Deep Sanctuary VI MALICE MIZER 25 Year Reunion Live Report
September 8, 2018

A concert so many fans have been dreaming of but likely never thought they would get to experience. Yet here we are...
Its the Malice Mizer 25 year reunion concert.

Thanks to a wonderful friend Sasha, the concert was sponsored for me to go to. In order to express my deep gratitude I am dedicating this entire review to you!! I will never be able to repay you enough!

I arrived after the doors opened but everyone was still finding their seats. Thankfully we still had nearly an hour before the show started, so checked out the lobby area of Toyosu Pitt (the venue) and several Malice Mizer posters were displayed on a make shift wall from the very beginning to the end of the band’s activities. Everyone was crowded around taking pictures so it was a little difficult to get the kinds of pictures I would have liked, but I was still able to take several I could be satisfied with!

Of course there were also tons of flowers from different people which were equally as interesting to check out.

Just as a nice small detail, Toyosu Pit also gave everyone a sticker when we entered the venue. The sticker had a picture of a leaf printed on it which everyone could place on a poster of a tree before entering the concert hall itself. I imagine they must change it every concert, so its something unique for each day. It was a really cute idea!

Once inside the concert hall itself, I found my assigned seat in the 3rd row on Mana’s side during the Moi dix Mois concert and Kozi’s side during the Malice Mizer portion. There were so many people from overseas this time and I was so happy to meet both old friends and new! Particularly I was happy to see those of you who were able to attend for the very first time!!

ZIZ and Moi dix Mois performed before the Malice Mizer portion which was the showcase of the night.

Since both ZIZ and Moi dix Mois performed only for about 30 minutes each, theres not a lot to say about it. Fans seemed extremely excited as the curtains on the stage opened to reveal ZIZ first! Their performance was fun and energetic. I did find it a little funny that I could feel somewhat of a punk rock vibe coming from the band at times, yet the audience was only standing and listening politely. I know its typical in Japan, but where is all the energy and spirit!?? Maybe I’ve been too involved with punk music within the last year or so...(´~`ヾ)

Here are the set lists for ZIZ and Moi dix Mois

ZIZ Set List
1. 電磁男達 (Denji Otokotachi)
2. AWaWA
3. Glitter Waver
4. Colors
5. GI To DA
6. Seraph (Malice Mizer)

Moi dix Mois set list
SE Sacred Lake
1. Metaphysical
2. Front et Baiser
-SE Solitude-
3. 真夜中に交わした約束 (Mayonaka ni kawashita yakusoku - Malice Mizer)
4. Gardenia (Malice Mizer)
SE sacred lake

During both Moi dix Mois and ZIZ there were two sets of drums on stage. On a giant white and purple platform in the center back of the stage sat Kami’s drums and off to the side below the platform were the drums used for ZIZ and Moi dix Mois. The background of the stage was also decorated with white pillars so the atmosphere totally gave off a Malice Mizer vibe. Another unique touch was a giant screen projector used in the background. Both the ZIZ and Moi dix Mois logos were shown respectively as each band played. The Moi dix Mois logo rotated at the very beginning as a nice little effect.

As you can see from the set lists, both also played Malice Mizer songs at the end! Seraph was really surreal for me since it was my first ever Malice Mizer song. ZIZ’s performance of the song truly impressed me and Kozi’s vocals were spot on!! I can’t praise it enough!! Moi dix Mois felt a little less energetic to me personally and unfortunately Seth had some difficulties with singing this night, so there was a voice over at a few points. It didn’t take away from the performance but it was a shock at first! Of course the crowd went crazy for Mayonaka and Gardenia. Conversely, maybe I should note there were fans who also said they felt the same about ZIZ (the energy wasn’t the same as normal). Perhaps these impressions come from the fact that since so many people were at the concert and it was such a huge venue theres a bit of a disconnect for regulars who are used to more intimate settings. Fortunately the overall quality of sound and performance for the entire night was excellent save for a couple issues during Moi dix Mois. One time the sound totally cut off and the entire audience blurted out their surprise. Then as the sound came back, the background track of the previous Moi dix Mois song started playing again, but suddenly the track was changed to the correct song. Everyone in the audience laughed it off and the concert continued as usual.

Both ZIZ and Moi dix Mois basically just played their short set lists and quickly got off stage. Before the Malice Mizer portion started there was a slight intermission and then before we knew it the lights dimmed and Saikai no Chi to Bara began to play.

Kozi, Mana, and Yu~ki appeared on stage together for this intro (a shorted version of the song) with new costumes that were reminiscent of Malice Mizer days but modernized enough to resemble the appearance of each member nowadays.

(I found this picture circulating around on the internet so if it belongs to someone and they would like credit or anything please let me know)

After the intro, Sakura, the drummer for Kami came on stage and everyone began to cheer.
I didn’t really know who Sakura was until this concert but I was shocked to see how much he resembled Kami!! The same long brown hair and everything! His drumming was extremely impressive as well!! It was easy to understand why he was chosen.

The set list this time might be a little complicated due to the change in vocalists every couple songs, but here it is for reference:

Malice Mizer
再会と血と薔薇 (Saikai no Chi to Bara)
虚無の中での遊戯 (Kyomu no naka de Yuugi)

Shuji session
SE de memoire
記憶と空 (Kioku to Sora)

Kamijo Session
SE Apres Midi
APRES MIDI~あるパリの午後で〜 (APRES MIDI ~Aru Paris no Gogo de~)
ヴェル・エール〜空白の瞬間の中で〜 (Bel Air~Kuuhaku no Shunkan no naka de~)

HITOMI session
SE 前兆 (Zenchou/ omens)

運命の出会い (Unmei no deai) + Kami Memorial slide show video

Au revoir (Instrumental Only)

Finale (Including Shuji, Kamijo, and Hitomi)
ma cherie~愛しい君へ〜 (ma cherie ~Itoshii kimi he~)

再会の血と薔薇 (Saikai no chi to bara)

As Kyomu began it became clear this Malice Mizer portion was going to be taken to it’s fullest extent. Small percussion stands were set on Mana and Kozi’s sides of the stage as the two of them stood holding whips out. Everything about the performance was perfectly reminessent of the Malice Mizer everyone knows and loves. All the actions were perfectly timed and re-enacted just as they were years ago. This was absolutely the Malice Mizer reunion everyone has waited for!! Mana spoke in the distorted microphone and the famous scene of Mana and Kozi standing back to back gained a ton of shrieks from the audience. In fact, people were crying!!

Afterwards, Shuji was called on stage and as the de memoire background music started to play he came out looking exactly like Tetsu!! In fact two of the three guest vocalists came out looking like Malice Mizer vocalists!

From Hitomi's twitter.
Left to Right: Kamijo, Hitomi, Shuji

Immediately Shuji announced Kioku To Sora as he stood in center stage and the music started to play. He seemed so much like Tetsu it was hard to believe he wasn’t! Then as Illuminati began the crowd went crazy again!! Everything during Illuminati was again perfectly like the famous Malice Mizer Merveilles live performance DVD! EVERYTHING. Even the scene with Mana, Gackt, and Kozi together. To be honest, it felt a little embarrassing to me thinking about them doing such an action at such a point in their lives…I don’t know, they’re just not as young as they once were. (;゚∀゚) But fans ate it up, so truly it was a sight to behold.

Finally there was a little talking time which became a pattern for each guest vocalist on stage. Shuji, Kamijo and Hitomi all talked about their experiences with Malice Mizer. A lot of it was about impressions upon meeting the members the first time with a lot of highlight on Kami. Sakura also talked a bit about his impressions with Malice Mizer upon first meeting too and a lot about his experience with Kami. If I’m not mistaken I believe Shuji said he had talked to Yu~ki and Kami first of all and Kozi was the last person he talked to. However, upon meeting the members Kozi actually was around but he didn’t even pay attention to Shuji at first! Everyone laughed about it and it seems today their relationship is on quite good terms. (If it wasn’t Shuji who said it, then maybe it was Sakura? Unfortunately so much happened at the concert its a little hard to keep straight who said what at some points).

The talking time for each guest vocalist probably ranged from about 10-15 minutes so there were a lot of different stories told and sometimes I couldn’t quite catch everything. However, there are rumors of a DVD perhaps coming out in of Deep Sanctuary in the future, so by that time maybe we’ll all have a chance to hear those stories and get all the details!!

Next Kamijo came out with Apres Midi. I was worried about Kamijo’s performance with Malice Mizer, but I was happy to feel like the songs chosen for him to sing suited him relatively well. There were some short video clips projected on the screen on the stage during these songs which were meant to supplement the sound and feeling. In fact it did work out well but in some cases I couldn’t help but feel like the video footage shown seemed like a Japanese karaoke box video!!(≧∇≦) Was that the real inspiration there?? Maybe we’ll never know, but it really felt the same!!

*(For those who don’t know, if you ever do karaoke in Japan there are often times background videos to match the mood of the song but many times it seems like free stock footage of various scenes thrown together in a movie maker program. Its usually either over simplified and moderately stereotypical footage of messages the songs are trying to portray or overly dramatized clips that end up more comical than their intention)

Kamijo actually looked like Kamijo, so thats to say he didn’t seem to be copying any Malice Mizer vocalist. He seemed a bit more subdued than how I would expect him to act, but I imagine thats because he was a guest and there were certain expectations of him. Still he seemed humble and put on a nice performance. I can only imagine this chance must have been like a dream come true for him! I almost envy him a little!

Finally the last guest vocalist was Hitomi.
I remember Hitomi as Sanaka from early Moi dix Mois days and upon looking into it more, I came to realize he’s from Fatima, which I remember from a long time ago! Hitomi came out dressed similar to Gackt in Merveilles with a black jacket and feathers on his shoulders. Out of the three guest vocalists he was hands down my favorite!! I was never a Gackt fan in the past, but Hitomi’s look truly stood out to me and his voice was stunning!! I couldn’t take my eyes off of him! Even the songs he got to sing, Madrigal and NPSNGS, stood out the most vividly to me! While all the other performances were wonderful, it felt like these two had the most interaction and impact. Madrigal invites the audience to participate by clapping along to the beat and NPSNGS was a full on light, sound, and effects show!

During Madrigal Mana re-enacted the parts as he did back in Malice Mizer days by walking around on the stage and putting flowers on Yu~ki and Kozi’s guitars, playing with Kami’s drum set and dancing next to the vocalist— in this case next to Hitomi. It did seem to me that Mana seemed a little out of breathe from trying to catch up quick enough to do everything. Its only to be expected though, isn’t it? They haven’t done a show as big as this in so many years…

As for N.p.sN.g.s, smoke blasted out from the stage during this song along with lighting effects to give everyone the truest possible sense of this song— war. Even the sound quality as a whole impressed me — the drums were powerful, creating the sensation of guns and canons firing. There was so much energy too! I couldn’t get enough of it!! What a powerful ending to the main part of the concert! It was hands down my favorite.

Soon enough everyone left the stage quite quickly and the audience started calling for an encore.

It took time, but finally the lights dimmed again and Unmei no Deai began to play along with a slide show video on the projection screen. First Kami’s image was displayed on the screen along with a big tribute to him showing Kami as the focal point of most pictures. However, the photos eventually changed to showing behind the scenes type photos of all the Malice Mizer members together as a group — some from old Ma Cherie fan club magazines and some never before seen. It was interesting to watch because everyone could get a sense of how all the members interacted together off stage. One picture that stuck out to me was a photo of a van with the Malice Mizer logo on it that I assume carried the members. In this picture the back of the van had been hit in a car accident and the picture shows the members posing by the damaged area. Other pictures showed everyone in their off time wearing more normal street wear type clothes and it was easy to identify which era of Malice Mizer each photo was from by the changes in their looks. By this point a lot of fans started to get extremely emotional and there was a lot of crying all around. Malice Mizer has touched so many people’s lives...

Afterwards Mana, Kozi, Yu~k, and Sakura came back out on stage to perform Au Revoir. This time the screen projected live footage from the Merveilles concert when Malice Mizer performed the song which included Gackt in the video. However, the members only played the song instrumentally and nobody came out to sing. Instead the audience began to sing the concert together out loud! Again more tears from the audience too...

To be honest, its a little confusing to know whether this was entirely on purpose or not. Looking at Kozi, it was clear he was singing the song out loud but nothing was coming from his microphone. However, at the last Deep Sanctuary the instrumental track to Au Revoir was played at the very end of the concert when the members were leaving the stage and everyone in the audience started singing the lyrics to the song on their own. It touched the members so much they stayed on stage to watch and became emotional. So the question is, was this on purpose to recreate that moment or was this truly an accident? Furthermore, I wasn’t able to go to day 2 of this concert, so it begs the question, if the same thing happened on Sunday was it then designed to be for the audience to sing or did they decide they enjoyed the outcome on Saturday and let it continue on Sunday? Its a mystery...
There was no cue or request for the audience to start singing Au Revoir on Saturday so it was something that only occurred after everyone realized there were no vocals coming from the stage.

Next all the guest vocalists were invited back on stage for the true finale — Ma Cherie!
Again this was another song I think many people have been waiting to hear for several years now at Deep Sanctuary. Ma Cherie is a song that was performed through the entire history of Malice Mizer so its been in high demand at Deep Sanctuary for some time now. Having all guest vocalists sing Ma Cherie together was the perfect ending for this night and it was fun to see all their performance styles come together in the end. Shuji obviously loves dancing because the entire song he was extremely energetic dancing all around the stage. Kamijo seemed more like the classic Kamijo I would expect and Hitomi held his elegance and grace as he sang. Streamers even shot out from the stage into the audience area and people started racing from their seats to catch pieces. A girl standing next to a friend and I bolted from her spot for a chance to catch her own streamers and came back with extra to give us! It was nice that she did because little did I know they all had “Malice Mizer” written on them!

Nothing could have tied the concert better than this final performance which felt like a real celebration of Malice Mizer’s legacy.

After Ma Cherie everyone on stage was invited to take a bow and bid farewell to the audience. Everyone clapped and cheered for each member and finally at the end only the three core Malice Mizer remained on stage, taking several bows. Mana, who stood in the middle, forced Kozi and Yu~ki to hold hands with him as the three of them took a final leap together and started to walk off stage. Mana then put his arms around both Kozi and Yu~ki as they walked off in unison and turned back around to wave at everyone.

The venue was filled with emotion as only tears and sniffles could be heard.

However, just before everyone was about to leave the concert hall a special announcement was made. For another ten minutes everyone was welcome to take pictures of the stage! Everyone went wild whipping out their cameras and in a frenzy started running to the front of the stage for the perfect picture. Since this is something we don’t normally get to do it was so nice to have this chance to commemorate the concert! Dare I say it felt even better than buying commemorative goods?

Click the thumbnails for large size images

Right at the ten minute mark though, the staff quickly closed the curtain and we were all forced to leave. Since I had premium tickets I also received commemorative gifts as part of the deal. At the beginning of the concert we were given a voucher for the present so we could pick them up at the end. I was really surprised by all we received! The gifts were incredibly nice!!

A lot of fans stopped me too because they wanted to know what was inside. The gifts included a wine glass, stir stick, soap, handkerchief, and a commemorative ticket.

It was then time to make our way home. There was a second concert the next day, Sunday, but I wasn’t able to obtain a ticket for it. My Deep Sanctuary experience had come to an end.
That being said, so many wonderful memories were made that night and it was a great way for me to end things off...

So what’s next?
There is now an exhibit at the ESP museum in Shibuya for a limited time to celebrate Deep Sanctuary. From my understanding there are many rare props included so I’m eager to check it out!! I will write about it once I go and that will serve as the real conclusion here.

Please look forward to it!