For the past two days, I have watched several of you patiently awaiting my update on here.

Yes, I did receive the new Rock and Read vol.77 magazine.


I know you're eagerly awaiting to see what all is included; the pictures and translations of the interview.

I wanted to make this update to confirm I will translate and post scans as I always have in the past.
However, the reason why I haven't yet, and still dont have scans up on this update is for a few reasons:

First, I ordered the magazine online and didn't realize once it was shipped to me I would have to sign off on the package. I had an extremely busy work day yesterday, so by the time I got home last night I noticed the post office sent me a slip to have it redelivered.

This morning it finally arrived but I didn't even get enough time to really look through or read much of anything because once again today was another intense work schedule.

Finally now that I'm home and can look through it, I realized the interview goes on for a lengthy 12 pages! Due to the length, its not realistic for me to say the translations will be up immediately, but I'm going to do the best I can to translate and post everything as soon as possible.

Therefore, I guess how I approach this depends on those of you who are interested in it:
How would you like me to do it? Would you like me to post the interview piece by piece based on sections as I finish them? That would mean posting 2 pages at a time as I finish them.
Or would you prefer if I waited and finished the entire 12 page interview all at once?
Same goes for the scans-- if I post them, do you want them all at once? Before posting the interview? During the sections as I finish them (meaning corresponding the pages of the interview that go along with the pictures in order)? or once everything is finished and have it all posted in bulk?

I'm not quite sure which would be the best way to go. One way would mean quicker updates, but also lacking seamless continuation, while the other would mean having to wait a longer time, but having everything all at once.

Anyway, I apologize for the delay to those of you who still depend on me. I wish there was some way for me to better balance my work-life schedule but its been so hectic lately I hardly have a moment to breathe!

In the mean time, theres one little thing I wanted to share of my own!
If you're only looking for Mana news and information, this part of the entry is going to be pretty irrelevant, but its something I've been working hard on with a friend and am excited about!!

This is sort of a teaser trailer for a collaboration between the Croix project and a friend, Virtual chambeR!
As a sort of easter egg, watch all the way to the end and check out the link to the "Alpha" video from VR's side!
Its something that will connect these two worlds which really excites me because it was an unexpectedly great surprise!!

Anyway, please look forward to more on both topics of this entry!