MALICE MIZER/Moi dix Mois Goods Sale PART 2
As mentioned in my previous post, I still have more goods for sale! As you'll see the products this time are collectible rather than clothes. I will write more about my future listings under this post for anyone interested in what else to expect, but for now here is what I have!

MALICE MIZER sticker + temporary tattoo set
500 yen
MMstickers copy

Condition: New

Gekka + Illuminati mini CDs
1,000 yen each

Condition: New

Bara no Seidou CD + booklet
1,200 yen

Condition: Good
Extra information: Extremely minor wear and tear along the edges of the cover as well as on the inner binding of the book. There is also an indent on the front and back cover near the top left corner, but no pages have been damaged.

MALICE MIZER handkerchief + mirror
700 yen

Condition: Fair
Extra information: The plastic pouch itself is worn out with a tear along the edge but the handkerchief and mirror inside are still in new condition and have never been used.

Ma Cherie CD + booklet
1,000 yen
macheriecover.jpg MacherieCD.jpg

Condition: Good
Extra information: The cover and front page are slightly dirty but everything else is in great condition.

Malice Mizer paper face wipes
300 yen

Condition: Good
Extra information: Some slight wear and tear along the edges

Malice Mizer Pop up book
Used book: 600 yen
popupdetail2 copy Popupdetail1 copy

Extra Information: I have two of these books for sale, but the condition of each book is slightly different. The “new” book is in excellent condition with no tampering. The “used book” is still in great condition, the only difference is the die cuts of the Malice Mizer members are sitting loose leaf inside the book instead of being attached to the sheet they came with.
**UPDATE - Please note the "new" book has been sold. I now only have the used book for 600 yen available.

Malice Mizer handkerchief
1,000 yen
handkerchief copy

Condition: New

I still have more items to go through and sell, but those items will once again be more clothing related. There are a few extra thing I haven't located yet but will be listing such as a Moi dix Mois flag and rucksack, so if you're interested in those before they get posted here, please let me know!
Furthermore, as I mentioned last time as well, I have a huge inventory of magazines up for sale as well. For anyone interested in magazines please contact me for articles/pictures/issues/etc. If there is no specific interest in any particular issues I can bulk sell random magazines together, all of which contain Mana, Malice Mizer, and/or Moi dix Mois.

Finally, I'm looking into selling Moi-meme-Moitie items as well, so once again contact me if you're looking for anything in particular if you want first dibs before they become publicly listed on here.