its was made-to-order so it took about the typical time frame that it does for this guitar, approximately 6-7 months to complete! Anyway, I was more than ecstatic once it arrived yesterday morning!!

Doesn't it look a work of art?? You could absolutely say it IS a work of art, which is probably why I've felt guilty about even touching it since I laid eyes on it.
Its still hard to believe this belongs to me...

I've been so excited about every aspect of it that I even made a short video trying to catch the details from bottom to top.

jeune fille X in detail

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I've been posting a lot pictures of it since I got it yesterday and its come to my attention through comments and messages that actually a number of people didn't realize you can buy a jeune fille! Since then I've been continuously getting questions, so I thought maybe its worth bringing some information to light on here.

First of all, I imagine most people would probably like to see detailed photographs.
Heres the unboxing process.

Also, feel free to click on any of the pictures to enlarge them!

Originally when I ordered it I decided to have it shipped to me rather than pick it up at the shop because I knew it would probably be kinda heavy. In the end I'm glad I chose that option! The guitar was inside a box which was inside a larger box that was almost the same height as me!(°□°)

Immediately as I opened it, the first thing I saw was a huge ESP case they sent complimentary with the guitar and a lot of newspaper protecting everything.
It took a while to take the second box out, which contained the guitar in it, but after several minutes of struggling, it was free!!
Thats when I opened the next box and inside was my new jeune fille all wrapped up like a mummy!
Finally there it was right before my eyes!! My first impression was "Theres no way this is mine...its too beautiful! and cool! Its amazing!! I could never own something like this!! But now I do!?"
Honestly its hard to describe how I felt. 15 years of dreaming of something like this...

For those of you who want to know more about the specifics, I decided to take pictures of the back side as fact, I basically tried to take pictures of as many interesting points as I could find!
I think one of the most moving things for me to discover was the back of the headstock where it says "Designed & built by ESP"

Maybe I should explain a little about the model I bought for those who don't know.
Of course it was manufactured by ESP and came from there, but it may be worth noting that this one is the Edwards model.
If you visit the ESP official page at the link below you will see there are two version of the jeune fille X

ESP Official Artist Series MANA

The ones Mana uses are the guitars marked ESP, so in all technicality the Edwards is in some way or another a "replica" of the real thing. However, if you take a look at the specifics both versions match up completely aside from the price.

BODY : (Top) Hard Maple, (Back) Alder
NECK : Hard Maple 3P
FINGERBOARD : Maple(Black Paint), 21frets
INLAY : jeune fille
SCALE : 648mm
NUT : Lock Nut (42mm/R2)
JOINT : Bolt-on
BRIDGE : Floyd Rose
CONTROL : Master Volume
COLOR : Matt Black

To be honest I'm no guitar expert, so when I compare and see the exact same information for both the Edwards and ESP versions, I really don't understand the difference. I assume it has something more to do with the brand name being depicted on it, but its basically the exact same guitar. A lot of people who own this guitar do the exact same thing as me and purchase the Edwards since the ESP version is about 5x〜6x the price!!

Another detail I fell in love with seeing the name"jeune fille" written on the neck. Of course I've seen this many times at Moi dix Mois concerts/events, but being able to see it up close and examine it as much as I like feels like a whole new experience to me.

However, theres nothing quite like admiring it as a whole!
At the moment I really feel like this jeune fille is my most prized possession. To my surprise my Slayer concert tickets also arrived at the same time!

I really felt like I was on top of the world yesterday!!💙💙💙💙💙
In fact, I still do!!

I even changed my iphone lock screen to a perspective view picture I took, so now I can look at it from different angles if I tilt the phone up or down.

I wish screen shots were able to show perspective view, but you get the idea.

Since I've been a little busy lately I haven't had much time to do anything with my new jeune fille yet, but I think it would be fun at some time or another to maybe take pictures with it while dressed up in Moitie or maybe Mana cosplay or something....

Also, I've been asked a few times now to upload a video playing a Moi dix Mois song! I was EXTREMELY shocked to receive this kind of request!
I don't know how to play the guitar, but thanks to those of you who asked, I am now really motivated to try and learn! I was even given several suggestions of different MALICE MIZER and Moi dix Mois songs, so I will do my best!! \(//∇//)\
Once I can do it, I will finally try to upload a video playing a song!

By the way, we're close to one month away from the next Moi dix Mois live.


I noticed more information has been revealed too. It seems that the dinner will start from 4:00 - 5:30 PM and afterwards there will be an event and concert. Pictures are okay to take during the dinner portion, but of course not once the event and concert has started. It made me laugh a little, but theres also a note written on the Moi dix Mois Official website that says "There is no dress code" ...Did somebody ask?? I never even thought about that!

Furthermore, this has already been stated many times before regarding this event, but it will only be for a limited number of people.
As I mentioned in the last entry, I always tend to be interested in some rather fine details with numbers and statistics when it comes to these kinds of concerts and events. Upon learning there would only be room for a limited number of people but the event would be at Duo Music Exchange, I thought it seemed a little strange...

For those who have never been to a concert in Japan before, Duo Music Exchange is a fairly decent sized venue that has a standing capacity of somewhere between 700 - 1000 people (it seems I couldn't find a consistent number online but these were the primarily debated upon numbers). I have never seen Moi dix Mois sell out at this venue before. When they perform at smaller venues that can hold about 325 or so people and its a special event then it seems they can sell out relatively easy. So why on earth say "theres only a limited number of tickets available at Duo Music Exchange"?

Well, as we now know, there will be a dinner with tables and chairs. Once again I became interested in how this will work exactly and what does it mean in terms of capacity this time around? It turns out Duo Music Exchange already has the means to set up this type of event and includes all the information one could ever ask for on their website. Furthermore, I found an interesting picture in reference to this very situation!


I'm not saying this is exactly the set up we can expect at this upcoming concert, but I'm fairly certain it will be something along these lines. Based on my own calculations, it seemed to me the capacity would be around 200 people, but actually that depends on the size of tables and chairs (yes there is a choice). Based on other numbers online, some people claimed about 300-350 people could be facilitated, so I imagine the number of people who will get to attend will cap off somewhere around 300. Of course its only my guess, but its based off of real logic.

For people who can't go to the event, that may be a lot of monotonous information, but I've talked to a number of people who plan on going and we've all been speculating on the details. Everybody wants to know what we'll eat/drink, how many people will get to go, how it will be set up, etc. so I wanted to shed a little light on my findings of what we can likely expect on the day of the concert.


Before I can truly look forward to the Moi dix Mois concert, this is one other thing I will be looking towards first...

August 10!
My birthday!!🎈
(Its Snoopy's birthday too🎈)

Is it really that time of year again...?

I don't know if I'm really all that excited about it, but I would like to do something special...
Who wants to do something with me that day so I don't have to celebrate completely alone??(/ω\*)
I'm taking off work!!( ̄▽ ̄)

Anyway, theres a lot to look forward to!