One Month

Since Mana wants us to liven things up for the concert coming up next month, I thought I would post the new image for the Madou Gathering.

To my digression, I wont be able to make it because I'm being forced to go back to the US for the summer.

However, that wont stop me from being happy for Mana.

I hope everyone who can make it will have a wonderful time at this live!
The Madou Gathering is my most favorite Moi dix Mois set of lives -- even more than dis Inferno. Mana always seems to make it a fun time for everyone when celebrating his birthday, so I imagine this year wont be any less fun even if its several months after his birthday.

I would write more, but I'm not well today. I passed out early this morning and have been exhausted ever since so I will probably go back and rest after this entry.

But I wanted to share the Madou Gathering spirit on Monologue†Sanctuary first.

dix Love!!

please take care of yourself, you are a good person and many hope you are well.

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