Summer & Upcoming Moi dix Mois Concerts
Its already close to the end of August and I haven't posted anything on here...?( `-ω-)?

Theres various things I've wanted to post about, but I couldn't really think of how to make the entry interesting until recently.
Therefore, this is going to be kind of a mix. The first part will be about this summer, but it will transition into Moi dix Mois news and information afterwards. I say this so the people who are only interested in reading about Moi dix Mois can scroll down directly to find that portion.

First of all, my birthday!

For my birthday, August 10, I decided to try something new!
Every year in Yokohama theres a huge "Pikachu Outbreak"event that lasts for several days. This time, however, the event included Pokemon Go! Since I already love Pokemon, its only natural that I enjoy Pokemon go as well! This year it was announced that several rare Pokemon would be easier to find in Yokohama, and the European regional limited Mr. Mime would be included. I really couldn't pass up this chance!!

A lot of people who read this blog may feel like Pokemon Go was a trend last year and doesn't particularly hold much relevancy anymore. Actually, while it's popularity really has more or less died out worldwide, its still relatively big in Japan!

If you click the panoramic image above to see the full scale image, you should be able to zoom up enough to see that even the bridge in the distance is packed with people!
To be exact, 2 million people participated in this event!
In this case, the picture depicts a Pikachu parade we were all waiting for which was absolutely adorable!!

There wasn't only a parade, but a huge variety of events...

In the end, I actually went 3 times to this event... there was something different each time, so it wasn't completely the same thing each time. On the first day I went, August 10, Rica Matsumoto (the Japanese voice actress of Ash/Satoshi) appeared and sang the Pokemon theme song as well as doing character voices. The voice acting industry in Japan is particularly huge, so I was surprised she made the time to come out! In fact, what was most shocking to me was that her looks are nothing like I had imagined. She looks like someone who would be immersed into visual kei! In fact, once I got home that night, I decided to do a little research and it turns out that outside of voice acting shes in a band of her own, so that really explains everything to me.

I watch the Japanese anime of Pokemon, but mostly because its something simple enough for me to continue to improve my Japanese listening and vocabulary skills with. I never expected to see someone like her in real life, so it made a huge impact on me! You could say this really felt special to me on my birthday!(人´∀`)

This summer has had a lot of big ups and downs for me, so this event created a lot of unexpected happy memories and I'm so grateful I got to experience it. It may seem simple and a bit childish, but sometimes that lightheartedness is something we really need!💙

Another thing I did this summer wasn't actually an event, but something I felt might be fun for Moi dix Mois fans and somewhat connected to a few things I want to say about the upcoming concert.


Those of you who keep up with Mana's twitter may notice how much he posts about different kinds of curries hes bought or received. This might be a little bit out of coincidence(?), but theres a few things I wanted to say about it too!

Some weeks ago I went with a friend to a Hiroshima style okonomiyaki restaurant, and I noticed inside the shop connected to the restaurant there were various Hiroshima Carps goods (the baseball team of Hiroshima). Among them, I happened to find boxes of curry!

I wouldn't say I'm as wild as Mana about curry (isn't he sort of a curry maniac?), but I do love it!
In Houston curry is quite rare, so I don't think I had any idea of what it was until I was in high school. Some how at that point in time I got interested in trying it, but there were no restaurants around that served it. I ended up searching for recipes on how to make Japanese curry and as a result, I used to make it from scratch for many years.
Nowadays when I compare the curry I used to make at home to the taste of curry I buy in Japan, I would say the taste is basically the same, so I guess I must have succeeded at it!٩( 'ω' )و

Anyway, that brings us to the curry in the picture. I ended up buying the Carps curry because I wanted to know how it tasted. As far as I remember, it was a bit spicy but it was good!
Then a few days ago I went to Odaiba where a giant Gundam guards the local shopping mall called Diver City. Therein lies the Gundam cafe and shop (the Odaiba version, the original is in Akihabara). I go to Odaiba relatively often on my days off because I feel like this area is really relaxing and fun. Its a small man-made island in Tokyo that sits in Tokyo bay. Its only about a 15-20 minute ride by train from my apartment, so its easy to get to. If you may recall, earlier this year Mana posted pictures of some boxes of Gundam curry he received as a gift. When I entered the gundam shop I found those same boxes of curry so I decided to give them a try.

The red one on the far right-hand side of the picture is super spicy!!! It was hard to finish! But actually I loved the flavor!
The brown box was a more mild typical flavor, so it was easier to eat but not very surprising in flavor.

Of the three kinds I tried recently, I think ultimately the red gundam curry may have been my favorite. After living in Japan for some time I've come to realize the various flavors of curry. Of course theres still a lot I haven't tried yet, but I can't think of one kind I've had yet that I dislike. So I guess ultimately my verdict is they're all wonderful!!

In terms of these boxed kinds, they're very easy to make. It comes in liquid form inside a pouch once you open the box. You can choose to either stick the pouch in a pot of boiling water and once its hot enough just open it up and pour it into a bowl, or you can open the packaging and microwave the curry itself in a bowl for faster cooking time. If I have a choice, I prefer to boil it, myself.

Finally, that brings us to the Moi dix Mois news.


The next concert is coming up soon! Recently I had some theories about this event that I thought would make a fun prediction on here.

Event Predictions

Experienced Moi dix Mois fans likely understand that Mana always throws hints into his posts on social media (or his blog) as the time gets closer to the day of the event. This one in particular will be special because its not only a concert, but a dinner as well! Its something that has never happened at a Moi dix Mois event before!
Therefore, I too have been keeping my eyes out and my mind open to what these hints could mean. So far, I have considered this to be my best guess:

Option A:
Today on twitter Mana mentioned that the menu at this event will indicate if there are any allergies contained in the ingredients of the food. This means there will in fact be a menu for everybody to choose from. If thats the case, one option in my mind is that perhaps the menu will be limited (maybe something like 2-3 choices or so?) and everyone will get to chose what they want. Upon choosing, maybe Mana himself will attempt to make everything on stage, almost like a cooking show, and each person who ordered that item will receive their dish as he finishes it.

Option B:
The menu could also be used simply as information as to what food is available. In this case, tables could be set up and everyone could choose what they like in sort of a buffet style manner. Mana and/or the other members could still be useful in this time, if they did as I explained in option one-- they make the food on stage in front of everyone like a cooking show.

I give these as my primary options/ideas because they seem to make the most sense. Mana keeps calling himself "Chef Mana-Sama" on twitter, so that certainly implies hes going to make something. Also, it would make no sense to have a dinner that none of the members would participate in. What would be the point? I think even Mana would come to that conclusion if theres no real participation from him and the others. Therefore, how could they be a part of this activity? I would be absolutely shocked if they actually decided to sit down and eat too, because Mana talked in the Digital Madousho about Hong Kong about how he doesn't like to sit down and eat a heavy meal before a concert because you can imagine how something like that could truly hinder a 1 1/2 - 2 hour performance. Therefore, I believe that thinking still applies to this concert as well. None of them would want to sit down to eat a big dinner with everyone and then just get up and perform afterwards. Its illogical.

Therefore, if they're not likely to sit and eat with everyone, nor are they unlikely to just sit around back stage during this part of the event, I feel like the only real option they would have left is to actually be an active part of the cooking/preparation process. If they do it on stage, they could still provide for the 200 people who will be there if they make something simple. This is why I brought up the subject of curry today! If they decided to prepare the ingredients before hand in bowls like you see on a cooking show, it wouldn't take a lot of time or too much effort for a simple dish such as that. Especially if there are various menu options, this also cuts time from cooking in too huge of mass quantities of one dish.
Also, cooking shows are something that active audiences go and see every day, so it would certainly make sense to do something like this. Its not only cooking and dinner, but a performance!! The other members can get in on it too by either helping out or even commentary on Mana's actions.

I'm curious, what do you all think? Do you have any interesting ideas on how this event may work out? To be honest, I'm a little nervous about it, but I think its going to be something fun and memorable.

By the way, the next concert after the Sept. 2 live will be Dis inferno XV at Shinjuku Reny on Saturday December 2!!
Preceeding ticket orders start Friday August 25 at 6:00 PM until September 11 at 11:00 PM.


Shinjuku Reny seems to hold about 800 people, so for those who couldn't get a ticket for September 2nd should be able to get one without any problems for December!

I was kinda lucky this time around...unfortunately I couldn't win a ticket on my own for Sept. 2nd, but finally somebody offered me an extra ticket they were trying to sell! Therefore, I will be able to go and I can't wait to share all the details with you here!!