Bonus Update! New Jeune fille guitar picks + video

I wasn't expecting to make another update so soon after two big concert reports, but actually today I decided to go out to the ESP craft house. Since new Jeune Fille guitar picks matching the Jeune Fille X Ferrum Crossray Illusion were introduced at the two Mana birthday concerts this weekend, I ended up wanting a few for myself. I took some pictures of them when I got home so you can see the details and colors!

Click on each picture to enlarge it if you would like to see them in a bit closer detail.

I bought 6 in total because I thought that was all they had left, and then I realized there was another place in the shop that had a bunch more. I was going to buy 10 so I could use a few and save a few, but this is probably more than enough.(≧∇≦)

I also made a really short video showing off one of the picks and using it to play the intro of Unmoved on my Jeune Fille!
Its a very simple video, but I wanted to do it for fun for everyone who reads this blog and on a couple social media accounts.

Of course I'm still in the beginning phases of learning guitar, but I use Unmoved to warm up every day because I love playing it. Also, since its Mana's birthday I thought it would be a fun treat to finally make good on many people's requests to see me learn Moi dix Mois songs!

As I learn more over time, maybe I can post longer and better videos in the future. Anyway, please enjoy my embarrassing beginner playing!(/ω\*)