ESP Mana Guitar Exhibit: Moi dix Mois 15 Year Anniversary
We're only a few days removed from Dis inferno XV, but a new Mana Guitar Exhibit at the ESP Museum is already underway for one week.


The exhibit started the day after after the concert (Sunday) and runs until this coming Sunday, December 10. I went on Monday and perhaps one of the most exiting points about it this time is that pictures were allowed!

So pictures I took!
In fact, I took over 90 pictures!(;゚∀゚)
How will I fit them all on this blog??

Actually, just like I did after the Slayer concert earlier this year, I have decided to make a gallery of the entire exhibit!!!


I present to you...
Monologue†Sanctuary・ ESP Mana Guitar Gallery

*The gallery works seamlessly for both computers and smart phones.

I think creating a photo gallery like this gives an opportunity for me to surpass long descriptions of guitars that are already familiar to Mana fans and gives all of you a more visual experience so you can feel like you're a part of it in some way even if you're not in Japan.

Notably, all of these guitars are "Jeune Fille X" in some way or another, and there are a total of 5 on display. Considering the X represents "dix" or 10, I think this was a rather clever way of celebrating 15 years of Moi dix Mois.

Also, I could be wrong, but I think if you look at the positioning of the guitars its supposed to represent "XV" the roman numeral for 15. You may have to use your imagination a bit on here, but notice how the Ferrum is positioned lower than the Gips and Lazuli, so if you looked from the order of Gips, Ferrum, Bronze it would be one side of the X and Lazuli, Ferrum, and X make the other side. The Bronze is also tilted as if to merge with the Jeune Fille X in order to create the "V" portion of the roman numeral. Some of you reading this might feel like this seems to be a stretch, but if you consider past entries where I talk about symbolisms and ideas used within Moi dix Mois, its really no exaggeration to believe this could be the case. Mana often tends to arrange things artistically that always seem just slightly "off" in order to subtly give clues towards concepts he wants to convey. The Jeune Fille X Bronze is what gave it away to me.

In total I took about 95 pictures, but some of them were pretty repetitive, so I sorted through everything and chose the best ones. There are close to 50 in the gallery right now, with a few surprise pictures at the very end as well!! There may be something hiding in there thats a must see!

By the way, I made a video of the display as well so you can see everything in action! If you turn the volume on, you can hear the Moi dix Mois music that was playing in the background at the exhibit.


As I mentioned before, the exhibit is running from December 3, 2017 - December 10, 2017.
The location is at the ESP Museum in Shibuya and admission is free.

Its possible to take pictures of this exhibit, but there are also other guitars on display within the museum, including a couple other Jeune Fille guitars (if I recall, the blood splattered Jeune Fille X Blanche and the original Jeune Fille from Malice Mizer times), but those are locked away behind glass displays where photography is prohibited.

I definitely encourage anyone who can to go see it in person! I'm thinking about going back Saturday before it closes the next day and get a few pictures with my digital camera for higher resolution photos. If I do, I'll be sure to update the gallery with those photos!